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Big hearts

Big hearts

Big hearts

Big love

Luminous and so bright

Big world

One race

More love

Less hate

More peace

Less war

What the hell are we fighting for

One earth

One ecology

Why make it bleed

Human rights

Animal rights

Shine bright a humane light

All comes back to

Big hearts

Big love

Reach out with a tender touch.

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Self building


We are all embroiled in our own little battles

Fighting against the things we do don’t like,

Fighting against the things that effect us

Things that distort our life and mind,

And in doing so we miss what’s important

That everything and every aspect of who we are,

And what we go through

Is what shapes us and makes us strong,

All the battles that we wage are lessons

To help us to learn from and evolve,

So try and see everything as a positive

Rather than letting it drag you down,

See these battles as opportunity to build and grown

From solid, fertile ground.

The mastery of life


I have not yet mastered how to control how I feel,

Or the difference between what’s illusory or real,

I have no mastered self control

I have not mastered the unknown,

I’ve not mastered love at all

Or understanding others at anytime really,

In fact I’ve never mastered anything at all,

Except mastering the belief of questioning everything

While excepting that I know nothing at all

For to do so would make me look like a fool.

Go on, amaze me


Do you flow

Are you balanced

Do you know

Are you aware

Do you transition

Are you often manifesting

New dreams

New hopes

Different ways to live life

Are you always thinking

Do you do meditation

Do you take time to still the mind

Are in a state of inner peace

Do you let things go

Allowing the stress be released

If this is the way that you exist

I want you to know

That you’re amazing to me.

Opportunities knocking


Opportunities come along

Are they right or are they wrong

For us, we can never tell

We must use our intuition and then go with out gut

We just have to put our hope in universal trust

And it may just work out for the best

As long as we endeavour to make the best of it

Yes, we can choose not to take the risk

But it could be the greatest opportunity

And we allowed ourselves to miss it

And that seems to me to be mad and twisted

So just trust the universe and just do this.

Time to take a journey


I am going on a journey

So I am cleaning out my closet

I and my dreams I’ll take of the safe deposit

And live them like I am supposed to do

Leave the haters and naysayers to live the life they choose

And I’ll be fine, walking my own path

Free from all the sociopaths

Free from all of those who seek to control me

I am walking away from all toxicity

I know that light always follows dark

So I’ll leave negativity in the past

And live in the present, live in the now

Flying like a bird, gaining wings along the way somehow

Soaring like an eagle upon golden wings

See watch me now, I am leaving

Watch me now I am walking

Away from everything that’s been holding me back

But I’ll wave you all goodbye

Except for those I love for whom I’ll have tears in my eye.

Can you perceive the real me

Can you perceive the real me

Cut me see if I bleed red

Or a multitudinous rainbow spread

Delve deep inside my head

Find out how my consciousness weaves a thread

Fascinated by quantum life

Open up my heart and check inside

Will you see that it just bleeds

Or discover a mechanism triggered by a key

Dwell for a moment within my soul

Will you realise that I am getting old

Or see a luminescent light of gold spinning yarns of stories untold

Keeping me forever young

In my thoughts and words I will always love on and on and on.