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My fault


I wish I could see you one last time

I wish I could hold you and all would be fine,

I wish we could be like everybody else

And I wonder just how they manage to do it,

How they can live with the lies

Live with the lack of love and trust,

I know that it was me who did it

And there are no words how I regret it,

But at least we were honest with ourselves

And we decided that we could not get through this,

And sober gone now own separate ways

And I have to live with this every day,

I wish I could see you one last time

I wish I could hold you and all would be fine,

But I know it’s beyond all reason to hope

So I wish you all the best as I watch you go.



What’s with it with those who criticise

The way you look, the clothes you wear, or even your hairstyle,

Why do they care and why should the care,

It’s not like it reflects badly on them

So why do they find a need to posit an opinion,

Or even raise their feelings about how others

Choose to display themselves for all to see,

Doing it happily and confidently

As you suppress all forms of authenticity,

Afraid to be judged when seen in reality

Much rather you continue in your repressed way,

Yet behind closed down I bet you’re depraved,

Yet I won’t judge you, that’s ok to do as you wish,

It’s just a shame you feel the need to hide away

Your creative being, rather than seizing the day,

And showing us all you can radiate the same.

To love Harley Quinn


Can you imagine

Being in love

With Harley Quinn?

Where would you begin?

She is so very pretty

Yet thoroughly mad

She is kind of sexy

Yet a whole lot of bad,

She has voices

Talking in her head

I imagine she is wild

Especially in bed,

So how can you not wonder

How great or bad it would be

Falling in love with Harley,

For reasons I don’t know

She appeals in see to me,

Yet I know she’d drive me crazy

But I like a little mad

And a whole lot of bad,

One minute she’s happy

Next minute sad,

I could be her joker

If that’s what it takes

A love that you cannot forsake,

How would it be

Falling in love with Harley Quinn,

This could be heavenly

Or the greatest sin.

A true talent and beauty


Talented and beautiful

How can she not be life’s dream,

Seductively perfected

An artist creating great things,

She is sculptured without flaws

Her beauty opens doors,

Her art would like amazing

Adorning any walls,

It would be hard for men not to love her

But she is strong and lives on her own terms,

She won’t be used or seen as an object

This is what I observe,

She is a friend of mine

And I respect and admire her,

Because she is a product of her own mind

So stand up and accept the applause.

A healing place


Find a place or warmth and comfort

Dwell in a place that feels safe

Understand what helps and heals you

Taking care of self is important to do

To be strong and healthy for the challenges of life

We have to learn to treat ourselves right

Nothing is ever more important, not cash, not possessions

It’s all irrelevant in comparison

To the needs that keep you fit and well

So find that safe, warm peaceful place

Where can can take some time to heal.

I never left you behind


You said I left you behind

And that caused you to lose your mind,

But the truth is you just stood still

Refused to move with a focused will,

And I could see time passing

And our life is not everlasting,

So begrudgingly I had to move

Or all my dreams and hopes if lose,

Call it selfish, say what you wish

But I could not carry on like this,

So if you felt left behind, it was not because of me,

It was because of the choices that you made

And so we just drifted away.

You could be stronger


Why do you feel so alone

Is it because you feel so cold,

You suffer the slings and arrows

You weather the stones and broken bones,

Yet rather than allowing it to make you stronger

You just hide away and fold,

Curling up into a small ball,

Trying to shrink away from life

And this makes you embrace the strife,

That others inflict upon you

Rather than standing up for yourself and your rights,

And hinders you from revealing how bright is your light,

As you hide away in shadows

Hoping for a moment when you can take flight,

And escape the place in time

Leaving everything far behind,

But this is no likely to happen

So why not take a stand,

And become stronger, which is a much better plan.