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Love comes from nowhere

Soon enough loves comes

It rides in on a stallion

Unbeknownst to anyone

It comes out of sight and mind

At times least expected

From places never conceived of

That is how love works

And cannot be forced

Cannot be in anyway cajoled

It’s something that can’t be controlled

Comes out of nowhere out of the folds

Of seemingly nothingness at all

Then entraps us within its thrall

Imprisoning us once and for all

That wonderful moment that defines our call

To be loved and love in a beautiful pall.

Tenderness is me

Tender are my kisses

Kind are my thoughts

Warm are my arms

Mine is a love than can’t be brought

Generous is my nature

Golden is my soul

I will never take your freedom

I don’t seek control

What’s the point in that

You are perfect from what I can see

There is nothing that I believe

That you need, except hopefully me

I can scarcely breathe

In the presence of your beauty

I wish you to take me into your heart

So we can surely start

A love and romance that’s never ending

Everything I have I am sending out to you

In a hope that maybe you feel the same way too.

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Power driven

Driven by a power

Driven by a force

That excepts no excuses

That expects strength

Even in those moments

When you’re marching on your own

Standing out and sending out messages

Of love, peace, unity and equality

Being the one who can strive to be mighty

Who can use awareness and love

To become a true wonderman

Transcending to spirit from being human

Driven by a power

Driven by a force

There can be no excuses

And only strength will suffice

To convey the messages to combat

Violence, greed and hate

Are you listening?

Am I talking to myself?

Be the messanger like me

Spread good vibes to humanity

Send out messages of love

We can never share these emotions enough

Say something of meaning

Wake up from dreaming

And believe in me

And join with me

In being driven by a power

Driven by a force

Make no excuses

For you are strong enough

To help cause a change

To cause a paradigm shift

To improve the way we all live.

Born from spirit love

Turn of faith

Turn of a tarot card

Instilled belief

Even when things are hard

Look for the light

Even in the darkest night

Raise our chakras

Through meditation practice

Resonate our aura

Through the art of love

Find inner peace

Accepting we’re enough

And rejecting greed

Shine out, like the spirits we were born to be.

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Night creatures

Creatures in the shadows

Within the cracks of life

Demons and djinn

Crawling and creeping in the night

On the stairs and in the halls

Shadows move around

Silent screams and crackling

Rip from lips unpronounced

But muffled are these tortuous noises

Their lust for possession is insane

Darkness is their environment

Evil is their paranormal name

Possession and fear is their end game

Lurking, seething, hostile themed creatures

Of no good intent descend

For although we tread with care

They go places we dont don’t dare

These creaturs of the shadows

Are there and ece5erwhierd i sdd.
































Astral experiencing

Out of body experience

Astral travelling consciousness

Connecting with spirituality

Requiring perseverance and tenacity

In a world of true reality

Of seeing different dimensions around me

Sensing realms of higher frequencies

And vibrations of different entities

Parapsychological intensities frees the spirit and releases me

Expands and develops me into a state of a higher being

Open your mind and eyes to everything your seeing

In a sleep paralysis where doors open in front brightly

Showing me cosmic universal realities

Able to project conscious densities

Of spiritual energetic abilities and beliefs.

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Meditation enacted

Maintaining meditation

In chaotic scenes

I remain still and unmoved

By all and everything

Still in spirit and energy

I feel myself floating free

In bliss and grace

I sit here now in a meditative state

And though in a state of calmess

I still remain aware

This is more than just a practice

Than sleeping or focusing a stare

It’s about residing within ourselves

Within our luminescent soul

While sending out vibes of love and kindness

All around this beautiful globe

And as I contemplate on peace

I feel that frequency rising too

And a wish to heal our environment and nature

Which is part of all of us in truth.


I am not here to hurt you

I am here simply to love you

I sense the pain you’ve suffered makes you

Think that I am going also to trick you

Duplicitous ways are not what I offer you

Love, tenderness is being served up on s silver platter for you

For not everyone is out to cheat you

Give me a chance and I’ll dhow and prove it yo you

I am here to simply heal you

I am simply here to love you

This is the truth I offer to you

So let go of the past pain and grasp shat I am offering you

For I am willing to devote everything to you

Just for no other reason than I want to spend my life with you

And spending each moment lavishing love upon you.

What I see in you

I see nothing but the spirit energy in you,

No colour, no faith, no difference in social class,

All I see is love and kindness in you

How inspiring you are in all that you do,

I see beauty and passion not judgement at all

I see someone who doesn’t pretend to know everything

You are someone I stand and applaud

For we are both the same in how we think and we act

Being insecure and fearful is something we lack

This is because we are stronger and rise above that

You are spiritually divine and that’s a fact

You’re the type that when loved you love twice as much back

Which is why I see you as part of a tribe of which I am attached.