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Suburban life

Brick built box

In which you dwell

Suburbia dream

Or suburban hell

Sometimes hard to tell

You’ve a desire to scream

A need to yell

But you don’t

Instead you wash your car

You mow your lawn

Fitting in to societies norm

Domesticated like this

Since you were born

Numb in head

Dead within soul

Bought the life you were sold

Like the artwork on your wall

Knew nothing about it at all

Bought it because you were told

It’s what everybody craves

Then one sad, cold, lonely day

When sitting in you little brick prison

You suddenly realise something is missing

You bought the package deal life

A waste of living

A self inflicted crime

Never sought to find what’s inside

An individual spirit

That cannot be denied

A potential there for your light to shine

That you decided

That you should hide

To live the perfect acceptable life

As deemed by society

As it defined

Sold your life and sold your mind

For the pre packaged material lifestyle.


Naked truth

Stripped back

I see you naked,

You look shy

You look a bashed,

Feeling vulnerable

And exposed,

As beautiful

As you are though,

I sense that you

Feel discomfort,

It’s only flesh on bone,

Where like a luxury coat,

Proud and regal

You should float,

On confidence and attitude

That says what you see,

Is perfection

That is able to please,

Those I choose

To be with see,

I am in my own way fussy

If you want me,

And want my ….

You better show me more respect

Because when I stand here naked

I’ve nothing left to hide.

The meat

It drains your blood

Until dizzy in the head,

The aspic from your meat is still fresh

They’ll eat you away until nothing is left

Born for no much else but death,

Sinews and muscles all stretched and taut

A prize such as you is eagerly sought,

The flesh you wear so greedily bought

There was was no struggle when you were caught,

Stress only cheapens your meat

Waited until you were tired and weak,

Outlook was always so bleak

Did you ever have the feeling you were free?

It’s a mystery to me why we crave the meat

Pan fried, roasted in the heat,

That is life of a nightmarish scene

So much preparation to make everything clean,

For the slaughtered.

Evil is as evil does

Evil is as evil does

Hides within our fear and lust,

Resist the demons we surely must

That lay within all of us,

Just like love and the light is within

So is the evil of all human beings,

We have to find a way to cast it out

Rid the darkness from our lives,

It’s a duality that within feeds

A sense of foreboding that makes us bleed,

The source of our addictions

That force us down on our knees,

Attacks us at times when we are vulnerable and weak,

Evil does that which we allow

Suckling on the teat of the demonic sow,

So depraved and insanely crazed,

Evil needs to be banished to whence it came,

It’s a cause of our night terrors

And defines our fears,

Leaves us in pools of our own tears

And on your deathbed as you near,

The point of death it will whisper in your ear

That you are now to be evils slave,

Inflicts images of you being dragged from your grave,

To the brimstone and fire of a suffering that’s great

But the same thing keeps happening day by day,

It’s all an illusion caused by your own mind,

Your deep sub conscious working overtime,

Just hold on and heed and focus on the light,

Cast out this distraction

From out of your sight,

It’s a battle we wage everyday as we hear the lies,

So gird your loins and see the truth and be inspired

And know that good and evil is part of me and you,

And is defined and manifested in everything that we do.

The nature of me

The nature of me

Is spirituality,

I exist in a conscious state

That is existentialist,

I am just simply light

I am simply energy

I Manifest in quantum reality

But most of all

I exist as love

But most of all

I am here in peace

But most of all

I represent kindness

But most of all

I proffer unity

The nature of me is spirituality

I am a being

Borne from a light seed

All that I am is empathic

All that I am is systematic

Of all the is nature

And all that is good

I say this too you

So I am not misunderstood

I spread a message of peace

And of ecology

I spread a message of love

Within the nature of me

Transcending through my


Nature will be on my mind

When I meet the end of times

I will keep the beauty of nature in my mind,

I will focus on the plants and trees

feel the sensations of a breeze,

upon my skin as I slip away to the other side

and when I meet the end of times,

I will imagine the deep blue sea

and focus on the sky above me,

I will remember the texture of snow

and the rain upon my face,

I shall remember this when my life fades away

And when I meet the end of times,

I will allow my conscious mind

to flow like a river, and savour the air I breathe

and will picture the verdant green rolling meadows,

scattered around wild flowers, where I will settle

and dream a dream of these amazing golden days,

I fill my heart with my love for nature,

as I finally slip and fade into the realms

of going back to energy and of light waves,

as I take flight and fade in to my end days.

Vague when it comes to age

I am slightly vague when it comes to age,

I try not to act it or let it get in the way,

of living how I want too

and though I am told I am getting old,

that’s not how I feel, just what I am told,

it’s a perception of time

that I don’t retain, within my mind,

an attitude that many have,

that causes them so much sorrow,

time is running out they think

but I don’t let this infect my being,

age is something many are against revealing

but it does not worry me,

I only consider it vaugly

when living life the best I can,

age is a curse for many, so I will be damned,

if I let it control or define me,

I will live in the present

and not looking behind me,

I wont worry about the future

I just live for today

and I don’t really care about going wrinkly or grey,

for this does not define me.


Via: Daily Prompt: Vague

The grind

My life is about grind

It’s hard all the time,

Nothing easy

Never has been,

That’s the way it’s defined,

Though I struggle,

Though I fight,

With the knots that they bind,

I see love,

I see light,

My life is denied,

The things that I wish

And that may help me,

I feel like sisyphus

Pushing on, pushing up

The solid heavy rock,

In a repetitive strain

That’s aching my body and my brain,

Combined with a life of Job

I know all there is to know,

About getting knocked down

Then getting up again,

It’s so hard,

Its so tough,

I’ve had more than enough,

So I look to the stars and I say,

Universe, will you not help me,

Give me something back

Or just ease up on please,

Universe, will you cut me some slack,

I’ve done this for so long

That it’s breaking my back,

When will this finally end,

I keep persevering

But there must be

Sometime in this life,

I find more in reward

Than I have done before,

Or is this how it is

Nothing more than this

Until I no longer exist,

If that’s so, let me know,

Then I may just let go

And like others just go with the flow,

Universe, please just give me a sign,

Is there more to my life,

Or is this simply it

And so I’ll resign my life to this,

Just let me know

Just give me a sign,

Because I’ve had enough of this grind,

And of this hard life,

I am so tired in body and mind

Of this grind.

Stepping up

How do we take

The next step up in life

When we find our creativity

Within our conscious mind

When we find through introspection

What it is we need to do

How do we get others seeing

Just what it is we do

We can only put it out there

And bare our heart and soul

Give it all you can

And let everything go

Then just hope it is enough

For others to sit up and take note

That there is more out there

Than we could ever know

And that discovering your voice

Through any creative means

Defines great opportunities

And helps achieve your dreams

Yet I guess it all comes down

To perseverance and to luck

But it’s also about holding on

And it’s all about the trust

That self belief in what you do

Is important in everyway

Focus on your goals

Do not give up along the way.

Have too pay for your art

Worst thing about being poor to day

Is if you want your book edited

Then you have to pay

If you want it reviewed

Then the story is the same

I am sorry my friend but you have to pay

Need any help sure

But can you pay?

It’s not easy being a poor writer making your way

Maybe that’s why the shelves in bookshops are paved

With celebrity ramblings

Because the can pay

Sorry if this sounds bitter in many ways

But I can see why it is so hard to break through as an author today

Publishers only want certainties

And that’s what you get I guess with books by celebrities

To few breakthrough authors like JK Rowlings

Who some one took a chance on now she’s every publishers darling

Good to see it can be achieved

But I wonder if she paid to get things moving.