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The curious tale of love

She goes out

He stays home,

She likes to play

He like a to know,

They love each other

Of this they both know,

They both feel

In joint control,

Her desires high

His are low,

He let’s her go

She will always

Come home,

With tales of nights

He loves t to hear,

He glad she finds

The pleasure she needs,

She likes that he

Sets her free

And likes to hear,

How she gets freaky,

To few understand

Neither care,

They both enjoy

He’s willing to share,

He feels secure

Within himself,

He does no get jealous

He has her heart,

She loves him more

Than anyone else,

He has her heart

She’ll never leave,

Though it may

Seem strange to us,

They like to share

The lust, the love,

It works so well

Good luck to them,

That their love

Is so strong

For this arrangement,

She dressed to thrill

Short high dress

He smiles at her appeal

Knows she will get

Just what she needs

Just another night

He is so pleased.


Love beyond others thoughts

Don’t let others determine your ways

We can and should do things our way,

We can come together in an emotional display

And love each other in our unique way,

Sharing the love, the heat, the intensity,

We can be loving so immensely

And love unconditionally,

Irrespective of what others say or believe,

We need to love continuously, deeply,

We need to love beyond the thoughts,

Of what other people think.

What’s the solution

We live in a society

Where people are crumbling down

And they barely make a sound,

There are people living out there rough on the streets

They have no voice to speak,

There are others working each day

Struggling in all ways ready simply to break,

What’s the solution

Do we need a mental revolution.

There seems to be so many people

Psychologically hurt,

By life and barely able to breathe

And so many others disintegrating

What’s happening to human beings,

So many have lost sight of their identity

Don’t know even what gender to be.

What’s the solution,

Do we need a mental revolution.

I find for one, that we need to hold on

And stop grasping for things that in life,

Don’t really matter, that are illusory

That seek to define who you are,

Feminine or masculine

It matters not,

We are a combination of both of these things,

Your identity is not what others see or perceive,

It’s what you are within

And you have to know that yourself

And learn to love that,

Knowing your perfect yet flawed,

That duality is not hypocrisy

You can be both and more,

We need to focus our living on going within,

Stop seeking external pleasures

And we need to stop expecting so much,

Stop putting too much pressure upon ourselves,

What’s the solution,

Do we need a mental revolution.

Life should be lived in the present moment it’s true,

Don’t let the past ever define you

And don’t worry what the future will bring

What happens will happen in truth,

Just live to be kind, caring and share,

The love, the peace and the light,

Find comfort in mindful meditational bliss

And you may find life easier in which to exist,

Whats the solution,

Maybe we need a mental revolution.

River visit

I visit the river to annoint myself in it,

To baptise and cleanse my soul and being,

To allow it to wash over and through me,

The river is my saviour

It is my purifying salvation.

As I feel the riverbed of silt and stone

Shift beneath my feet and slowly bury them,

I feel the power of the currrent

And surrender to the river,

As I bathe alone,

I let it carry me on meandering journey

Through tranquilty

And a voyage of self discovery,

On my own

And as I float

I grow.

Speak my mind

Could I express myself any more clearly ,

when I say to you that I love you dearly

but you are doing my head in with your mindless chatter,

just focus on the things, that really matter.

Stop being distracted by material bling,

stop thinking of monetary things,

it won’t make you happy or your life complete,

shut up please I would really like to sleep.

Focus on reality not on illusory things,

always be benevolent, compassionate and endearing,

share the love and find, the inner peace

and maybe then all the stress and worry may cease,

just be my friend, because you are my mind

but like anything you need training to define,

just want I want to be in a spiritual life,

just live a life in virtue and live it right.


Via: Daily Prompt: Express

Be change

We are better than we know

A multi dimensional love Show

We are amazing you should know

Learn from spirituality and grow

Be the love and be the peace

Understand the answers that we seek

Are inside both you and me

Open up our hearts

And set our soul free

And we will always be happy.

Be life, be love, be peace, be the change.

Be brave enough to live

Be brave enough to live

never give up on life

it takes a strong and sturdy heart

to keep the faith and not to cry

but I am not afraid to cry

yet to still stay stong

I have to convince myself to carry on

at times when I think will it matter at all

if I am here or not

do i make a difference?

would I be missed?

but then I remember life is a miracle

not to be taken for granted at all

it’s a blessing not a curse

even when feeling pain and hurt

its still a wondrous thing is living

no matter how bleak things may see

it takes a brave soul to live well

when you surrender

you lose yourself in a trapped hell

so keep the self belief and know

all will one day be well

so don’t ever retreat in your shell

and hide away

or let your light go out.


Via: daily Prompt: Brave

Never surrender

Never surrender your beliefs

focus on yourself mindfully

find the core of your tranquility

be the very best that you can be

and let your mind and soul be free

let your heart open to all things

allow your conscious state to grow

never fear about growing old

and remain young at heart

forever eternal young we are

watch the sun set then watch it rise

see the beauty before your eyes

and tell me life is not a miracle

that it’s not the greatest experience of all

breathe it in and breathe it out

live your life without any doubt

that you are amazing

and life is worth living

be kind and forgiving

be your own reason to believe in.

For everything you are you create

so create yourself a a place

where inner peace and harmony arise

live each day like it’s your last reprise

and you will be supprised

how this can enrich your life.

The stream of duality



Flow like a stream

amble and meander

rage like a torrent

be as wild as a rapid

be transparent

dance like tiny waves

and roll in and roll out

ebb and flow

trickle peacefully

or roar with a passion

sustain life

be life giving

wash all things clean

lap at the edges of life tranquily

be all these things and more

be the duality of all aspects

of a babbling or roaring stream

be the beauty that nature and creation

designed all things to be.


Image courtesy of Pinterest

Come together and grow

Let me be the pleasure reaching through you

Touching and toying with sensual intent.

Let me be the one who raises your passionate ardour

Making your body writhe, twist, ache yet melt.

Let me be the one enticing your essence to flow,

While you let your whole self go,

As I drive you to places you long you go,

Discover new things you want to know,

Let us come together and grow.