You mistake what I am

Call me soft

Say I am weak

Because I speak of love

And do it consistently

But in a world

That revolves round hate

I am willing to do this to mitigate

The damage and the toxicity

Hate, war and violence brings

Hopefully this starts breaking

Our preconditioned upbringings

Call me weak still I don’t think so

I am stronger than you will ever know

It takes much more to go against the flow

Breaking trends takes consciousness and courage

It takes heart and a lot of soul

This is the truth in a world of lies

This is seen by those with open eyes

This is part of being awake

Being part of reality in a world that’s fake

This part of the paradigm shift

Open your mind a be a part of it.

Island bliss

Clear deep blue seas

And beautiful coral reefs

Sands that are so fine defining the beach

Palms and trees sway in the sunshine breeze

Who would want to put to risk all of this

With man made pollution and destructiveness.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Wear that crown

I place a crown upon your head

You took the blows and you bled

Yet nothing ever kept you down

That’s why you should wear a crown upon your head.

For I have met no one better yet

No one with a bigger heart

Or even a more compassionate soul

You always live up to your part

You are always abiding in self control

No body deserves more than you do

To wear a crown upon your head.

Your style and patience and your caring way

Always lifts those up who fall time and again

You share your time and your love

Nothing others ask is ever to much, you always have enough

For everyone who requires you

Which is why in all truth

Nobody deserves as much as you do

To wear a crown upon your head.

Galaxy adoration

Space bound
Where there’s no sound
Galaxy horizons
Some newly found
I see a plethora of stars
Nebulae from wide and far
Kaliderscopic array of gases
Voluminous clouds in masses
Dark within the ebony
Comets racing leaving trails so icey
This cosmic vision it entices me
Galaxies before hitherto unknown
Become new territories to be explored
Maybe discover things never seen before
All the time I abide by quantum law
As I space travel, speeding, I soar
At the speed of light I see neutrinos and more
The make up and the fabric of the universal core
Is it any wonder why its discovering new galaxies tha I adore
Through. Astral travel I can see it all
And using portals that are interdimensional.

Meditate, meditate

Meditate to ensure your soul

Is made of twenty four carat gold

Ruminate within a place of bliss

Where your heart constantly gives

Ponder on a moment of grace

Where your unconditional love is your primary state

Meditate on a mindful place

Meditate to inner peace this day

Be as golden as the sun in everyway

Let me see the joy in your face

Meditate, meditate

Still the mind and calm the thoughts

Meditate on love and do not be afraid

Meditate and I’ll guide you all the way

You and me living in this present moment each day

In an undefinable, recyclable display

Meditate and everything in life will be OK.


They sell us a belief of choice

But where is the choice

When the only voice

Is a construct by and aged old system

Out of date and lacking distinction

And though it acts like it has conviction

It repeats the same old restrictions

Limiting our freedom through guilt and fear

Protecting an establishment it holds dear

This choice is a delusional dream

Based around a controlling theme

That manipulates both you and me.