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Has anyone seen the light?

I find myself in darkness

Struggling to find the light

But I know it’s somewhere here

So I won’t give up the fight

To find a way to reignite it

To return that Luminescent glow

That will show me the right path

That guides me where to go

Its been confusing

It has been hard

And I am still struggling

But I’ve come to far

To ever think of giving up now.

I would like more

But despite all I do

The dice never fall in favour of me

That seems to be life rule

Nothing has ever come easy

What I got came through hard work

And though have not got much

What I got is mine

So as search for the light

Which is elusive to me

I will keep the faith

Keep the love and belief

And if that’s all I have

Then know that is enough

I am that diamond

Hidden in the rough

Waiting to shine.


You won’t fall

I can find you

Even though you feel lost,

I can heal you

Despite all your pain,

I can show you light,

I can offer you the hope you need

So don’t ever think,

You are alone

Because I am here for you,

I will be your crutch,

I will be your cure,

I will lift you up,

I will hold you tight,

I am your guardian angel

I won’t let you fall,

I will be there when you cry,

Curled up in a ball

I will be there helping you smile,

Restoring the laughter

That makes you glow.

You are a spirit of so much love and light

You just need to believe in yourself

Let go and take flight

And spread your wings

Then come fly with me

We can do anything

There is nothing we can’t achieve

So just hold my hand

And know that your safe

Know that I am here for you

And will care for you always

Because that is what’s love.

I wish to embrace you

Let me lay you down

On a blanket by the fire

Dress you down

And cover you in kisses

Let me worship you

And treat your body like a temple

One I wish to hold on to

One I wish to pay homage too.

The only light is the light of the fire

Let me awaken within you desires

That make you ache and long for my loving

And when we’re done we will lay basking

In the warmth and the love

As I hold you safely

Because just being close to is just so right

And holding you in a love embrace all night

Us as much as I could dream of

I need to give you my love

I could hold you in my arms for eternity

Because you are my soul spirit

And my reason to breathe

And I just want to make you happy.

So nestle down with me in front of the fire

We don’t have to do or say anything at all

Just hold on to each other and share in that moment

Share the love and deep intensity

Of a twin flame moment forged in spirituality.

Morning chorus

The chorus of morning

That springs forth another day,

Is the chorus of the new hope

And the symphony of change,

In a world of so much darkness

Our love is the light,

If we just come together

We can shine as we unite,

So hold out a hand of friendship

And bathe in the spiritual delight,

Of being compassion and empathy personified

Let yourself go and fly so high.

Within the wondrous and miraculous

Experience we know as life.

Live your dream

I am never alone

For my conscious mind,

Holds memories

Of beauty defined,

I don’t need to be

Unhappy or sad,

I don’t need to ever feel that bad

Its all a state of mind,

Create your own imagination in which to find,

Your peace and love.

You can focus your life

On being free,

You can decide to live in conscious reality,

This is your choice to make

Its within you

Live your dream,


Live your dream

Positive mind

A positive mind is hard to resist

How could anyone not want to be like this my

A smiling face is a look of gold

Keep laughing from your birth until you are old

Live life benevolently because kindness

Is absolutely free

And don’t forget keep love

In your heart

That way life can never

Tear you apart.

Be happy

Be strong

Be spirituality.

Hope even in hateful minds

Narrow minded people

With hateful vicious minds

Venting their vile threats and language

On social media online

They take to streets in numbers

Feeling safe within a pack

Trying to find the courage

That when alone they lack.

Its disgusting and repulsive

The things some people post

To those they understand least

And so because of this hate most.

The people don’t like anyone

Who is different from them

Easy to blame others for all of their failings.

Now I don’t hate these people

I feel sorrow and pity for them

And I would much rather try to help them

By showing them the richness of different cultures

Different colours, faiths and views

Show them that coexistence is the enlightened truth.

I show them nothing but unconditional love

And unconditional compassion

I do this for myself as well as them

And understand we’re all driven by passion

But that sometimes we have to question if what we believe

Is actually true

Or maybe we’re deluding ourselves

And doing things others manipulate us to do.

I offer to these people always an olive branch of peace

In hope they will one day touch it and their negative ways may cease

We must not give up hoping

We must not give up the dream

We must not end up being like them

Violent and hateful to such an extreme

We must always offer to all our love.

Cold winters tale

Cold and icy

Slippery underfoot,

White frost covering every nook,

Bites the face as you view your breath

Witnessing the steam exhale from your constricted chest,

Ice dew webs decorate the scene around,

Toes and fingers go so numb

Nose is red, cheeks feel the burn.

Winter cuts like a knife

Maybe we should all hibernate at this time

I long for home and long for warmth

Summer memories now long gone

Chilled to the bone yet still better off

Than those living rough who have no home

And have to sleep out in this

Where going to sleep every night is a risk

As they never know if they are going to wake up.

The truth is not as you know it

I look around me at the bitterness and strife

Caused by the people of political right

But I hate no one so I won’t hate of them

Most are not fully aware of what they’re doing.

Most come from deprived and under privileged backgrounds

Lack the education and suffer under economic deprivation

Or are tossed aside by a society that doesn’t care

And along come those full of hate who point the finger of blame

At those immigrants of different colours and different faiths.

They are told these people steal your jobs and steal your house

They steal your women and want to steal the power

But this simply is not true and was the same tactic used by Hitler

And that policy demean the intelligence of me and you.

The same right wing politics is in place to day

Remove the Jews and banish all immigrants far away

Create a homeland that is entirely white.

Trouble is like Hitler once they achieve that who is next

Gypsies, and people with disabilities

Anyone in fact that’s different and do not fit their code

Six foot, blonde haired, blue eyed Arian truth be told.

Yet this may go by the board by those who exert right wing control

Those of power money and of privilege

Who set the races into this division

To distract us all from their exploitation and oppression

To ensure this free market state that only works for them

Is protected from those outside their walls

And only the select few will ever be let in

This power is used by the Illuminati and the Beilderberg Group

A group of select individuals controlling money war and hate

That interfere in every single state

Dark men with dark motivations

These are our real enemies

A different who need to be exposed and removed from power

To stop these things they do

They don’t care if your White, Black or Jew

They could careless if your an immigrant

Unless a danger to them you represent

Power is the problem and the enemy of the people

And its time to wake up now and take the power back

Under a united humanity all working as one

To build a better future and a better world for everyone.

She is like nature

Like nature she swept in like the breeze

She danced like exotic flowers so elegantly

She had the grace of of well versed symphony

She was the bliss of delicate summer dream.

She flows when she moves like a meandering stream

This subtle beauty is so rarely perceived

She is the purest mountain air that you can breathe

And I have to admit that she means everything to me.

Via: Daily Prompt : elegance