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Be the light not the dark

Be the sun after the storm

Not the maelstrom in full force

Lift things up in your life like a new breaking dawn

Don’t suck things down forever inward

Be the rainbow after the rain

Don’t allow your life to flow like a river down the drain

Be the beautiful birdsong

Don’t become the scream that echoes on and on

You are spirit, you are love

You create gold with every touch

Be the light and not the dark

Be the fresh new day and no longer the storm

Because you are loved so much.


Incandescent flame

It’s hard to see a heart created to love so broken

It’s hard to read the words so dark and filled with pain

I imagine if unbroken other words would surely ignite

Into a bright incandescent flame

Burning brightly every day

Positive and uplifting in every way

If it was not for the heart felt pain.

I can imagine you so carefree

Laughing and enjoying love freely

But this shadow of what has gone before

It hangs over your life like a pall

A way needs to be found to get past this

Some kind of healing to surpass this

I know they say that times heals all

But I can’t bare to think of anyone

Going through such heartache and suffering

It’s the caring part of me that bleeds when I read

Such words of hurt and pain

I wish I could place my hands on your heart and soul to make it go away

Use my healing hands and arts

To fix your heart that was torn apart

You we built to smile and laugh

You were created to love way beyond the stars

And right back again

You have beauty, you have grace

Don’t let pain become etched upon your face

You have magic in your words

Don’t let them be tainted by the hurt

Rise up and shine again

Rise up and shine you light like an incandescent flame

Rise up and find your love

And heal the heart with renewed passion

And let go

Of all the hurt that was done to you

And all the suffering you’ve endured

You are golden in every way

So just believe this and believe in you

For I know I do.

Feel like the universe that created you

Connect your conscious mind with the universe

And show all your light

Manifest the spiritual cosmic

Show the how you are made of material from stars

Let the quantum energy that created and sustains you

Flow through your whole being

Lift up your aura and your frequency

And really start living

For we all miracles reinventing lives

Experiencing living over a thousand times

We are ancient beings

With ancient souls

We have to trust the universe

Open up eyes and conscious mind

And let everything go

Don’t hold on and feel your essence flow

And glorify your life

And it will ignite

Into shards of a higher plain

Showering down like incandescent rain

Sparkle away

Resonate your way in a radiant display.

Beauty manifests if you choose to see it

Green leaves rustle in the wind

Ripples spread across a still lake

I see the trees as they gently sway

A few white nimbus clouds pass this way

I hear the sweet sounds of a chaffinch

And the screech of a magpie

I feel the warmth on this summers day

As bees and other insect fly by

Such is the miracle of life

Such is the miracle of nature

Beauty resonates all around

How could you not manifest inner peace

When you have moments like this in a day

Sit and look around and appreciate

Take in the wonders that life creates

Breathe it all in and meditate

If only for a short time, contemplate

Take time out of your busy day

Let everything go and let your troubles fade away

Breathe out and feel the stress flow

Out of your system and you will know

The benefits of just focusing on your breaths

While absorbing the beauty that has manifested for you.

Can’t side me

Black and white

left and right,

love and hate

dark and light,

everybody sides

pointless, fruitless

a waste of time,

you cannot side me

many different beliefs

but one humanity,

creation through divinity

evolution through the species,

I will take a open view

but you can not side me,

I have open eyes

and an open mind,

I am not a zealot

following blindly

I am existential,

recognizing no authority

but my own,

so I don’t need your sides

because I can decide for myself,

I don’t need a side

or anybodies lies,

the truth of everything

dwells with me inside.

Your judgement

Walk a mile in my shoes

Then you can judge me

But I won’t judge you

I wish nothing but the best for you

It would be nice if you could do the same too

But I never expect this reciprocation

So I just learning the appreciation

Of keeping faith and love in my self

Rather than expecting it from anybody else

I have self belief

I have self love

So it matters not what you think

Because you don’t know me

Because you’ve never walked in my shoes

And I know your going to judge me

But in the that says more about you

Anyway I just wanted to say it doesn’t matter

I will always love you come what may.

Spontaneous kindness

Kindness should never go out of fashion

It should be peoples motivational passion

Doing good in every way

Carrying out random acts of kindness every day

Not with though of receiving it back

Not through the thought of it being seen

But just because you know it to right

Spontaneously and even taking you by suprise

Not a planned and thought out thing

Kindness should always be natural thing

So be kind in heart and actions each day.

I have needs too

Never had money or much in the way of material possessions

So I am going to put this right with the law of attraction

To get myself just what I need

This is in no way about greed

It’s about getting something for me this time

I am going to focus on attracting more wealth

While also appreciating my good health

And when I get money to ease my life

I will do what I know to be right

I will look for ways to enrich others too

Help those who need me in truth

To pull them up with a helping hand

No ones done this for but I understand

It is not about what others do

It’s about me being authentic, caring and true

I struggled all my life so I think it’s about time

That I focus on myself for a short while

But I will never stop helping and caring for others

I am not like those who can’t be bothered

With the hardships that others go through

If you need a hand I will always be there for you

But I need to take care of myself as well

Provide for my family the best way I can

I don’t want this to make me sound a selfish greedy man

That’s not my way I just want to do what I can

To free myself from a life of stress and debt

And it’s about starting right here and doing my very best

And continuing to work hard and hope that I am blessed

By the law of attraction because I’ve tried everything else

This is not just all about me but also everyone else

Helping my family

Providing for them is not about greed

So please understand this and please don’t judge me badly.


There’s magic out there in space for those who believe

Magic resonates on frequencies,

Vibrating uncontrollably

I believe life flows magically,

On cosmic waves

And universal dreams,

We set the scene as we please

And in all of this I feel the vibes

That I can’t hide,

That magic is everywhere we see

When we believe, then everything

Becomes possible,

Because magic emanates

From the improbable,

Which makes our hopes and dreams unstoppable

This is how magic is an action that’s viable,

Open your minds,

Open your eyes,

Open your consciousness

To all things being magically sublime.

Take care of yourself

The trouble with being empathetic souls

Is the toxic vampires know

That we are selfless and will take on others pain

To ensure that others are always ok

But there is only such much suffering

Any heart and soul can take when attempting to ease others pain

So it’s vital the you look after yourself

Take time to meditate, self heal and rest

Heal your heart, spirit and soul

Take some time to be on your own

And soothe your being and let yourself grow

Appreciate your balance and you flow

Let stress and anguish simply go

And center yourself

While maintain control

Let the toxic vampires know

You are stronger now then they can ever know.