Connecting to you

Connecting to you

Is like connecting to light

You are the most beautiful sight

You are the one who brings love to my life

You make the future so bright

In every day you’re the highlight

Climb the highest mountain you I might

I’ll swim the biggest ocean if you like

Even though I can’t swim and don’t like heights

Your love inspires me with might

You’re like nature a shher and pure delight

I am so grateful your part of my life.

Keep my head down and my mouth shut

Keep your head down

Don’t make a sound

Go to work and pay the bills

Get home and watch tv

Go to bed do it all again

This is a life of the insane

This is a life that numbs the brain

It’s hard to keep going this way

Very early mornings

Working hard each day

Hard to find inspiration coming this way

Creativity drains, even though I crave

To put words on paper

More challenging in every way

Shedding more love

Shedding more light

Trying to improve the way I write

Not academic so it’s a fight

So I rely on some foresight

And trying to expand my knowledge of life

While working from morning to night

Trying to create a future so bright

If I keep going and one day I just might

Hit the right note, or create the perfect write.

Beware and become aware

Beware of the manipulaters

The abusers and the users

Drip feeding indoctrination

Through the iv drip of the Internet

The subliminal messages

From the broadcasters

And the full on assault of the tabloid press

From your parents to the teachers at school

And the politic and and religious leaders

That lie constantly to me and you

Question everything and independently think

This life is yours so choose to live it

On your own terms and beliefs

That come from your original conscious thoughts

Don’t just buy in to all you are taught

Discover all you can for yourself

Using the power of your intellect

Looking within and deciding what’s best

Don’t just simply follow the rest

Be unique and individual

Accept your flawed but that were all equal

Find we isdom in love

And happiness in peace

Be who and what you’ve always wanted to be

And leave your mark on our society

That inspires future generations

To fight to be free and achieve your dreams

Through the passion of that which you believe

That the universe guides us along with synchronicity

So unite my friends as one humanity

And reject our present societies

And cress te a new one based on love and peace

Which is the key to our spirtual release

And the the cornerstone of breaking out of all suffering

Raising us up to higher frequencies of living

All this can be a result of questioning

That will finally help us all begin evolving

Into far better sentient beings

Of which we can be proud to leave as our legacy for our kids.

The perfect night

Tonight I savoured good food

When we went out for dinner

We laughed a bit and it was relaxed

It felt so nice for the pair of us

And I took you home and though the night seemed complete

We share a momentary intense kiss

A connection in the heat of this

A sweet love thst felt like bliss

You asked me in for coffee

I thought of being a gentleman and declining

But I saw the need within your eyes and my heart it was pounding

The coffee was great as too the company

Of this there was no mistake

I leant in close and kissed you again

And felt you melting into this

I said I think it is time for bed

And you did not disagree or hesitate

I will awake in the morning

To see your smiling face

I will awake in the morning in a bed in your place

And we will share the scent of each other

After a night of tender love making

This is the perfect moment and the most perfect way to be waking

With the memory of shared bodies

And how we both reached our peak

In a moment of muffled moans

Anx you stifling a lustful scream

I will go yo work and so will you

And nobody will ever know

Just why it is we both glow

When we wake up tomorrow.

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Loved ones are always there

You caught me in the crosshairs

You caught me within your crossfire

And in the space of a moment

I felt the blows from your bullets hitting me

And they drove me down to my knees

Then you walked away leaving me to bleed

But thankfully there were people who loved me

And helped me up and which aided me to heal

That love I felt for them was more real

Than I ever felt for you

For they picked me up when you shot me down

They were the kind ones who read all of the signs

And stood by ready in the wings and bided their time

They saw you for what you were

But I was far to blind

But they never sat in judgement

For that is something that those who love you would ever do

But whatever may prevail us loved ones will always be there for you.

Evolve your love

We love

We break up

We feel sad

Then maybe bitter

We can’t seem

To be happy

And hope the same

For them as well

If we can’t get over love

If we can’t get over break ups

How is humanity

Supposed to unite

When we are capable

Of so much spite

Why can we not

Just be thankful

For the experience of love

Without the need

For so much animosity

We take love

So very personally

Good things come

And sometimes go

It all just helps us grow

Helps us to discover the unknown

That you can trust some

But not others

But don’t judge everyone

By what others may have done

And never lose faith in love

For it did nothing wrong

Except inspire great

Poems, writings and love songs

And teach us how to be stronger

Than we have ever known

And if we learn to forgive

Then this will help us further to evolve

Into greater spiritual souls.