Hold each other tight

If we hold each other tight Under a starry, moonlit night, Would we see our love increase And if we were to immerse ourselves in the water, Of the lake reflecting moonshine from it Would we, if we hold each other tight Feel the resonating vibes, of the increased frequency tonight, And if we manifestContinue reading “Hold each other tight”

Noisy night

The noise from the bed kept him awake The squeaking and rocking as love was made, He was in the next room he could hear it Loud mind and cries as they rise and fall, He could hear her as she begged for more He heard them both and it was raw, He heard herContinue reading “Noisy night”


We can be giants Striding imperiously, Through this life of so little joy We have to teach people to believe, We can be giants Striding across this earth Healing people who are hurt Teaching them about their self worth We can be giants Standing strong like monolith We can help people dream And help byContinue reading “Giants”

Watch what you’re manifesting

The light only shines When you ask for it, You’ll only be consumed by the dark When you beckon it, Your conscious mind it gives you What you are manifesting, You want light You get light, You want dark You’ll get dark, Which is why all manifesting must be positive, We get the life weContinue reading “Watch what you’re manifesting”

Aging well

Age and how we look on it Is a dependent on life, And how we’ve decided to exist Stress doesn’t do us any good, Nor does, drink, drug and smoked Age is good to us when we are good in health, It’s not something that comes with wealth Unless you decide on plastic help, WhichContinue reading “Aging well”

Understand me

I am all about love I don’t do hate I am all about life And how to create A life of happiness One that’s positive I don’t do the negative I am all about freedom I don’t do control I don’t do ownership My life I my own Why would I want to Own andContinue reading “Understand me”

Holiday love (adult content)

Under a scintillating sun she was bathing Tanning sweating in her bikini, Sipping drinks and just realxing Holidays gave her satisfaction, After a while she needed to go back to her room To get more sun tan lotion or shed burn soon, As she got near a guy from across the way Stepped outside andContinue reading “Holiday love (adult content)”

To good to be true

I should have seen it coming Trouble is never that far away, I should have known things were to good So now I am facing heartbreak once again, And I could not have loved you Any more than I loved in truth, You said it wasn’t m, saying it was all about you, I shouldContinue reading “To good to be true”

We can get along

Why is it some people Can’t just get along, Why must they hate And choose to discriminate, Why do they feel the need To choose greed, And ignore others in need Why are they so opposed, To any forms of equality, And why do they get So angry at me, For my set of beliefs,Continue reading “We can get along”

Tranquility Bay

I decided today to drift away Off to place called Tranquility Bay, Located within a mountain range And it is light years across space away, It may if I go be likely be won’t come back again Because of the peace and the beauty of Tranquility Bay, I may just make the decision to stayContinue reading “Tranquility Bay”

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