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Entitled and privileged


I struggle with those who act entitled and privileged

There no better than anyone else

They are just acting out a role

Playing the part of someone of a higher class

Looking down upon everyone they feel superior too

But in truth they are so hollow and judgemental

They descend into ignorance in a way that’s incremental

Everything with them is external

They never work on what is internal

It’s all about the exterior gloss

They see themselves as some kind of boss

Of their delusions I could give a toss

But they are infecting society and that’s our loss

They dominate, airways TV and internet

Speaking words that they’ve been fed

They lack the understanding of depth

Lack empathy, love and kindness

But fake it when it helps to get ahead

They appeal to the vunerable who are easily misled

Instilling ignorance into peoples head

These fake entitled and privileged

Are no better than anyone else.

Plasma addiction

Plasma addiction

Addicted to the plasma screen

People watch with baited breath and dream,

Of something that will give their life meaning

Fed to them via televisual themes,

We worry big brothers watching us

But in truth they are waching big brother,

It doesn’t have to try no more

As you’re being monitored on your sofa,

And people lose the track of what’s real

And what is actually illusion,

Then you wonder why when you step outside

That your life is thrown into confusion,

It’s nothing how it seems on TV, it’s not nearly as glossy

And not everything is all fun and laughter,

That often you find your life’s a disaster,

And you realise that you cannot cope

Without a fix of your favourite soap,

In there things often go wrong but in the end it turns out ok,

But in real life you soon find out that it’s not all happy endings

And no amount of acting out like towie and all that fake pretending

Is going to make you rich and famous,

Not matter how much make up and fake tan you put on,

And when you become addicted to the plasma life

You buy into the media man’s scam,

And will find life passing you by

As you’re fed political lies,

From the well dressed news presenter

Who is presenting propaganda,

Dictated by the government or oligarch that owns the broadcaster,

Who shows you scenes or war, fear and of scary disasters

And then at end of it tells stories of happy ever afters,

Can you hear their fucking laughter

Because they know they got you hooked,

As you are now alien to reading any books,

You rely on them for knowledge

It’s like TV has become your college,

Feeding you with poison and shit

And you swallow every bit,

If this is life then you can keep it,

For I don’t want to be a part of this.

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Apathy and misery


Is your misery caused by your apathy

Is it passive observing and your non-belief,

That causes you to attack me from the safety of your room

Behind your computer screen,

And is it why in your loneliness and solitude you scream,

Because your life doesn’t mean anything,

Because you don’t stand for something, you fall for everything,

You live a life without any meaning,

You live life without experiencing

What it is to truly live close to the edge,

You’ve never stood there on that ledge

Peering down into the deep abyss,

Truth is all opportunities you always miss,

By sitting in your room judging me and others who do more than just exist,

Get out there and live life

Witness the hardship and the strife,

The poor and the homeless blocking doors

See the dead soldiers coffins returning from some war,

See the usual black lives destroyed a little more

And animals experimented on with no real cause,

See the rich and powerful bending and breaking laws,

It appears with impunity but if we do it, we get beaten to the floor,

And end up in some prison cell

So you’re wondering why we scream and yell,

And why we’re so fucking angry,

But that’s because life passes you by, you’re sanitised against it,

The truth is you don’t understand this,

Because you have never tried to really live,

You’re to afraid to do more than exist

Or accept that you’re your own authority and won’t start to use it

As place to start and grow but instead you run and hide from this,

Your apathetic way you choose to live

Defines the misery of your existence,

But you can still change it

You can still bring sbout a personal, paradigm shift,

You just have to go out and truly experience everything and breathe it in.

Extremes and divides can’t heal the hurt

Extremes and divides can’t heal the hurt

Right wing, left wing

Who gives a fuck,

When people are dying

Which truly sucks,

Innocent black lives

They were doing nothing wrong,

Taken out by cops

The list goes on and on,

But where are the healers?

And the peacemakers?

Not the President

Who’s trying to rack up votes,

By representing one extreme

‘I’ll smash heads if you vote for me’,

Says Antifa are a terrorist theme

But what about the alt right

Middle aged men killing machines,

Both sides can’t conceive of a balanced path

Where we all learn the compassionate art,

Of caring for each other

And understanding,

Learning to be a little less demanding,

Why do black lives matter?

It’s because they’re under greatest threat

This is America’s greatest test,

To finally create an equal society

Where colour does count against you in anything,

Where it doesn’t hold you back

And target you for being searched,

Where being black doesn’t mean you get treated like dirt,

America needs a president that wants to unify,

That wants to strive for equal rights,

That looks to heal and not divide

That stand independent and doesn’t take sides,

So fuck the left wing extremes

As well as the far right,

I am just focused on peoples lives.

A message to those who rule


Fuck all administrations that don’t condemn innocent deaths

Fuck them all that encourage the violence to spread,

By using police and army to silence and oppress

Fuck these leaders who are far right obssessed ,

Fuck you for condemning the left

While allowing white men to walk around with guns and military vests,

Fuck all administrations that promote violence

Fuck your ideals based around glorifying white supremacists,

Fuck administrations that can’t create peace

You will suffer the anger and be made one day to weep,

Fuck your inability to empathise and heal

Believe one day your downfall will be real,

Then hopefully the country you rule will one day feel

The sadness of all innocent lives that have perished,

And understand all lives must be cherished.