The rise must be halted

The rise of the Facistic right That has seen so many Hateful acts of violence, Promoted by the KKK And big corporations And by governments, Funded by the nationalistic Xenophobic rich It must not be allowed to continue, To spread their words of fear and hate, For white supremacy Is a flawed and misjudged fallacy,Continue reading “The rise must be halted”

Time for an end to the heartbreak

So many years are shed To many lives are wasted, To many people die Because of fear and hatred, When are we going to call time on this I for one have had enough of it, Of all the heartbreak and the pain In the name of some man made faith, I don’t want witnessContinue reading “Time for an end to the heartbreak”

Steam punk girl

Steam punk girlWith a taste for bloodInsatiable couldn’t get enoughFine steam punk girlWith a body so hotLong blonde hairAnd pretty faceNever had issues withFinding a manThey wanted herShe was in demandRode them hardThen drank them dryThe steam punk girlWith bloodshot eyesNever repentedAnd never criedSteam punk girlWas blood lust wild.

Difficult issues

Sometimes you have to tackle difficult issues And face them head on, You have to say it how it is For others to understand, It’s not a form or kind of abuse It’s showing how much you care, Trying to get across the message In an attempt to share, Some words that just may helpContinue reading “Difficult issues”

Messed up

Is it mental health issues That lead people to drink and drugs, Or drink and drugs that cause mental health issues, Either way none of this shit should be mixed Drugs and and drink is not a life fix, Addiction, attachment is not positive thing It messes you up and ruins everything you see, It’sContinue reading “Messed up”


Whispering talk About all we sought, Making changes Avoiding dangers, Living life with care I am not sure if I dare, Step out the shadows My comfort zone, I fell most alone When I am at home, I filled chilled to the bone Opportunities have flown, Now everything is unknown I seek new seeds toContinue reading “Lost”

In need of healing

I need some healing I have bad feelings, Something I feels not quite right There’s not one thing, I can put my finger on, I am just feeling wrong Unlike in days when I was young, Back then I felt so strong, I felt vital, I felt good, Now I don’t feel like I should,Continue reading “In need of healing”

Drama, drama

Some people live their life in drama Running off as they do at the mouth, Making comments, talking tough Through a screen on a keyboard, Dealing in gossip and half facts Surely life is more important than that, There’s more important things to do than playing out dramatic histrionic acts.


Why do people blindly believe Without questioning anything, Why do they follow just like sheep As is if walking in their sleep, They follow always obeying They seem to love complying, They buy into the lying, Why I ask it’s death defyingly Unbelievably sad and so naive, And a surrender of the free will That’sContinue reading “Following”

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