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We can be unique yet share unity


My hopes

My dreams

They are unique

To me not you

Use your own mind

To dream and think

Yet we can bond

And share unity

For we’re all equal

For we’re all love

We need to seek

What is enough

And that is the ultimate truth.

I am strong


I am strong

And I am mighty

I am love

So I burn brightly

I have self belief

I back peace over war

I sponsor love over hate

I choosing sharing over greed

I promote kindness

Living compassionately

I am strong

I am mighty

I am love

TV hats why I burn brightly

I am a spirit and I am light

I follow the path

Of goodness and right.



Blinkered people

Live blinkered lives

Buy into domesticated lies

Question them they return hate

Rooted as they are in negatives states

They lack the capicity to love

To be positive or understand enough

Of what truth really truly is

Not being able to free think

But I respect their views and thoughts

They’re only regurgitating what they’ve been taught

Toxic them makes them hard to engage

So my advice is to best stay away.

I gotta gun


I gotta gun

I gotta gun

I am going out to shoot someone

This is in the minds of those who are extreme

It’s right wing, army thing, terrorist thing

They think they can change faith, opinions or peace

At the end of a gun it just beggars belief

I gotta gun

I gotta gun

I am going out to shoot someone

The arms trade gets rich off of death

The ignorance of gun ownership

Well it leaves me breatless

And those who believe it can attain peace

Or convert people’s religion

Are sadly deluded and and are lost beyond all reason

To wrapped up in believing

The propaganda put across by mulitcorporation death machine

That sells their weapons to anyone

And plays its part in all the grief

Suffered by the victims and their families

The arms trade is built on foundations of increasing greed and misery

I gotta gun

I gotta gun

I am going out to shoot someone.

These streets


Streets I walk that I call home

Are the streets I live on from now on

But they’re on the streets I grew up on

Those streets are the ones I call home

Do far away now and probably changed

But my heart goes back to those days

Of playing football snd riding bikes

Climbing trees whenever we liked

Couldn’t misbehave because neighbours would tell

The mums had coffee mornings and got on swell

Mum would believe them before me

So we learnt respect and we were happy

Back on them streets

As kids we knew of tragedies

A good friend died, that wasn’t easy

Two lost a mum and a dad

So long happy summer days could also be sad

But we were resilient and stood by each other

Helped one another when things got tough

And we all got through it in our own ways

And we congregated on the streets to play each day

Now those days are a million miles away

But the se memories will just not fade

And I’ll remember them still when old and grey

And when it’s time to go to my grave

And they’ll keep me happy

Knowing what it was like to live

Many are denied the chance to experience this

So I give gratitude to these streets and the chance to exist.

Big man


I can’t stand men

Who treat women like whores

No more than a guest

And certainly no more

A couple of drinks

Alnd it’s a beating at best

Or maybe even a bit of forced sex

Humiliation is the game

It makes them feel big

If she tries to object

She gets another hit

Act like he’s a real big man

But the truth is if you understand

He has mother issue

That he can’t get over

But do not offer sympathy

For he is not worthy

He lacks self love and discipline

And in his desperation

He takes it out on women

He’s not a bad man

He is a sad man at best

A potential rapist

Or maybe a sex pest

And he fortifies his strength

By pouring alcohol down his neck

He’s not a big man

He just has infrriorities going unchecked

He’s not a real man

He’s a total fucking mess.

How is it working out for you


What do you believe in

Is it something you thought out

Or is it something you we fed and taught

how is it working out for you

Are you aware of what’s going on around you

Or are you repeating the media’s narrative

Are you lost in the HD TV dream

Or do you research life’s reality to find the truth

How is it working out for you

Do see the war machines being mechanised

To fight another war without a cause

Do you see the deforestation to enrich the elite

The same way that they are brexiting Europe

To satisfy the needs of the few

Using xenophobia as a tool to push it through

How is it working out for you

Do you see the poverty and inequality in society

Or are you another victim of the system

Held in place by it’s conscience money

A slave to the workplace scene

Not exactly life sweet dream, wake, work, sleep repeat again

how is it working out for you

Or are you aware that there is more and want it

Are you willing to make changes to break out of it

They look at me when I say this as if I am mad

For wanting more, for wanting better, for wanting to be free

What will you do to make it work for you.