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Down with the dub

I said gimme some dub

And show me some love

Everything is better

With music, woofer and a sub

Banging out tunes

And raising the roof

It’s party time

But it’s only me and you

So we can wind up the grind

And have a good time

Let’s get down on the floor

And blow each others minds

As we get down with it

It’s grime but it’s lit

Crank up the volume

As we share the love

When we dub it

Wind up your body

As we get down with it

Sweat out the love

As we grind with this

Love, music and dance

We as two spirits becoming effervescent

On the floor.

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No follower of trends

I’ve never been a follower of trends

Never been a fashion victim

I’ve always done my own thing

When punk was at its peak I didn’t want to know

It only got interesting after it went from being a fashion show

To being a movement representing proper anarchism

I am a person who avoids schisms

Left wing, right wing too extreme

I tread my own path in between

I dress how I want,

Say what I choose to say

If you are not happy with my actions

The move away

Because I choose to use my own mind

I am existentialism sublime

I work off of original thought

Struggled with school and how they taught

History written by the victors

That seem biased to me

Never just swallowed up everything

I kept to myself and kept questioning

Kept to myself and chose what to believe in

I am not no sheep

I am authentically me

And very happy.

Merry little dance

I walk through life and see the smiles

I see the tears and the fight for survival

I wander on and see the celebrations

The euphoria and vindications

Of living life in a duality state

The ups and downs of chaos and grace

I wander through this life

I see the faces etched in pain and hurt

I see the happiness and joy

Being human can seem a curse

Because nothing is easy

And nothing ever stays the same

One minute things can be going great

The next your in a world of pain

But that’s what being human is

That’s the experience that we choose to live

It’s a duality existence

And it’s futile offering up resistance

Just find balance where you can

And take the time to understand

This life is good as well as bad

Happy as well as sad

So appreciate what’s good

And always show gratitude

That we’ve been given the chance

To live this merry little dance

That we know as existence.

Mirror image

Stop, look in the mirror

See what reflected back at you

Do you see what’s been fabricated

Or do you see the authentic within you

Now ask yourselves some searching questions

And you answer them honestly

Can you look yourself in the eye

And say you’re being the best you can be.

Do you care about the world

And everything that’s happening within it?

Or does your life simply revolve around you?

We need to answers the truths

Take responsibility for all we do

And understand that the reason we’re here is to learn

To become better than we are

To find the love, kindness and compassion in our hearts

To connect this heart and soul

To our consciousness so that we become whole

Not just a fragment of pieces

An ignorant, arrogant, greedy species

But of beings created by the light

Spreading peace and love throughout life

And through manifesting change

We can evolve ourselves in new and better ways

To rise above the greed, the violence and the hate

So that we transcend and we transform

To enable us to connect to higher frequencies once more

That will heal humanity

And create greater harmony

Now when your looking in the mirror

Ask yourself do you believe

That you can play a part?

Or do you think you are nothing?

You are more power than you think

Greater than you believe

So make the changes

And join with me

In manifesting light

In manifesting love

In manifesting peace.

Old fools lament

Do I need to convey this desires

That your presence and being instill within my heart

Whimsically you smile at me

As if you perceive me to be an old fool

And though in age I may be old

I feel my youth still ingrained my marrow

I smile back at your beautiful face

Etched in such amazing grace

And I fall into your deep serene eyes

Dreaming of how we could both reside

In the summer on green verdant hillsides

Entwined in a safe embrace of companionship and love

Sharing secrets, recalling memories

As if engaged in courtship

Though I know age makes it awkward

So I keep my desires deep inside

I have no intention of impinging on your life

But still to remain friends

And to bath in your warmth and in your light

Just listening to your voice I confess fills me with delight

And the way you act around me and the way you let me in

Confessing how you feel to me gives me pleasure in the listening

It’s like we both understand each other

More than any others could

I will not utter mistaken words and have it understood

That all I do for you

Is because my desire for you

Though this may in fact be true

I will not let these feelings intrude

On the friendship we have built

It’s my sin to carry with me within

Much rather I remain a loyal friend at your side

So that my desire does not collide

With your idea of me

Because you may feel our friendship a lie

And in truth it’s so very genuine

It’s just that I cant help but loving

Everything that you are and that you represent

It’s the curse of this old fool

For letting my feelings run to deep for you

But still I cherish I truth

All the moments that I get to spend with you.

Guilty secret

I have a guilty little secret

I habour things discreetly

within my mind so deeply

locked away, kept in a cage

a burning hot fiery rage

that comes from loss

that hurt so much

that burns to the touch

through the loss of love

that I use mindfulness to quell

while hidden with in a shell

of solitude and isolation

until I’ve healed the devastation

so nobody gets to see

how this loss affect me

for it’s a personal dealing of grief

that leaves me crying myself to sleep

in the darkening midnight hours

might guilty little secret cowers

within the shadows of my psyche.

Via: Daily Prompt: Guilty

The potential of your life

In a quantum existence

We can sense the difference

Of what it is and means

To truly live

In a universe created

Within our own minds

We can heal all of our hurts

And achieve all of our potential

By controlling the fundamental

Aspects of our conscious minds

Just stop denying that it’s not all on you

Stop lying to yourself

You’re responsible for all you do

And when you awaken and see this is true

You’ll realise that you’ve been fooling you

And worrying and stressing about all the wrong things

Forgotten to laugh

And forgotten to sing

In an existence that’s eternal

We need honesty

To survive and build up our own

Spiritual dynasty among the stars

Where as energy we know just who we are

And no longer searching

Desperate to find

All the answers that you know

Are buried deep in your mind

So live your life

And live it right

And resonate your light

Before your time ends and you fly

Back to the stars.

A love revival

It’s sequel to a revival

Of our love lived in full view,

People on the outside

With their prying eyes

Spreading vicious lies

Seek to damage us

Time after time

Are they jealous?

Because we discovered

Something real good

Or is this just their way?

Maybe we’re misunderstood

Maybe they don’t grasp

Our frequency or vibe

Maybe they are lost

In their own troubles

That beset their minds

But I will bestow on you

All the light that I can

I will inject you

With all the love you can stand

Because although the prequel

Of our previous love

Was not worthy in truth

I thing we’ve learnt a lot

And that we’ve significantly changed

And so I see no reason

Why this love can’t bloom

I see no reason

Why their should be no me and you

It’s a reconstruction

Built from a previous destruction

But on better foundations

A great need

We’ve learnt to bleed

And now we’ve healed

So I am confident we can succeed

At bringing this love back home

I believe that we can set it in stone

And weather future hard times

And the challenges we find

Because this time

Our love has be designed

And so not as recklessly defined.

A life imprudent

Forgive me if I seem imprudent

I am not trying to be impudent

And I am not trying to be impertinent,

I am just trying find some contentment

While trying to avoid any resentment,

Caused by seeming aloof and unpredictable

I find life more exciting and irresistible,

When caught in moments of time divisible

I have no desire to be at all miserable

And every single present second is incontrovertible

And all I see is clearly discernable

In a world that is cold but is reversible

Existence without you would be untenable

Leaving me to being susceptible

With a motivation barely detectable

I am a person who can seem invisible

In a life that very rarely seems to ever care at all.