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I wish I were an alien


I wish at times I were an alien

Not one of those twisted, fucked up homosapiens,

Of which some are still knuckle draggers

Real neanderthal stupid tea baggers,

I wish I were able just to leave here

Take off and go back into space,

And reconnect with my family

Their a part of the intergalactic race,

Travelling light years not lost in the fears

That humanity just loves to embrace,

Free and adventurous on journey of discovery

Not part of a mankind that hates colour, faith and creed,

And bases it’s advancement on war,billing and greed,

And thinks if you’re surrounded by glossy material things

Then man you really have achieved,

This kind of stunted thinking, we’ll it don’t impress me

I’d rather be roaming the galaxy,

Travelling to world’s previously unknown,

Studying what we find and learning do we can grow,

Just imagine if humans could do this,

They’d kill every fucking thing they find

So that they’re all that exists,

And you wonder why I’d rather be an alien than this,

It’s because I wish to evolve and not find a way that I can self destruct and become extinct.

Poetry rap


Here’s my little poetry rap,

Feel the rhythm and its massive attack,

I spit the words and rocks crack,

These are the foundations that keep me on track,

I love everybody be they white or black.

When I build up momentum

Then I can’t be stopped,

In the next moment

You hear the mic drop,

All of a sudden it goes pop-puh pop,pop

And I hear the sound as the door locks,

I see the hands spin

On the time clock,

Then banging on the door

As opportunity knocks,

Let’s go and have big fun

Round my neighbourhood block,

Try as you may I won’t be mocked

Because this is the house that Faux rocked.

(Thought I’d have a bit of fun with this 🤪😁🙏Faux)

Glass ceiling


They say always stay aspirational

Never look down always look up,

But all I see a glass ceiling

Made of reinforced glass construct,

They say stay positive while you’re being held down

Scaping up the scraps from the rich tables

As they trickle down to the ground,

It’s always those not in poverty

That see the chances we don’t see,

Because they have the luxury of a life more easy,

Whereas we have the struggle of striving to survive

We do what we can but when do we get the time?

Usually we’re too exhausted in body and mind

From the daily servile grind,

That we need to partake in, to pay the bills

Our life is so basic, there’s no fucking frills,

Slaving in the workhouse and the dark satanic mills,

Run by the rich who exploit us still,

I got the inspiration and I got the will,

But to be honest, of this life and society I’ve had my fill.

Light in dark places


You’re the light in the dark

A luminescent spark,

Your soul shines

Your warmth finds

A way to my heart,

You bring happiness and love

As below, so above

We grow and we blossom

When we feed off the essence,

Of goodness and right,

Which is more than enough.

Understanding a complex issue


Live and let live is what I say

You can be who you want to be everyday,

But does that mean putting yourself on display

And if you do, why are you so surprised,

When people notice you, which surely is the point

And if they see how you display yourself and choose to disagree,

Why unleash upon them, your anger and fury

For having a set of different ideals and beliefs,

After all tolerance works both ways.

I am what I choose to be but don’t need to say to all

Oh, look at me, please I insist approve of me,

And don’t dare careless or say something I don’t like

We’re all entitled to safe spaces,

Trans men can’t expect to decide one day to be this way

Then the next day to choose to invade,

What has always been a female place

We get you feel like a woman,

But they don’t know if it’s a strategy you’re using

To enter an area designed for women,

It takes longer to prove your change is genuine

For to long women have been the victim of men,

And their abusive, cunning, predatory ways

And if you are truly of female you’ll understand the things I say,

And stop attacking women who say the same

Trans must respect safe spaces,

And not expect to enter all these places.

Pressure baring down


Days can be so hard some day’s

Like when you wake up from a fitful sleep,

Worrying what the new day will bring

With all the weight of expectation,

The pressures of work and at home

Leaves us struggling and can make us feel alone,

Sometimes you can feel like you’re drowning

Suffocating and struggling to catch a breath,

It’s a case of going into a dark room

And lock yourself away from life and impending doom,

Of course it’s not really that bad

But when you find yourself in the eye of the storm,

It can absolutely feel this way

Pressures from every angle everyday,

Baring down on you and it just won’t go away.

Don’t just observe


I came to simply observe

But I got caught up in the moment,

As the passions started rising

And the chants and songs rang out,

How could I stand by and passively observe

The thought of that and the notion,

Of that to me is so absurd

So I weighed into the crowd and made my voice heard,

And as a few then tried to trigger violence

I said that’s the police’s answer not ours,

Do not rise to the bait just stand strong and curse

Use the power of your numbers,

And sing we will not be moved

The power of force is used mostly, by the boys in blue,

Don’t give them any reason, to bust protesters heads

Do not rise to the hate and violence that you’ve been fed,

Just stand strong and stand in unity

Muslim, Christian, black and white,

Don’t you see it’s the governments plan

To divide us, then cause us to fight,

To the rich and privileged we are all simply, just fucking scum

This is why we must come together and stand up for our rights,

I saw within the crowd a multitude of colours and faiths,

And I realised the rich, powerful and privileged

Just maybe losing their sway,

But there’s many more that won’t see this

Because they’re blinded by greed and hate,

And to wrapped up in the xenophobic idea of the nation state,

But when the protest finished and no fight broke out

The media lost interest and left those reports out,

Because we live within a system that divides and controls

For its own self serving ends and to help their own privilege grow,

So don’t you be an observer, go into the heart of it

And help to promote change,

To bring about a better world in which we wish to live.



She woke to find herself on the floor of a cabin,

The cabin was bare dark and damp

She felt queasy and uneasy as if waking from being drugged,

She was wearing boots, tight leather shorts and a vest

Her hair was wet from the moisture,

Short yet messy and she felt aches and bruises all over

Just then the door opened and bright neon light shine in,

She saw what appeared to be a number of figures

They spoke loudly and laughed,

It was all muffled in her head like her vision

The door shut leaving two figures alone in the room with her,

One picked her up under the arm pits

The other walked very close to her,

A tanned yes ruggedly featured man with a beard

He was built like an ox with tattoos,

Suddenly the hands that picked her up now reached round

The hands fondling and squeezing her breasts were female,

The rugged man undid her shorts and thrust his hands in them

Both were rough with her, both said they intended to have her,

She looked so frail and vunerable

But she had an athletically toned body,

And as the female behind kissed and bit on her neck

The man continued to use his hand to make her wet,

And as he said ‘that’s my girl just give us what we want’

She grimaced and closed her eyes,

Then in a moment there was a flash of light across her mind,

A surge of pleasure and ecstacy

Then she heard the rugged man and his female accomplice moan loudly in pleasure,

And then she heard them scream in pain,

As her own climax rocked her entirety

When she opened her eyes both of her assailants were on the floor eviscerated,

She had absorbed their energy and essence

And fed on both of them as they reached their peak

She now felt rejuvenated and full of health and vitality,

She scanned the two bodies again and smiled

Walked to the door and knocked on it,

It opened and the rest of the crew of the space ship stood waiting

As if they all intended to take turns,

Now she no longer looked weak or vunerable

Now she looked like a powerful warrior,

And smiled a craven smile, ‘so who’s next’ she said

‘I ache and yearn for more’,

The crew looked scared for good reason

They all tried to run and hide but she tracked them all down one by one,

And used her passion and lust to drain each and everyone of them

She then sent out an SOS to other ships

Drugged herself and then laid among the crew, as if a survivor,

A new ship docked, took her on board

They shared the same thoughts as the last crew,

She would enjoy draining them too.

Image courtesy of Pinterest from ultraviolet.

Under the willow tree


I sit here under the canopy

Of my verdant willow tree,

So I sit here and I dream

Of all the nature surrounding me,

Beautiful is the scenery

And it means the world to me,

Blissful state is where I am

This is my spiritual plan,

I know and I understand

Creation and all its wonders,

This is amazing and awesome

Breathing in nature until it fills my lungs,

Then I feel it flowing through me

Invigorating every ounce of my belief,

In the universal scheme of things

It’s so wonderfully enriching,

And under the verdant willow tree under which I am sitting,

Every aspect of spirit, nature, cosmic life is existing,

In every aspect and every form

Of my consciously aware being,

I feel it liberating and freeing.

Brutal bloodline


He was the son of a powerful man

Who ruled  the land with an iron hand,

And his son found this hard to understand

Why did he choose fear as a tool to rule,

He saw his father’s way as the way of fools

One day he thought when itsy turn to rule,

I’ll treat my people well and educate them all

I will gain their alligence through live and compassion,

Teach them tolerance and understanding

We’ll make peace with all their neighbours ,

And we’ll strike up trade deal

That benefit everybody equally,

So there will be no need to steal

In a society where everyone cares,

He told this to all his subjects out there,

And they could not wait until he ascended to the throne

Then one night in his chambers while sleeping alone,

He was taken by a sharp flashing blade

His bed now fully blood stained,

As his father stood watching from the doorway

He hung his head in guilt and in shame,

For he could not let his son rule this way,

Fear and terror was all his father knew

And he knew this day would come

As he saw the way that he grew,

Just like his mother who had also been slain

The blood again on his father’s hand along with the shame,

By that self same sharp flashing blade.

And he told his subjects his son had died peacefully in the night

Struck down by an illness or maybe some kind of blight,

And the hope and the dreams in his subjects eyes

Began slowly to fade, until there was no light.

This is what happens in the end,

When dreamers and lovers are seen as a threat,

In the brutal military style mind,

There is no room for being kind

So he used fear and terror because he was blind

To everything outside his tiny little mind,

That sees how fighting and killing buys him more time

In the reign of his brutal bloodline,

Where millions had been killed through wars designed

To keep all populations in check,

This man who killed his own son  who he perceived as a threat

So had him killed while asleep in his bed,

In a realm where nobody lived happily ever after in the end.