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Lost in dreams

We lose our selves in dreams

And often miss the realities

That when we espy nature

Can be greater in its own beauty

We miss the amazing kindness

That many often carry out

We miss out on the love that’s shared

From those we most care about

There is nothing wrong with dreaming

But stay consciously aware

Because in reality you will see

True awesome miracles out there

In the harsh and bitter world

Yet underneath its core

There are many things you’ll find

That we all need to be fighting for.

Seekers of self and love

How much time do you devote to searching within for you

As opposed to searching for love and vindication of you in truth

From strangers who don’t even know you

But then in truth ask if you are a stranger as well to yourself

It’s really no suprise you don’t find what you seek

Find thd real you and love yourself

And you will realise to care less about everybody else

And what they think about you.


In my coffee shop

The Barrista knows my drink

A Hazelnut latte I’ve no need to think

We pass the time with small talk

As I wait to pay

He then brings it over in his polite smiling way

And I appreciate the service

And I appreciate the smile

People say its part of his job

Well maybe that is true

Or maybe he is just a nice guy

All I know is it helps improve my coffee time

All I know is its nice to see someone smile once in a while

In a world of so much stress

He goes that extra mile

And I always thank him

And give gratitude to him

For some people I am sure it makes life

A little worthwhile living.

Rise up humanity against brutal men

Humanity should be beautified

Instead humanity is brutalised

Don’t give yourself to the service of these men

These uncaring, unsharing people in government

Who will sell their souls to fill their own pockets

Destroy other countries cities with their rockets

You are better than this, you know we are one race

In adversity we should stare it in the face

Refuse to back down and refuse to allow

Humanity to be harmed and treated like this

There is still slavery and human trafficking

These are things that should not be happening

But there is big money, and people behind it

So it’s likely law enforcement and the judiciary know it

There are fake wars fought under false flags

Meanwhile its victims lay dead in their rags

Babies body es left dead on the street

Now resembling pieces of dead meat

Why yoh following these Savage brutal men

Why are you even voting for them

Humanity deserves better as does this earth

We need men and wormen of worth

To guide us to a place whee re we can transcend and evolve

Where hate violence and needless warmongering can be solved

Through the power of forgiveness, peace and love

Your buying us with money is now not enough

Materialism don’t cut no more

Living with greed in fear is not appealing anymore

People now prefer to make a change

Against tour brutal, greedy and xenophobic ways

So don’t let life make you bitter so you don’t back these brutal men

Forget about making enemies

It’s time to make friends

No matter what they tell us to believe

While they sit in the ivory towers and seethe

We can break out of this negative society

And discover the real truth of being happy

And accepting all men and women are all part of our family

One race one love and a kinder more evolved, progressive humanity

All working towards one visionary goal

To get to a point where climate change is solved

And that war, hate and violence are virtues of ancient men of old

Who will figure not once in stories told

To future generations for we don’t need to remember that shame

Unlike the positive life that we can achieve in a future age.

Succumbing to your love

Gripped by the passion in you

And all the love that exudes

As well as the things that you do

These feelings and emotions I grew

All and entirely for you

Drawn in like a magnet in truth

That inspires me to always and forever love you

In a way that I never before knew

My resistance simply up flew

And you were there right on cue

And I gave my self because it was due

So incumbently I surrendered to something new

I absorbed myself in your different hues

I am so attached and devoted to your love story

That I am enjoying living with you.

St. Patrick’s day, the Celtic Craic

Jump up, jump up and get down

Never nay never to the Wild Rover,

We are all here for the Craic

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day,

For the Irish are hearty

And they all laugh as they party,

No one has ever drunk better than them

They are Celtic they are proud

And they love living loud

And each one’s kissed the Blarney Stone

Weith their good luck four leaf clover they are reafy to go,

Then play and strike up the wild rover

As they sing and dance the night away

For they live for the Craic

And what’s better than that,

When it leaves you with a a song in your heart

And an everlasting smile on your face

All I can say to them is have a great St Patrick’s day

You breed of hearty and boisterous women and men

Play away to hour hearts content

In the mouth of the Galway Bay.

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Not spiritual you hypocrite

I hear hate speech uttered by religious types

It goes on all the time on all the sides

Whatever you believe about violence and death

Know that no God condones this

And I hope when you take you final breath

Your life review will reflect it

And you would have failed at living a good life

Because your violence and ignorance just isn’t right

So stop pretending to live a spiritual life.

Worlds apart

You were a world away from me but did you know it

I was invisible to you while you shone light on other people

I felt so neglected and so lost but didn’t show it

For I knew you were happy living your way

It’s just a shame you left me to fade into the grey

Along with our love that won’t be rekindled again

But I hope that you are happy anyway

As I close the door and whispering what it is I need to say

Farewell I’ll see you in another life someday

Because we now have different roles to play

And as I stare into the sunset I walk away.

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