Come with me On flights of fantasy, Sail a ship across the sea, Navigate to lands far away Distant dreams of journeying, To places hitherto unseen Unknown realms beyond belief, This is where you’ll find me Journeying consciously, To places of my hopes and dreams Way beyond others imaginings, Interstellar, astral travel This is howContinue reading “Journeying”

She sought demons

She was pretty and slender Dressed in tight leather pants, Beautiful flowing hair And a top that was scant, She entered the house she heard had evil demons This is something she did truly believe in, Walking through the house, up and downstairs She felt chills but she was not scared, When down in theContinue reading “She sought demons”

Beyond the lies

Beyond the lies And deceiving eyes, There’s something more disturbing Unknown men and women, Hiding in the shadows The darkness hides them from our view, So they can do what they need to do To increase the control, the power and wealth, Over the likes of me and you.

No room for me

You were thinking of yourself You were not thinking of me, You made me cry and my heart bleed, You were only after self gratification Self satisfaction and to be self ingratiating, You didn’t care for me, you just kept on hating On me stealing your limelight , We were supposed to be as oneContinue reading “No room for me”

The self

Self, self, self It’s all about fucking self, How we can find happiness In material wealth, Glossy fucking items That no one fucking needs, Sold to us through our doctorial Plasma television screens, Being told by those who lead Just hat we should dream, That keeps the cogs turning on their capitalistic machine They callContinue reading “The self”

Testing times

We live in times that are so testing So we need to start believe and start investing, In ourselves more than ever before Because as with any tough times opportunities call, And a chance comes to assess your life And you can decide to change it all, You can re-evaluate how things are today AndContinue reading “Testing times”

Think of the damage you can do

Think before you speak or act About how we can effect others, How we can devastate and destroy Somebody’s worth, dignity and sense of being, Think of all the damage that you can cause By the slightest hurtful word or act, And understand that when you that You cannot always take it back, Something’s, sometimesContinue reading “Think of the damage you can do”

A little bit of love

We often lose sight at times About how the power of the slightest show of love, Can really lift and rise somebody up, And make them feel more self – worth and greater self- esteem, It can inspire them to better things and higher sense of frequencies, We can touch someone so easily, with aContinue reading “A little bit of love”

Spiritual thesis part 4

DOMESTICATION So what is domestication? It is the trait that  resides in most of us that causes us to act without questioning or thinking. It is also a trait where by we accept all judgements of ourselves passively believing those judgements to be valid because they are put upon us by those who we lookContinue reading “Spiritual thesis part 4”

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