We bleed and we suffer We die at the hands of torture, we scream and we cry out But nobody hears us, We are the victims of WAR! We lay buried under cold ground There is now a single sound, A preternatural fog drifting all around, Not even the birds can find songs to singContinue reading “WAR!”

Fantastic journey

Down through the rabbit hole Into a new paradigm, Winding through rainbow colours As if in the tales of the silmarillion, Through middle earth and out again From Heaven to Hades we fly end to end, Flashing stars, and supanova’s creating cosmic lightning, I hear crescendo’s and symphonies hitting out a beat I feel likeContinue reading “Fantastic journey”

Night sky

The night sky over A blue reflecting lake, From a bright harvest moon Leaving bird calls, in its wake, It’s getting now a little late But the trees they bristle, And gently sway Under this night sky, That is lit by stars, Reminding us, of who we are We are part of, nature too, AndContinue reading “Night sky”


We can be giants Striding imperiously, Through this life of so little joy We have to teach people to believe, We can be giants Striding across this earth Healing people who are hurt Teaching them about their self worth We can be giants Standing strong like monolith We can help people dream And help byContinue reading “Giants”

A woman’s worth

To be seen to live a good life Women are taught to be a good wife, Honouring the needs and the wants of men Told to support and be subjugated to their husband, A cook in the kitchen a perfect mother to the kids A whore in the bedroom for her man’s kicks, Be aContinue reading “A woman’s worth”

Watch what you’re manifesting

The light only shines When you ask for it, You’ll only be consumed by the dark When you beckon it, Your conscious mind it gives you What you are manifesting, You want light You get light, You want dark You’ll get dark, Which is why all manifesting must be positive, We get the life weContinue reading “Watch what you’re manifesting”

Things change

Things change constantly Everyday we may see, Alterations in life and society, Just when you think you found your level Just when you think you’ve found your balance, The ground shakes beneath your feet Leaving you stumbling and losing your footing, But those who can roll with this They’re the ones who will continue toContinue reading “Things change”

What do you want

What do you want What do you seek How is your energy Are you strong of mind Making the most of time Looking for opportunities Seeking out out your dreams Giving your life real meaning Or are you lacking all this Are you negative in mind Are you simply doing nothing Are you just wastingContinue reading “What do you want”

Aging well

Age and how we look on it Is a dependent on life, And how we’ve decided to exist Stress doesn’t do us any good, Nor does, drink, drug and smoked Age is good to us when we are good in health, It’s not something that comes with wealth Unless you decide on plastic help, WhichContinue reading “Aging well”


Firestarter, she screams the odds Makes trouble and her tempers lost Twists facts around to suit her needs Meanwhile she continues to scream And it effects everyone else in such a negative way Drama and arguing is just her way It’s difficult to be around a person like this Meanwhile on and on she screamsContinue reading “Firestarter”

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