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Arctic pollution

Arctic pollution

They said it could not happen but it had

A catastrophic oil spill in the Arctic lands,

A spillage caused by the secretive Russians,

An ecological disaster near Norilisk

Putting Arctic marine life at peril and at risk,

They’ve turned the sea red with their dirty pollution

Don’t let anybody cast doubt or throw you into confusion,

The Arctic must be protected from all and every government

For the the Arctic must be our untouchable final bastion,

Of what untouched nature is really like, so pure and clean,

This must be the testament, to creation,

And this catastrophe views as something so obscene.

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We share the same existence


We are here sharing the same world

And the same existence haven’t you heard?

So why do people hate and why are they violent

Why try to force others into silence

Why do some people feel the colour of somebody’s skin?

Makes them less, it’s so dehumanising

Why do dome people hate those of different faiths?

What do they lack that makes them irate?

This ignorant behaviour and intolerance

Is what’s causing so much division at a time

When we should all start to realise

That we are all on the same side

That we are all part of one race

And that it’s all good to practice your own faith

And that we’re all here to learn and experience

What it is to be human

And what it is to humane

And to develop our love and compassion

To discover that kindness should not be rationed

After all we are all here for the same reason

To live a full life and be happy

So why not give it a try?

And leave your hatred and bigotry aside

At least for s while.

By your side


To those who are oppressed

You’ll never stand alone,

For I’ll always be there

Fighting by your side,

Fighting for your liberties

Fighting for your rights,

Using everything that I know

Without the use of guns,

Without the need for violence

That’s their answers not yours,

You are above those brutal acts

I am with you in unity and that’s a fact,

As individuals we may strength lack

But combined with more we can hit back,

So that we can ensure our voices are heard

For the power of the people can’t be overcome when stirred.

Unelected rule

Unelected rule

There’s a menace in power

And everyone’s ignoring it,

Nobody is deploring it

The menace is centralising power,

To generate greater strength

To manage and control everything at any lengths,

This unelected entity that now thinks he is everything

An insignificant little man is welding to much power,

Like a modern Rasputin he is leading from the shadows

Using his puppet to front this government,

And this is not acceptable

And this is not democracy,

But what will it take to stop this man

Where is the anger and outrage,

We need to make a stand,

And bring this travesty to an end

We must not be ruled over by unelected men.

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Strong women


Strong powerful women know what they want

These strong powerful women know what they need,

There is no controlling on dominating them

And these women intimidate men

And most men fail to understand them,

These women who are strong do things on their own terms

These are the type of women of which I yearn,

The love I have for them it burns

And of their power being equal I have no concerns,

Because equality in love I have learned,

Is the best kind of love without a doubt

Because is this what life’s about,

No soul is greater or lesser in the end

No matter how much you try to pretend,

And this is the message that strong woman send.

It’s been a long, long time


It’s been a long, long time

And my heart is breaking,

So please give me a sign

Is there hope still yet to come,

Or are we truly finally done?

It’s been a long, long time

And no not everything is fine,

I need some love to get me through

I need you and that’s the truth,

I need to feel your embrace

I need to see your beautiful face,

It’s been a long, long time

And you’re never out of my mind,

If we try again I know this can work

We can heal from all the hurt,

We can get back to where we used to be,

Me loving you and you loving me,

Though it’s been a long long time

Together we can make it right,

Together life will be shining bright.

My mind is dark


Sometimes we find ourselves

Swimming in a sea of despair

Sometimes we wonder if anybody cares

Is it me or am I right?

My mental state of health is suffering from a blight

And I can’t see the truth

And I can’t feel the love

Even though I know it is always there

I just feel pain, am I going insane

What the hell is wrong with my brain

My life is not so hard and it’s not so bad

So why is it I feel this way

I need the love and the embrace

If someone close who hears what I say

I need to feel, that I appeal

But alone I feel so afraid

I just feel pain, am I going insane

I feel like I can’t survive this life

But I know that I must hold on tight

And try to find a path to the light

Which I know is within my own mind

And I search in vain, running out of time

And I am just look for some signs.

Elevated state


Wistful thoughts and dreams

Sweep delightfully across my mind,

I live in my own consciousness

Deep within my own still mind,

There I find my inner peace

And there I find my unconditional love,

I seek to cherish all that’s existing

And I cannot get enough,

Of dwelling in the state of being

That within my own mind I’ve created,

In this conscious manifestation

There exists no war, violence or hatred,

I am aware alert and my heart is open

As I embrace kindness in everyway,

In this perfect moment

I am in my perfect conscious elevated state.

We are all different and that’s good


Why is society so fractured

Why is it so broken,

It’s riddled with division

And intolerance and wrong,

Why does it even matter

Whether someone is black or white,

If they are Muslim or Christian

We don’t have to see this as a reason to fight,

And so what if they are straight gay or trans

Or if they are female or male,

We are all still human but unique on different scales,

But that difference does not make us less as human beings,

It does not make us deserving of less rights

It does not make us shine any less bright,

These divisions and intolerances

Are instilled within the ignorance on our minds,

And we have to learn to transcend them,

And start humanely manifesting

And learning to embrace the differences,

That can make humanity so great,

And leave toxic, fear and hostility well behind within our wake.

I don’t need your approval


Do you really think I care how you view me

I don’t require of you to be approving,

I know how you perceive me is not truly

A reflection of me in reality,

It’s just the hate in them and their benality

That exudes from the toxicity of their venom,

That’s built up within them over time

Their bitterness and spite is a sign,

I am comfortable with who I am and that’s just fine

I am me by my own authentic creative design,

Which is when I show out I make sure I shine.