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Whistleblowers are hero’s one and all

How can whistle blowing be a crime

When the whistle blower is exposing a crime

Governments are not above the law

Every human being is subject to laws

And these are the ones that you created

And we will never be placated

Whistle blowers are hero’s who don’t wear capes

Whistle blowers time and time again

Get sent to prison while the crimals roam free

Do you think this is justice?

Well I don’t think it is

So we should all make a stand

And stand firmly

As one voice of right and integrity

The truth is something that should set us all free

No get us locked up depriving us of our liberty.

Healthy minds and bodies

I know now I am older

Your body is your temple

And as I ache and feel the pains of age

I understand these words of value,

Yet I also understand that your mind

Is a crucial part of keeping healthy too

The balance between working out

And reading books and thinking

Is a crucial value too,

Healthy minds and healthy bodies

This is something of great vitue

I used to have the balance right

I was fit I was ripped and read and studied everything

But now my fitness has wained and my body the same

But my mind is still up to it

But my motivation has declined with age

So I struggle to do something about it,

Don’t make the same mistake

Keep that balance all the time

Don’t become obsessive over either body or mind

But allow the time to keep both of them in line

Then when you’re older you’ll be of sound body and mind

And will resonte to everyone that you are so super fine.

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Inflammable minds

Inflammable minds

Blaze with a fiery passion

Burn white hot and incandescent

Inflammable is our nature

And as we burn so does earth

Inflammable are our leaders

Who ensure countries

And their cities burn

Along with the innocent

Their bodies lined up

Stacked in piles

Or buried in mass graves

Yet the irony of all this

Is that one day solar flares

Will one day touch our planet

And mankind will then burn

The truth is behind inflammable minds

Is while they with passion burn

They never get to understand

And they never seem to learn.

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Great leaders

Great visionaries

Great leaders

They unite

They don’t divide

Hatred and violence

They never incite

And they are not fools

They are wise

Great visionaries

Great leaders

They don’t seek wars

They seek peace

They support the poor

They support the weak

Building equality

Into the society

Within which we all live

Great visionaries

Great leaders

Where are they today?

Bad leaders

Great visionaries
Geeat leaders
Should look after their people
Not just bleed them
While they profit
At their expense
Don’t even hive them health care
Great visionaries
Great leaders share
Not just with the 1%
But with them all
Great visionaries
Great leaders
Don’t build walls
Those that have in the past
Saw their empires fall
And it won’t be very long
Before bad leaders
Ard no longer leaders at all.

Time cascading

The clock ticks time away

Chiming day after day

Time slips and slowly fades

Merging, melting, flowing

It constantly cascades

In a universal starlit display

Time is something we create

Times is something wd can change

To fit our day to day.

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Pathology of life

The pathology of life

On how our hearts are broken

And what causes the pain

When another love ends again

Is a subject that is not easy

The hurt does not release you and me

But in the end, will will love again

Because we all need that feeling

Yes we know that love can hurt

We know our hearts can break

But if we really want too

We can heal it once again

The suffering is self inflicted

And life can’t be predicted

We are here for a short time

So make sure you illicit

The very best from love you can.

Places in between

There’s a space that’s in between

A place we both have been

A place so hurt within our minds

Where many tears we have cried

There is another space in between

Where we found love does reside

And in that place we both dwell

And combined we heal ourselves

And each other, from the places that we fell

This is what made our love as strong as it is

Finding the right places in between.

All his dreams were her

Her smile was so appealing

Her short tight skirt

And nylon panty hose

Were to him so revealing

Her top that clinged to her so snug

Caught him in a place of love and lust

Her dark silken shining hair

Her nature that he knew meant she cared

Her laugh so contagious

Her body so slim with ample bust

And the sweetest butt he thought so outrageous

He could never take his eyes off her

And when she brushed close he swore he heard her purr

He knew she felt his hand touch

But seemed to like it ever so much

But for him this was not enough.

He wanted more but she was off limits

Married to his friend who he saw grinning

He knew he had a thing for her

But he didn’t seem disturbed

By the way his wife would flirt

In fact it seemed he really liked it

And he asked one day his friend, her husband if he would allow this

To go further and her agreed

So next time she brushed passed him

He slipped his hands around her waist

Turned her around and saw her smiling face

He said its time for us to get this done

Have some very naughty fun

And she laughed asked why it too so long

She had been waiting as to her husband

It blew his mind but he wanted her so much

And now he could not believe his luck

His dream his desires would now come true

He said to her I am going to make sweet love to you

What followed next is a different sensual story

As they made passionate love in pall its glory

He thought see dreams can come true

If you want it enough and see it through.

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