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Fantasy realm


Deep in a glade far away
Beyond our realm
We found our way
Through dimensional voids
That we discovered
Taking us to a place of bliss
For fantasy lovers
Where elves dance with imps
Where elohims creatures are mischevious
And unicorns prance
Where mermaids are lescivious
And beyond dales of blue heathers
I see mauve lavanders
Beyond the golden trees
And the yellow bushes
Hearty songs are sung
And symphonies abound
While they all dance around
Embracing nature so profound
Under three orange moons
Shining opalescent in the night sky
I bathe under its shrine divine
I the wizard now orchestrating
This dance party facilitating
Every fantasy creature here
Playing melodies you’d never here
Outside of these fantasy realms
In which I will now and forever dwell.

Vistas and views


A plethora of stars sparkle

Across a wide expanse

From this promenade of dreams

My soul and spirit feels so blessed

This vista is so panoramic

It expands our vision far and wide

I watch the wonders of our times

Creating pictures of what we dream

Balanced in love and light divine.

Light it up


A city of lights bedazzled me

In truth I speak with lanquid ease

Upon a beautiful sight that amazes me

Irridescent lights Illuminating all I see

Disquising the grey concrete that so hideously

Dominates all of this city

During daylight hours but that in shadow fades

I am the lover of Luminescence and light

It fill my heart with the same delight

As the shining stars up in the ebony night sky

A panoramic vista to which many are blind

I feel sorrow and mourn for their loss of this sight

This beauty for them has been denied

But for me it manifests in my minds eye

In every single joyful tear I cry

Oh, beautiful light you’re everything to me

Light my way so that I may gleam

A future of glory and of fulfilled dreams.

Racism is a disease


There’s a racist in the Whitehouse

What you gonna do

Take action or sit back in which case your integrity you lose

There’s a racist in the Whitehouse

Will you now finally impeach

Because his democratic oath he had breached

To protect American citizens each and everyone

He dividing people within his nation

Spreading words of hate and a feeling of fear

Destroying sensibilities we all should hold dear

Like love and respect for our fellow human beings

There’s a racist in the Whitehouse and the US he’s ruining

Rather than making it great again

He is covering it in shame

The US is a country made up largely of immigrants

Once upon a time his family when settling there were no different

Even his wife is one and there’s nothing wrong with that

It seems that’s OK as long as you are not black

There’s a racist in the Whitehouse

Promoting white supremacy

And nothing that this man says should ever be believed.

Be the hero of your own story


I won’t bow down and shrink

I will stand strong as if giantish

I will manifest power

I will not resonte fear

I am more than I appear

Cover your eyes in shame you fool

Thought you could use me as your tool

Thought I would cower and submit to your rule

In life you’ve learnt a lesson

You’ve just been schooled

By someone conscious and awake

Those chains you put me in

I decided to break

Freedom is about freedom from fear and hate

Life is something we create each day

So make it an epic, legendary story

Where you are the hero covering yourself in magnificent glory.

Shhh your fear is palpable

Shhh your fear is palpable

Shhh, can you hear the footsteps

Can you feel the fear

As the hair stands up on the back of your neck.

Shhh can you feel yourself tremble

Can you feel the cold chill

As you see movements in the shadow

How does it feel this trepidation

Instilled by others

It’s not actually real

But in fear you put your trust in others

In fear you surrender and submit your life

For others to control

Because you brought their lies

And now live a suspicious fearful life

One that is invariably discriminatory.

Impeccable lifestying


Impeccable words raise us up

Impeccable actions teach us much

Still, mindful, clear mind sees clear

So much more than a mind of fear

An inner self rooted in love and peace

Find so much happiness amd less grief

We find our equilibrium balanced between need and greed

If impeccable living is the life on which we feed

We will find by escalating degrees

A calmer state where each day we breathe

A whole lot less stress and worry

And a greater acceptance of self belief

And the uniting of souls who share the same love as you and me.