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Rappers rhyme about pussy and bitches

And for this they get fame and riches

These misogynistic so called artisans of words

Treating women in a way that is absurd

Being disrespectful but it don’t demean women

Is getting laid the only way they’re capable of thinking

I bust it down with controlled vexation

For putting out negative raps of abhorration

It’s just not right and it ain’t to bright

They need to put a positive message on a high

Show some respect, rap about women at their best

Show themselves capable of doing better yet

Admiration for the feminine sex is understandable

The fairer sex is very desirable

But they don’t need to call them hoe’s

That’s such an ignorant thing

To put out there in the form of words they they choose to rap or sing.

Moving on expeditiously


I need to move expeditiously

From this state of downcast angst

Towards a continuing struggle and fight

For the protection of our environment

And the nurturing of nature against the dark forces

The control and move forward

The corporate machine that rolls on with relentless monotony

Slashing and burning everything that it sees

Trees and nature’s wonders and even human beings

And meanwhile the numbers of mankind keep increasing

Breeding goes unchecked and so we overpopulate

Sprawling across the habitats of animals for whom this land was home

And meanwhile plastics fill rivers and seas

Pollution inhabits the air we breathe and food in which we eat

This is where the struggle lies for me in the future

Of protecting this world environmentally

And hand over to my grandchildren and their children

In a state ths is more clean and green as well as definitely more healthy

Through the use of tenewaren energird.

Monsters among men


There are monsters among men

With dark hearts and dark minds

They plan their dirty games

In the shadows of the hallways

In their labyrinth of power

Taking that which we know is ours

And they distract with illusions

And they trick is with their lies

These monsters are solely self seeking

To us and any empathy they’re blind

They rxpolout they do not nurture

Destruction, violence and war is their game

Money is at the root of them

And greed is their God and they work in its name

There are monsters among men

And they have dark hearts and dark minds

But the most destinquishing fact of all

Is these monsters have no compassion and no soul.

Always, wrong, wrong, wrong


I am always wrong

I am never right

Why do I ever express my view

I know that everytime

I posit my beliefs

I’ve got all wrong

Like on spirituality

Even those who say I am wrong

Have not studied it as much as me

Just like everything

I am a fool who believes anything.

My politics is wrong

So why do I even speak

I follow the philosophy

Of what’s and who’s effecting me

And then choose my own path

Based on what’s good as I see it

I never tell anyone that they must agree with me

I never encourage anybody

To follow me blindly

But it’s great if they believe like me.

At work, at home it’s all the same

I always get it wrong

No matter what I do

It just goes on and on

So I keep my mouth shut

Keep my opinions to myself

Then they say I am to quiet

Which is why I am never heard

And that I don’t know much

That’s why I don’t say a lot

I can explain anything

Because I am shouted down and stopped

So what’s the point in bothering

I just do my own thing

I get on living life in my own way

I just stop listening

To what the others say

But hey, I am wrong again

Because not listening the reason that I am blamed

At least that’s what they say

At least that’s what I am told

I cannot be bothered with now

It’s hot to draining and to old.

Negative views

Negative views

I got told my poetry is shitty

By an anonymous soul

That’s such a pity

Because I do not care for their judgement

And I wont be hurt by their words

For what I write is authentic

And at least it’s being true to me

My words come from my heart

And are unique to me.



No gossip means upset

When people find out with regret

They’ve been talked about

Behind their back in a negative way

No goddip means no hard feelings

Gossip is poison and treason

if there is nothing good to be said

Then saying nothing is best

Be impeccable with how you speak

The words you use

That are within your reach

Be impeccable with every word

Because inithe end gossip is a terrible curse.