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The good hotwife

Long dark hair

And hazel eyes

Lips deep red

And amazing

Shapely butt

And thighs

I love to hear her

Moan and cry

To feel her body

Under me writhe

She is amazing

And so sensual

Dhd does not hold back

She gives her all

She is a wonderful

And hungry hotwife

Who enjoys everything

About her life

Where she has friends

With benefits

And loves to tell me

All about it

We are both secure

In our love

And it feels not wrong

It feels so right

To let her spread

Her wings and fly

And savour various

Other lustful delights.

Colourful life

A green swath of leaves

A blue ocean wave

A white puff of clouds

Float past in the sky

Purple sweet scented lavender

A field of vibrant bluebells

Mellow yellow daffodils sway in the breeze

Colours are everywhere

In real life and fantasy

So why should it matter

The colour of you and me

It encourages amazing diversity

Variety is something that is very healthy

For the soul and the spirit

For the heart and the mind

Sad are those people who are colour blind.

Moment by moment

Moment by moment

We walk the path

Moment by moment

We leave behind our past

No reason for regrets

No reason to look back

Just living in the moment

Just live in reality

Just open and conscious

And wide eyed and awake

Leaving nothing but happy memories

Behind in our wake.

Angel of my dreams

Girl you got me hooked
In your skin tight jeans
And your tight crop top,
Long flowing hair
and long legs that never stop
fit sculptured body
You’ve really got the lot
eyes deep and blue
like the most crystal of oceans
you hit me with your love potion,
intelligent and witty
my God you are so pretty
lips so full that taste like cherries
skin do silky you are always so merry
you love fun and you know how to dance
the way you move your body
it leaves me eternally entranced
you leave me feeling enchanted
my love e f or you my mantra
let me taste your beautiful skin
open your heart and let me in
my thoughts of you are full of sin
now let the seduction begin
and move your body over here
so I can worship everything
about you my sexy beautiful carnal angel of my dreams.

Let me make you happy

Let me taste your lips

Taste your satin skin

Let me feel your warmth

Of the afterglowing

Let me be one with you

Share a love that is true

Let me share and give to you

Everything you need to feel good

To raise you up higher

To set your heart and soul on fire

Just let me show you kindness

Let me care for you unconditionally

No strings attached

For I want you to feel you can fly free

I don’t want you unable to breathe

Suffocated or controlled by me

I just want to be enternally happy

All I can hope is you choose to do this with me

So in turn I can also live happily.

A Christmas of love

Apple, cinnamon scented love

Of love at Christmas I cant get enough

So much joyful spirit for so many

Christmas cheer for some is one of plenty

But for others Christmas is not s time of cheer

For some it’s a struggle and a real fear

Parents who can’t givd their kids what they need

People still live tough on the streets

Soup kitchens thrive this time of year

For some Christmas is laughter

Fo others it’s tears

And as the choral hymns ring in my ears

One thing I know is very clear

Christmas should be a time for loving and caring

A time for compassion, tolerance and sharing

A chance for all ty o unite

A real opportunity to heal divides

The crossing borders of colour, faith and class

An opportunity not to let it all pass

Help those around you who are finding it hard

For the greatest gift you can give at all

Is love caring and sharing with one and all.

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Assassin, assassin

I am an assassin

Stone cold heart

And subdued passion

Assassin, assassin

See my steel knife flashing

I can send your life crashing

There is ice in my veins

I’ve a hawk eye sight

If you see me one fateful night

Fear for it may see me taking your life

Assassin, assassin

I move in the shadows

I am a ghost in the darkness

And your worst nightmare

I am an assassin.

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Pit of despair

Dark hole

Pit of despair

Look deeply

See me there

Scratching at walls

Trying to climb out

Listen carefully

Hear me scream

Tear me shout

Deep in the pit

Refusing to drown

I am not for dying

I reach out and try flying

But my wings are clipped

Making it harder

So maybe you think

Flying is a non starter

But you don’t know my will

And dont know my strength

I will get out of this pit of despair

Because I can do anything

Because I dare

To never give up

And never give in

And always remember

To keep on believing.l

Reflections on life

I reflect on my life

And the landscape of it

And reminiscing I think at least its good I am surviving

Through the highs and the lows

I have gone with the flow

Through things I foresaw

And through events unknown

I missed out on the limelight

But never saly never

I have traversed this life through the stormiest of weathers

I have steered my ships through the most dire of straits

And found the calm waters time and again

I followed the stars that navigated me home

I stood resilient even when standing alone

I have longed to discover the twilight zone

On a midsummer evening among Stonehenges magnetic stones

I have celestial dream I have yet to achieve

And ache to astral travel and do out of body thimgs

Meditation has been a cornerstone for me

And holding on to my spirituality

Despite being assailed by the toughest of all pains

It helped me heal and ease the strain

My conscious awakening has helped me see the truth

And this is I believe what has carried me through

So on reflection every time that I’ve been knocked down

I have refused to say on the ground

I have reached up to the light and sought inspiration

And helped md cope with all of lifes frustrations

So now as I sit here in contemplation

I discover that through manifestations

That with perseverance and strength of will

I can still achieve something good

And won’t give up until they put me in a box

And take me away but even then i will come back again

Because I am determined to master this game.

Appreciation of a friend

Beautiful and blonde and a talant for the arts

Full of light a real shining star,

Sumptuous in being I crave her love

Her beauty I cannot get enough,

Intelligent, witty and fully of grace

Long legs, fine body and a flawless face,

A real muse in my thoughts she makes my heart race

She is a person I really appreciate

As a friend as spirit as a soul that’s great,

Of all my friends she ranks as the best

But don’t get it twisted I am not obsessed,

I am just admiring of her epic wonderfulness

As I wish her as always the very best,

She has the qualities of a queen, a warrior and a goddess

And her future is set to be one of great happiness.