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Stormy weather


Stormy day of gusting winds

A deluge of rain is falling

Tress are bending underneath the strain

These storms cause waves to crash

On prommndes along the beach

And the storms cause some structural damage to be wreaked

The power of nature is there to be seen

It has the power to leave us on our knees

Can leave us looking powerless and meek.

The Battle of Denizen Mount


Vast is the dark

Yet I heard the roar

And I heard the noise

In the denizens

Deep down in the cave

I could hear their snarls

Sense their laciviousness

As they march towards us

We stood armour gleaming

In our goodness we trust

Our weapons were poised

Our appreciation was keen

Banging our amour

And stamping our feet

The fire glinted

In the metal breastplates

And the roar it increased

Then in the distance

Of the corridor

Of the cave we could see

A seething mass of evil

Descending upon us

So we sang loud and passionate

To drown the beasts out

And as we did they charged

And we swept them aside

Down back into the darkness

From whence they come from

As we stood on the narrow bridge

A tenuous rock stip

They were to blind

To realising it

So the first row knelt

And the second row stood

And our spears and swords

Struck out sending them

To their inglorious deaths

And row after row we fell back

Allowing fresh men to fight

And we survived their onslaught

On that glorious night

And they were routed

And they were vanquished

We were victorious

And we saved ourselves

From the darkness.



I don’t get vexed

I am not that obsessed

And don’t get that upset

I am not hexed

Good fortune happens in time

There’s no reason or rhyme

So why get vexed

Just give it your best

Give more not less

Wait your turn

See what comes next

But don’t get vexed

Write your sacred text

Show the world how you are blessed

Make sure positive words are stressed

Naked, raw and undressed

This how words should be expressed

Just don’t get vexed

Chill out my friend

Go have some sex

Work out your frustrations

Be my guest

Just don’t get vexed!

The path leading to the promise land


I walk the straight and narrow

I follow the light

I walk the path of truth

The path of right

I walk a path of kindness

The path of love and compassion

I walk the path with my eyes wide open

I walk the path that’s mindful

I walk the path of peace

All of the paths we walk

They are unique

This path we walk

Is ours to see

That leads us to the land of

Our hopes and dreams.

A love too good to lose


I love everything that you are

your amazing and shine like the brightest star

you never get to lost in yourself

you are the best card I have ever been dealt

you have the class that is so supreme

you have the grace of a mystics dreams

you have the style unique of your own

when I see you my mind is blown

you have the caring nature so compassionate

you have the love that resonates

you have the smile of a brand new dawn

so beautiful it can’t be ignored

forit lights up every new day

which is why I love you in everyway

you are the blood that flows throughout my veins

you are every conscious thought within my brain

a love like this may never come again

so we best not let go to this love we have

nurture it and make it last

until the end of time.

Drain the blood


Danger in a deranged mind

Requiem for those too blind

Acquiescing to all the fear

Ingrained since birth we cry dry tears

Negating every aspect of self

The ignorance of negativity is left

Hounded by our haunted past

Every day we fail to grasp

Bondage of mind is self inflicted

Love of self is now restricted

Over and over we submit and surrender

One by one we give them control and are zombie rendered

Dwelling between life and death the suffering will never truly be ended.

My friend and buddy


You are my friend

You ae my buddy

You are amazing

You are lovely

You are light

You are gifted

You are lit

You are exulted

You are my friend

You are my buddy

You are amazing

You are lovely

And I am lucky

We are friends

Be together forever to the end.