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The flight of an eagle

With its giant wings

Soaring high and gliding on winds

It’s feathers of gold fluttering

As it swoops and dives like an aerial plaything

Yet its talons and beak makes it a formidable bird of prey.

Eagles are majestic yet stone cold assassin’s

But their beauty in flight cannot be denied

They are wonderous birds when viewed in flight

Eagles are an amazing sight

Unless your their prey and you’re in for a fright

But it doesn’t stop eagles being a delight

And the masters of the sky.

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Legends of time

In mythical times there were legendary tales

Legendary places such as Tintagel

Laying in the County of Cornwall

Where King Arthur and Merlin came to fame,

Also many miles away there was a place named Troy

Where Helen caused a epic war and her face launch a thousand ships,

Where legendary God’s and fearless men once it seems walked this earth

All seeking to achieve great deeds just to show their worth

I wonder now where a men and places like these

And where great tales will come from to tell in the future

Or are halcyon days now long gone and do mdn never feel any duty

To carry out great deeds in the name of God’s or to to create great countries

Or have the God’s long given up on men

And no longer see us as their progeny

Has the time of legends now come to an end.

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When friends end love

I am sitting in my home

Reflecting on the days

Where everything went so wrong

Everyone was talking

Too few really knew

But the gossipers would have their way

But they didn’t know us

Yet still the somehow broke us

With their less than their impeccable words

And all that they said I knew they really hurt

But it didn’t mean a thing to me

They tried siting your past

And saying you were no good

But what they said to me fell on deaf ears

But you felt it all and despite my reassurance

You still walked out that door

And now I don’t blame

I blame everybody else

These people who claimed to be friends

But if they really were that why would they hurt us

And bring our love to and end

So now I am sitting in my home

Send I am alone

I’ve no time for those who caused this pain

No doubt I will heal

And no doubt I will love again

But at this moment I cant see it bring the same

But as I sit here in my home

Feeling all alone

I’ve decided that all I need is me

And learn to find some self loving

And some knew less hurtful and judgemental friend’s.


Euphoria, that state of such a high, you feel your body shaking and trembling with delight, the chemicals rushing into your mind make this moment hard to define, choking back tears of joy, your voice trembles, this is a feeling that I think must resemble a massive hit from a stupendous drug, that you feel coarsing and pumping through your vains, your heart beats so fast your brain goes insane and you feel as if you’re going to explode, this euphoria is the best feeling ever known.

Dreams achieved

Dreams are massive when achieved, inspiring way beyond belief, we hunger for the time when we rise up out of the crowd and shine, leave those desperate wanna be ideas behind and start realising all our hopes and aspirations, suddenly we find ourselves breaking free from all our long held frustrations, found away go break free from the chains and now we are allowed to take control of the reigns, that will hopefully see us finally feel we have got to where we wanted, so ready for all the challenges to come, not daunted but thrilled by what the future holds for us.

More than bodies

Yo, young girls showing off their bodies on camera, dressed up to thrill, made up with a ton of cosmetics, crazy eyebrows and false extensions and lashes, showing all the latest moves they’ve learnt, don’t they know that there’s a lot more to them, than a dance routine and some show of flesh, do they look good well yes, because the feminine divine is so sublime, the femine form is a beautiful creation, yet putting it on show like you’ve nothing else going for you, it’s a shame they don’t focus on the mind more, of which I am sure they have plenty in store.

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Mad Hatter me

Some days I jibber and jabber like the Mad Hatter

Sitting at a table drinking cups of tea

Imagining I am participating in a tea party,

How joyful and glorious my guests would be

Maybe I will offer them some scones and cream

And a sweet serving of strawberry preserve on the side,

Then I as the Mad Hatter dances my little jig

Is this me losing my mind?

Then I realise in truth we are all quite mad here,

And Alice runs amok with the white rabbit all around the place

And I hear the dormouse smiling as the cat has a wide grin across its face

And Tweedledee and Tweedledum dance with the Queen of Hearts

She screams at the top of her voice ‘off with their heads’ and we all frantically laugh,

For we all know her sense of humour and it is very dark

And as I sit here thinking this and imagining this lark

I am taken back to reality within a single spark,

For it’s back to the mundane drudgery

And the never ending routine

But hey I enjoy the stories within my mind

As a result if books I read,

See reading takes you away from life

It’s an escapism thing,

This in truth you see, is the reason that I love to read.

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We are a special brew

When we fall down

And there’s no one around

Who will pick you up?

No one but yourself

So you must learn

To become so strong

That ever fall you suffer

Doesn’t keep you down for long

You learn instead to get back up again

You find out how to regain

Any ground you may have lost

And to bare the cost

That comes from falling down

We’ve become so profound

At being lost and found

And though our words

They may try and drown

We shot them out so loud

So that our falling down

Is not or never seen in vain

For they fear and know

We will get back up once more

As we won’t remain upon the floor

Just to satisfy your wishing

Of us having to rely on you

But there’s something that you’re missing

That we do not need you

Because we’re stronger in truth

And we choose to do what we want to do

We are our own kind of special brew.

Night of the demons

Within the deathly hollows

The moon lit up the night

There’s a dance of twilight demons

That have risen up in delight

And dancing around a fire

Mad and intense and full of fright

It’s an eerie kind of feeling

And a scary gruesome sight

They cackle and they howl

Like mad demented souls

Ghouls and spectres float around

While the demons growl and make awful sounds

And the din keeps on getting loud

Before the first light begins rising up

And the monsters are forced to retreat back underground

Then there’s no further noise

And not even a sound.

It’s gone now

Enthralled by you

Enticed by you

I fell for you

And all you do

But the lights

Went down

Now I just drown

In a sea if despair

So profound

And as I drink my coffee

And you sip your tea

I realise

That your going to leave,

What’s on your mind

What’s in your heart

Have you no soul

How little did I mean,

I look at you

And you stare at me

I can see you looking through me,

Am I invisible

How can this be

Am I a fool

Oh! Silly me,

I guess you’ll walk away now

And maybe it’s too late somehow.

My broken heart

Means little to you,

I feel myself break

As I snap on two,

I feel the hurt

Do you see my pain

The lights go down

And I am on my own again,

Sitting in my home

Cold and alone

And now its getting late now

So I take my final bow now

Our love has gone away somehow.

It appears that it has simply drown

In sea of loss and misery

And wordless sounds,

I guess you’ll walk away now

I guess I’ll be alone now

All alone I’ll be just me and my coffee

All alone I’ll be now cold and empty.