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Money woes


So I work so hard to earn some money

Just enough to keep my head above water,

And to stop me drowning in deep waters

Then along comes the tax man and hits me with a bill,

That makes my hard graft worthless still,

The man who allows big multinational corporations

Sell their wares without paying tax,

Or like formula paying a one percent sweat heart deal

Is this system for fucking real?

Why do they get away with paying nothing

And if I tried the same I’d end up in prison,

This is what they call a fare and equal affair

Well that’s me fucked and the tax man don’t even care,

Because this is a society that simply doesn’t wealth share.

Lost back of beyond


Lost beyond life

In a dark forest of anguish,

Wandering in a vale of despair

There seems very little light anywhere,

It feels like nobody cares

But this is not a game of truth or dare,

This is not a nightmare that I would share,

Lost in the depths of preternatural darkness,

With a dark verdant colourations surrounding me,

Closing in a threatening

To swallow me up without a trace,

I feel as if I am vanishing

To be lost and forgotten for all time.

The ghost of you


I saw your ghost

I the reflection of a mirror,

I felt your presence

In the vibration of the air,

I sensed your passion

I the heat of the room,

You shared my left

But you left here to soon,

And now I am so alone

Left in this hollow home,

And all I can do

Is remember and dream of you,

And the life I once had

That was happy and filled,

Is now just a vacuum

I feel I must yield,

But something in the stars

Tells me not to self harm,

That things may just improve

And my hurt will be soothed,

And that’s why I am still hear

Because I still feel you near,

And I must find the strength

Until we meet again,

To continue to live

And to immortalise who you were,

In the creative ink

In the meaningful words,

That express my the love

That you and me had,

And though you’re now a ghost

I feel now I need you most,

To define the life we had

Though my heart is still sad,

Now that you’re gone.

Keep pushing on


Give this life everything

Or you may as well give it nothing,

No point in going half measures

Nothing worse than being half hearted,

Love with a sense of passion

Be compassionate and shine your light,

Live as if there’s no tomorrow

Live in happiness without sorrow,

We’re only here for a short time

So let’s make the best of it,

I’ll rest when I am finally dead

Until then I’ll keep on going.

She said


She said I am just trying to get by

She looked lonely yet somehow on a high,

Despite her troubles and her strife,

She always wore a smile, though life was tough for her

And she said that nothing really hurt her,

Because of all the pain she had suffered

Had now made her quite immune,

To what others unto her decide to do

She said a lot of things often without speaking,

And that wisdom was so profound,

Homeless this lady was,

They found her one day dead on the ground,

And I must admit I shed some tears for her

For I remember what she said,

And what she said, her heart bled,

And too few had they eyes to see her like me,

And when they buried her

I was the only one who was there for her,

And I stood and said these words of her,

That what she said meant more than anyone I had met had ever said,

She was, wisdom personified,

She had lived a painful and hard life

But she never forgot how to smile,

And because of that I’d never forget her,

For what she said stuck with me

And to know her meant that I was lucky,

I hope now in the next life she’ll find some peace.

Frosty images


Crystal images created by the morning frost

Nine of its beauty to me is ever lost,

I see the finesse of the spun webs

How could we live in this world and not feel blessed,

Of nature it’s true I very much obsessed

I see the white coat covering the green grass blades,

Crisp and fresh covering this vale

I could create so many images of such tales,

To not see this would be to me a total fail.

Said it before I will say it again and again


Fuck all corrupt government

Ripping this world and societies apart,

These governments who serve wealth and power

Create wars that make global citizens cower,

They divide so they can control

The wealth of Nations they stole and sold,

They then tell us the world’s in crippling debt

To who exactly the Illuminati sect?

The monetary system was created by men who sought wealth,

Now they use it control everything else,

Governments are puppets to these bankers

And so are the oligarch media that hankers,

For a piece of the pie and so unashamedly print lies,

Unelected svengali’s live off all of this, like an infestation of fleas,

All of these are addicted and dedicated to greed

And we the people will never be free,

Of their exploitation and their controlling ways

Stand against them they’ll make us pay,

Communist or capitalist

They’re all United and that’s the twist,

Political left or political right

They’re there to instill divides,

Religion uses exactly the same tools

And altogether they treat us people as fools,

And they live in luxury while we fight to survive

It’s time to stop believing their fucking lies,

We need a paradigm political shift

Clear the decks and rid us of the shit,

And build new systems based on equality and sharing,

A new world order based on peace and caring,

With no fucking borders, flags or anthems,

Just a united people of United Nations,

Wake up people and see the truth

This can happen but it needs me and you,

And every person who wants better life

Based on living fair and living right,

To rise up now one and for all

And oppose the corrupt governments that rule.

Give it more


Always give people what they need

By planting the best best seeds,

Fertilised by truth, love and honesty

When we write this must be our maxim and our decree,

Leave them feeling weak at the knees

With words and feelings that endeavour to please,

Take them to the literary peak

And when you leave them breathless, barely able to speak,

Give them a little bit more

More than they knew you had in store,

Leave them exhausted by your words they adore,

Be every aspect of poetry that they choose to absorb,

Hit them straight between the eyes

With poetry that is passion filled and raw.

I wish I were an alien


I wish at times I were an alien

Not one of those twisted, fucked up homosapiens,

Of which some are still knuckle draggers

Real neanderthal stupid tea baggers,

I wish I were able just to leave here

Take off and go back into space,

And reconnect with my family

Their a part of the intergalactic race,

Travelling light years not lost in the fears

That humanity just loves to embrace,

Free and adventurous on journey of discovery

Not part of a mankind that hates colour, faith and creed,

And bases it’s advancement on war,billing and greed,

And thinks if you’re surrounded by glossy material things

Then man you really have achieved,

This kind of stunted thinking, we’ll it don’t impress me

I’d rather be roaming the galaxy,

Travelling to world’s previously unknown,

Studying what we find and learning do we can grow,

Just imagine if humans could do this,

They’d kill every fucking thing they find

So that they’re all that exists,

And you wonder why I’d rather be an alien than this,

It’s because I wish to evolve and not find a way that I can self destruct and become extinct.

Undermining you


We undermined by things we read on the internet,

We doubt ourselves and wonder if we need a personality check,

So to do this we go back online

Rather than study the real us inside,

And consume all the answers because Google is always right,

We’ve sacraficed ourselves at the alter of the internet

And now we worry we’re not perfect,

And that somehow we’re not the best,

We learn from this our life is lacking and instill self doubt,

And this is the stuff self hate is made of

And this makes me really want to shout,

Nobody can define you, only you can find this out,

From introspection and self study

We then learn what we’re all about,

We cannot seem to grasp the point that we’re all fucking flawed,

Now make the most of life and don’t believe you’re a failure anymore,

Make the most of this life and stop undermining yourself,

It’s not just self pitying but it’s also bad for your mental health.