Self creating happiness

Tactile, fractile, hallucinogens, lets all twist and begin again, let’s all party until the end, let’s get together, let’s be friends, rise up high and then descend, let’s add this like a life ammendment that was passed down by our descendants, this is the commencement of sharing love and light, the spawning of true farsight, dancining under both the moon and sunlight, it’s pericardium olympian delight, it’s a soul twister that sees us take flight, universal happiness, in a cosmos so bright, transcending us to everlasting might, while drifting through the infinite stars at night, gazing down from an awesome height, there’s so much to see when you open your eyes and so much we can create with an open conscious mind.

Stop, think, breathe

Stop, think, breathe

Live with love and peace

Build and create your dreams

On things you need

Not seeking to please

Others who care less

About you or me

Live in authenticity

Be who and what

It is you desire to be

Live openly

Live existentially

Stop, think breathe

Be compassionate and kind

Be of unique design

Be rooted in self belief

Stop, think, breathe

Live in love and peace.

Living life fantastic

Live a life that’s meteoric

Flying, burning supersonic

Blazing a trail that’s hypnotic

Creating colours and imagery kaleidoscopic

But remember through life to be philanthropic

There’s no value in living in a way that’s misanthropic

Leave a story that is historic

Not you one of empty histrionics

Shake up life with a frequency that’s so subsonic

Cause a shift that is truly tectonic

Love physically open as well as platonic

This is my advice, live large and not microscopic

For you are greater than you know so be individualistic

Do not lose yourself believing that we are anthropocentric

See outside the box like you are hallucinogenic

We create our stories and realities by being psychosematic

The world we know strives being different as so dramatic

But in truth it is in simple term naturalistic

To evolve transcend to levels of living that is synergistic

And forever charismatic

Despite the tendacies of those wjo rule to be androcentric

We are feminine and masculine beings less idiocentric

But actually we are more demograpic

And this then helps us reach states far fantastic

So burn like a supanova going pyroclastic

While always remaining humble and charismatic.


You were always judgemental

And as a result you were found guilty

And sentenced to a life of purgatory

Self imposed by your thoughts on others,

That you came to based on what you see

But not on knowledge and what’s within them

You’re guilty of superficiality.


Fear is often learnt of self induced

By environment by others and by our own thoughts

Certain fears are healthy and are good for you

It stops danger, hazards and harm happining to you in truth

But there are irrational fears that can rule your life

And leave you living in misery

These are the fears that are unhealthy

And they were ones we learnt when young

Or ones you recreated in your own imaginative mind

Leaving you to live a life somehow unconditionally blind

To the fact they are unfounded time after time

But that is the meaning of irrational I think that you will find

So conquer your abject fears

Through being strong with your thoughts

And meditation and practice to tame and redesign

Every thought and all you were taught

You must learn to live fearing only fear itself

And the damage to your life its wrought.

She be my shorty, be she good or naughty

My shorty she has real appeal

And if you’re lucky it will be revealed

A mind so critical in thinking

Can out smart many, quicker than an eye blinking

She is at times of angelic grace

But then can be a gangster on parade

She can play so hard to get

But then she can be flirtatious next

And then she blows your mind away

She’s a goddess on display

Speak slang like a native

Her words are so creative

Speak patwa with amazing ease

But can also speak refinely

Multi faceted in everyway

She brightens up my darkest days

She’s like a rainbow, she’s never grey

To me she’s great and someone I crave

She’s like an Oscar winning play

That people flock to see and can’t help but to rave

About how linguistic and ballistic her personalty can be

A spirit flying solo and free

Shorty is a futuristic dream scene

We would be a magnificent team

I hope that she believes in me

I hope we are together eternally

With her wicked sharp intellect

And her figure I rate as the best

She has ebony gracefulness

And I am ridiculously heavenly blessed

To have her as my shorty

Be dhe good or be she naughty.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Respect me or expect me

You tried to fuck me over gently and subtly

By I like in my face, fast and roughly

At least that way you know exactly where you stand

I don’t want to wonder what really just happened

I Wang to know you fucked me over, well and truly proper

Then in this way I may have mire respect for you

Than trying to get the head t of me with hour slick moves

Fuck me over if that’s all that you can do

But remember karma will come back and bite you

And one day you may realise you’ve been shafted

I’ll let you know it was me in case your asking

But I’ll do it in a way that you will never forget

And leave you floundering in a sea of regret

For when you d nothing to lose the game it gets real easy

And I hope that knowing that now leaves you feeling queasy

So don’t you fuck me over and I won’t feel thd need

To return the favour and carry out a vengeful deed

Just to settle a score which I loathe doing believe me

You see to me being like this does not comes easy

But I’ll do it, if it teaches you a lesson in the long run.