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Dried crumpled flowers in a vase

Signify the state of our love

That which was beauty in full bloom

Is now a painfully wilted sight

Maybe when something thrives so well

It can never last forever

All the energy we used

Was to much and was exhausted

We still have those memories

Of our hey day in full spring

But now it’s sad to say

I’ve put those dead flowers in the bin.

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St. Patrick’s day, the Celtic Craic

Jump up, jump up and get down

Never nay never to the Wild Rover,

We are all here for the Craic

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day,

For the Irish are hearty

And they all laugh as they party,

No one has ever drunk better than them

They are Celtic they are proud

And they love living loud

And each one’s kissed the Blarney Stone

Weith their good luck four leaf clover they are reafy to go,

Then play and strike up the wild rover

As they sing and dance the night away

For they live for the Craic

And what’s better than that,

When it leaves you with a a song in your heart

And an everlasting smile on your face

All I can say to them is have a great St Patrick’s day

You breed of hearty and boisterous women and men

Play away to hour hearts content

In the mouth of the Galway Bay.

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Not spiritual you hypocrite

I hear hate speech uttered by religious types

It goes on all the time on all the sides

Whatever you believe about violence and death

Know that no God condones this

And I hope when you take you final breath

Your life review will reflect it

And you would have failed at living a good life

Because your violence and ignorance just isn’t right

So stop pretending to live a spiritual life.

Hold and love me

I need love and understanding

I need aid and care

I need healing and helping

As I am sinking into despair

Nothing is making sense

And I am going kind of crazy

I need holding and embracing

So please give me your love

And give me your support

And just hold me and get through this day.

I am losing the plot

I was shopping when my vision went weird

I saw lights obscuring my sight

And as I spoke all the words came out wrong

I couldn’t make sense of what I tried to tried to say

I think something was happening within my brain

Making me confused and unable to say

Anything that made sense and as others talk away

It appears like I am viewing things as if I am outside of reality

Is this a mental issue, like dementia or something else

Even writing this is a struggle and is hard to make sense

And my mind finds words to weave together

I can’t rhyme and my vocabulary has become limited

And difficult to explore

I am consciously feeling quite poor

It’s like I am viewing everyone as if I am out of place

And I feel as if I am ready to break

And lose touch with reality to day

I feel as if I am going insane

I am losing my brain.

This is me

I am an aging Anarchist

A spiritualist

And a punk

I am a hippy say some

Be as use I resonte

Flowers and love

I am kind I am compassionate

Tolerant and I hug trees

There are no God’s and Masters

Governing me

I am existential in thought

In my consciousness I am free

Yet tough I am all these things

I am none of these

For I wont be boxed or labelled

I believe in Love, Peace and Anachy

Fight war not wars is my mantra you see

Live me or not please respect rather than judge me

As I do with everyone I meet.

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The inhumanity shame

Once again man demonstrates

It’s inhumanity to its fellow man

In a holy mosque in New Zealand

Once again man showed its ignorance and hate

As well as its intolerance by alt-right clickbait

We need to make a change even though it seems to late

To stop extremists on every side

And claim our humanity back.

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Dirty tricks and smears

You can tell when the truth is being told

The media spin lies and people are told

That the in this case climate change

Is communist, left wing or a theory of the deranged

They will spin it everyway to protect the corporates

Joing them in this game is the government

Smearing the names of environmentalists

And the work that they do

Sacraficing their liberty as the police stick them in jail

For peaceful demonstrations which is our right in a democracy

But the media, the government and corporates

Will do anything to distract you from seeing their greed

They don’t want to save this planet

Their is no money in that

They just want to exploit it

This is a true fact

So they slander environmentalism

They call it misinformed and extreme

They don’t want us getting in the way of their dirty energy dreams

So they smear the climate change movement by any dirty means.

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