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Surrealism gone mad

I saw a cat it walked through walls

But then it was not there at all

I saw a man within the moon

But by the time I blinked he had gone too soon

And as I sailed across a blue lagoon

I saw a mermaid with skin of blue

But as I heard the sirens wail

My consciousness began to fail

And as I stirred in sleep paralysis

Unable to move I realised I had exited

My normal form and was floating above it

In an out of body experience

And so I took the opportunity to talk an astral flight and zoom

To a multiverse of unknown stars and moons

While travelling in a hot air balloon

And disappeared into a worm hole

Then felt a Trans-dimensional shift

And landed back within my body

But did not know in what reality I now existed

And when I saw cars flying by

And a multicultural peace flag flying high

And saw how people coexisted in love and peace

I realised this dimension was not the one in which I previously existed

But it felt so good and I would spend sometime

While feeling sorry for the other I

Who would spend sometime in my other harsh life

But I am sure I would understand in time

It’s good for the soul and spirit to share with myself and I

Other dimensional paradigms.


The old curiosity shop

I found myself in the old curiosity shop

Looking for something strange and different

The owner said how about Schrodingers cat

I said did not curiosity kill that?

He said its a paradox unknown

Alive or dead its something you can still own

I said no.

He said how about a spider I have living in a parlour

I said do I look like a fly?

He said you can be anything you want to be

I said I have no desire to die.

I looked further searching for something new

But everything was old

And paradoxical in truth

I said have you got a quantum box

So that I can think outside it

Maybe it will inspire me to think of something new

He said I sold that only yesterday to a Jewish man with wild hair

But I do have a super string theory residing over there

I stated I do not have any needs for a bunch of incomplete theories

All grouped up into one.

Feeling rather down of heart and feeling rather glum

I saw a dust covered book on existentialism

And said have you got a theory for being and nothingness

He said Satre took that one today by his own authority

So I decided it was time to go home and started to leave

When I saw a quantum paradigm staring back at me

I suddenly felt exited and said is that paradigm something you would like to shift

He said for my friend most certainly

And I decided to take it

And as the paradigm shifted so did my quantum space

Now I find myself in Shambala on a Buddhist holiday.

Your judgement

Walk a mile in my shoes

Then you can judge me

But I won’t judge you

I wish nothing but the best for you

It would be nice if you could do the same too

But I never expect this reciprocation

So I just learning the appreciation

Of keeping faith and love in my self

Rather than expecting it from anybody else

I have self belief

I have self love

So it matters not what you think

Because you don’t know me

Because you’ve never walked in my shoes

And I know your going to judge me

But in the that says more about you

Anyway I just wanted to say it doesn’t matter

I will always love you come what may.

Spontaneous kindness

Kindness should never go out of fashion

It should be peoples motivational passion

Doing good in every way

Carrying out random acts of kindness every day

Not with though of receiving it back

Not through the thought of it being seen

But just because you know it to right

Spontaneously and even taking you by suprise

Not a planned and thought out thing

Kindness should always be natural thing

So be kind in heart and actions each day.

I have needs too

Never had money or much in the way of material possessions

So I am going to put this right with the law of attraction

To get myself just what I need

This is in no way about greed

It’s about getting something for me this time

I am going to focus on attracting more wealth

While also appreciating my good health

And when I get money to ease my life

I will do what I know to be right

I will look for ways to enrich others too

Help those who need me in truth

To pull them up with a helping hand

No ones done this for but I understand

It is not about what others do

It’s about me being authentic, caring and true

I struggled all my life so I think it’s about time

That I focus on myself for a short while

But I will never stop helping and caring for others

I am not like those who can’t be bothered

With the hardships that others go through

If you need a hand I will always be there for you

But I need to take care of myself as well

Provide for my family the best way I can

I don’t want this to make me sound a selfish greedy man

That’s not my way I just want to do what I can

To free myself from a life of stress and debt

And it’s about starting right here and doing my very best

And continuing to work hard and hope that I am blessed

By the law of attraction because I’ve tried everything else

This is not just all about me but also everyone else

Helping my family

Providing for them is not about greed

So please understand this and please don’t judge me badly.


There’s magic out there in space for those who believe

Magic resonates on frequencies,

Vibrating uncontrollably

I believe life flows magically,

On cosmic waves

And universal dreams,

We set the scene as we please

And in all of this I feel the vibes

That I can’t hide,

That magic is everywhere we see

When we believe, then everything

Becomes possible,

Because magic emanates

From the improbable,

Which makes our hopes and dreams unstoppable

This is how magic is an action that’s viable,

Open your minds,

Open your eyes,

Open your consciousness

To all things being magically sublime.

Take care of yourself

The trouble with being empathetic souls

Is the toxic vampires know

That we are selfless and will take on others pain

To ensure that others are always ok

But there is only such much suffering

Any heart and soul can take when attempting to ease others pain

So it’s vital the you look after yourself

Take time to meditate, self heal and rest

Heal your heart, spirit and soul

Take some time to be on your own

And soothe your being and let yourself grow

Appreciate your balance and you flow

Let stress and anguish simply go

And center yourself

While maintain control

Let the toxic vampires know

You are stronger now then they can ever know.

Dancing under apple blossom trees

Dance with me

Under the apple blossom trees

Beneath a super blood moon

Shining radiantly, incandescently

Down on you and me

As we move on a soft warm breeze

As if floating effortlessly

Across the lush green grass of verdancy

Looking into each others eyes deeply

As if this moment defines the rest of our life

But in all honesty I hope to be with you beyond many more lifetimes

Our bodies entwined

And being of one same mind

That everything we share in life

Will be created from light

And inspired by love

Like this night

Dancing under the apple blossom trees

Under a super blood moon

That shines on our life radiantly, incandescent.

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Then and now

I grew up through the 70’s

So I know all about sexist misogyny

About racism enacted casually

And although blind to this because it seemed the norm

I still grew up happily

But today these aspects have crept back in

Except with much more hate and venom

In certain sectors of society

But now I am not blind to this and I see

How it divides and causes acrimony

Among people of different colour and beliefs

Or based on being left or right wing.

I remember back in the 70’s it being more misguided banter

But used against people not used to this

I don’t believe it was meant as hate filled as it is today

I am not sure what brought about this change

We always had immigration even back in the day

I think it’s something Filtering down from the top

And this is something that should stop

And yes the Internet has to share in the blame

It doesn’t excuse how badly people behave

And act out unacceptable displays of hate

We need to try and recreate a fair and just place to be

One based on togetherness, tolerance and unity.

Tempestuous sea

I sailed the tempestuous sea

The squally water threatening to drown me

As I follow the stars hoping they will guide me home

Shouting at the wind

‘Don’t assail me!’ ‘Lord please save me! ‘

As I sailed this tempestuous sea.

I rode the high waves

Plunged down in the dips

The rain lashed hard just as if we’re a whip

The water lashed my raw face

I knew I was in dire straits

As I shouted into the wind

Don’t assail me!’ ‘Lord please save me! ‘

As I sailed the tempestuous sea

I wondered if I don’t make it home

Will my loved ones miss me?

Will my passing be the cause of misery?

Will they even remember me?

In this deep squall and over the din

Of the lightening flashes and the clap as its thundering

I thought I could hear mermaids sing

An I knew there was only one thing that, that can mean


And so I shouted into the wind

Don’t assail me!’ ‘Lord please save me! ‘

Then I heard the breaking and tearing of wood

My ship was now wrecked if I was not mistook

Battered against the mermaids rocks

My ship it listed and all was lost

And I shouted into the wind

Don’t assail me!’ ‘Lord please save me! ‘

But no one or nothing heard me

Above the stormy thunderous sea roar

My ship now in part just flotsam

Other parts sinking to the sea floor

And my crew as well as myself were lost at sea

To be seen no more.

We were now swimming with the mermaids

In Davey Jones’s locker

And my ship lost because she was wrecked before I could dock her

And return home safe to my family

But the crew and myself were mourned

And our loss caused pain and misery

But there was no wind to shout into the wind

Don’t assail me!’ ‘Lord please save me! ‘

I fact there was no more wind or tempestuous sea

Just calm water, smooth and serene

As flowers were thrown onto the water as a remembrance

To all of us lost at sea

Who now swim with the mermaids

And dance playfully in Davey Jones’s locker

At the bottom of the briney sea.