Love is created within

The twilight of love

Brings dreams of Avalon

Images of beauty

Resonte Shambala life

Golden horizons flicker everyday

In an iridescent glorious display

And all of this amazing light

Brightens up each present moment

And I wish I could forever be with you

In a paradise that reaches out

And touches me and you

Created by our conscious minds in truth

You are beautiful

You are every dream I’ve dreamt

You’re my inspiration

You are my muse

Which I why I love you.

You mistake what I am

Call me soft

Say I am weak

Because I speak of love

And do it consistently

But in a world

That revolves round hate

I am willing to do this to mitigate

The damage and the toxicity

Hate, war and violence brings

Hopefully this starts breaking

Our preconditioned upbringings

Call me weak still I don’t think so

I am stronger than you will ever know

It takes much more to go against the flow

Breaking trends takes consciousness and courage

It takes heart and a lot of soul

This is the truth in a world of lies

This is seen by those with open eyes

This is part of being awake

Being part of reality in a world that’s fake

This part of the paradigm shift

Open your mind a be a part of it.

Not too much to expect

A kindly word

In a friend’s ear

Eases away

Any tears or fears

Instills unction

For them to carry on

Give a show of compassion.

Show a little love

At the right time

Place that, in someone’s mind

Don’t let them down

Always be true

To the love instilled by you.

A deed of caring

Makes all feel good

In a way we know it should

It’s a demonstration

Of our humanity

Reinstates real belief

That we all have the capabilty

To do the right

And magnanimous thing

To show as good human beings.

Burn in turn

We burn

In turn

When you ignore the truth

Faced with overwhelming proof

Yet for convenience you reside

In ignorant bliss and you hide your eyes

What an awful thing to do

Ignoring at your peril as we do

The dangers to humanity and earth

Let it be known notice has been served

Your arrogance that means we refuse

And simply object and continue to abuse

Means that in the end accountability will be on you

You’ll be held responsible for that which you did not do

So burn we will

Under a red hot sun

Burn in turn

Because you did not do enough

Island bliss

Clear deep blue seas

And beautiful coral reefs

Sands that are so fine defining the beach

Palms and trees sway in the sunshine breeze

Who would want to put to risk all of this

With man made pollution and destructiveness.

Image courtesy of Pinterest