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Forest fire

Sat among the embers of a forest fire

Sat here alone her plight is dire

One little girl, a little lost soul

Tears stain her blackened cheeks

She cannot be consoled

Everything in her life was just burnt down

In a forest fire where screams and shouts are the only sounds

This little soul is now beyond tears

The lost look in her eyes convey her fears

The heat still resonating like a furnace

Every thing around has now been burnt and death

Is everywhere and all around

Despite heroic efforts from so many firemen.

This little girls lost among it all

Standing all alone as the smoke palls

Charred black dress, sooty coloured hair

Blackened stained face and a fearful stare

I saw her through the burnt trees

Just over there and I told the firemen to go rescue het

But when I pointed to the spot she was no longer there

I told them what she looked like

And they just stared

And pointed to a row of bodies awaiting collection

And there I saw her laying with them

Was she an apperitions or was it her spirit

Either way she was gone now and it broke me into pieces

That poor little lost soul who lost her life this day

In the burnt out smoking forest glade

I hope she finds the ones she loved upon the otherside

For the firemen explained the whole family had died

A tragic tale of sadness and woe

My heart goes out to those

Who find themselves in Calafornia similarly exposed

To the tragic forest fires.

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My universal dreamscape

Bound in time universal

Tripping through light beams,

Going round like a carousel

Flying up and down through nebulae,

Cruising through starfields

Of mass colourful arrays,

Meanwhile cadenza’s

And symphonies tunefully played,

Soaring and singing

As we enjoyed the display,

As shooting stars lit up the darkness in everyway

Supernova’s created a crazy forray,

Into existential psychedelic colour like sway

Of cosmic constellational mindful plays,

This universe of creation I love in everyway.

Candle love

Our love burns

Like a candle

It lights up the night,

Sometimes it may flicker

Yet somehow stays alight,

Our live is like a candle

Burning solitarty

And yet giving out,

A gIow and warmth

And feeling

If safety somehow

Bending in the wind

Yet reusing to go out

Our loved burns

So brightly

Glowing like a beacon

That guides us on our path

And aides us on our journey

That sees us home

And safe at last

For as candles

We shine a light

In the future

And the past

And reminds us

With out care

Our love may not last.

Rainbow minds

I love those who able to love

And avoid those who choose to hate

Toxic people I always avoid

Inspirationally I feel they’re devoid

Of painting pictures of creativity

I like people with rainbow minds

I seek those imaginatively sublime

I enjoy laughter and happiness

Not anger that runs deep and intense

I live for the light and not the dark

Loving those of a conscious awakened spark

I see no colour, faith, class or gender

I just see all individuals that like me are friendly

Ready to connect and unify

Rather than aide those who seek divides

I enjoy the company of rainbow minds

I enjoy these beautiful souls filling my life and time.

Embracing diversity

To be able to love all, care and embrace

Every person of every class and every race,

Even in the face of violence, intimidation and hate,

Make those people enlightened and in my eyes powerful and great

Far more so than those who try to violate

Others for being different to them

The get angry and it infuriates

Their minds that can’t cope with diversirty

So in three ignorance they allow their insecurity

To take over and the fear then creeps in

So they target people who are different

To intimidate and aggravate everytime using degrees of hate

These people are can’t handle a multicultural state

Nationalism is their only way

Living in a place where only others like them, surround them.

So those who can cope with diversity

In my mind reside in less insecurity

And understand strength in unity and diverse communities

And can connect with love for all humanity

We are all made up of the same biology

Only skin pigment and gender makes appear differently

In the eyes and minds of those who can’t see

And despite our glorious varying ethnicities

We are the same one race and humanity

This is obviously ours to those with minds of awakened clarity.

Manifestation of love

A landscape of love

Planted with seeds of hope

To see peace bloom

Under skies of perfect blue

In rolling fields of verdant green

Love flows like a rainbows arch

In prismic colourations

And as feel the full power

Of its might and its glory

I feel the frequency

Within the vibrancy of light

In waves of pure compassion

And waves of grace and bliss

I offer you the warmth and tenderness

Of creations greatest gift

The pleasure and the joyfullness

Of the universal transcendent kiss.

Daydream believer

I daydream of utopian days
Of basking in summer long rays
I dream my days cosmically away
Under stars so far away
And dream of universal travel
Where love becomes unravelled
And our hearts and souls dazzle
Like incandescent filigree imps
All spectacularly dancing
To symphonies of conscious dreams
And spiritual awakenings
These daydreams are my fantasies
Or how I wudh my life we old be.

Join me

Rain beats down on my window

The wind rattles door throughout my house

The temperatures have dropped lower

There is a mad storm raging outside

Yet I huddle here in my safe space

I keep warm in this homely space

I keep a still mind and sense of grace

Because although summer days have gone away

I still a better way to keep my self from getting down

No frowns here are allowed

Just smiles and laughter

Because despite all of life’s disasters

Of which I have had plenty

But I keep on getting back up

Everytime that I’ve been knocked down

I see no point in giving up at all

I keep sharing love and light with all

And hope to inspire them to join the call

To share in unity and peace to all

To fight for compassion and equality

So that we can lift humanity

Out of the mire it finds itself in

Join me in finding and sharing the loving.

Milky beauty

She flowed in her pale skin

Like a milky apperition of my dreams

And she ghosted through this life

Like a vulnerable child

Maybe that what her attraction was to guys

She was easy to control, at least that’s what they thought

But there was a lesson there that she taught

Don’t judge a person by their cover

For she was very strong willed and intelligent

Hidden within her sexual beautiful being

Lay the warrior goddess queen

Who didn’t take to manipulaters or possive people to easily

She loved those who like her were free

And open in mind and eye to everything

She like to laugh, dance and sing

She knew the struggles of just existing

Carefully she glided through days of summer love and winter cravings

Everyone who knew her loved her

Couldn’t believe her kindly persona

Every aspect of her life resonated compassion and so much light

She was bright white incandescent and passionate

She loved like a woman possessed

How do I know that she was the best

Because I was lucky enough to get a sample of her wares

And that was an experience that I will never forget

But she disappeared not to be seen again

And nobody knows exactly where she went

Or if she was real or heaven sent

Maybe she was an angel sent to share the love around

Or maybe she was from the multiverse

To heal us all from so much suffering and hurt

I am not sure but I was grateful I knew her

And got to understand that not only

Did she have strength as well as beauty

But she blessed everyone who passed through her life

So I bow down and pay homage to her

Because I loved her.

We be lit

We can all be lit

These words are legit

We can all be shining

With incandescent light

Our souls can all be blazing

And as I sit here stargazing

I am due I see you there among them

Tripping the light amazing

Or is it me just going crazy

Because you’re a rockerby baby

With the ability to daze me

And I hope it is the same for you

Because we’re both lit and legit it’s true

Your heart blazes out crazy tunes

Which makes me want to do anything for you

We are full of energy like atoms on the loose

Being everything or anyone we choose

For that’s the benifit of hanging loose

Doing just what we want to do

Tripping the light fantastic in our dancing shoes

Rocking away to the universal rhythm and blues

Caught up in the cosmic groove.