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Beware the decievers

Beware the decievers

Who whisper in your ear,

Trying to mislead you

Playing on your fears,

Offering you everything

When they’ve nothing to give,

Beware these decievers

They wish to control how you live,

Just listen to your own voice

And you will find your own beliefs.

The coming year

In the coming new year

Channel your spiritual strength

And allow your consciousness to manifest

At higher frequency like you are blessed

Sow seeds of love and oness

Create beauty and start radiating

A desire for fairness and equality

As you grow and start evolving and transcending

In every single way that you wish.


A gap in the ponderance

As we reflect upon our existence

That moment between thoughts

That space between each breath

That is what is mindfulness

That is the present moment still

A break from all the mindless yabber

A moment of quiet in a chaotic place

It’s a place of solitude and bliss

It’s a perfect present of uniqueness

A balance of things that is a gift

For spiritual love it is everything

That evolves from this nothingness

Of the conscious being.


You are a living entity of energy incarnate

And yet this in your thinking is too hard to comprehend

You feel at ease with external illusory creations

Than you do in seeing the magic within

You waste a lifetime chasing futile desires and dreams

While ignoring how you could be growing, developing and enlightening

Through connecting with yourself

But you’re more obsessed with connecting with everybody else

You chase material gratification that is sated as soon as achieved

And that makes you end up feeling so unsatisfied and empty

Yet if you knew how glorious and gratifying discovering yourself truly is

You would then understand how Practising spirituality leads to bliss

And casts out the illusory external fake us

That yearns but fails to lift up how we exist.

The happiness truth

Happiness is brewed within

Created by your own imaginings

It can banish all sad feelings

It has the power when dreaming

To give life better more positive meanings

Lifts the heart and glades the sold

Happiness is internally grown

No other means can evolve

And linger in the same way as achieved from within.

Nihilism and existence

There is a struggle

To prove we exist

In a physical form

But this is pointless

We are mere energy

Undergoing transcendance

And as a result nihilism

Ends due to this

The lives that we live

Are grey and meaningless

A mundane repetion

Of relentlessness

As slaves to systems

Seeking to control us

Each one built on lies

And academic and economic histionics

As philosiphised by Nietzsche

Of which I am in agreement

The only consequence is one

Of nihlistic abandonment

For religion and systems

And economic states

Do nothing to help humankind

They just cause division and hate

As these illusory creations

Of peoples minds

Bind us in domestication

And bind us in ties

That represent chains

That limit our freedom

And that restricts us

From sensining our own

Futile struggle with existence

Where the physical illusion

Controls our minds

And urges that spiritual energy

Is falsehood and lies

But nothing could be

Further from the truth

Yet the flawed human condition

Desires and insists on proof

Yet the proof is in consciousness

And can be seen on awakening

And is seen at the moment

When the chains hold us in place

Finally start breaking.

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Frequencies that ignite us

Trees bare of leaves

You and me bare of skin

In imagination

We see what’s within

Se branches on trees

And our bodies arteries

Yet look very closely

And see the energy

The power of the conscious

And the power of the mind

We can create

We can design anything

That we choose to define

And as the wind blows

Through the branches

And the arteries

And the conscious thoughts

That cascade and flow

Imaginatively through our mind

The pineal spark lights up

Soaking up the energy

Like the roots of every tree

We ignite with frequencies

Of pure creativity

Just like a super string theory.

Live a life euphoric

When we live a life euphoric

We soar skyward meteoric

We rise and explode like fireworks

Of diamond in the dark night sky

And emblazon it with our colour

That scatters forth from our imagination

As if we have become powerful enough to design new constellations

And as we light up the dark canvas like a painter

Splattering paint all over to create whole new scenes

We can build through our love and hope

Whole new aspirational dreams

That make us glow and shine out like we are Kings and Queens

Of consciousness and frequencies vibrating on levels of higher awskenings.

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Colourful life

A green swath of leaves

A blue ocean wave

A white puff of clouds

Float past in the sky

Purple sweet scented lavender

A field of vibrant bluebells

Mellow yellow daffodils sway in the breeze

Colours are everywhere

In real life and fantasy

So why should it matter

The colour of you and me

It encourages amazing diversity

Variety is something that is very healthy

For the soul and the spirit

For the heart and the mind

Sad are those people who are colour blind.

Moment by moment

Moment by moment

We walk the path

Moment by moment

We leave behind our past

No reason for regrets

No reason to look back

Just living in the moment

Just live in reality

Just open and conscious

And wide eyed and awake

Leaving nothing but happy memories

Behind in our wake.