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I, in isolation


I, in isolation

As one

With creation,

As life

I seek privation

I rise up

Like an incantation,

Shining light

Full of incandescence

I sense the essence,

Of a life more spiritual

Not as a ritual

But as a foundation

Of the universal dream

That resonates deep inside of me.

Creating emotions


We can feel every emotion at anytime

Just create it in your mind

Then focus on it and leave the world you live in behind

And create a new place through your imaginative design

Build it up and make it full of colour

Happy or sad, this is some that only you can decide

And the believe in it without reservation

This is down to your elucidation

Defining the power and strength of your consciousness creations

This is your opportunity to shine

And demonstrates the power of your subtle sublime mind

So think about this, not rashly but take your time.

No fear here now


What’s left to fear

For those of us who’ve suffered so much,

Such loss, such hardship

We’ve already met the cost,

We’ve already paid the ferryman

For the rivers we have crossed,

In and out to hell and back

We’ve been through it all,

So why fear what is beyond this life

It can’t as sad, painful or hurtful.

Time isn’t on our side


Time seems irrelevant

Passing us by each day

As we lose touch with friends and loved ones

Somewhere along the way

Then a message on the wire tells you some of them are now gone

And it takes you back to time with them

That you had let go and forgotten

But then the heart is punctured at the fondness for them and the loss

Then you realise how short time actually is

And it is something we’ve not got enough of

And it’s important that special memories and people

Should never be forgotten or lost.

Universal Investing

Universal Investing

To blessed with grace is amazing

To be rooted in love is fine thing

To have inner peace is defining

And realising synchronicity is designed dream

Shows that you’ve evolved into an aware being

Awakened and showing you’re a light beam

Of pure spiritual essence Manifesting

In you I can tell the universe is investing.

A tear shed tonight

A tear shed tonight

Someone’s shedding a tear tonight

Somebody is grieving for a lost life

Someone’s feeling the pain of loss

Somebody’s light had been lost

And enduring this is too hard to bare

Knowing that someone special is no longer there

It wouldn’t hurt so much if we did not care

But we do and that’s why at our heart it tears

So spare a thought for someone’s tears tonight

And spare a thought for those alone tonight

Grieving over the loss of a special life

Who will miss the beauty of their amazing light.

Defeating demons


The weakness of the flesh

Under her torn dress

Bloodstained from her demonic encounter

Moksha, Harem, Sheol

Ancients all from times of old

Demonic ravers with no compassion

From the gates of Hades they have a passion

For seeking out innocents and stealing their souls

But this time round let the story be told

Of the woman they chose to posses and control

Who they never realised was born of undeniable divine resolve

Who would fight them with everything she had

With her love and her faith and using good to beat down bad

And in this arena as they sought to rent her limb from limb

She defeated the demonic ravers, rooted in immortal sin.