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Clarion and swords

In a far off land

A war was being waged

Innocent people with their lives paid

And in their own blood they bathed

As bombs exploded and bullets were sprayed

This continued night and day

Then during the start of a new day

From on high angelic forces came

Enough was enough and down they came

With incandescent filigree swords displayed

In wings of might, dressed in white

They used from their swords bolts of light

In unrelenting power and energy

Rending dead all war machines and technology

Binding soldiers of aggression

Into a army marching in procession

Both in a mix from either side

Both to be judged in the wrongs of taking lives

Both to be faced with their deeds

For making women and children bleed

For the wholesale killing of families

And at the head of the procession brought to the battle field and forced to their knees

We’re those who ruled and those who lead

To answer for their crimes against humanity

This would serve as a warning to all

As they heard around the world from on high a loud trumpet call

And all were found guilty

And no life was spared, this only to me seemed fair

They were taken to pay for the evil they had done

And as a warning to everyone

That angels with their swords and clarions

Would protect the innocent from now on

Until the rest of humanity learnt the error of their ways

On giant winged horses

They were might on display

But to those who were innocent

And to those who were good

They looked pure, kind and compassionate in their look

No anger of fire in their features or eyes

No pride in taking warmongers lives

Just a wish to bring humanity to a time of peace

And end to war and a welcome release

The hate the bloodshed and also death

Humanity could now take time to catch its breath

And step back from the brink of self annihilation

As nuclear weapons were taken from all nations

And with it went the fear felt by all poulations

As they took to the streets in celebration

That a divine hand finally saw fit to intervene

And force war into obscurity

And the message was clear

It was time for change

A time for human beings to learn to coexist in more peaceful ways

Being tolerant and caring

And rediscovering love

A dream of which I can never get enough of.

If all you ever do

If all you ever do is simply breathe

And be still of mind so you can see beauty

If all you ever are is kind to all and live a life that is spiritual

And you feel love for the whole world

Then that my friend is truly enough.

Money, people’s obsession

Money, people’s obsession

Money, to buy useless possessions

Money, to which we’ve become slaves

Often taking our debts to our grave

Money now gets in the way of living right

Money, ends people’s life

Money, often causes suicide

Debt, depression it’s just not right

Leaves us believing there is no light

Work hard but no matter how hard you try

Your dreams never seem to fly

Instead they constantly fizzle out

And yo feel you need to scream and need to shout

Money is the root of misery

Money is the root of unhappiness

Money is something of which people get obsessed.

Don’t get it twisted

Don’t get it twisted

Don’t lose yourself

Trying to be

That who others

Seem to think that

You should be

Remember you’re unique

And can be

A little bit crazy

And a whole lot flawed

But those are the things

About you that others

See and adore

Within you

So don’t get it twisted

Be the authentic you

Be honest and true to you

And live how you choose too.

Back to nature

I want to be

Absorbed into nature

I want to be one

With the earth

I want to feel

As one with the soil

Feel the seed of life

As it uncoils

From my being

Up through

The ground

And blooming

From the sun and rain

That have nurtured

My seed from within me

Reincarnated beautifully

Grown once more

But differently

Less suffering

And anxiety

Less stress

More feeling free

As part of nature

I am grown to be

Simply what I am you see

No expectation

Of being something else

Just me

This seed

Just me

Not judged

But accepted

As simply me

This seed

That is me


Night flight

Night flight

I need light

I need to get away

Moon lit flit

I need it

I need an escape

Take off to far away

Find another place

New start

New life

Just watch me

As I fly away

Never to come back again

See my light

As it fades to grey

Weary of life today.

Grind, our a life

Another hard week over

Another week of toil

It’s hard everyday working and flogging yourself

But there is nothing else to do

It’s the way has to be to pay the bills

And I appreciate being employed

But it’s hard work grafting at a job

When it’s w egg iting that I really enjoy

So I rest up over the weekend

Which I know will go by to quick

I just have to keep on going

I have to simply to exsist

It’s a hard life when your faced with the grind

Of a day to day harsh life.

Melting moon

The moon melted in to the sea

The white iridescence mixing with the blue and green

It shimmered over ripples beautifully

And stars join in like a silent soliloquy

Vibrating on creations frequency

And fish and other mammals dance with glee

Beneath the sea as if in a dream like fantasy

Oh what a sight to see

And it can be if you have the open eyes to believe

That anything can be created by the mind

We can celebrate this every nighttime

So be thankful for the conscious creative sublime

Formed out of beauty by design.

Image courtesy of Pinterest


Faith dimension

Sitting meditating

Floating high among the clouds

Contemplating the fifth dimension

With a furrowed brow

How do I experience this

What do I need to do

Then like the enlightenment I seek

There is a golden rule

Don’t think don’t chase

Just let it all go

And understand we already there

Some how some way we made it through

The galactic quantum tear

That let us take a peek right through

To see what’s actually there

A multiverse of thrills and spills

And other realities we can share

Alternatives to this life we live

But on different parallels

Neither one being heaven

Neither one being hell

Just a place evolved from this

And other manifestations.dwell

And welcome us in with open arms

And a myriad stories to tell.