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Speak your own words, from you own thoughts


You can quote from Bakunin, Mao and Marks

If you think like it defines you as some bright spark,

You can spill words from right wing fascist doctrines

If you think that somehow it makes you a superior being,

But the truth is you are just repeating others words

Which is self defeating,

Speak with your own words and be unique

Discover your own ideas that you then speak,

Left wing, right wing is all pretty much the same game

Try to step out of the box and think in a different way,

Many of these ideals led to murderous horror stories

The killing of the innocent for ideological glory,

Killing over politics,

Killing over colour,

Killing over philosophy,

And religious dogma,

Words can kill and lead to hate

Use your own words in impeccable ways,

Don’t go repeating the same mistakes.

Racist, anti-Semites just repeating a megalomaniac mantras,

Choose a higher level of philosophical stanzas,

Choose love, peace and harmony as your own words and thoughts,

Don’t be indoctrinated by those from who you were taught,

Don’t listen to the crazy governments who seek to control

And send you off to war because they’ve got no soul,

Use your own power and your own conscious mind

And manifest a belief structure that is uniquely self defined,

Created from your newly cleansed and unpolluted mind.


Driving ambition to push us through

Headstrong and fierce we must remain true,

To our authentic self to achieve our hopes and dreams

Relentless determination must be our theme,

So let’s ensure we create the most imaginative scheme.

Accept it or walk away


This was her way, to live life freely, to be open and be revealing, many, could not live this way, men found it hard to play along with her games, her rules were hard to accept, but her beauty took away mens breath and left them longing and wanting more, but they knew when she walked out the door, she was a free spirit to live as she wished, but there was something that they missed and that was, that she always came home, back to them, to her safe zone, but many men were consumed by jealousy, had a need to control, and lock her in a gilded cage, but that was not her way, free to fly was was forever the only place she would take as living state, accept that or walk away and many did, but not me, I promised to accept it all and stay, for the love we forged was great, and so I feel blessed each day.

Love colliding


We collided in a magma like explosion,

Fiery, hot and incandescent,

Pyroclastic irridescence in full flow

Sweeping away all that we had ever known,

Until the end of time we will always grow,

Into an amazing love, passion sown.


A sense of synchronicity


I sense synchronicity everywhere

I feel the future before it happens

By focusing on what’s going on around me and it’s fascinating

It’s easy to see the glow of life and the direction that it’s taking

When you pay attention to the games that are played

And you allow the conscious undertaking

To take you away

From the delusional fantasy created within your mind

And root you firmly into reality.



Fragmented into pieces

Broken like a mirror,

How proud you must be

To be the one who delivered,

Misery and pain upon me

Does knowing this make you pleased,

Leaving me now to search for a release

A release from suffering a release from life.

Dawn walk among trees


I walk among trees, stepping between rays of sunlight,

I walk in footsteps leaves crunching beneath my feet,

I am touched by nature a powerful yet beautiful thing,

I listen intently to the birds who sing and bring the new dawn in,

Dew is everywhere, the webs suspended between branches and leaves,

How can we not be amazed by something so outstanding,

We should learn to nurture it and we should sense how it is abounding,

In a divine like creationist fantastical utopian dream.