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I, the philanthropic spirit

Philanthropic that’s how I choose to be

Not misanthropic that negativity does not appeal to me

Kaleidoscopic are my spiraling multiversal dream

That stem the breaking of my domesticated themes

I don’t live life by unsophisticated memes

Everything I create resonates universally

So I focus on living in positivity

For their is no room in my world for toxicity

And if I connect sith my conscious reality

I can pledge true love and fealty

To humankind and so act forgivingly

In a kind and compassionate way the transcends and evolves me

Past small thinkers who in the past have wasted their time judging me

For I don’t worry what they say or act towards me

And if they have a twisted perception of my personality

That’s their problem in all honesty

And says more about them than it does about me

I am just a loving spirit roaming and flying free

Within my own equanimity because I am done with life trying to ruffle me

I’ve learnt to myself meditatively

In a peaceful sanctuary of spirituality

Which in each moment truly enlightens me and all my dreams.

Time to move from barbarian rule

We are led to believe that the strong rule

And as we look around barbarians use the tools,

Of power and might to control us all

But I think it’s times the barbarians must fall,

Humanity it needs to love compassionately

This earth needs healing hand to stop the wounds from which it bleeds.

For us there must be more in store

Than just the mindset of wars,

Nietzsche said ‘making predictions are the biggest cause’

So we should live in the present like we’ve never before,

Joining hands in unity is the message I implore

In the hope that we can open up the evolutionary door

And step into a new age going back to natural existential law

This would surely be a life and world worth striving for.

Hold on to the right ones

There are those who stay close when we have something to offer

But only those who remain close when we have nothing at all

Are the ones worth holding onto

These are the ones tha t will help us when in need

These are the ones who in you they love and believe

The others inky want you when you offer safety and warmth

If that dissappears you will see them no more

Don’t waste your life trying to hold on to those

Keep the loyal ones who stay forever real close

And let for them your appreciation and gratitude show

And these devoted soul friends will never go.

Reasons for retaining a conscious state

Retaining the conscious awareness of you

Allows conscious decision making so easy to choose

For in awakening and within awareness

Everything we create along our path

So much more obvious

We see the opportunities that normally we would miss

And shows us how to appreciate the fact that we exist.

Love in the ether

He felt her touch as he always did

She came to see him on frequent visits

They shared a connection no one could break

They took each others breath away

She was as light as an ethereal ether

He was grounded and would beseech her

Never to leave but to stay always

She wished she could too for it caused her pain.

Both lovers lost in themselves

They were not interested in the outside world

Or indeed in anyone else

They just remained in this house

Filled with love in everyway

But she was a spirit, a ghost at play

And he was lost in her haunting beauty

To love her forever was his duty

They vowed to each other never to leave

When his time come to pass and he would no longer breathe

She swore to take him and guide him home

To a place where he won’t be alone

A place in the afterlife where they could both roam

Hand in hand as lovers do

Sharing a paranormal love so true.

Out of the decay

The decay of our domesticated self

Opens us up to our true authentic being

The decay we witness within the system

We should see this now as an opportunity for our freedom

To be exerted and for us as spiritual beings to shine

Nihilism towards the status quo as it has been defined

We will learn to reject the politics and governmental ways

Build something new of a colourful array

That includes everybody no mater of colour, race or faith

We learn we are family and that must not decay

Our strength will bring unity

Our passion will bring love

Our soul will come to dominate

The spirit in all of us

So let’s throw out old conventions

That are toxic and negative

We must learn to grow and build a whole new mechanism in which to live.

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Rebellious, subversive anarchistic me

I am rooted deep within a rebellious soul

I am still subversive though some nay think me old

I am young at heart I don’t see my years

I’ve struggled through so m any heartaches and tears

And that’s why I won’t conform to the norm

I came in kicking and screaming when born

I’ll arrive at my grave bruised battered and torn

Covered in the scars of a life well fought

Standing up got truth and what is right

I refuse to turn a blind eye

Outspoken and full of belief

Always moving forward and refusing to retreat

That’s me, the unconvential old punk anarchist

Appreciating this life and world in which we exist

Sharing it with so many other a mazing species

Beauty all around in nature dazzling me

Why would I not fight for these thing

And an to war and people’s liberty

Whg would I not work towards a world of live and peace

Standing up against all for of slavery

Discrimination and inequality

These are the is s es that define me

And I still find time to set my so l free

As I meditate and heal myself mindfully

This is me and I make no apologies

It’s up to you if you choose to love or hate me

But nothing will ever change me

From living my life compassionately

This is the rebellious, subversive, anarchist in me

An existentialist, Buddhist thinking advocate you see

Living in my own concious reality

And never afraid to dream

And I never stop believing

In a love that’s created universally

By a biocentric theory that in itself is its own mystery

As is the miracle of all existence

Of which I show gratitude of being a part of

But I am still always string to effect change

In a world do dysfunctional and estranged.

Not spiritual you hypocrite

I hear hate speech uttered by religious types

It goes on all the time on all the sides

Whatever you believe about violence and death

Know that no God condones this

And I hope when you take you final breath

Your life review will reflect it

And you would have failed at living a good life

Because your violence and ignorance just isn’t right

So stop pretending to live a spiritual life.

I don’t do perfection

People strive so hard for perfection

Yet I am content being flawed

Because there is nothing wrong in flaws

Look at diamonds they have them and more

Perfection seekers are lost in ego

That is not the way I wish to be

I am happy being authentic and flawed

And full of love for all.

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Sinking in quicksand

Sinking in quicksand

I’ve learnt not to struggle

I wait patiently to be saved

I hope you see me slipping under

And I hope you throw a lifeline to me

For if roles were reversed is do the same thing

So don’t walk past ignoring and act blind to me

Please follow your heart and do the right and compassionate thing

And be the saviour of the day to me

So we can share a moment of kinship as well as humanity

Don’t leave me and watch me from a distance sink

Watch my head as it goes under

And stare in curiosity

This is too cruel and will shame you life

Knowing you chose not to do a good deed

And to demonstrate your descency.

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