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Observant and conversant

I have tried to be observant

And otherwise conversant,

With the world in which we live

And the universe of which we create,

Within our conscious mind

And within this self created time,

To be aware of opportunities

And mindful of synchronicities,

That cross our path upon our journey,

That may bring about epiphanies

That lead me into higher frequencies,

Of spiritual belief that maybe currently beyond me

And the words I wish to speak

But know that in the end

My consciousness and soul

Has all the answers I will ever need.


Present moment thinking

Every present moment

Should be your best moment,

Every present moment

Should be cherished

And lived likes it’s your last moment,

Make each present moment amazing

And make each present moment

A moment filled with love

And shine your light bright,

For in this moment

There is nothing better,

There is nothing else,

Just you, the light and love.

What could we do?

We share moments

That could never be

Forgotten again

We connected

We were affected

And there was no blame

Though we know it was wrong

We had our own songs

And cherished times

Spent together

They felt just right

Illicit and sensual

I loved you

You loved me back

What could we do?

When something feels

That very good

And though it was wrong

We were powerless

We could not resist

Each other in truth

What could we do?

You loved me

And I loved you.

Sons of God’s and daughters of men

Your under my skin

And I can’t begin,

To imagine

Being without you again,

You’re like a drug

An amphetamine boost,

You’ve got me addicted

That is the truth,

We are Nephilim.

You are the daughters of men

We are Sons of God’s,

Yet somehow you

Drew us in,

With you beautiful looks

And your delicate ways,

We knew at once

We could not be saved,

From falling in love with you

We succumbed to the truth,

That we had become addicted to you,

We are Nephilim.

We gave up the halls

Of heavenly life,

We came down

To see the beautiful sights,

Of feminine grace

And to sample the bliss,

Of savouring on your sweet kiss,

Daughters of men you maybe

But as a Sons of Gods

You enticed me beyond belief,

We wanted to spend our lives with you,

Give up everything and that’s the truth

We are Nephilim.

The blood spilt, it’s all on you

Drops of blood

Dripping from

Bloody hands

That allowed the guns

Or that gave the commands

Much weight must be borne

By those who see others mourn

As a result of their decisions

To rent life from innocent victims

In the name of something unknown to them

In the name of something irrelevant

When weighed up in the scheme of things

Money, power and a lust for war

Drip, drip, drip the blood you spilt

The deaths you caused

That guilt and shame is all yours

Bear it if you can

And in judgement at the end of life I hope you understand

That you were a brutish human.

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Dia De Los Muertos

Colours are so bright

They shine in the night,

A beautiful scene

You could hardly believe,

Celebrations abound

There’s lots of love to be found,

Faces painted so well

It’s hard to tell,

Who’s alive and who’s dead

On the day of the dead.

Dia De Los Muertos,

The Mexican phrase

Celebrating those who’ve passed away,

Rather than mourn

They see a new dawn,

Knowing their loved ones

Are happy and safe.

The day of the dead

Requires no tears

The day of the dead

Shows there is nothing to fear

In the afterlife

With colours so bright

Lighting up the night


The day of the dead.

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Negative words are poison

So they should be carefully chosen

Negative attitudes are toxic

So we must use our energy to block it

Light up life cast out darkness

And celebrate the day

Light up life and be the love you crave

Don’t spread poison

Don’t be toxic

Shut out all this bad stuff

And just rise above it

Be the love in every single moment.

Hateful leaders

Leaders around the world today

promote and preach hate today

and too many people follow and that way

there has to be some balance

within this shameful display

there is far too much violence

and way too many wars

many of them without a proper cause

except greed and power as well as domination

why is the world divided into nations

when we are all once race

we should get back to being human

reject all negativity and hate

and make this world a more peaceful place

stop the violence, stop the wars

stop the mindless killing

and those genocidal people

who seem to think young children

and innocent bleeding and dying on the streets

we need to have a rethink of what we believe important

to prosper humanity for now and all eternity.

Worrying what comes after detracts for living now

People worry so much about dying and what comes after

That often they forget to live

So many spend so much time accruing everything

In the form of material possessions

And trying to achieve some fame

They forget to live and enjoy life

And in a a world as beautiful as this

That my friends is a shame

So many people live life angry

Craving hate, violence, death and war

That in the end they are blind

To what life is worth living for

Not to bring about the end of other lives and inflicting misery

But rather resonating love and compassion

And fostering equality and peace

So that we can share as one united humanity

The precious wondrous life we live

Which is simply amazing to me

So worry not about anything

But being happy in each moment

And feeling every ounce of love in the present

Make this your soul testament.

My simple theory on life immortal

A life immortal

What is this?

One single life

Spanning eternity?

That’s what people

Fixate on

When thinking about this

But a life immortal

Is about us as energy

About when this vessel

That we inhabits

Is worn out

And past it’s time

Our energy

And conscious mind

Unlike the body

Doesn’t die

It returns into

The ether

Of the universal

Spiritual realms

Prepares itself

For reincarnation

And then finally returns

And some say

But this is new life

Nothing to do with the old

But deep within

Your DNA there is a story to be told

Locked within our sub consciousness

There are memories

Of all our past lives

But we have not learnt

To unlock them

And show that this is right

We are not our bodies

We are more than that

We are energy

And consciousness

That can never truly die out

We pass through realms

And dimensions

Learning lessons on the way

In a hope of evolving

And transcending

To enlightenment one day

Just my simple theory

Of what life immortal means

A thousand lives lived over

Leaving in our minds

A thousand dreams.