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You are my pleasure


My absolute pleasure is you

You leave me breathless, ain’t that the truth,

Excuse me for being forward and risking seeming rude

But I am in awe and amazed by every aspect of you,

I want and thirst for all the things you do

So don’t think I am attempting at being lewd,

But I desire and crave for your every hue

I find you fascinating and you like you as my muse,

For inspirations such as you are far to few.

Give it more


Always give people what they need

By planting the best best seeds,

Fertilised by truth, love and honesty

When we write this must be our maxim and our decree,

Leave them feeling weak at the knees

With words and feelings that endeavour to please,

Take them to the literary peak

And when you leave them breathless, barely able to speak,

Give them a little bit more

More than they knew you had in store,

Leave them exhausted by your words they adore,

Be every aspect of poetry that they choose to absorb,

Hit them straight between the eyes

With poetry that is passion filled and raw.

I wish I were an alien


I wish at times I were an alien

Not one of those twisted, fucked up homosapiens,

Of which some are still knuckle draggers

Real neanderthal stupid tea baggers,

I wish I were able just to leave here

Take off and go back into space,

And reconnect with my family

Their a part of the intergalactic race,

Travelling light years not lost in the fears

That humanity just loves to embrace,

Free and adventurous on journey of discovery

Not part of a mankind that hates colour, faith and creed,

And bases it’s advancement on war,billing and greed,

And thinks if you’re surrounded by glossy material things

Then man you really have achieved,

This kind of stunted thinking, we’ll it don’t impress me

I’d rather be roaming the galaxy,

Travelling to world’s previously unknown,

Studying what we find and learning do we can grow,

Just imagine if humans could do this,

They’d kill every fucking thing they find

So that they’re all that exists,

And you wonder why I’d rather be an alien than this,

It’s because I wish to evolve and not find a way that I can self destruct and become extinct.

Undermining you


We undermined by things we read on the internet,

We doubt ourselves and wonder if we need a personality check,

So to do this we go back online

Rather than study the real us inside,

And consume all the answers because Google is always right,

We’ve sacraficed ourselves at the alter of the internet

And now we worry we’re not perfect,

And that somehow we’re not the best,

We learn from this our life is lacking and instill self doubt,

And this is the stuff self hate is made of

And this makes me really want to shout,

Nobody can define you, only you can find this out,

From introspection and self study

We then learn what we’re all about,

We cannot seem to grasp the point that we’re all fucking flawed,

Now make the most of life and don’t believe you’re a failure anymore,

Make the most of this life and stop undermining yourself,

It’s not just self pitying but it’s also bad for your mental health.

Open my eyes

Open my eyes

Open my eyes to your colours

Your golden heart,

Your deep red lips

Your milk white skin,

And your black hair

But you’ve a rainbow of colours everywhere,

That I spy in your aura

And that’s why I very much adore you,

You’re beautiful in all your radiance

Shimmering in hues when calm,

Throbbing deep dark colours when you’re filled with passion,

Your conscious cosmic colourfield

To me will never go out of fashion,

Open my eyes wide to your colours.

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How I heal


When I need healing

I tune into love and light,

When I feel wounded

I walk away from the dark,

For there’s no help there

I need positivity and the goodness,

That can wash right over me

That’s how I heal,

I tune into good vibes

And higher frequencies,

I still my hurt mind

And I leave the past behind,

I just keep moving

There’s no point in standing still,

I focus on the true love

That’s within me still,

That’s how I heal

Tuning into to the light and the good feels.

Draw me in


Draw me in to your life

Light me up with your light,

Dance with me tonight

Under the stars,

And the moonlight

Let’s enjoy life’s greatest delights,

And let’s just fall deep in love.

Draw me into your world

Show me what you need from me,

Let me give you all that you want

Let’s both fall in love by degrees,

Let’s enjoy making love passionately

Let’s just fall deep within love.

Let me into you,

Let me love you

Let’s get physical

Underneath the stars,

Underneath the moonlight

Let’s both get wild,

And forget the stress of life

As I light up your body,

With lustful delight

Let’s just fall deep within love

And love long and freely.

True self


Where do we discover ourselves?

I don’t believe we find ourselves in others,

Not do we find it anywhere outside,

I believe we find ourselves within

And we can expose it when writing,

While bleeding ink onto the page

Allowing our conscience to be assauged,

Then in this way we discover our authentic self each day

So let’s be the best we can and let’s amaze,

Shine like a star and blaze a trail.

Can’t pretend to be friends


I close my eyes and I dream

Those days of you and me,

When we thought we had it all

The greatest love, beyond all,

We may have taken love for granted

That’s how the emotional descent started,

How did it happen, how did it end

We can’t now even pretend to be friends,

Where did the love go

How did the division grow,

How did we drift apart this way

Where did the love go,

How did it all end

Our love was something on which we could depend,

And now we can’t even pretend to be friends.

Grow together


Marriage and relationships are not built on sanctimony

They are built on love, trust and mutual respect,

We are all lost souls clinging to dreams,

Share them together and grow

From the love seeds you decided to sow,

And know it will transform what we need into higher frequencies.