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I wonder if some people

Have to much time on their hands,

Because even when you do your best for them

They always find a way to be criticising,

Despite the hard work put in that they don’t see

The planning and ensuring everybody’s safety,

Yet to them, the uninitiated and inexperienced

Doing what they want done is easy, isn’t it?

No it’s not that easy, no plans are needed

Cate needs to be taken so lives are not put at risk needlessly,

Just to satisfy you and keep you pleased

So save your complaining for something bigger and more worthy,

Leave us to get on with work, as you sit with your frustrated pen

Dreaming of a new thing,

Of which you can start complaining

If that gives each day you live some kind of meaning,

Then fine but from here those actions just look trivial

And waste of good ink.

Bad day


I had bad day today,

Cleaning up other peoples shit

I mean literally I did just this,

I have no problem with people who live their lives always being mobile,

But why do they trash the places they stop at

Why can’t they just pick up their shit?

And take their rubbish with them

Rather than leaving it for others to clean,

I appreciate their ideals on wanting to live freely,

But does it have be at the cost of me and the people I manage

To have to clear up and clean their shit away,

Ok, so this is a bad day, yet I don’t want to offend anybody

This post is just explaining, ,clear your shit up next time

And all will be I am sure cool and ok.

What the hell!


Tell me what the hell is it all about

Despite the screams and all the shouts,

Despite the noise resonating so loud,

And the clear dissent and dissatisfaction

Nothing changes inspite of even direct action,

We are considered so meek and irrelevant

By those on power and by them that rule

They treat us all as fucking fools,

They don’t need to listen to what we say

What’s the point they ignore it anyway,

Lowered food safety standards

Increased fracking licenses across the country,

Did this under the backdrop of Covid 19

Their stealth tactics are so obscene,

Now they wish to track us with their data machines

Says it will help control the disease,

Early intervention would have been more effective

But they don’t support us being reflective ,

Because it maybe obvious to see the ineptness of which they dealt with things,

And despite the justified hue and cry

And the sky high figure of people who died,

They are still laughing at questions

Taking no responsibility for the accusations,

They wash their hands of all the guilt

Will blame the public to the hilt,

Will hit us with new austerity

That will inflict so much misery,

But causing misery is their business

Keeps us busy trying simply try to survive,

And they’ll carry on as always

Living their champagne lives,

While doling out insidious lies

And the background the poor will die,

But they won’t fucking care because they could care less

As they think we’ve got no right to life.

What’s going to happen next


I guess we never know what’s around the corner

What plans and ideas are being installed by the ruling order,

We simply have to find a way to cope with it

As the elite eat caviar the poor eat shit,

But what. Do you expect with a trickle down theory

Or free market, capitalist machinery,

Not that any other system seems to get it or have it air tight

The governments keep eroding all of our rights,

Stopping us from having a say or making a change

They’ve got themselves protected everyway,

We end up simply having to live in a world that is dystopian

That’s out lot and there is no reason to be hoping,

This is going to change any time soon

So governments will continue exploiting me and you,

Only if people become unified and choose

To reject, object and rebel against this abuse,

Will they ever take us seriously but as it stands they don’t,

As we head towards the precipice of mankind’s and earth’s tipping point,

And then when extinction hits it’ll all be to late,

To rise up and try to save the day,

Which is the reason they laugh at us day by day,

They’ll be no one left to analyse who is to blame,

It will simply be a testament to humanities shame,

That they were not capable of meaningful change.



A world of various rainbow colours

A paradise place beautiful and scenic,

A wonderland of a multitude of different species

A world that could easily be consumed with love,

How can a place like this not be enough,

How could anybody believe it to be right

To destroy this amazing world so bright,

But they do and they are because mankind is a blight.

I hope one day


I write words

I hope will last forever

I write my feelings

To bare my soul

I hope one day

We’ll come together

And achieve the things

That we need to achieve

We need peace and no wars

We need equality and fair laws

We need a lot more love

And a lot less hate

And in my words

I spread this message

Hoping it resonates

At people’s core

And I hope one day

We’ll come together

And bring about

A real time of change

Like fighting big pharma

They don’t heal

In fact they do more to harm you

Like fight vivisectionist

Because they must be stopped from doing this shit

Animal deserve much more than this

So I put it down on paper

I put it into words

And hope I will be heard

And that the message lives on

And I hope one day

We’ll come together

And make a stand

For all that is right

Like fighting the good

Environmental plight

Fighting for species

Who have the right to survive

And I one day

We’ll come together

To bring about a better

And more conscious age.

Extinction way


It didn’t take long here mankind’s back,

In its cars and out and about

Polluting nature one again,

Bikes and lycra put away,

Less cyclists and less joggers

More traffic jams as they flock to the beaches and forests,

Like the virus disappeared and we learnt nothing

A blip, a momentary pause in our madness,

Once again heaping on us environmental sadness,

The pause was a chance to allow us to change

But we’re taking it now and throwing it away,

So we can carry on travelling down extinction way,

Out of ignorance and arrogance while not accepting the blame.

Nature thrives while mankind’s away


I hear the sweet bird song

And I catch a waft of the flowers,

Nature in full bloom as I walk for hours,

A clear blue sky no chem trails to be seen

And die to this lockdown nature is now thriving,

And the bluebells carpet the forest floor

Snow drops thrive, which I adore,

And crocuses and daffodils are blooming everywhere

And it’s amazing how beautiful is when man’s not been there,

And there’s abundance of insects abound

Rabbits and squirrels are running around,

It’s as if they are all making the most of this

Our environment thrives and mankind is not missed,

The air is cleaner for no planes or cars

You can see the benefit both near and far,

As the ecological balanced is being restored

But mankind is chomping at the bit to go back outdoors,

Will lessons be learnt, or will we go back to destroying it as we have before?

I can only hope and dream that we see people appreciate nature more and more

And stop the destruction by the corporate vandals by enforcing new laws,

To protect this treasure that I see around me on this beautiful new dawn.

Without forebearance


The slow and unyielding desolation of all species

Except for our plague like humanity,

Which without forebearance erodes habitats

In its greedy sprawl of globalisation,

Replicating the effect of a creeping cancerous spread

We have become the selfish canker,

Arrogantly and ignorantly believing it’s our God given right

To exploit and destroy our environment, to its uttermost limits,

Claiming intelligent sentience over all other existence

While polluting and choking our planet with chemical and plastic crap,

Not realising than soon there will be no way back,

Oh, woe is the foolhardy that believes it’s smarter than it is,

And oh, how it pity all things crushed under the weight of this outrageous misfortune.

Where did it all go wrong


Today it seems wrong to care

Community has disappeared,

All about individualism

Tainted with selfish beliefs,

All for one and nothing for all

Greed above need is the ignorant call,

Appealing to the blind and nasty fools

Who think caring doesn’t matter at all,

Survival of the fittest is what they say

Treating life like it’s a game,

Then crying and bleating when it goes against them,

How did we end up like this

With greed the top of humanities list,

Which will cause the extinction of all that exist

But many lack the wit or intelligence to understand this.