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Greener ways


They say to be green we will have give up driving cars and travelling in planes

I hear this time and time again

But tell my does this have to be the case

We just have to source new energy but money and dirty fuel gets in the way

They could find new sources to power these things

Not just battery operating

Hydrogen fuels can do the rounds again

But those who crave wealth don’t see the profit in it

Well it’s time big businesses started to understand

The change is happening, its what people demand

They better get on the right side of history

Fracking, tar and oil, coal and nuclear energy

Are only going one way, they will be obsolete

So get your act together discover new green energies

This is the future, climate ain’t just a fad

If you think you can halt this change then you are mad

The people have woken, future generations have spoken

Are you going to race towards change or are you going to lag

Hoping good policies will fade and that we will go back to more of the same

Ell it’s not going to happen, the shift is here

You can help navigate change forward, we’ll even let you steer

To greener horizons, to environmental bliss

But understand this moment should not be missed.

Nature is grace

Nature is grace

Sounds of nature echoes forlorn

Replicating an earth that is torn

We need a new hope and dream to be born

Out of the ashes of a shameful dawn

Where mankind abused it through exploitation

And may now suffer as a result of its ramifications

Nature is so beautiful and is pure and of grace

Nature is innocent and also chaste

So don’t let the wonder of it go to waste.

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Our house is a mess


Our house is a mess

It’s in danger of crumbling down around our ears

This is not a message of fear

It’s just one of warning

That with each day of dawing

The over heating and exploiting

Of all its resources

Is going to takes its toll in the end

We are taking care of anything

We’re taking out but not investing

Greedily we’re digesting

Consuming more than can be sustained

Not worried about the future for it’s to far away

Future generations will have to try to change

The damage that we’re doing today.

I reached out


I reached out my hand

It was a hand of help

But maybe you were to blind

Or just too stubborn to see

And you did your own way

But that was flawed philosophy

Damaged by life and all that had been happening

And I can surely relate to that

But you either get strong or get weak and then crack

You chose the latter way and now your life’s all over now

Your cards have been folded please leave the table

Leave and just walk away, find your strength

And find away to get back up again find

And faway to your self belief and headspace

in order to be powerful once again.

Times are changing


Global warming

Danger warnings

Paradigm shift maybe dawning

Questioning what governments say

They’ve seen how the people want change

The wise ones are getting on board

But the others are backing the corporate boards

Change now is inevitable

We need to plan a new timetable

Moving to renewable energy

We won’t change things by just planting trees

But it can begin with stopping the Slashing, chopping down and burning

The market place has to start turning

Stop buying products that perpetuate the peoblem

Turn to the products that will help them

Start becoming more consciously aware

They use fear but don’t be scared

So many are mobilising thats the truth

See the protest numbers, there’s the proof

As the worlds people need to clean up our act

See the pollution in the rivers and seas for the facts

See the fly tips littering the streets

And the waste that humanity is creating

Start to look to yourself and start evaluating

How it is we live and is it conducive

To ensuring a healthier, cleaner environment in which to live

And will it go some way to help reducing greenhouse gases

We are soon to be the voices

Not of the few but of the masses now.

The season of love

The season of love

I feel the grass beneath my feet

I feel it swaying gently

I taste nature in all its beauty

My head us swimming

With the aromatic fruit I see

Hanging from the trees

Of the lemon and orange orchard

I feel the blessing of this eden

This is the futile season

Of love.