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Can we talk


Can we talk

And communicate,

Without a need

To get angry or hate,

Agree to differ

Respect others views,

We have differing opinions

Both me and you,

And there’s absolutely

Nothing wrong with that,

But we can exchange knowledge

When we chat,

And share different beliefs

Without any need,

To get unnecessarily nasty.

Animal rights activism


Destruction of other species

We are the cause of so many animal extinctions,

So they should not be surprised when some of us fight back,

When we fight to protect animals that we say under threat,

I cannot just sit back and see what happens next,

I’ve seen to many baby seals being clubbed to death,

Seen to many fox hunts

See to many species being placed under threat,

Because of human expansion

To serve man’s greed,

To be served up on the table as an offering of meat,

Well if meat means murder then maybe we should think

If cosmetics and cigarettes lead to suffering,

Then maybe that’s beyond anything we should ask

There is a reason abattoirs are hidden in the dark,

Areas of our countryside out of sight and mind

Animal cruelty is wicked by design,

It’s time to start to make a change

Within our present lifestyles,

All kinds of vivisection is absolutely vile,

I taste the suffering within this and it taste so sick and full of bile,

And I won’t be forced to eat this anymore.

Fight for a future


As they try to destroy our future

Our fate is in our own hands,

As they pollute our beautiful Earth

With their fucking plastic brands

Is it really hard for you to truly understand,

They don’t want to depart from dirty fuels

And dirty energies,

Because there are to many fingers in those pies

And they belong to powerful and greedy,

So they promote climate denial

While at the same time playing along,

But don’t be fooled by corporations

That say they have your well-being at heart,

They’re all about the money

If they say different then they’re having a laugh

Cutting down the trees and5 creating higher co2 emissions

They know what they’re doing

But good luck with finding their admission

Beef farms are expanding

But that’s not good for all of us

In your future don’t place within their hands

Any of your fucking trust

They do not care about anything other

Than their profit margins

And what looks good on the profit sheets

Meanwhile half the world is starving

And a large part of the rest is currently flooded or burning

Yet they still insist that climate change is wrong and they continue denying
All the science

And all they really want from you is your ignorant compliance.

Hold my tongue


I speak out passionately because I care

But now I see it’s pointless for although even though they are aware

They still choose the path of environmental destruction

And travel down the road of hate and division

So there are no excuses because that’s a choice they made

But now for me I will try to avoid having my say

I will just focus on my own self development and meditate

Let everything pass me by each and everyday

Just listen to my breathing creating a mindful state

Rooted within inner peace and fuck the games others play

I will manifest a growth of wellness and goodness in me

Acknowledging the precarious nature of our earth, which is in need

See and understand how all governments make us bleed in the name of greed

But I will hold my tongue and wander through life free

And act like mankind’s hate, greed, violence and drive towards extinction,

Means nothing to me, I will just sit and concentrate on the breath that I breathe.

Wise eyes


Bad weather rising

Wind is howling outside,

The Jurassic Coast is eroding

Under relentless high tides,

High pressure allowing the sea to rise

This means for coastal defences there is little rest bite

I witness all of this with my very own eyes,

A consequence of climate change

That some choose to deny,

Buying into to corporate and governmental lies

The truth is something that they try to defy,

But the storms that are relentless now are a sign of changing times,

And this something only seen by the eyes of those who are wise.



Off I sail to Africa far away

The land of mystery and adventurous trails

Off to the land of the truly wild

Long have I traveled across many miles

Where wonderful culture and history resides

Africa is nature’s greatest prize

Long do I wish to home myself there

Among forests and rivers that many men dare

To discover and understand the best that they can

Africa the most magnificent of lands.

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Earth and mankind


This world

This earth

What is our worth

To exist in a place like this

We are one race

Yet so divided

Do we truly understand

What our life is

And what it means

And the value

That comes with it

The miracle that’s life

Equal to the miracle

Of earth and nature

That means we should

Learn to appreciate it

An show more gratitude

By exploiting it far less

And understanding the truth

That our existence

Is linked to our earth

And how we treat it

Will determine

The quality of life

And our length we exist here

So it’s our choice

To live in safety or fear

To give future generations

Something to look forward too

And something that we can be proud of

A future of wonder

Rather of extinction

This earth is our home

So treat it with the distinction

And respect it deserves

For all that it gives us

Show it some love

And live your life well

So that our self extinction

Can be quelled.