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Dirty tricks and smears

You can tell when the truth is being told

The media spin lies and people are told

That the in this case climate change

Is communist, left wing or a theory of the deranged

They will spin it everyway to protect the corporates

Joing them in this game is the government

Smearing the names of environmentalists

And the work that they do

Sacraficing their liberty as the police stick them in jail

For peaceful demonstrations which is our right in a democracy

But the media, the government and corporates

Will do anything to distract you from seeing their greed

They don’t want to save this planet

Their is no money in that

They just want to exploit it

This is a true fact

So they slander environmentalism

They call it misinformed and extreme

They don’t want us getting in the way of their dirty energy dreams

So they smear the climate change movement by any dirty means.

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People saving lives being arrested

There’s a voice of democracy that’s being quashed and oppressed

People trying to save lives are being arrested

When was freedom of speech seen as wrong in our state

We’re airing voices of love and peace not voices of hate

We’re trying to save this planet what’s wrong with that

But corporations with government and the police are hitting back

They see us as attacking their profits like its an attack on their greed

They have no care and blind to the planets needs

It’s them that polluted with plastic and chemical shit

And as always despite fracking and cutting down trees and killing other species

They manage somehow to get away with it

Exploiting and destroying all earth’s resources

We’re left with no other recourses

But to demonstrate in away that’s non violent and right

We take to them and intellectual fight

Yet some the system shows just how its wrong

Using tactics that are unlawful and wromg

It’s corporations that should be arrested and jailed

Not people trying to save lives on his the state has failed

Within its duty to to protect this earth

And to give future generations what they deserve

And environmentally healthy and safe place to live

Or they will look back at what we have done and never forgive.

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Beach watch

Cold day down by the beach

Yet the most wonderful sight to see

Sun glancing off of the still waters

Rippling along silently.

Beautiful nature and stunning scene

Stoney shingle beach,

Birds swoop down chirping their songs

Beach huts sit like sentinels in rows

Placed in stagger effect facing the beautiful sea

A great view for their owners to watch out of caually

I hope the appreciate this opportunity

To be part of an amazing scene

I would be grateful each day for being able to rest peacefully

Gazing out at this picturesque dream mindfully

Soaking up the love of nature and absorbing its energy.

No suprise there then

It’s no suprise the old fossils

Who run our societies

Won’t give up on fossil fuels

On dirty polluting energy

It’s no wonder to me

That those with their fingers

Wedged deeply in the pie

Promote dirty polluting energy

With false rhetoric and lies.

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Existence and resistance

When you threaten our existence

You must expect our resistance

When you threaten our planet

Expect our resistance

When you threaten us with fear

Expect our resistance

When you threaten us with lies

Expect our resistance

When you choose corruption

Expect our resistance

When you choose greed

Expect our resistance

When you choose discrimination

Expect our resistance

When you choose hate

Expect our resistance

We are the awakened people

And we will resist you

We are the activism

We are the resistance.

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Politics over need

People play politics

Over climate change

Dirty fuel backers

Love their gravy train

They can’t see past their greed

Cannot see that the planet is in need

Of a change of direction

And greener way

So it’s time to put your politics and greed away

See the real truth that you are trying to deny

Humanity is the reason why

Our planet is polluted

And choked with wires and plugs

Through exploitation our graves are being dug

Because raping this earth can only be done so much

And showing it a lack of love

And as the icebergs melt and the seas rise

And we view constant species demise

As we witness the plastic build up spreading like a disease

I wonder what it will take for you to see

The error of your ways and the insanity

Of allowing corporations to continue to cut down trees

In a need to graze cattle for them to breed

A policy borne out of stupidity

Based and rooted in a simple thought of pursuing their greed

They are now playing politics over humanity and earth’s needs

We need to show that they can’t just do as they please

Don’t be placated or appeased

By the lies they tell you so that they can feed

Their hunger for power and for greed

All for them not for all society

Don’t become as blind as them so that you can’t see.

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March under the same banner

We should all march under one banner

Of one race

One love

One earth

That will lead to peace

And the harmonisation of humanity.

Divide and rule is the tool of governments

To enable them to control us

Do not buy into their divisive ways

Their lies and their corrupting ways.

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Windmill minds

Windmills of our minds

Should see renewable defined

As away of creating energy

In a clean way that is green

And can sustain both you and me

Without the greed or need

For dirty fossil fuels

Or dangerous nuclear energy

That’s a past we should leave behind

Green renewables are the now and future times

So don’t be like dinosaurs

Let’s not get left behind

Those who refuse to see this

Are Ignorantly blind

And simply refuse to use their minds

To see progress and the signs

Taking us forward to save the world

And all humanity

Through solar, wind and oceanic energy

Just show faith and belive

We can achieve a greener cleaner world

We can still turn things around

And more energy will abound

That future generations can build on all the time

This is sanity by design.

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My calling

I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore

I thought to my self as I stood and saw

Mountain peaks and low lying clouds

As I sat on the precipice staring out from my shroud

In silent meditation way upon high

Feeling as one with the wide open sky

And down below the white snowy mountain

Dotted with green fir trees and ominous black rocks

In silence I feel that this is my spiritual lot

Drinking in peace and absorbing love

I show gratitude and I don’t question if this is enough

Because I am fully aware this is a blissful moment

One I hope never ends as I am detchated from all things

But even at this height I hear various birds sing

I feel on top of this world like a mountain top king

As one with nature and its amazing blessing

This is a wonderful world I sit assessing

The beauty and wonderment of it all

This is my destiny

The is my heart and souls call.

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A declaration of love

For all humanity

A declaration of peace

That I hope one day we’ll see

A declaration of kindness

No longer submitting to hating

A declaration of compassion

Is something we all need to be happy

A declaration of spirit of heart as well as soul

Step up and declare yourself the change within the world.