The end of the show

As if the dark Queen Enola Gay Didn’t wreak enough destruction, And took enough lives away Mankind is still looking for a different stage, In which to enact it’s next terrible play A real fucking horror that eradicates, The while and entire human race, And like lemmings we all run straight to the edge BecauseContinue reading “The end of the show”

Ecology over greed

When will we move beyond greed When is it we will see, That of more importance is our ecology, When are we going to understand The destruction being caused is caused by man, Polluting the air, sea and land The use of pesticides has got out of hand, Then man destroys forests cuts down treesContinue reading “Ecology over greed”

The place where I reside

The light beyond the window Reflects of the trees and their verdancy The warmth that caresses my skin Restores my inner belief That everything can be healthy And everything can make us happy If we focus on the positive aspects of life And I see nature’s special beauty with my own eyes In the splendourContinue reading “The place where I reside”

Habitat destruction

Habit destruction Aides virus construction, This is what science has found Extinction of other species, Effects all invisibly, Do why are we not making laws Stopping viruses and the cause, By acting more intelligently, Corporations do not like this It effects their profits, But that’s short sighted for sure, Because the more the pandemics theContinue reading “Habitat destruction”


Beautiful scenes , Beautiful views, Beautiful is a thing so true Something we should always choose, Beauty is something we should never lose, We must do all we can to retain what’s beautiful I don’t want ugly I am sure neither do you, Appreciate the wonder of nature that’s so beautiful.

The kids know

Still the climate change gets worse Still I feel the planetary hurt, Still those in power block all moves To bring about green deal rules, So much to be gained from renewables But governments keep and stick with dirty fuels, Still nothing changes it all stays the same Held in place by corporate greedy games,Continue reading “The kids know”

They try to drown me out

They shout me down They try and mock me, For speaking up For things that matter, I stand up for the poor They say it’s their own fault, I stand up for nature I am called a tree hugger, I stand up for peace That say that I am weak, They say these thing WhileContinue reading “They try to drown me out”

Trust the youth

Put down the youth when the protest When the make a stand for the environment, Downgrade the youth through their exam grades Government have managed to display, A contempt towards the youth of today in everyway The government is the problem of our social decay, The same old tired rich and privileged few Doing whatContinue reading “Trust the youth”

We are our greatest problem

Globalisation a real planet filler Urbanisation is a humanity killer Stripping and exploiting all resources at our disposal Self extinction is nature’s proposal As we invade the habitats of every other species that exists We can’t see how we put our own existence at risk Globalisation a real planet filler Urbanisation is s humanity killer.

Dirty people

What’s people’s problem today Beauty spots and beaches in the UK, Turned into eyesores with the litter and rubbish display They bring it, leave it but won’t take it away, Polluting the beaches and environment Allowed to continue by an ineffectual government, Yet I know this is repeated around the globe Clean your shit up,Continue reading “Dirty people”

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