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We hideaway


We hideaway within ourselves

We hideaway within our minds

We hideaway as someone else

We are the masters of hiding away

We hideaway our emotions

We hideaway our feelings

We hideaway our love

We hideaway afraid of being hurt

We are the masters of hiding away

We hideaway for no reason

Maybe it’s because it was within our teachings

Maybe we are scared people will see we’re flawed

Maybe we are scared we’re not so perfect at all

And so we hideaway who we are from life

And play out a roll, as somebody else

We lose the authentic us in this rigmeroll

Don’t hideaway you light

Don’t hideaway your beauty

Don’t hideaway your uniqueness

Show yourself and be blessed

And learn to never hideaway again.

A lesson taught?


Has this period of time taught us a lesson?

About globalisation and overpopulation,

Has it not taught that the future is in healthy eating,

No more seeking to extinct exotic species

No GMO’s but organic food policies,

Take out the chlorinated chicken

And keep it natural and fresh,

And instill some form of birth control

To reduce how much further mankind grows,

Invading habitats where animals roam

We are reaping what we sow,

Nature harnesses food which is grown

Out of the soil full of nutrients,

And can offer us endless nourishment,

It didn’t put animals here for us to eat

So many of them like birds and bats carry so much disease

And it goes into our food chain in which we eat,

Leading to us dying of a viral contagion epithete,

Learn these lessons and mankind may come out of this clean,

Cleaner than before, through managed birth control,

And nurturing nature, and eating healthily

Eating fresh and organically,

Not eating Frankenstein food grown genetically,

Modify our lifestyle and population

Will see us reducing down the epidemics and disease,

And we can discover new dawns and new horizons.

Plenty to question


The real important thing in life is to question everything, stop being gullible and slways believing, the stuff your fed, the things you think, that you see online and in memes, you really need to question everything. Why is ‘fight war not wars ‘ on every T-Shirt we wear, just to show that we actually care, why is ‘The only true authority your own authority ‘ repeated more in memes, maybe it’s because your controlled by media and government themes, that are set to distract you from the proof, that are always trying to suppress important news, that may show them for the greedy fuckers they are, if you question everything, you can never take it too far. Why do you not defend the earth, and try to protect nature, yet defend those who want you to be all haters, greedy men in government and multi corporations, why do you accept their lies and cause me so many frustrations, why are people not questioning more? why are we letting them destroy even more? why do we not stand up as one and protest health over wealth is a society that shows mankind and nature so much more respect.

Healthy eating


Why is it the healthier we try to eat

Like going vegan or organic,

The prices rise existentially

Taking the choice often away from you and me,

Why is it they want to exploit the healthy foods we want to eat

Is it simply just greed or is systematically,

They just don’t want us being healthy

The rich eat the finest products that they demand,

We eat processed shit out of boxes and cans,

Or that’s irradiated or stuff like chlorinated chicken

GM food will one day see us stricken,

Down with the chemicals and unnatural stuff of which it’s created

But it’s served up for us and plated,

But does anybody really know if it is safe yet,

But the healthier to option the higher the price

Corporations don’t give a shit about yours and my life,

Corporations are simply parasites,

Living and sucking off of you and me

Draining us dry in the name of getting wealthy,

I guess the best way is plant and grow your own

If you got the time which most of us don’t,

I wish I could plant and grow my own society,

Because if I could it would focus on what’s healthy,

Not for my pocket but for mine and everyone else’s body

Or we could as a united people protest and lobby,

For better food at reasonable prices

Where corporations don’t get the bigger slices,

Of the money being made from the sale of healthier food.



Time to invest in global health systems rather that fattening the wallets of billionaires, oligarchs and corporations.

Time invest in care givers, not money men, because they can’t help or save you.

Time to invest in environmental care, nurture nature and become aware, that a healthy plentifully replenished earth, endures a healthy existence for all.

Time to reshape our priorities, our lifestyle ideas, and time to reshape and change our economic policies, and push resources into renewable. energies.

Warning signs ushered in this year


What a year so far, bush fires in Australia and the US, burn nature burns at its own behest, floods in Jakarta, overwhelming villages, drown, nature drowns, what will happen next. Forty nine, Volcanic eruptions, the biggest one in Taal in the Philippines, roar nature roars, settling a few old scores. The rising seas from The Arctic ensure coastal shorelines get a battering, wave after wave, nature keeps its happening, then suddenly out of nowhere, a virus nobody could predict, Covid-19 nature’s biggest warning yet. Do we not get the message, do we not understand, there’s a message there from nature crossing every ocean, every land, are we so ignorant and arrogant we cannot hear nature’s words, symbolised in big events that effect each country around the world. It’s warning us of things to come, more powerful and destructive than we can know, telling, and it’s telling us to change our ways, before the final show, for nature can and will bring down the curtain on all humanity, if we don’t change our lifestyles, if we remain to blind to see. Do where we go from here right now is totally down to us, learn to live and nurture this earth and earn nature’s trust, or carry on exploiting it for power, money greed, and see how nature shows us the deadly seeds we sow, will end in the extinction that we will surely reap. You may call this alarmist, and you can call it fear mongering, but in the end it’s neither of these things but a sign of what is happening. Yes you can ridicule this, and call it and me what you like, but at the end of days when you’ve refused to see the light I’ll simply smile. But there is still time to bring about a change, a chance to save our souls but each of us must choose to become a climate change hero.



Consume the body

To let the spirit live

Consume the mind

So we can consciously forgive

The actions of our brutal existence

Existentially persistent

We of mindless actions be

Hater, fighter and bully

We of little or no respect

For environment

Or for other species

Consuming all we can through greed

We are the virus seed

Polluting all we touch and see

Poisoning the very air we breathe

Some mankind, some humanity

Cannot see or believe

The root of the problem is human beings

Speaking, acting without feelings

Consume, consume

Like the locusts we are

Stripping all wide and far

Consume the body let the spirit free

Consume the mind and live consciously

In a state of awareness existentially

Or consume the last of everything

And the taste the flavour of self extinction.