No more time

No more time left for us And do I am heading off to the stars No more dwelling where I am It’s time to travel far This reality don’t work for me I need so much more Than this life is offering now I want a better life somehow And floating in the ether AndContinue reading “No more time”

I did not know

Please understand How much you hurt me, Realise I am just human Cut me and I bleed, What you did I don’t think I really deserved, So why is upon me You forced this hurt, Can’t you see or understand The pain and my suffering, Is it really to hard To to see what you’reContinue reading “I did not know”

It’s about love not colour

She traces her fingers over his brown skin She longs for a different experience, She longs for his love and what he can give Her Caucasian skin would compliment his, She is not into discriminating She sees people as individuals capable of loving, She yearn for him, desires him every day His mind and hisContinue reading “It’s about love not colour”

Look into me and see my conscious reality

There are people I know who change constantly But I maintain my consistency, Being true to things that I believe Being existential suprisingly, Though it catches others off guard who don’t really know me, It never suprises me for you see I am internally pure anarchy, Rebellious, subversive and needing to be Uncontrolled and unequivocallyContinue reading “Look into me and see my conscious reality”

Within the jungle of me

I am in myself like a deep dark jungle, Large areas of me lay unexplored, I am not sure sometimes if I want to venture in deeper To places that I have never been before, I worry about things I may find Maybe I won’t like what I discover, Underneath the bracken and the denseContinue reading “Within the jungle of me”

Vale of beauty

Languishing in love and light, In vale of lavender and crocuses dotted here and there, With snowdrops and hyacinths With tall, elegant evergreen trees This is a paradise like scene, And I lay here on the loamy ground Listening to animal sounds, The birds singing and chattering With rabbits running all around, And I feelContinue reading “Vale of beauty”

A night to remember

Have you checked for my text It will be interesting to see what comes next, Two of us winding our bodies through life Dancing down the streets under neon lights, I see you grind that body so fine I see your beauty with that exquisite smile, Tell me classy lady where do we go fromContinue reading “A night to remember”

I can be like marmite I know

Like my words or not that’s your choice But I’ve got a right to a voice, I will say it how I feel I sanitise it I’ll keep it raw, Popular or unpopular what you hear and see is what you get, I take very prisoners and suffer no regrets, Because I am reflecting meContinue reading “I can be like marmite I know”

The power in what we do

Powers in the pen or keyboard And in the words that we write, Imagine knowing they could impact on somebody’s life, Think about how they can help when rooted in love and light Standing up for others and their human rights, Imagine your creativity brightening someone’s day Turning their dark moods into happier ways, AndContinue reading “The power in what we do”

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