The perfect night

Tonight I savoured good food

When we went out for dinner

We laughed a bit and it was relaxed

It felt so nice for the pair of us

And I took you home and though the night seemed complete

We share a momentary intense kiss

A connection in the heat of this

A sweet love thst felt like bliss

You asked me in for coffee

I thought of being a gentleman and declining

But I saw the need within your eyes and my heart it was pounding

The coffee was great as too the company

Of this there was no mistake

I leant in close and kissed you again

And felt you melting into this

I said I think it is time for bed

And you did not disagree or hesitate

I will awake in the morning

To see your smiling face

I will awake in the morning in a bed in your place

And we will share the scent of each other

After a night of tender love making

This is the perfect moment and the most perfect way to be waking

With the memory of shared bodies

And how we both reached our peak

In a moment of muffled moans

Anx you stifling a lustful scream

I will go yo work and so will you

And nobody will ever know

Just why it is we both glow

When we wake up tomorrow.

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Loved ones are always there

You caught me in the crosshairs

You caught me within your crossfire

And in the space of a moment

I felt the blows from your bullets hitting me

And they drove me down to my knees

Then you walked away leaving me to bleed

But thankfully there were people who loved me

And helped me up and which aided me to heal

That love I felt for them was more real

Than I ever felt for you

For they picked me up when you shot me down

They were the kind ones who read all of the signs

And stood by ready in the wings and bided their time

They saw you for what you were

But I was far to blind

But they never sat in judgement

For that is something that those who love you would ever do

But whatever may prevail us loved ones will always be there for you.

Midnight hour

It’s the midnight hour

And it’s dark and lonely

Thinking of you hurts

And all it does is makes me feel so cold

I ponder upon what it was we had

And how we seem to have let it drift away

Which is sad to say, in so many ways

Now in someone’s else’s bed and arm you lay

But I am not jealous, just regretting we drifted away

Leaving me lonely in the dark

Of this midnight hour which I find stretches out for so long

Postponing the up and coming day

Where I manage to salvage some happiness someway

And gives me hope that the future won’t be so grey

Though you’re always on my mind

Thinkinking of you in that bed that you lay

People ask why do you torment yourself this way

They don’t realise I hope you’re happy in everyway

Satisfied in with the love he gives you

Sated by what he does in the throes of passion

I just hope you’re getting satisfaction with him

In the same way you always did with me

For in this midnight hour I dream

That one day we will both be happy too.

Life of sighs

We live a life of sighs

So close but not enough to touch

It’s frustrating to have so little

When others have so much

But I don’t get jealous that’s not my way

I do not sit and cry over things I crave

Because the right things will come when the time is right

But it’s hard and so we live a life of sighs

As we dream of a different life than this

One not so hard and testing

But actually a world of calm, love and bliss

But maybe for me this life will never exist

It may always be one that is harsh and twisted

We learn more from this and that much is the truth

In this life of sighs there is nothing that I rue.

Rainbow wings

Transposing images of rainbow light
Into kaleidoscopic colours of prismic love
I feel the flow on incandescence
In every nerve and spiritual sense
I rip opnen up my heart for you
Show it bleeds not just crimson red
But a multitudinous array of shades and hues
Showing you my loves alive nit dead
And we can transcend in the end
To higher realms of being where we’re no longer best
By doubt and jealousy which is such a human thing
And we are more than this when we’re harmonising and resonating
On rainbow coloured loving angel wings.

Without love

Don’t be bitter about the pain

Or ponder on why they acted that way

Don’t be dwelling on the heartbreak

Just say bye and slide along

Once upon a time what you had was lit

But now there’s nothing left of it

Don’t be crying wasting good tears

Over those who are not worth this

Never close your mind or heart to love

Of this none of us should be deprived

Without love what’s the point of life.

Time passing

Time passes us by

We can’t fathom where it goes

We are to busy living life

When we’re young it goes so slow

But when we’re older

It passes by so much faster

It like a helter skelter ride

We desperately try to cling on

Holding tight trying to enjoy the ride

But fear and trepidation takes over

As we realise time is running out

But what the point of worrying

Everything is just what it is

Sit back raise your arms high

Bask in the warm glow

Of the golden summer time

That lingers deep in our memories

Reminding us of days sublime

Time passes us by

We can’t fathom where it goes

Time it passes us by

But we are still awesome and gold.