To good to be true

I should have seen it coming Trouble is never that far away, I should have known things were to good So now I am facing heartbreak once again, And I could not have loved you Any more than I loved in truth, You said it wasn’t m, saying it was all about you, I shouldContinue reading “To good to be true”

We can get along

Why is it some people Can’t just get along, Why must they hate And choose to discriminate, Why do they feel the need To choose greed, And ignore others in need Why are they so opposed, To any forms of equality, And why do they get So angry at me, For my set of beliefs,Continue reading “We can get along”

Tranquility Bay

I decided today to drift away Off to place called Tranquility Bay, Located within a mountain range And it is light years across space away, It may if I go be likely be won’t come back again Because of the peace and the beauty of Tranquility Bay, I may just make the decision to stayContinue reading “Tranquility Bay”

My part in existence

I am a part of air, of sea, of soil I am a part of the moon, of the stars, of the aurora borealis, I am a part of every planet, of galaxies, of milky ways, I am a part of all that exists, for I am light waves and energy, That makes up allContinue reading “My part in existence”

Show time

Sitting in a cafe basking in the stares Knowing men were checking out her wares, She gives the cutest little smiles Uses her feminine wiles, She flashes her long tanned legs Pushes out her firm breasts, In her crop top, low cut best Knows exactly what she’s doing, In control, putting men to the test,Continue reading “Show time”

Sweet angel sing

It’s something about you I don’t want to lose, In love your skin I keep sinking in, I love your hair And the love that we share, I miss you so much When you’re not there, I can’t let a day go by Without watching you fly high, Sweet angel sing And I can’t bareContinue reading “Sweet angel sing”

You’re some kind of strange to me

There was some kind of strange about you Something kind of strange in all you do, And it made me intrigued and that’s the truth Where did you come from I have no clue, It’s as if you’re not from here It’s as if you’re from another sphere Your voice that appears, Pristine and crystalContinue reading “You’re some kind of strange to me”

No more time

No more time left for us And do I am heading off to the stars No more dwelling where I am It’s time to travel far This reality don’t work for me I need so much more Than this life is offering now I want a better life somehow And floating in the ether AndContinue reading “No more time”

I did not know

Please understand How much you hurt me, Realise I am just human Cut me and I bleed, What you did I don’t think I really deserved, So why is upon me You forced this hurt, Can’t you see or understand The pain and my suffering, Is it really to hard To to see what you’reContinue reading “I did not know”

It’s about love not colour

She traces her fingers over his brown skin She longs for a different experience, She longs for his love and what he can give Her Caucasian skin would compliment his, She is not into discriminating She sees people as individuals capable of loving, She yearn for him, desires him every day His mind and hisContinue reading “It’s about love not colour”

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