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Forest fire

Sat among the embers of a forest fire

Sat here alone her plight is dire

One little girl, a little lost soul

Tears stain her blackened cheeks

She cannot be consoled

Everything in her life was just burnt down

In a forest fire where screams and shouts are the only sounds

This little soul is now beyond tears

The lost look in her eyes convey her fears

The heat still resonating like a furnace

Every thing around has now been burnt and death

Is everywhere and all around

Despite heroic efforts from so many firemen.

This little girls lost among it all

Standing all alone as the smoke palls

Charred black dress, sooty coloured hair

Blackened stained face and a fearful stare

I saw her through the burnt trees

Just over there and I told the firemen to go rescue het

But when I pointed to the spot she was no longer there

I told them what she looked like

And they just stared

And pointed to a row of bodies awaiting collection

And there I saw her laying with them

Was she an apperitions or was it her spirit

Either way she was gone now and it broke me into pieces

That poor little lost soul who lost her life this day

In the burnt out smoking forest glade

I hope she finds the ones she loved upon the otherside

For the firemen explained the whole family had died

A tragic tale of sadness and woe

My heart goes out to those

Who find themselves in Calafornia similarly exposed

To the tragic forest fires.

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The hurt game

You made my cry

Because of your lies

You made me feel

Like I was the bad guy

I you made me feel

Do worthless and needy

You made me feel

Like I can no longer believe in me

You left within me doubt

And self love doesn’t live here now

Look what you did

I hope you are happy

Look what you did

I hope you are proud

But I will get over you

And I will survive

I get stronger each day

I won’t stay down

I won’t give you the satisfaction

I will make you see

That you don’t have the power

To destroy me

You may have hurt me

But you will not instill misery

To the point where you end me

So don’t go thinking

You mean anything to me

Those days have gone forever

I needed you to know

Now it’s time for you to go.

I sit alone

I sit quietly

Nothing is moving

And tha darkness

Is now drawing in

I am just a child

And I feel so alone

How could this

Not be frightening

I remember my dad telling me

How my mum got too ill

And sadly god took her

And now she is in heaven

He told me donโ€™t be sad

Sheโ€™s up there preparing

A place for us

He told me

That for me

She had so much love

But I do not understand

Why dad says do not be sad

Why he cries himself to sleep

Why he cannot talk to me

I know I am just a child

And I canโ€™t hope to comprehend

But my dad is hanging silent

From the ceiling by the bed

Why did he it was OK to leave me

Alone in the dark

Did he not understand the selfish part

Of leaving me to join mum

Because of the pain

And to leaving suffering

Throughout my life again and again.

Candle love

Our love burns

Like a candle

It lights up the night,

Sometimes it may flicker

Yet somehow stays alight,

Our live is like a candle

Burning solitarty

And yet giving out,

A gIow and warmth

And feeling

If safety somehow

Bending in the wind

Yet reusing to go out

Our loved burns

So brightly

Glowing like a beacon

That guides us on our path

And aides us on our journey

That sees us home

And safe at last

For as candles

We shine a light

In the future

And the past

And reminds us

With out care

Our love may not last.

God fearing people

How can anyone claim to be

God fearing religiously

When advocating brutal wars

Using their God’s to justify their cause

When God sees us as all his children

I don’t understand your reasoning.

How can anyone claim go be God fearing

When they accept the slaughter and extinction of animals

In the name of research, habitat destruction and trophy hunting

For God loves theses creatures all great and small.

How can anyone claim to be God fearing

When we, who live within God’s creation

Poisoning, destroying and polluting it all

We’ve taken this paradise, this Eden

And manged to somehow ruin it like fools

God fearing I am not so sure

I think you maybe delusional

For those who seek protection for all humans, plants, trees and animals

May recieve God’s blessing on them all

And you may receive none at all

Because you did nothing at all

And in fact tried justifying it like fools.

Drunk on you

Clear is the wine

Produced from the vine,

Natural in taste

Intoxicated state,

Heady of mind

Craving the best,

Of this feeling

Of my drunkness

And it is the same

When I am with you,

You are the sweetness

Yes you are the fruit,

That makes me feel lightheaded

And drunk in truth,

I am intoxicated

When I am around you.

The dinner date

He teased her

Pleased her

Made her moan

He touched her

Loved her

Made her peak

He made her ache

As she held on tight

Nails dug in

As he loved her right

He made her scream

He fulfilled her dreams

She rode him

Like a sex machine

He pounded her

As she gasped

With a heavy breaths

Made her writhe

With her heaving chest

She needed more

And he obliged

Onward she did ride

Harder and faster

As if riding a winner

In the table

Where they ate dinner

She was the feast

And he hungered for her

They both loved this moment so

As their essences

Combined and then flowed

And as her man I watched the show

From a seat not far away

You may think that it’s depraved

But actually I let her love freely

And I confess it pleases me

Say what you want

I guess you’ll judge me

But does it matter if we are happy.

What if I made you crave

What if our bodies were to entwine

What if I got into your mind

What if I seduce you and get you to

Do things you never thought you would ever do

What if I strop you down and lay you back

What if I make you grind and arch your back

What if I got you to yearn for my touch

What if I gave you awesome love

What would you do and what what would you say

If I was too take your breath away

And make you feel the need to crave me.

Rainbow minds

I love those who able to love

And avoid those who choose to hate

Toxic people I always avoid

Inspirationally I feel they’re devoid

Of painting pictures of creativity

I like people with rainbow minds

I seek those imaginatively sublime

I enjoy laughter and happiness

Not anger that runs deep and intense

I live for the light and not the dark

Loving those of a conscious awakened spark

I see no colour, faith, class or gender

I just see all individuals that like me are friendly

Ready to connect and unify

Rather than aide those who seek divides

I enjoy the company of rainbow minds

I enjoy these beautiful souls filling my life and time.

What you mean to me

In dreams I travelled the universe

And went to the bottom of the deepest seas

I searched the darkest deepest jungles

And went trans dimensional

But in everything I did

And no matter just how far went

The truth is nothing compared to you

Because you were heaven sent.