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Challenge yourself


Challenge yourself

To see how much you can love

See how much kindness you can give

Challenge yourself to be compassionate

To understanding and considerate

Be strong in spirit and open of heart

You can be the soul superstar that you know you are.

I do it for the love


Conscious and mindful

And manifesting love

Awakened to reality

And seeking kindness so much

Living in compassion

While nurturing the soul

Practising meditation

To establish self control

So I can still my mind

And reside in inner peace

I don’t need stimulants

To find a release

I find it the search of truth

That started from within

And broke out of the chains

Of domestication

I am tangential

Am existential

But I am also keeping it real

I do it fot the love

Not for the likes or the feels

I do it because the universe

Taught my spirit this way

So I am rooted in conscious reality today

While riding higher frequencies

And energy light waves.

Enchanted dream


Enchanted mind

In a far away realm

Twilight beings

Sailing at the helm

Of a glorious ship

Under a moonlit sky

Moon iridescent

On a lake that shines

Like a mirror

Reflecting the beauty

Of this magical scene

I am lost in this

Enchanted dream.

My kind of person


A heart full of love

And a full of dreams

A soul full of compassion

Makes for a spiritual being

An awakened conscious

And a kind disposition

A person who really hears

When to others they listen

A mind that is still

They’ve found inner peace

This is the kind of being

Everybody should want to be.

Angels with dirty faces


Angels with dirty faces

Leaving behind, no traces

Dusting up, busting up

Causing quite a scene

Rogues down from heaven

In the name of divinty

Singling out the sinners

Who cause others misery

Those who commit

Appalling atrocities

Murders, rapists, paedophiles as well

Angels with dirty faces

Dragging them all down to hell.