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Gasoline Jane

Gasoline Jane

Gasoline poured onto the fire

Raising the temperature higher and higher

Incandescent it burns white hot

Don’t venture to close at any cost

See the ignition, see who lit the flame

She was the one, Gasoline Jane

She was the one that knew no shame

Had spent too long locked up in chains

Used and abused but now free again

Beware of the ravaged beauty called Gasoline Jane

She is so fiery, she’s so hot,

Mess with her at your peril and your own cost

She’s a real temptress but also a shrew

Made that way by the way she was abused

Gasoline Jane, full of fire and flames

She is likely to burn you time and again

But some may say that it is worth it

but lets see if they still believe that when they are burning.

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Struggling to remember


I remember less than I did before

What’s up with that, what is the score

As I age I learn so much more

Gain more wisdom than I had before

Yet my memory starts to elude me

Is it aging that adds to confuse things

I don’t know but I feel it’s trying to delude me

But my thoughts and what i recall are mine solely see

And so will never desert or leave me

Only the things taught and which I struggle to believe

Will be the thing I’ll end up struggling to remembering

And that’s just fine by me

As long as I always remember the things most important to me.

Always on my mind

Always on my mind

The touch of your skin

The feel is everything

The kiss of your lips

The joy and warmth of it

The sculptured flow of your body

I cannot hope to resist

I want to embrace you

To taste every inch of your bliss

I adore you, body heart and mind

I worship you, for you are sublime

And your spirit is so divine

And you are always on my mind.

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Castle on a hill of colours

Castle on a hill of colours

I stood alone at the base of a valley by a babbling stream

Looking up at a castle on a hill, was it just a dream?

All the landscape was multi coloured

Like a kaliderscopic theme resonating within me

There were flowers all around and purple trees

My breath was taken away, I was left staggering

As if I am lost in an hallucinogenic imagining

I Could feel the frequencies around me

I could sense the vibrations flowing through my being

And in all of this beauty that is an alien world

I somehow felt at home and as the colours swirled

Around my vision I felt that in this place I wish to be held

For the longest time and all eternity.

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Spiritual love

Spiritual love

Spirit as I am I dwell

Energy in me it swells

Whenever your spirit is near

Underneath a cosmic sky

I love your energy

And I am not going to lie

You are lit and I hope you might

Choose to connect with me

In unconditional spirituality

Twin flames burning up the nigbt

Busting it down with such delight

I want to astral travel with you

From here and to the moon

For I have such spiritual love for you.

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I like different things


I like white chocolate

Dark chocolate

I have a sweet tooth

I like sweetness

And sourness

This much is the truth

I see no discernment

In the difference of the taste

I love every colour

I like things diverse that way

I like the different flavourz

I like to sample different things

If you’re offering something different

The come and step right in

For me to try.

The answer to love is you


I see the answers to love

And they are residing in you

I see the love in the innocence

And within your truth

I feel your love exuding from you

We are like twin flames

Burning intensely with desire

And what I know

And what I feel

Is the frequency and vibes

That demonstrate this love it s real

And it brings me to my knees

It fills every part of me

It makes me pay homage to all we have

and i feel that all you are is enough

To mske my life complete

So that I can live forever happy

For forever in this eternity

Of an extraordinarily special dream

Of me loving you and you loving me

Giving us us a happy ending

To the most romantic story

Ever written or read before.