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I walk alone


I walk along the coastline where I live

In the drizzle as the dark is setting in,

Waiting for the full moon to shine so bright

Sometimes I enjoy the solitude of life,

As I walk alone,

Along this quiet deserted coast,

I walk alone.

I walk through the trees

Of the new forest deep and green,

In the gloaming nature surrounds me

And I feel so alive a free,

And the dappled shine of the full moon teases me,

As I walk alone,

Through nature’s wonderland of greenery,

I walk alone.

I walk through life and experiences follow me

And teach me things that I am supposed to know,

And from this I learn to grow

And as I stand under a starry sky,

Where the moon shines all its glories down on me,

I feel the still mind helps as I breathe

In solitude I feel so at ease,

As I walk alone,

Through life’s imaginary,

I walk alone.

Have I been this way before?


I fear that I’ve walked this way before

That this is not my first existence

I fear that I have lived this life before

And it didn’t end up to well

But maybe this time round I can make it work

And if indeed I lived this life before

That maybe I have learnt a whole lot more

And so my gears can be allayed

Then I have no reason now to fear walking this way.

Parasitic beliefs


A parasitic belief

Is a belief that you’ve been infected with,

Since you were born

Conditioned to believe what you’re told,

From the simplest things

Like if you pull a face and the wind changes

You are likely to stay that way,

To bigoted ideas of hate,

Like marching to war and following orders,

To believing that voting can really bring about a change,

These are parasitic beliefs

We did not conceive them,

They’re parasitic beliefs

And we’ve been infected by to many of them,

Causes innocent kids to end up corrupted

These parasitic beliefs are not what we’ve constructed,

These parasitic beliefs

Are bred into you and bred into me,

And we must recognise this

And find a way to bring about a change in us.

Here for you always


Call me when you need me

No pressure, everything is easy,

I am here if days get too cold

I’ll keep you warm for my heart is sold,

Sold on you and all you represent

Beauty, so sexy and intelligent,

But I know you’re not always at your best

Of problems like the rest of us you can be beset,

So when you’re lonely i can be your friend

When you need me I’ll be here unto the end,

For on my undying love you can depend

This is a gift and message to you I send.


Please don’t hide yourself away


I cannot help you if you won’t talk

I cannot hope to help you heal

How am I supposed to find you

When you hide deep within you

It’s like you’re scared to come out of the shadows

It’s as if you fear everyone and everything

It’s like you’re worried you’ll be unloved

But that so far from the truth

Because I for one love you

And I want you within my life

I want to help and see you smile

I want to be the reason that you laugh

So won’t you please come out the shadows

And won’t you please just talk to me

Will you please let down your defences

So I can show you love and then maybe you can love me too

Which I believe will set you free

So please don’t try being invisible to me

So please come out of hiding.



Life’s about perception

And what your mind sees

Tell me the colour of these shoes

It’s of interest to me

To see who’s right side minded

And to see who’s left

Leave a a comment

I wish you all the best

And hope you’re blessed.

August moon


The August moon shone bright on us

As we sat beneath the ebony star filled sky,

It filled us with an intense love feeling

It raised our desires and passions up,

We felt the need to hold on to each other tight

Under the August moon shining so bright,

I could never imagine a more perfect moment

This was the most wonderful spiritual night.

A good place to be


Always grateful for being read

People engaging with thoughts,

That spiral from my head

I rebel in the posts of others too,

This place of inspirational muse

A site of art, a site of craft,

Sharing pain, love, tears and laughs,

A place where there is no hate or judgement

I dwell here in my most available moments,

Because the people are so kind

That I can share with, they’re friends of mine,

And although we have and will never meet

It helps when low, knowing you’re not alone,

It helps knowing there is support out there

Knowing that people show that they care,

And yes some may come and go

And some who say they care maybe putting on a show,

But authentic and genuine people are easy to find,

In this place of spiritual people and coming together of minds.

Creating a better life


Love the touch of life

Live within the light,

Share the kind thoughts

Learn to be tolerant,

But not of things that are wrong

But of people’s faith and colour,

And their gender and sex

We need to befriend each other,

We have to come together

Let’s be one and lets unite,

Let’s fight for our environment

Let’s make the future bright,

Let’s come together

And fight war not wars,

Let’s do the right things

Let’s stand up for a cause,

And stop all oppression and hate

We can create a whole better life, like this.

Trip the stars


Trip the stars

Like stepping stones,

Follow the trail

Of your conscious flow,

Beyond planets we know

To beyond galaxies we don’t,

To places we’ve only dreamt about

To experience cosmic wonders amazing,

To travel, to search

To find and discover,

I am both a spiritual beinq

And  warm hearted lover,

Of everything beautiful

And all that is cosmic.