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What’s the solution

We live in a society

Where people are crumbling down

And they barely make a sound,

There are people living out there rough on the streets

They have no voice to speak,

There are others working each day

Struggling in all ways ready simply to break,

What’s the solution

Do we need a mental revolution.

There seems to be so many people

Psychologically hurt,

By life and barely able to breathe

And so many others disintegrating

What’s happening to human beings,

So many have lost sight of their identity

Don’t know even what gender to be.

What’s the solution,

Do we need a mental revolution.

I find for one, that we need to hold on

And stop grasping for things that in life,

Don’t really matter, that are illusory

That seek to define who you are,

Feminine or masculine

It matters not,

We are a combination of both of these things,

Your identity is not what others see or perceive,

It’s what you are within

And you have to know that yourself

And learn to love that,

Knowing your perfect yet flawed,

That duality is not hypocrisy

You can be both and more,

We need to focus our living on going within,

Stop seeking external pleasures

And we need to stop expecting so much,

Stop putting too much pressure upon ourselves,

What’s the solution,

Do we need a mental revolution.

Life should be lived in the present moment it’s true,

Don’t let the past ever define you

And don’t worry what the future will bring

What happens will happen in truth,

Just live to be kind, caring and share,

The love, the peace and the light,

Find comfort in mindful meditational bliss

And you may find life easier in which to exist,

Whats the solution,

Maybe we need a mental revolution.


Ripple through you

There is a ripple through the air,

A ripple through the water,

It all started as a simple ripple ought to,

It started If like a vibration

Slowly increasing in force,

Pushing back at anything

That gets in its way.

There is a ripple in the air,

There is a ripple through the water,

I sense a ripple in the atmosphere,

One that you brought with you,

I feel the force is building up

I sense the tension in you,

I wish that I knew how to calm you,

Wish I knew how to heal you.

I just wish I could send a ripple of happiness through out you,

Send a ripple of a smile across those lips,

Those anyone would love to kiss.

I hope I can send

A ripple of love through you,

A ripple of passion and unconditional

Inner peace and compassion

Right the way through you in truth,

With light and kindness,

Riding the ripples of the wave that will move you.

Night time

Starlight flickers across the night ebony sky,

Moonlight shines through the rustling leaves

Of the primordial trees,

The breeze blows gentle and silently,

The night offers us a place of bliss and peace,

Solitude in the crisp night air

A shooting star crosses the blackness like a flare,

Feel the universe everywhere

Omniscient and tranquil

And forever there,

Eternal and infinate

Yet beckons you to dare,

Lose yourself within it

And cast away your cares.

Last train

Lauren and Tyler entered the train. It was the last tube train if the night and was pretty much deserted as was the station. The Northern line was one of the oldest lines and always had that old bygone feeling about it. Mornington Crescent was not the most glamouress of these stations and neither were quite sure how they ended up there. Still they were glad when the last tube arrived as they thought they had missed it. Lauren was a short slim dark haired woman with a quirky sense of style, Tyler was tall lean black hair which hung on to the line of his eyebrow and shaved at the sides and into the neck. His style was drainpipe black jeans, a blue shirt a crew neck jumper with a blazer type jacket in dark blue. As the sat on the train and felt it pull away they both chatted about the nights events of dining and drinking with other friends. As they chatted the lights flicked and stopped their conversation. The noise of the train was a din as usual but they noticed the speed seemed unusually fast. The tunnel also seemed endless. Tyler looked at Lauren who seemed concerned but smiled as if to reassure him. He took Lauren by the hand, ‘come on let’s move forward and see if there is anyone else on here’, Lauren agreed and they made their way through the connecting doors until they reached the front. Lauren keep looking back, ‘is it me, or is it unusual for there to be nobody on here? And we gave yet to go through any other stations.’ Tyler shared her concern and tried the driver compartment door. To his amazement it opened. Tyler stepped into the cab and Lauren followed. No driver. Both Lauren and Tyler were taken aback. The door slammed shut behind them, Lauren tried opening it but to no avail. Tyler meanwhile was trying to stop the train using the deadmans handle but nothing was responding. As they both stared into the darkness in front of them. It seemed limitless, eternal, then suddenly a bright light dazzled their vision and an explosion as they burst into a brightly golden lit station. Which had glossy marbled floors brightly lit white and gold trimmed walls and golden bench seats. As the train stopped they exited the drivers cab onto the platform. Looking confused they looked around for somebody, anybody. At that moment somebody appeared. A tall man of Mediterranean appearance but with an impeccable English accent. ‘Welcome, please do not worry I know this must be disconcerting but everything is alright.’ Tyler was first to speak, ‘ where are we? This is not the Northern line. What’s going on?’ The man smiled sympathetically, ‘you were both involved in an accident. You were sitting outside a Cafe when a vehicle ran into the Cafe. Your friends survived but you both were hit head on. Killed instantly. Why do you think neither of you remember getting to the station you boarded the train. If you think about it what was the last thing you remember.’ Tears were now streaming down Laurens cheeks as she kept repeating over and over, ‘no, no, no!’, Tyler grabbed the man by his fine cream suit lapels, ‘is this some kind of sick joke? Where are we?’ The man calmly removed Tyler’s hands with ease. He pointed to an exit. Lauren grabbed hold of Tyler’s waist and gripped at his jacket, Tyler put his arm around Laurens shoulders and hugged her close. As they walked through the arched exit they witnessed a myriad of lights and stars as well as colours. There ready to greet them was everyone they had ever known and lost. As they looked to each other they realised now their solid forms had gone. They were now spirits in a spiritual cosmic realm of multiverse dimensions. They had travelled their final journey from mortality to spirit. They were both instantly overwhelmed by love and peace and drifted off into the arms of their lost loved ones.

Sacrilegious life

There are many things I’ve seen

I’ve borne witness to so many sins

I’ve heard the cry of the forlorn

And seen the bodies that were torn

From life itself splattered in blood

As if it isn’t quiet enough

To know the pain and suffering

Of endless tortured rumblings

Carried on the winds of tormenting

And sacrificed on the fledgling

Belief that all is mitigating

The good the bad the duality

The light the dark of conscious reality

I’ve heard it said and know the truth

That only in spirituality

The answers to the conundrum

Of life can ever be answered

In rhymes and rhythms of the drums

That resound through our the universal caverns

In the depths of darkened interstellar realms

Brightened with a cosmic tale to tell

Of spirits and of angels

Of demons and of devils

Of conquering the abstract mind

That us so abject by design

That it can’t easily be defined

Save for seeing the crepuscular signs

That lead to the eternal ever after life

Of what us above, so is below

And the sacrilegious life that us unknown.

Cloaked behind the veil

What’s beyond this illusory life

It’s something cloaked in mystery,

It’s something we cannot define

For its beyond our state of mind.

I am sure it maybe a state of euphoric bliss,

Something akin to the perfect wish,

To live in a place of inner peace

And unconditional love.

A place where everything just flows

And we have learnt to let go,

Where angels have no fear to tread,

Because we have transcended beyond death,

Where the light shines on us righteously

And we all feel so much virtuously,

Better than we have ever been

Living beyond original sin,

Where being immortal spirit beings

Reminds us that we are energy living,

In vessels of our created self,

Created and painted straight from the palette on which we settle,

To be creative in our art form from

A flawed masterpiece to be undone,

For being human only lasts for a short time,

Having to endure the grind.

But there are lessons there to be learnt

Along the way in a life hard earned,

Being a spiritual energy beings

Hidden behind a cloaked veil,

Which is full of amazement

And full of wonder,

Yet to imagine it would rip our mind asunder,

Unless done through a mindful astral state

Where we have let every aspect of us fade away,

So that we are back to our light particle waves,

Which enables pure knowledge to be absorbed by the mind,

The subconscious not the brain

Because nothing is real in our physical state,

Far from where we originate,

In this mystical and multiverse place,

Where nothing truly ever awesome dissapates.

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Dancing under disco balls

Dancing under the disco ball of stars and light,

Tripping through the wondrous night,

To savour cosmic masquerades of such delight,

I sense the fantasy of the flight to places new

Yet to be discovered,

In the multiverses stocked full cupboard,

Of every experience you could want or need

In unlimited varieties,

From planets of snow, rock, lava and seas,

Images that are amazing

While we stand under this disco ball stargazing,

Magical, mystical, mind blowing things,

Are constantly happening

Beyond our understanding,

But not our imagining

If we let ourselves go

And allow ourselves to dream.

Night flight exceptional

We flew through space

On a jet steam exceptional,

Flying through multiverses sensational,

To discover energy fields transdimensional,

On a journey aspirational,

On dreams irrational.

Searching for the root of light,

That may offer us such delight,

Through spacial extraterritorial

Transcendental experience.

These chains break

Break away,

Break the chains,

That hold you down

And restrict your dreams,

Break out of the life you lead

Set you mind and body free,

Do what it is you want to do

Not what it is they tell you too,

For your spirit is free

So just let it out,

Share the love

And all its about

And be the very best you can

And try and always understand,

That life is love and love is life,

And should always be shone bright.

Pointless sojourns

I travel to the universe

That we create within our minds,

I wonder what adventures

We are likely to find

But the universe has got nowhere to go

And has nowhere else to be,

Only us as human beings

Do we live so restlessly.

In our pointless sojourn throughout our lives

Hoping to discover or achieve,

All of life’s great answers and it’s mysteries,

Can be found right where we are

Etched within our design

And we can find the answers within,

They reside in our conscious mind

And we lose the sense of our impermanence,

When we lose our reality

And think that we have so much time until the end,

In this life of illusory

And become distracted by the things that matter,

A whole lot less

And find the route to insignificance

When it should be one that’s blessed.

We can travel from the heart

We can travel from the soul and the mind

Through the multiverse,

Within our conscious state of bliss

And define the reasons why we exist,

In this infinate universe of life.