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Three degrees hotter

Three degrees hotter

Three degrees hotter in the future

Means the world’s going to burn

Three degrees hotter

And yet we still don’t learn

Three degrees hotter

Enough for skin to burn

Three degrees hotter

Yet still not enough concern.



The world burns and this is unacceptable

Not enough done by those who are electable

The whole world seems less intellectual

As it reads less and care less and is spiritually less reachable

With empathy not so detectable

With love abandoned because it became labelled

And anything that has a label just like we has a price

So it gets sold to the highest bidder

Which just is not acceptable

But through conditioning and media we’re susceptible

And on many levels way to gullible

And during this time of mass distraction

We do not see what is happening and what’s in action

Our plastic, garbage filled highly world is burning

Which is just unacceptable to me

It all stems from man’s insatiable greed

Which leaves many without any food to eat and dying of disease

Humanity has found a way to perfect inflicting misery

Upon this earth and everything upon it

And that’s just in way acceptable.

Communing with nature

Communing with nature

At the headland of the coast

Muted in Jurassic memory,

The wind blew all around me

The cliff crumbling right under my feet,

The dark clouds rolling in from the horizon

The power of the sea drowning out words I may speak,

But here I stand defiently in still of mind and heart

And here I stand on strong legs,

Witnessing nature’s forceful art

In mindfulness I reach outward,

And feel it’s passionate splendour

Desperate and frustrated how much it had been plundered

I let my consciousness engage with nature,

The earth, the wind, the sea,

I communed with all that is

And asked forgiveness for our terrible ills,

And in my peace and breath by breath

I felt myself and nature connect,

Now the ground rumbles no more

And the sea was calm and the clouds opened up,

And a ray of sun broke through to give light

In a way serene, holy and divine,

And all was now once again fine

But not forever if we don’t change,

And nature will no longer listen this way

And it may be the end of days.

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Sea rage


The raging sea roars in anger and contempt

Breaking against rocks and cliffs causing ships to wreck,

Angry is the sea as it roils and boils in a tumult

The maelstrom of foamy passionate rage surges on,

Wave after wave and rage upon rage

Angst against this wasteful polluting age,

The sea in its powerful anger threatens to lay us all to waste,

Waves of attrition, of hydraulic action

Waves of corrosion, solution and corrasion,

All of these actions damaging the land that we live on

The brings down the headland with very little qualms,

The sea it rages on, tearing things apart,

With its power and relentless surging,

Almost as the sea is trying to be purging

All forms of dirty polluting parasites,

From this natural world

It promises to end it all of waves of foamy, angry, curls.

All lives matter


Australia proves in the midst of the fires

All lives matter so don’t get this crosswired

Humans, animals all living breathing things

Are deserving of protecting

So let’s stand in this moment and think again

All lives matter in everything.

Step by step


Step by step

Into the darkness

Step by step

Into the smoke

Step by step

Into the heat and flames

Step by step

We start to descend

Blindly into our own

Self destruction

Through our own ignorance

Step by step

To self extinction

Is it not time to open our eyes

And start to take steps back

Or we are going to burn

Burn in the fires

Created by a lack to really care

Or maybe even to understand

Trying to not look scared

But we all should

So let’s just take a few steps back

And work on how to change things

And to turn it around

Step by step

That time is now.

One minute to midnight


One minute to midnight

And now we are close to oblivion

Staring now into the abyss of self extinction

But why would those who deny climate change worry

It’s our children’s children who will suffer

Thanks to what we have done as their world burns under a red hot sun

Temperature rising under global warming

All because we refused to heed all warnings

Future generations will pay

For the exploitation carried out in our name

Trump and Meatloaf say climate change is fake

They are not experts and so they should just step away

From voicing their opinion and having a say

Their ignorance it comes in abundance

Just like pollution, plastic and acid rain

They say Greta is brainwashed each day

I’m repeating what the experts say

That’s got to be better than regurgitating their inane tweets

About the wonders of living a life of greed

Rather just taking living around what we need

So when it gets to the point of a minute to midnight

You’ll be gone and things will go so very quite

As our future generations are dying

For the sins if the forefathers who simply didn’t care enough.