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A message for the future generations


Reclaim the cities

Reclaim the streets

Turn up the pressure

Turn up the heat

Fight for equality

And a fair deal too

Fight for out earth

Fight for the truth

The world’s gone crazy

They’re brewing more wars

Another attempt

To leave humankind

Dead and torn

Laying in the bombed out

Cities and towns

We cry fight war not wars

But they’re deaf

To our sounds

Public representatives

That’s what they are

But they don’t consult us

They don’t care

Because they are

To rich and to powerful

And we are to lowly

We must apply the pressure

Much fast not go slowly

For time is running out

They’re destroying this earth

To old too care

These people have no future worth

So reclaim the cities

And reclaim the streets

The young who are the future

It’s within reach

Mass mobilisation

To bring about change

A revolution

In humanity and earth’s name

Don’t get brought off

And do not be gagged

These people who lead us

Are inherently bad

So stand for something

That is right, that is good

It’s your future earth

That’s understood

So f ihht for it now

Or there will being nothing left

Except baron environments

That are littered with the dead

Caused by leaders

Who just did not care

The greedy exploiters

Who took more than their share

And who hide in ivory towers

In their dicrepitude age

They will destroy man and this earth

But won’t accept the blame

They’ll put it on you

And asked what did you do?

Your future is in your hands

So now you must choose

How to act.

Be the change, plant a tree


They are burning, slashing, cutting down trees around Africa

It’s not just the Amazon and Indonesia

Anywhere its happing its plain to see

It’s going to harm this earth

And our children and their children yet to be seen

But there is something we can do as well as protesting

Encourage everyone you know to join in unity

And put a plan together and start planting new trees

And make environmentalism one of your core philosophies

And make saving this warh and future generational beings

Not have to live within a world where its difficult to breathe in

Because in our ignorance and greed we destroyed everything.

Gratitude unto the rain


The rain teems down

As the day turns grey

But I see light come what may

And each droplet I cherish

And give gratitude too

For it nourishes life

It is earth’s essential food

And though I may get wet

And soaked to the skin

I still give it my thanksgiving

Rain refreshes everything

And ensures life grows

And this to me is amazing

In the rain, on a grey day

My hope and positivity

It is always raised

In the rain, on a grey day

My enduring heart will always remain.

Growing flowers


The flowers in the garden withered

In the places that are dark, dank and cold

The flowers that had so much potential

Died young and never got to grow old

Like the thoughts and the innocence within us

Like somehow we feel ourselves unjust

As if somehow we’re not good enough

That’s similar to our hopes and dreams

The flowers wilt before showing their colours

Just like both you as well as me

If we give up on our dreams

And then on we cannot hope to see a day

That we love and grow in because its sunny.

Game changer

Game changer

I believe in the climate crisis

And that we need action now

But we as sometimes get it twisted somehow

It’s an abomination polutting seas

As to slashing, burning and cutting down trees

But I often think in externalising everything

We forget curing the earth’s greatest disease

And that is the rate of which mankind breeds

Way beyond its resource ability

We are scouring and scavaging this earth

And exploiting everything we see

Without putting anything back in

But the crux of thd m as tter and the most important thing

Is controlling the rate of which mankind breeds

This could re-balance everything

This could be the game changer believe me

Along with a topping pollution and cutting down trees

And the exploiting of earth’s resources

Simply out of ignorant greed.

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A man among cows

A man among cows

Drove down a local lane

That became ristricted

By twenty odd cows

Each one insisted

The roads was theirs

Which may sound twisted

But they were heading for their feed I guess

Or maybe they broke free and were doing their best

The escape the farm life, this was their chance to run free

But then they found a patch of grass and it was oh! so easy

For them to be distracted and start grazing

Forgetting their whole dash for freedom

Maybe as humans we are made the same

Easily distracted by thoughts of wealth and fame

That we forget being inspired enough to set ourselves free

And end up continuing a life of routine and mundanity

We, like them, lose sight of the light

That would guide us to a more rewarding life

But distraction is something that easily sways us

Or maybe its something we j it St don’t want enough .

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