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Wind it back to where it started

I am going back to the start where it all began

Where I encouraged people to make a stand

For the environment and for man

And putting a stop to exploiting the land

Because it’s easy to see natures had enough

So it’s time for the people to get tough

With the world leaders who simply focus on greed

And increasing their power over you and me

They’ll drive us to extinction rapidly

And find someway to protect themselves

And leave the the rest of us to go and rot in hell.

My dream for tomorrow

I dream of mother nature growing freely

And big cities slowly receding

As man learns balance with earth

As we stop exploiting and start to nurture

As we stop driving animals to extinction

Humanity finally achieves distinction

And evolves into a higher race

And we live in more equality driven states

It may seem far fetched but we have to learn

This planet is not our to destroy and burn

And being worthy guardians is a status that must be earned

And of our ignorance we have to learn

That’s it’s holding us back

If we want a future for our children they deserve

Inheriting a rich and abundant earth

With nature and different species carefully and lovingly preserved.

In an age before man

In a time before man

There were others

Who roamed these lands

Beast men, elves and sorcerers

Who sought to take command

Giant beings riding giant beasts

Like mammoths and saber tooth tigers

Waging wars in natures beauty

Like man does today

But these beings sowed what they reaped

Which was what led to their own destruction

They delved to deep and were too intrusive,

Nature struck back with the use of earthquakes

And volcanic eruptions

With tsunamis and hurricans.

The beings did not stand a chance

And even elves with their supreme intelligence

Many millenniums in advance

Could not see natures wrath

Could not see how nature would design a way into

Eliminating them from the forests where they lived

And from the very earth upon which they lived

Nature ha fev

Driving them into extinction.

Nature brought about the end of beings,

That existed before the age of man

And now in this age, nature was gearing up to do the same

To put and end to man’s destructive ways

That we see us like those beings before going out

Not in a blaze of glory

But actually in a blaze of hate filled shame.

Science can be smoke and mirrors

Biocentrism the release from the prison

Of the physical body to the quantum mind

What’s real? what’s illusion?

Everything is energy

Everything that we perceive

Is created by the mind

From sight and sound

People refute it because it’s breaking new ground

No one like change

And science fights it most

Neils Bohr and Robert Lanza

Know only to well

Nikola Tesla assigned to the dark

While Thomas Edison made his mark

It is not always that goes down in history

Not always the right science theory

We get as change

It’s the theory that those with power back the most

Will decide if you’re forgotten

Or become the toast

Of evolutionary scientific change

So much science still picking at Einstein brain

Afraid to move forward

Just like with climate change

Those who make the money deny it time and again

And stick with the old tried and tested ways

Because that’s where the wealthy squirreled their money away

Investing in flawed and dirty

Technology, fuel and science

And they will make sure those who know this remain silent.

Shush…. did you hear that?

Shush…. did you hear that?

The sound of the dawn chorus

The waves breaking gently upon the shore

The rustle of the wind blowing between the trees

Shush…. did you hear that?

The sound of the earth and nature breathing

The sound of peace resonating

Then children playing happily

Followed by the laughter echoing happiness

The sounds of prayers by the blessed

Shush…. did you hear that?

It’s the sound of change

And a paradigm shift

About to give all of humanity a lift.

Future society

Some won’t be happy

Until they cut down the last tree

Some won’t be happy

Until they’ve eradicated every species

It’s all in the name of outright greed

They won’t be happy until there nothing else to see

And that they polluted and built on every piece of land and even on the sea

And they will find a new way to aide us to breathe

And then charge us for it astronomically

They will do the same with the food that we eat

This is a glimpse at our future society.

Jurassic Coast

The orange layered colours

Of the crumbling Jurassic Coast

Remind us all of times gone by

And of our long lost road,

That we travelled along

Through previous lives

A well trodden and troubled road

And like the coast was vulnerable

To the stormy weather that erodes

And reminds how vital it is to live

And make the most of it

Before we reach the journeys end

And dissappear through life’s final exit.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Back to nature

I want to be

Absorbed into nature

I want to be one

With the earth

I want to feel

As one with the soil

Feel the seed of life

As it uncoils

From my being

Up through

The ground

And blooming

From the sun and rain

That have nurtured

My seed from within me

Reincarnated beautifully

Grown once more

But differently

Less suffering

And anxiety

Less stress

More feeling free

As part of nature

I am grown to be

Simply what I am you see

No expectation

Of being something else

Just me

This seed

Just me

Not judged

But accepted

As simply me

This seed

That is me



5am in the morning

My town is still asleep

I soak up the morning

I bask within the peace

I cherish these moments

I meditate in silent bliss

I dream of nature

And how I wish to do the best for it

As I hear the bird song

And the rustle of the trees

As I listen to the wind blow

Gently across everything I see

I listen to the lapping waves

Rolling gently up and down the beach

I am present in the wondrous moment

This is the life I often seek

At 5am in the morning

Peace is everywhere I see

At 5am in the morning

I am filled with hope and belief.

Beautiful fall

Beautiful in a golden glow

Enriched within rusty leaves so

Autumn richness bathes my eyes

Unyielding and full of suprise

Thankful I am to see its glory

I feel natures euphoric story

Full of golden luminescence

Unbounded by life’s distresses

Love wrapped in autumn bliss.

Forever I shall remember natures

Autumn wondrous magnificence

Loving everything that it gives us

Love the season of this golden glow.