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River visit

I visit the river to annoint myself in it,

To baptise and cleanse my soul and being,

To allow it to wash over and through me,

The river is my saviour

It is my purifying salvation.

As I feel the riverbed of silt and stone

Shift beneath my feet and slowly bury them,

I feel the power of the currrent

And surrender to the river,

As I bathe alone,

I let it carry me on meandering journey

Through tranquilty

And a voyage of self discovery,

On my own

And as I float

I grow.


Profligate lifestyle

We live a profligate lifestyle

One of reckless waste

And we wonder why the earth is in such a bad state

We must live more considerately

We need to be more impeccable

With all the words we use

And the thoughts we think

And the way that we live.

Live with open eyes and conscience

Live with consideration

Being careful of annhialating

Everything that’s good on this Earth

And within the universe

For we are spirits of another realm

He’re to understand and learn.

The stream of duality



Flow like a stream

amble and meander

rage like a torrent

be as wild as a rapid

be transparent

dance like tiny waves

and roll in and roll out

ebb and flow

trickle peacefully

or roar with a passion

sustain life

be life giving

wash all things clean

lap at the edges of life tranquily

be all these things and more

be the duality of all aspects

of a babbling or roaring stream

be the beauty that nature and creation

designed all things to be.


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Offended yet?

I am tired of treading carefully

And minding my p’s & q’s,

Just in case I might start offending you,

This life we see of suffering

Hate and xenophobia

Is a world that I detest,But you have never enquired

Am I offended yet?

Well yes I am offended when I see animals shot dead

By trophy hunters who have no compassion left

And yes I am offended by vivisectionists

Who carry out pointless experiments

Time and time again.

Yes I am offended by the way you pollute our earth

And rape as well as exploit it for everything it’s worth

And yes I am offended by the plastic in the sea

And the the fact that we are dumb enough to kill off all the bees.

I am offended by the dead children

Laying in the bombed out rubble that was their home,

Blown to bits by people who remotely killed them with a drone

And I am offended by extremists

Who want to blow us all to bits

But I am especially offended by people

Who don’t give a shit about any of this.

Open your eyes don’t bury your head

As the mushroom cloud is rising

Humanity is dying

You day you don’t want to hear this

But you do nothing to fix it

You say please no more ranting

No fear mongering or tantrums

But as a rebel with a cause

I’ve no need to hear applause

Whatever it takes to make you

Take notice of the issues

I simply must do

So as to get through to you

You bury your head in the sand

And you play your mobile phone games

That are designed to distract an nullify you

Into passivity subdued

You ignore all the issues

And you avoid the news

You don’t want to hear any views

That may upset or disturb you

So millions of people suffer

And earth and humanity dies

Simply Because you hold your breath

And close your fucking eyes

To what is real and perilous in our lives.

Give me power

Give me power

What I want is power

But not that dirty power

But clean renewable power

I don’t want to be showered

In their nuclear power

Or to face the doomsday hour

So give me Earths green power.

Give me power

Give me wind turbine power

Give me hydro power

Not your dirty coal power

And not your fracking power

Give me all the power

But good clean eco power

And let’s rejoice in our finest hour.

The Genesis event

Light shone through the trees as she ran, as she always did each morning. The rays blinked in and out of the dappled leaves, the branches and the trunks. She loved the softness of the loamy ground beneath her feet more so than the hard tarmac roads on which she used to run, risking shin splints. More than this though she loved the scenery and loved the nature. This morning was much the same as any other except for the dazzling light. As time passed Lizzy a slender blonde haired women standing tall at almost 6ft clad in her black and red lycra leggings and crop top, that accentuated her amazing figure, stopped briefly to take in her surroundings as usual and check her progress against her time. Sitting on a fallen tree Lizzy cast her eye around the scene. It seemed strangely unusual to her today. It was difficult to pinpoint but the area seemed strangely different. As she looked harder in greater detail for a familiar point flickers like scene shifting stuttered across her vision. Lizzy grew a little anxious and so started to walk around. At that moment she encountered a man equally tall yet very rugged in dress, shabby trousers and jacket with a hood up covering his face. He had a well built frame suggesting a muscular build. He moved towards her, ‘you’re looking lost my friend’s he spoke with a rattle in his voice. Lizzy gave him a curious stare, ‘I though I knew all these woods but this seems unfamiliar to me somehow.’ The man gauged her curious look and almost as if she had no spoken replied, ‘do you fond my presence here so strange? Do I unsettle You?’ Lizzy was taken aback, ‘no, like I say just confused. You being here is your business and I am sure you have good reason to be here.’ It was difficult speaking to a person who’s features you could not see. Difficult to know how to react. The man retorted after a brief silence, ‘ I am here for you Lizzy. You are my business.’ That brief but straight answer struck her with such force she felt as if she actually staggered back a step or two. ‘What the….’ he voice trailed off as though she lost all power to form words. ‘I am here for You, the man replied again. ‘my business as you put it, is to gather up certain people, with certain traits and skills to participate in a new paradigm shift event. The Genesis event.’ Lizzy shook her head, ‘I don’t even know You,’ she felt as though she was gasping for air. ‘That maybe the case but you have been selected. You are single, no family, parents and siblings lost in a tragic fire, you have nothing here to hold you back. You are kind, caring, considerate and full of love and compassion. This makes you perfect.’ Gathering herself together Lizzy spoke with more force now, ‘just who are You?’ There was a demand in her tone now. The man moved nearer, she now saw his face, but there was none, just particles of star like light, images of planets, galaxies, milky ways and nebulae. ‘I am creation’, the voice hit back firmly but this time smoothly, and she felt as if she were calling into him. ‘You have been chosen to be one of a new humanity living in a new dimension, in a paradigm shift where others like you will build a better, kinder and more compassionate society.’ His words brokered no argument, ‘if I say no? If I say I am happy here?’ Without a pause he replied ‘here for you no longer exists. This is your new reality,’ suddenly Lizzy sensed and heard footsteps and more people had appeared. She guessed about twenty at least. ‘ your world as yo knew it Lizzy is gone. A nuclear event early this morning ended it. You as these other people were saved to rebuild a new society here in a new place. This is a new Eden, a new start, a new beginning. Everything you need has been provided for. Go build a new world.’ With that the man faded away and the clothes fell in a crumpled heap on the ground. Lizzy looked at the others and they stared back. Now what she thought?

Ancient rainforest

Hierro was a rugged man, slender with black hair and of Brazilian nationality but had native Indigenous descent. He had spent most of his life working farms for others but recently had been offered a lease to a farm that he could work for himself in the Amazonian rainforest. All he had to do was clear the area of trees and cultivate the land for cattle farming which an American food corporation would pay him to manage. Hierro had made a start after leaving his wife and 5 yr old child back in the local favela where they had a small living space. Hierro dreamt of the farmhouse and farm he would create here for his family, though local indigenous tibes had warned of the perils of cutting down ancient Amazonian trees. He used machinery that was supplied to him via the American corporation and local government agencies.

After a particularly hard day cutting down an area of trees Hierro had an incident. As He was cutting down a tree and ripping up it’s base and roots he noticed a darkness descend and a chill through the air. Strange he thought on such a hit and clear day. He also noticed green fluid forming a puddle on the loamy ground and dripping from the roots. He had also felt a tremor as he tore out the roots and a low grumble. After the moment passed Hierro wiped the sweat and grime from is ruddy features with a stained handcherchief and continued on. That night as darkness set in Hierro was just finishing his meagre meal when he heard noises outside. As He took a look outside Hierro saw a trail of glowing green verdant footsteps leading from his doorway. He instantly realised they were his emanating from where he had been working. He was about to go back in when he heard further sounds of breaking and snapping wood. Hierro went to investigate. As he walked he found himself after a time at the area he had seen the green viscid puddle of green liquid earlier that day. Hierro was not sure wether just to go back to his little wood shack and check more in daylight, his torch did not offer much light at all. Suddenly though there was a chill again but this time it was followed by all the surrounding trees groaning and bleeding the green liquid from there limbs and through their bark. As Hierro started to back away he heard steps behind him. Indigenous folk of a kind he had never seen. Adorned in green paint similar to the liquid bleeding from the trees and glowing. Their eyes also glowed green and their limbs were long and gnarly. Hierro spun around and saw he was now encircled. The indigenous tribe closed in humming a low guttural sound. That was the last moment he remembered.

When Hierro awake he was on the ground, he sat up and saw he was covered in the same green liquid paint. He saw the others sitting around watching him. He looked at his arms and legs and they too had become elongated and gnarly. ‘What is happening?’ Hierro demanded to know. As one the spoke the tribe retorted ‘you now serve the forest. You are now a Forestal.’ Hierro shook his head, ‘no I have work to do, so just get off my land.’ Again as one they replied, ‘ancient land, ancient laws you broke. You now serve forest.’ Hierro got to his feet to run but everywhere he run returned him to this place. He realised he was stuck here. Hierro crumpled to his knees and cried out.

A few days later Hierro’s wife received a visitor telling her about how Hierro’s little wooden shed had been found burnt down and had reason to believe he had perished as a result. Hierro’s wife was grief stricken and went to the City to live with her parents.

Hierro continues to this daysrving the ancient rainforest nurturing and protecting it. The tribe keeps increasing as more men like Hierro come to damage and wage war against it.

The taming of humanity

We spend so much time

Trying to tame nature

And all other species

We have forgotten to tame

Our own wild nature and desire

To take more than we need

To destroy and exploit everything

And to breed like a disease.

Via:Daily Prompt: Tame

The rains

Rain runs like rivers down our streets

It never used to be like this

But now the rains come all the time

And flood out town.

They say there is no such thing as climate change

But all it ever seems to do now is rain,

The temperatures milder,

Very rare is there snow,

Far less hot days,

Less icy cold,

Just rain

And floods,

That’s all we get,

Not much more,

Not much less,

Don’t tell me this is not climate change,

I’ve had enough of all this rain

And witnessing the floods,

Ruining lives,

Washing away people dreams,

Leaving them in desperation,

Leaving them in anticipation,

Because of the rains

And when the rains come,

Will their lives be undone

Because of the rain,

And this is driving me insane.