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Lost back of beyond


Lost beyond life

In a dark forest of anguish,

Wandering in a vale of despair

There seems very little light anywhere,

It feels like nobody cares

But this is not a game of truth or dare,

This is not a nightmare that I would share,

Lost in the depths of preternatural darkness,

With a dark verdant colourations surrounding me,

Closing in a threatening

To swallow me up without a trace,

I feel as if I am vanishing

To be lost and forgotten for all time.

Grey lands


Grey lands in the eyes of grey men

They can’t see the beauty that states them in the face,

They can’t see the light and rainbow colours

They live sadly in a grey place,

While we frolic in verdant prismic dreams

They miss out on a landscape created of nature’s scene,

I love nature’s creation beyond and above everything.

Frosty images


Crystal images created by the morning frost

Nine of its beauty to me is ever lost,

I see the finesse of the spun webs

How could we live in this world and not feel blessed,

Of nature it’s true I very much obsessed

I see the white coat covering the green grass blades,

Crisp and fresh covering this vale

I could create so many images of such tales,

To not see this would be to me a total fail.

My wishes


I wish I could give all that people need

I wish I had an endless food basket to feed

Those who are left to starve and go hungry

I wish I the ability to create peace

I wish I had the power to travel to the furthest stars

I wish I had the time to be always where you are

Offering comfort and sharing love

I wish I could enrich everyone I touch

I wish I had the power to save the trees

I wish I could save this planet environmentally

I wish I had the power to save humanity

I wish I had the know how to stop man’s self extinction.

Fed shit


The shit we get

Is the shit we accept,

Chlorinated chicken

What the fuck next,

GMO products already full the shelves

They don’t care one bit,

If it’s detrimental to our health

They lower food standards,

This is to ramp up their profits

And to all prospective trading partners easy access,

To feed us the shit that they produce

And they force us to eat it,

As our wages and living standards are reduced

Polluted fruit and veg grown in polluted soil,

Contaminated by their pesticides

Question them on it and they lie,

Look a little deeper and pry

And ask more questions why?

Why have you lowered food standards?

Why are you importing substandard food?

They can’t answer this

And if they do they take the piss,

Thinking we are as ignorant as them

It’s time for these wrongs and lies to end.

I grew seeds


I planted seeds to grow peace

I showed in hope they would bloom with love

I cultivated all the goodness

I waited until the fruits of my labour became ripe

Yet my blooms were assailed by the badness

The toxicity and disease

I tried my best to protect my crop

I tried hard to help them grow

But then I found that the seeds were polluted

And I knew that in the time they’d take to grow

A poison had instilled itself within

And through the sap it then flowed

And because of their corruption I had to walk away and go

As they became twisted and distorted

And started taking over everything

Choking the life out of nature

Soon destroying everything

Until there was nothing left

And no nourishment to find

And so they soon started wilting

Now they started dying

As they brought about their own extinction

There would be nothing in future to be found.

Take action


We can do more than hope and dream

We can act more proactively,

Rather than putting trust and faith in others

We can start to begin demanding,

More change in this world

That will bring about more equality,

That will stop the dirty processes that causes viruses and disease,

We can stop the pollution caused by dirty industries,

We can tell them to end war because we want to live in peace

And that we want to preserve our ecology,

And stop the mass extinction of various other species

By demanding changes like these, shows positivity,

So don’t wait for them to have a moment and decide to wake up,

Shout, scream do whatever it needs to change our way of life

And the benefits are great,

But we must remove the objects in our way

Be loud and proud but most of all make sure your voice gets heard,

So that our hopes and change come through because we took action.

Dirty people


It gets harder every day

To justify why people think it’s ok,

To treat the environment this way

As I see the rubbish an litter decay,

People show no care at all,

Throwing and dropping their crap here and there

Dropping and discarding litter, I wouldn’t dare,

Does nature and beauty mean so little to them

Turning our country side and rivers into a cesspit,

Becoming breeding grounds for germs and disease

But mankind is the worst of these things,

Destroying beauty and trashing their home

It’s time to change and you alone,

Can make a difference by taking more care

So we get cleaner, land, sea and air,

We have to do this for the greater good

Take more care of our neighborhoods,

Not because we’re made to but because we should

We need a mass clean up of where we live,

A total way we look at everything

Let’s make that change and stop this lack of care,

Let’s clean out act up to protect this earth we share.



The stewardship of earth is ours

Yet we are negligent in our duties,

By allowing the destruction of nature’s true beauty

Why are standing by as big corporations exploit it’s gifts,

What we require is an environmental paradigm shift

Where we nurture all its resources,

To be bountiful for mankind and all

Where we protect other species and stop being cruel,

This stewardship was bestowed upon us from creation upon high,

So it is our duty to ensure that we don’t let it fade and die.

We created change, but we need to go again


Back in 1979 we protested all the time

Protesting against war chanting fight wars not not war,

We stood up for CND against the nuclear threat

Fought for animal rights,

And regimes using oppression and might

To make people disappear in the middle of the night,

We fought for the cause mindful of 1984

It seemed a good target to make changes and more,

The pressure helped with nuclear deceleration

By the superpowers,

And helped reduce down our doomsday hour,

We helped to bring about animal rights change

By reducing down the fur trade,

Helped bring about awareness to animal vivesection

We strive for environmental issues,

Standing up for Greenpeace

Even when their ship got sank,

We kept the pressure going

But since those heady days,

Change has slowed down in many ways,

And even the things we fought so hard against

Seem to be back again,

Trump and Putin are building up their arsenal’s,

And the fur trade of shame

Seems to be coming back slowly everyday,

It’s imperative to ramp things up like extinction rebellion is doing,

Get out on the streets and disturbances start brewing,

For government must be put under pressure

And we must keep pushing a lot more,

Especially when it comes to fighting wars not war.