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A mirrored lake shimmering

Sun reflects off of it glimmering

This is nature in full flow

Bask in its golden glow

Resonating as it grows

Surrounded by verdant mountains

My passion and sap is mounting

When I see its beauty there is no doubting

The wonders and miracles

That it has in store for us who have eyes to see

That allows us to wax upon it lyrically.

Touch and go

We agreed on touch and go

We decided we would sow

A seed of love that night we met

And never meet again

But it was never going to be that easy

Your beauty teased my memory

That night that we both shared

Showed me that you were raised in flair

That moment that we shared

Was a blissful love of pure affection

We both embraced this love injection

And when we kussed goobye

I know for both of us it was touch and go

How are we meant to ignore the seed we sowed

But somehow we’ve managed to let it all flow

And it the memories I harbor I felt the warmest golden glow

Neither of us may ever truly know

It could have been so different

Rather than this hesitating touch and go.


Dominion is a powerful word

And has a powerful intent

To gain sovereignty over nature

And every thing thst exists

Dominion is mastery over everything

Yet we struggle as humanity

To master our inner selves

Dominion is superiority

And total domination

Yet the truth is in the face of nature

We ate so fragile and so weak

Dominion is pre eminence, hegmony and control

Truth is we lack this which is why we don’t and can’t evolve

Dominion is governing and command

And setting humanity in a firm direction

But the truth is we are all just stumbling around in the dark

Not aware of the impending precipice or thinking we know better

Ignorance can be such bless and is a true idiots treasure

Dominion is not defined as walking headlong in to self extinction

Maybe we should first gain dominion

Over our own thoughts and self

And learn to be our own authority

Controlling own own lives

Instead of submitting the responsibility to others

For an easy and quieter life

Learning to harness the dominance of your own mind

This way may evolve and truly lean to grow

And in this way we may finally start to transcend and evolve

Embracing and nurturing nature

Encompassing peace and love

Dominion may be described as many things

But it certainly doesn’t describe us.

What will it take to

The globe warms

The forests burn

The ice melts

The seas rise and expand

The rains come torrentially

The land floods people are displaced

Species die, land, sea and air

Extinction is occurring everywhere

Too few speak, too few care

Some are awake and aware

What is it going to take

For you to see its not fake

This thing we know as climate change.

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Time to become saviours

Shout out to the world

Under a flag unfurled,

Representing humanity

Both boys and girls,

Who have all had enough

Of these corrupting ways,

Of environmental destruction

But this is more than a craze,

It’s a movement of advancement

It’s a force for change,

To save the world

In our future generations names,

A movement that leaves

A positive legacy behind,

Rather than one of environmental and humanitarian crimes,

We be the future,

We be the change,

You can’t resist it

So get out of the way,

You can be left behind

In the misery and the dark,

We are sailing off into the future

Of the climate change saviours ark,

That will see us nurture and heal this earth

While you I eep believing only money has true worth,

Shallow and sad its not going to save you

But you’ve shut your eyes and ears to avoid this truth,

You let governments and media control all you do

But when it comes to creating a better future they’ve got no clue,

They’re only interest us in exploiting me and you

So jump aboard a movement that cares and loves in truth

And seeks a brighter, happier planet

Based around respect in everything that we choose,

That sees an evolvement of the hearts, minds, souls of both me and you.

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I want to immerse myself in culture

Get lost in traditions from all around the world

I want to savour all aspect of global life

See all of human kind and wild life

From Tibet and Nepal to the frozen Arctic

From the Amazon Forest to Americas wild west

From Mexico to the Caribbean

From China and Japan to thd lush beauty of New Zealand

I want to find out more obout the Inca’s and the Maori’s

Find out about the Mayans and the Toltecs too

Discover Shamanism and the Aborigines

Buddhism, Zen as well as Sikhism and Hindu too

I want to visit the world and embrace it all

And its whee n you think about it you realise the world’s not thst small.

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A message from mother

I cry rivers of tears

And they are polluted

By miniscule microplastics

I feel the pain and the rage of despair

As I feel in my heart the cutting and burning

As if I were suddenly just like a tree

I feel the anquish and hopelessness deep within

As if I were the one on the precipice of extinction

I gasp as I feel I am suffocating in air

Like every breath is full of toxins

I look for a shard it a spark of light

That gives me some glimmer of hope

Will you be that and create that and help Mr off my knees

And bring me back from the brink

And love and nurture me for the mother I am

For this is nature speaking and I feel so damned

By the callousness, brutality and thd lack of caring from man

I given you everything and do not understand

Why you treat me this way, you have blood on your hands

For the terrible destruction you’ve wrough

Is there nothing from life u ouve been taught

That shows you how we are inextricably linked

And if you destroy me then mankind will have naught

And you’ll all begone too in a blink.

The great tree

I walk through the New Forest

And I see great trees fallen

Did anybody hear it as it toppled

As it then hit the ground

The great tree lay silent now

Not like a memory of its once great self

Reaching high, reaching towards the sky

Now just laid to rest, sadly past its best

Rootball showing for all to see

Leaving its giant footprint

I touch its now decaying bark

I stroke the moss that grows along its trunk

And say and eldritch prayer of peace and love

I feel sorrow for this once great tree

I feel a sense of overwhelming grief

Hare now of its once beautiful leaves

Stricken now from view what was once

A magnificent specimen proud and strong

It is now just a memory for those who recall

This once great tree of old

With all the stories to be told

Of weather’s and wars it withstood

Felled by a disease no doubt that infected its wood

Caused it to slowly die over time

Before it finally gave in and fell upon its side

Now silent and motionless, merely now a log

For people to sit and kids to play on

So in a way it’s still serving some purpose

But not the one as a seedling it set out to be.

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Don’t go looking for an ark

Under a chairoscuro sky

Pollution rises high

Chemicals infiltrate our lungs

Harming the old as well as the young

And under an ever warming sun

We still produce pollution

We still exploit and destroy our earth

Riding on self extinctions surf

Is it impossible for us to learn

Which is why our planet is going to burn

But salvation is still within our grasp

But time is running out real fast

This time we won’t be saved by an ark

And if we fail all is destined to go dark.

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Plastic disease

We live in plastic days

Where everything’s thrown away

Dumped in ditches and laybys

Even though it’s an environmental crime

And though some recycle its all waste

If others decide not to live this way

And so there’s plastic polluting seas

It’s in so many things we eat

In micro sized form

Why has this become our norm

As ab intelligent species

Surely we find a way to go plastic free

Surely there is so little need

We grew ul without during the 60’s and 70’s

I think its because we are lazy

And because of corporate greed

It’s all sadly about the money

Plastic has become a global environmental disease

Brought about by our humanity

And we need to change how we live and try to retrieve

The damage we’ve done to everything

And nothing else should matter

Than the fact we’re leaving this world in tatters.

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