Of course I can be coarse

Fuck governments Fuck wars, Fuck corporations Fuck laws, That allowd harm to all, Fuck man made religion I don’t care for your dogma, I stand up for human rights I am a lover, I am not a fighter, I don’t allow myself to take sides In a world of such corruption, I can only sayContinue reading “Of course I can be coarse”

A world without war

Could you imagine a world without war Where mass murder and deaths on the battlefields are no more Where armies are redundant and soldiers a thing of the past What a time that would be at last To think that mankind could ever become that advanced Could we ever evolve to make that stance AgainstContinue reading “A world without war”

Habitat destruction

Habit destruction Aides virus construction, This is what science has found Extinction of other species, Effects all invisibly, Do why are we not making laws Stopping viruses and the cause, By acting more intelligently, Corporations do not like this It effects their profits, But that’s short sighted for sure, Because the more the pandemics theContinue reading “Habitat destruction”

Breaking laws and lying

If s government can break laws and lie then why can’t you and I Well those who rule will tell you that it’s not that cut and dried But everytime government does this a little more democracy dies But anytime we question this they say that we defy The rule of law and call usContinue reading “Breaking laws and lying”

Stamp out war

A sound like a swarm of bees From plane engines as they fly Across sovereign foreign countries Wreaking death and destruction Murdering the innocent This is war, this is insanity This is genocide, this is brutality All governments should be held to account Face their crimes, so it can be stamped out.   

Broken promises

Governments promise you one thing and then do another It’s like breaking a promise to a lover, You get your hopes up and you expect them to see it through Only then for them to disappoint you, You feel betrayed ain’t that the truth It’s not something anyone should do, Get your hopes up thenContinue reading “Broken promises”

White race is all they see

No love for those from oversees The white race is all they see, There low IQ mentality Makes them believe in their superiority, Fed and brainwashed by those of bitterness and hate Dividing people by politics, colour and faith, Because the white race is all they see you In the low IQ mentality, And theirContinue reading “White race is all they see”


Money talks where business walks And in those corridors you find corruption, In brown envelopes and the back of hands Greasing up the cogs of power, And of those who make decisions They are all in each others pockets, It’s the greedy corporate scheme We watch as we are fed slops, And these pin stripedContinue reading “Corruption”

Political nihilist

When it comes to politics I am a nihilist There is no political system that exists, That is for the people and equality Each current system makes people bleed, Each present political system is corrupted by greed Each system stops people from being free, Ties them up in debt, fear, and oppression Choose your favouriteContinue reading “Political nihilist”


Words matter.

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