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Corrupting ways

I won’t abide by your ethics

Or by your corrupting ways,

I won’t live by your morals

Or your exploiting displays

Your society based on division

Is archaic and arcane

I won’t be controlled by you

Nor by your corrupting ways

I won’t be twisted or distorted

Neither beaten down or cowed

I won’t be forced to become greedy

Just to fit in with the crowd

For I believe in equality

And I know there’s more than enough to go round

I won’t allow myself to ever succumb

To your heinous corrupting ways.


Plastic guns

We are arming little children with plastic guns

Then showing them on TV just how killing is done

Is anyone surprised then when as some grow into adults

That they have been to extremely influenced

And find the need to day dream of doing it for real

And when that fateful day come trust me

Use that gun they will

To kill someone who more than likely never deserved to die

It’s just that the crosshairs was there between there

Right between the killers eyes

And in their mind defined

Raised with plastic guns they think that killing is alright

Because they we conditioned to believe it

They saw it in the films and watched it on the video games

They think they can kill people and that they should not have to take the blame.

Society has blood on its hands as well.

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Corporate globalisation

Across all nations,

In the form of capitalist greed

Was meant to transform,

Was meant to lift us up,

As a humanity.

But instead of doing this

We saw the flaw in the plan,

It was all a concept to help the rich get richer

At the expense of those lower down

Do you get the picture,

The trickle down theory

Is an insult to us who rely on,

Scraps from their table

Just to survive and just to get by,

So we need to reassess our lives

We need to go DIY,

Set up our own systems

Of cottage industries

And work together to undermine their corporate greed,

So that we can achieve,

A society of greater equality.

Cottage industries are where we all work together

Where we all have ownership in this businesses which is fairer,

Where everyone’s the boss

And everyone’s the worker

And everyone gets exactly what they are deserving.

Capitalism is failing everyday,

Globalisation is failing us in everyway,

We need to be our own authority

And let our own minds lead the way,

Use our individuality, to make what we create pay,

For something that the corporates can never steal or take away.

Time to stop it

Innocent people die

And their loved ones cry

In places all over the world

Victims such as boys and girls

Who barely had a chance to live

Because of all the hate and violence in it

People pay the price for power

And for greed and politics

We’ve had enough

And it’s about time we acted

It’s about time it stopped

We got start reacting

Using people power force

Through intellectual protest

No use in using violence against them

These monsters are even human

We have to find other ways

Violence is their answer not ours.

Words of power

Words are power

Words can kill like guns

Controlled by those who don’t care enough

Words can incite hatred and death

Words can lead to the loss of breath

To those who are innocent but get in the way

Then they claim those words that they displayed

Were simply jokes and they never meant it

These people are completely demented

They don’t know the power of the words they use

So they use them to hate and abuse

Then as reaction by those easily lead

Act on these words and leave people dead

People need to take care of the words

That they use because they cause hurt

It’s not a intellectual thesis or point of view

It’s simply the brutal truth

Words are dangerous used by the ignorant and hateful few

And those who die because of this leave their blood on you.

Child trafficking

1.2 million children trafficked each year

That’s an awful lot of children living in fear,

Fear for the future,

Fear of abuse,

Being taking from home

And moved around the globe,

Suffering fear alone,

Trying hard just to survive

Having no more human rights,

Stripped of their humanity

Traded like slaves,

Treated like animals

And put on display,

Sold to the highest bidder

Each and everyday.

Somewhere every moment

Around the world

There are young boys and girls,

Abducted and taken

Their lives trafficked away,

This is a brutal act that is depraved

And it needs to be stopped

And those who do it have to pay for these crimes,

For ruining and destroying

Those young children’s lives.

‘I don’t care,do you? ‘

‘I don’t care, do you?’ written on the jacket

Of a superficial person who is in on the power and greed racket

The answer to your question is yes I care very much

And I also care that those close to those who rule

Should also care as much too

A superficial person said it didn’t mean anything

While jetting off too see children in caged imprisonment

Now either you have to be very ignorant

Or calculating sick to think you can where a jacket

Saying something like this

And to think that no one will mind or take any offence

After all this superficial person is married to the US President

Who uses innocent children to gain political ground

She was off too visit these children of supposedly illegal immigrants

Yet Trumps dad was one of them back when he was a kid

And this superficial person is also an immigrant to

Got her green card to a better life by getting with and on you know who

She is either so stupid or so cold to actually act this way

But I guess all I have to say is I don’t care about you, do you?

Do you care you’re hypocritical

Uncaring bordering on brutal

And when you look into the mirror do you realise and see your just another immigrant too.

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Ode to the child snatchers

Ripped and torn from parents arms

Causing psychological long term harm

Children being left traumatized

In detention centers full of cages

Various kids of various ages

Susceptible now to sexual and mental abuse

Who in hell was it it that gave you

This right to use these innocent kids as political tools

Guess it’s nothing new in truth

You only have to watch the news

To see the atrocities you do

To kids in Syria with that war and death

Have you no compassion or morals left

That you can destroy kids in this way

And why are people not taking too the streets

Why are they not doing something

Children are disappearing and dying

Or put in cages hysterically crying

The politics of all of this is not theirs

Where are the child authorities that claim to care

This is a human rights tragedy

A crime against humanity

Why is no one being held to account

Brought to justice or being sent down

This age in which we live seems oblivious too

The suffering of these kids that are all over the news

Sanitised it seems now to be

But you can’t say you never knew

They say these detention centers are like holiday camps

The Nazis claimed the same with concentration camps

This policy is coming to you direct from ‘Mein Kampf’

Like the film of ‘The boy in striped pyjamas’

Same fascist rules and traits

Same policies in the world today

What more is it going to take

For people to bring about a change

Don’t wait for governments to fix it

Because as it stands its working in their best interests

As a humanity we will be judged

Buy how much we leave others to suffer

And on our lack of action, compassion and trust.

The puppet masters ventriloquism

The voice of people should be their own

They should be unique and individual

Or else we become puppets of ventriloquists

Using words that merely posit

Their views, their dreams

Their aims and desires

Forging re-enactments of their insidious beliefs

Based around war, death and destruction

Revolving around selfish greed and corruption

Do you even know your own voice, your own views?

Have you even a clue what it is you wish to do?

Or are you contented with this puppetry life?

Are you happy with someone controlling you all of the time?

This is no existence, this is no way to live life

This is an obscenity and humanitarian crime

Speak out with your own words that spring forth from your own thoughts from your own mind,

Speak out from your primal instincts

Not from what it is you’ve been taught

Those domesticated and conditioned beliefs

Have precious little to do with you or me

They are just forms of ventriloquism and puppetry

I will be no slave to the puppet masters

I will be no impersonations of the shadowy men

Who govern us through compliance and their insipid control

Using their money and power to own each person’s soul

And convince them to bow down and give worship to them

I am not puppet I am an authentic real genuine I am a unique, individual human.

Dystopian or true reality

What! So you think Mt reality is some kind of dystopia dream

Some kind of imagined reality

Well tell me is seeing disemboweled victims

And streets filled with dead children

Of brutal wars with no cause

Starving families covered in flies

Living in desert waste regions

Seeing victims of abuse and oppression

Is this your kind of paradise reality

Is this you ideal society

Where people sleep rough on the street

Where millions need food banks just to survive

Is this you ideal wonderful life

Do you think I make this shit up

When it’s there for everyone to see

Or do you just choose to ignore and block it and call me obscene

Blind to the horrific genocidal realities

The despot and totalitarian realities

The culture where the rich crave corruption and greed

Where the poor are left to die

As the failed trickle down theory no longer provides

No more crumbs for you and me on which to feed

Do you believe this all a fantasy

Where others are building their little fascistic dreams

Which is no conspiracy theory

Purging all ethnicities based on colour, faith and class

But the right questions are never asked

This society, this world in which we live

Is not a dystopia fantasy

This is truth and a fucked up twisted

Horror show reality.