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All governments lie


All governments lie

And the innocent die,

At the hands of their games

We are unaware of their aims,

The keep flying false flags

That keep generating wars,

They keep the arm traders rich,

While keeping its people poor,

The corporations they grow

Too much power they hold,

While the people end up more meek

And our influence becomes weak,

And while the governments lie

Innocent people die,

In the name of their greed and the power the need.

How does it feel


How does it feel now to live in fear

Knowing that death is always near,

Invisible virus hunting us down

Meanwhile in in other countries watch as bombs rain and hit the ground,

Wiping out streets and people who live there

Is it any wonder why they run and flee scared,

Do you know how it feels now to fear for your life

Yet you never cared about their agony and strife,

You hated on them, targeted them with your bile and spite

Not caring or understanding how it feels to fear for your life day and night,

Now you’ve had the slightest view of what this is like

Yet still you have the comfort that they were denied,

We saw and watched how you panicked

And how you hoarded out of fear,

Great fucking Britain, I bet Britannia shed a tear.

Don’t be appeased


We lose hope and we lose dreams

When we submit to appease,

We lose love and we lose light

When we decide to believe,

The lies and hate and allow deceit

What we allow is what we receive,

So we must find strength in facing this

We must learn to subvert and resist,

To object and refuse what we knows not right

Against, the dark forces of the deep state,

We must apply the pressure everyday

To ensure people are allowed their say,

For democracy is meant to be this way

Government for the people by the people,

Not government doing as they please unswayed

For dictatorships are formed from this game,

In the name on control they steal our rights each day.

Why people get angry


Why do people get so angry,

Maybe it’s being poor that them angry,

Maybe it’s living hand to mouth and going fucking hungry

That’s what makes them angry,

Having to scrimp and scrape while being denied opportunities

Didn’t get the best from education,

Had no option but to go to a sink school,

Grew up on a council estate, that people called a slum

And we were brought up being taught we were just scum,

Why do you think that they are angry,

Maybe it’s being poor that makes them angry,

Maybe it’s living hand to mouth and going fucking hungry,

That’s what makes them angry,

Seeing rich people, getting rich because of hereditary,

Never having to work a day in their life and then,

Talking down to them,

Like they got some fucking right

As if they are superior, they are superior to nothing,

And that champagne that they are quaffing

They never ever earned it, it was handed down to them,

They were born with a silver spoon, wedged within their mouth,

And scum people weren’t and that’s the only fucking difference,

Why do people get so angry,

Maybe it’s being poor that them angry,

Maybe it’s living hand to mouth and going fucking hungry,

That’s what makes them angry,

Maybe seeing life in all its inequality

That’s what makes them angry,

Jobs for the old school boy with the same time,

No jobs for those for the scum that reside on the council estate slum side,

That’s what truly makes people angry,

The pure total inequality, that’s built into this corrupt system,

Which is so wrong means you had better listen

This is why we are going to be burning down your fucking system, trust, that’s our mission.

The fight continues


The fight continues and it’s never going to stop,

We will be watching what you do around the clock,

Poisoning us with your pesticides, pollution and you biological shit,

Suffocating us with your chemicals and putting it in what we eat,

Starting wars and killing all those innocent people,

Watching your false flags to justify the inevitable

War on terror, yet you’re the terrorists,

We will be watching as you destroy the environment

And don’t expect us to stand by passively watching this,

We will rise and subvert your schemes and get the people resist,

We will get them to object and refuse your plans that are so destructive,

Because the fight it will continue

And we’ll continue to make a stand

Because the future is in love and unity between our fellow man.

Rise up and become great


Don’t you get fed up of bring subliminally controlled,

Having your life dictated by those who have no soul,

Do you really believe what you see and read in the news,

I remember being young when journalists went after the truth,

But now they are just puppets of the oligarchs who own them

And that try to instill the lies in me and you.

Nothing is as it truly seems

Do you have hopes and do you have dreams?

Because many do but are denied opportunities

Especially when you have to choose debt to go to university,

Because the upper classes and the rich don’t want you there

Us getting a good education is their nightmare,

We become harder to control and more difficult to lie too,

But we should all strive to do our very best

To research and question everything so we can address,

The falsehoods that for them is in their best interests

To convince us about and so we are kept in the darkness,

But when you consciously awaken and see the light

You’ll be amazed what you discover about what’s wrong and right,

And you’ll feel free and liberated and see the future is bright,

Because you’ve broken out of the knots that they tied

And you’ve left the world of illusion far behind,

And now see the truth and reality for what it really is,

That your own authority is the only authority and you finally get this,

You’ll jo longer feel suffocated, instead you’ll breathe in fresh air,

And start to be kind, share love to all and start to really care,

And then you’ll start to expose all their lies and games,

Fuck the media, man made religion and the state

And reject all war, violence, greed and hate,

For this is your time to rise up and become great.

Don’t be fooled

Don’t be fooled

Do you place your faith in your government to protect you

But you don’t understand that you are dispensable

Your just fodder to be sacraficed

A resource to be used

And to be disposed of when you serve no further use.