Persistent debt

Receiving letters about persistent debt

Coming from banks sounds rediculous

They encorouge us all to borrow

Drop us in it right up to our necks

It wasn’t long ago they ran up trillions

And us taxpayers had to pay it back

And as we did they restored their bonuses

Truth is they could not careless

Now ask them now you’re in debt

If they would do the same for you

All they will do is call you crazy

All they’ll do is lie to you

Because the system is set up to exploit you

That’s why so many are screwed

Facing a life of persistently bring broke

Don’t look to governments or banks for hope

They say it was all your own doing

All brought about by bad choices

Never mind when you were going under

All you heard was the background voices

Saying you can borrow your way out of it

Payday loans and high interest

Just digs a deeper hole for you

It doesn’t matter how you play the system

You will in the end always lose

It doesn’t matter about what they do

Inequality resonates for me and you

Austerity for those paid the minimum wage

Champagne wages for the top dogs who fail

This is what’s wrong with society

The wealth is distributed only one way

It goes to those up the top

Whereas those at the bottom only ever feel the pain.

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Powerful word

Fuck is a powerful word

Fuck your hate

Fuck your wars

Fuck your system

We don’t want it anymore

We want a world

Of love and peace

We want fairness and equality

We want a future for our kids

So I say fuck your politics

We are fighting for the right to exist

I am not sorry if you don’t like this

But all I’ve got to say is you’ve fucked it all up.

Vote for what?

Vote they say, but what’s the use, for politicians guilty of abuse of power, expenses and their taxes, liars all to speak exactly, self interested, pocket lining and self serving, not apparently noticing how we observe, their disgraceful acts of self importance, as politicians possessed with so much arrogance and ignorance, that they think the reason most have stopped voting is simply down to apathy, when really it’s because we all believe the fail to represent or do anything for you and me but live off what lobbyists offer, until their time of office ends, then get rewarded by these corporate men, a seat on the board next to the chairmen, its a crooked and corrupt career for many and they’ll see when voting ended, how few follow and how little they represent, because people have lost faith in the political system.

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Secret societies

Secrecy is a privilege of the rich

With their cabals trying to exercise control

Over power, money and territory

Using people and making them bleed

As they carry out crimes against humanity

While exploiting and destroying the earth in the name of greed

The danger to us all is secret societies.

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Great leaders

Great visionaries

Great leaders

They unite

They don’t divide

Hatred and violence

They never incite

And they are not fools

They are wise

Great visionaries

Great leaders

They don’t seek wars

They seek peace

They support the poor

They support the weak

Building equality

Into the society

Within which we all live

Great visionaries

Great leaders

Where are they today?

Bad leaders

Great visionaries
Geeat leaders
Should look after their people
Not just bleed them
While they profit
At their expense
Don’t even hive them health care
Great visionaries
Great leaders share
Not just with the 1%
But with them all
Great visionaries
Great leaders
Don’t build walls
Those that have in the past
Saw their empires fall
And it won’t be very long
Before bad leaders
Ard no longer leaders at all.

Political Britain

Got a government that never won

Brought the election its like corruption

Previously they combined with another party to who they lied

British politics is so messed up

People don’t get what they want

I didnt vote for Brexit like so many did

But I can tell u ou one thing you won’t get it

British government don’t give the people what they ask for

British government just gives corporations the right to break the law

As the fracking industry has proved

Didn’t get a licence but still made the it move

To steamroller over peoples objections

Our voices are constantly rejected

Like no wind farms of the Jurrasic Coast

They say it would spoil thus beauty spot

Now there is an oil rig sitting out there

Can you see how little they care

How much money had to change hands

For this to be achieved, why don’t people understand

The only policies that we get are the ones that put more money in their pockets

The British political system is so badly abused

So messed up its no longer of any use.