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Shadow figures

Men in shadows are in place

Standing behind the heads of states

Men of money we don’t see

They’re invisible you see

They exist in society

But in places blind to you and me

They control everything

For the determine the flow of money

Money being more powerful than God

In this world where everything is odd

Division and intolerance and hatred

Promoted more throughout the global states

You think leaders have the power

Do you believe they’re in control

They are just front women and men, they are puppets

To the shadowy mystery men

Who weild power through financials

Through using money to threaten and blackmail

They decide if wars are fought

And what environmental answers should be sought

They still believe in nuclear and dirty fuel

They are not interested in renewables

Wars are waged for the arms trade

The biggest corporation today

That’s why there will never be an America gun free

The men are monsters they live in the dark

You’ll never see them on the streets or in the park

They are outside this worlds illusory

And are in fact the brutal reality

Hiding in their ivory towers

Covering and embracing all their powers

They sit laughing at us all

Because they deign us as ll as fools

But when you start awakening

The the illusions they start breaking

Then you’ll see the truth too

That these shadowy men are the ones making the rules

And nobody elected them.

Held in place by debt

Governments learn quickly

And they find it harder to control

So subliminal means that always flows

Through the media and TV screens

People are getting wise too

So they use a new technique

Playing on people’s greed

Filling them with materialism

And then sowing the seed

Of creating a debt ridden society

Who become slaves to the work place

As well as passivity and obediency

You see governments are far more subtle and clever than we think

Working hand in hand with the media and corptopracy.

Tears of Tibet

In this moment you can’t hear the cries

As Tibet fades and ethnically and culturally dies

At the hands of the Chinese Government

Who’s actions are hell bent on seeing Tibet come to an end

The fear Buddhism and the Dalai Lama

Simply because they don’t understand

And in that ignorance and fear they won’t let it flourish

So I shed do many tears

For these good people suffering under Han oppression

Their voices and culture and and independance

China is brutally suppressing

So stand up for Tibet

And ring out a message loud

This treatment of Tibet must not be allowed

Silently Tibet is being cleansed

And this must now come to an end

So help stop this attrocity my friends

And proclaim that China give Tibet back its freedom.

Put down the hate

It’s time to put down hate

Start to put love in its place

It’s time to put and to violence

Start to embrace peace and make the guns silent

It’s time to test the power

Those who take away our freedoms by the hour

Those building up a secret state

Who are taking our voice away

We need to replace greed with equality

This should be our biggest dream

To live in a world that’s free to be

Whoever it is you choose to be

And put the dark corporate forces back in their box

We are fearful of everyone and everything

And so we increase the locks

To our self imposed cells because they make us fear this place

While taking every single right we have away

And telling us it’s for our own good

Trust nobody in your. Own neighbourhood

They say they’ll keep us safe

But they’re the dangerous ones

For they use fear and hate and banish the love.

Watch out for Karma

There was once a leader

Who profited from gun sales

The leader was given lots of money

By the people who make guns

All he had to do was keep guns legal

All he had to do was let them profit from people’s death

And all that we can hope for is that he is not assainated

Because it would be the most ironic death

The world has seen as yet.

Equality through sharing the wealth equity

I’ve barely had a rise on my wage in seven years

Meanwhile all the bills rise fuelling my fears

That I am falling further behind the cost of living

What’s going on is there something I am missing

We a living to work, not working to live

And the government and corporations are flaying the skins from bones

And they’ve divided us so we all feel alone

While they sip champagne in their luxury homes

Bosses get the cream while workers are fed gruel

While they’re expected to keep pushing productivity up

And as they rake in the cash they say it is not enough

But its funny how they do so well while we find it do tough

It’s a messed up society as nd an unequal state

We are constantly told we are easy to replace

But if we came together in a show of strength and worker force

Maybe then we may give them the best lesson they could be taught

That your workers are the most important facet of your business

So you should treat us better and give us more equality

Through the greater sharing of the wealth equity.

No return on the sacrifices

Risk or give your life for them

See how little you get in return

The truth that is hard to take

The promises they make are fake

God, Queen and Country

They say this worth dying for

Yet in return see what is returned

Absolutely fuck all

So why go fight their wars without a good cause

It’s only for power and for greed

Off to kill other innocent people

Just the same as you and me

Who are caught up in the middle

And who haven’t got the time

To be bothered with any of this shit

Until the time when unsuspecting

The bombs and bullets hit.

Fracking starts

Despite concerns against frackin

And the pollution it will cause

The high use of water

And contaminating it at source

Government and corporations

Push this worthless profitless futile process through

Despite the risk and opposition

Put up by me and and you

Because their greed is more important

Than either you or me.

A message to the masses

The melancholy of your cognition

Is the fundamental limiting of your understanding

And the perspicacity nature of their conditioning

Entombs you within their chrysalis of passivity

Wake up and break free

From your domestication.