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How is it working out for you


What do you believe in

Is it something you thought out

Or is it something you we fed and taught

how is it working out for you

Are you aware of what’s going on around you

Or are you repeating the media’s narrative

Are you lost in the HD TV dream

Or do you research life’s reality to find the truth

How is it working out for you

Do see the war machines being mechanised

To fight another war without a cause

Do you see the deforestation to enrich the elite

The same way that they are brexiting Europe

To satisfy the needs of the few

Using xenophobia as a tool to push it through

How is it working out for you

Do you see the poverty and inequality in society

Or are you another victim of the system

Held in place by it’s conscience money

A slave to the workplace scene

Not exactly life sweet dream, wake, work, sleep repeat again

how is it working out for you

Or are you aware that there is more and want it

Are you willing to make changes to break out of it

They look at me when I say this as if I am mad

For wanting more, for wanting better, for wanting to be free

What will you do to make it work for you.

People on the streets


I walk streets at night

To see how the homeless cope

Sleeping in doorways

In cardboard boxes

In old sleeping bags

And secondhand covers

Holes in their shoes

Piss stained clothes

Wrapped up warm

To try and keep out the cold

Unsure how this can happen

In an advanced society

This is the greatest concern to me

Not what people think

Or how they percieve me

But how and why people

Are left to live on the street

Society needs to change drastically

We need to find a way

To create a fairer more equal society

We need to lift people off the street

And lift people out of poverty

So judge me how you will

My thoughts are with those living

Tonight on the harsh cold streets.

Prorogue the system


I would like to prorogue this system

And shut it right down

Dissolve it for causing inequality and letting fear abound

It promotes division and xenophobia and instills hate and greed

And all the fucking time it’s the vulnerable that bleed

Prorogue this crumbling capitalistic farce

It is no longer working

It’s time to find some new ideas

That stops people from hurting.

Rule of law is now a farce


The rule of law is now a farce in the uk

It was recently broken by Prime Minister May

Now Boris Johnson says he will test and maybe break it again

And nothing happens to them

So does that mean that it is ok

To break all laws with impunity

Do what you like if the law that you see

Seems bad and is of which you don’t agree

The law is now a farce one you believe

That it can be broken to fit your own ends

Or does it just apply to the rich public school boys in the House of Commons.

False narratives


Have you heard the recent narratives

Climate change protesters are fear mongers

Sensastionlising rainforest fires

If we are hysterical they are liars.

Have you heard what they say about the economy

Everything’s booming and that benefits both you and me

Truth is when you see people sleeping on the streets

You realise this is capatlism in reality

Communism is and old tried and failed tale

Both systems are archaic and stale

See the poverty in this world

See the failings everywhere and the stories we could tell

Only the rich and powerful are doing well

For those at the bottom life is pure hell

Living on a pittance of pay

They profit while we are on a slave way

Yet they try and spin it that these are the best days

Knife crime in the uk

Mass shootings in the USA

Society is witnessing the mass decay

Of political systems failing humanity each day

We need new leaders and better thinkers

Without the greedy corporate blinkers

Visionaries who live in legendary ways

Not suited public schoolboys, spawned of bankers

Products of the right and left think tankers

Never tasted what real life is like

Blind to logic and intellectually blind

Never been accused of being wise

They have built systems upon their lies.

Racism is a disease


There’s a racist in the Whitehouse

What you gonna do

Take action or sit back in which case your integrity you lose

There’s a racist in the Whitehouse

Will you now finally impeach

Because his democratic oath he had breached

To protect American citizens each and everyone

He dividing people within his nation

Spreading words of hate and a feeling of fear

Destroying sensibilities we all should hold dear

Like love and respect for our fellow human beings

There’s a racist in the Whitehouse and the US he’s ruining

Rather than making it great again

He is covering it in shame

The US is a country made up largely of immigrants

Once upon a time his family when settling there were no different

Even his wife is one and there’s nothing wrong with that

It seems that’s OK as long as you are not black

There’s a racist in the Whitehouse

Promoting white supremacy

And nothing that this man says should ever be believed.