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Secret societies

Secrecy is a privilege of the rich

With their cabals trying to exercise control

Over power, money and territory

Using people and making them bleed

As they carry out crimes against humanity

While exploiting and destroying the earth in the name of greed

The danger to us all is secret societies.

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Great leaders

Great visionaries

Great leaders

They unite

They don’t divide

Hatred and violence

They never incite

And they are not fools

They are wise

Great visionaries

Great leaders

They don’t seek wars

They seek peace

They support the poor

They support the weak

Building equality

Into the society

Within which we all live

Great visionaries

Great leaders

Where are they today?

Bad leaders

Great visionaries
Geeat leaders
Should look after their people
Not just bleed them
While they profit
At their expense
Don’t even hive them health care
Great visionaries
Great leaders share
Not just with the 1%
But with them all
Great visionaries
Great leaders
Don’t build walls
Those that have in the past
Saw their empires fall
And it won’t be very long
Before bad leaders
Ard no longer leaders at all.

Political Britain

Got a government that never won

Brought the election its like corruption

Previously they combined with another party to who they lied

British politics is so messed up

People don’t get what they want

I didnt vote for Brexit like so many did

But I can tell u ou one thing you won’t get it

British government don’t give the people what they ask for

British government just gives corporations the right to break the law

As the fracking industry has proved

Didn’t get a licence but still made the it move

To steamroller over peoples objections

Our voices are constantly rejected

Like no wind farms of the Jurrasic Coast

They say it would spoil thus beauty spot

Now there is an oil rig sitting out there

Can you see how little they care

How much money had to change hands

For this to be achieved, why don’t people understand

The only policies that we get are the ones that put more money in their pockets

The British political system is so badly abused

So messed up its no longer of any use.

The arms trade, killing machine

The arms trade take down innocent lives each day

Destroy countries, cities and homes in everyway

The arms trade it has no conscience

The industry of multi corporational death

Leaving families in suffering and stress

Leaving them in grief and bereft

Of loved ones, mather, mother, sons and daughters

Babies left in the rubble slaughtered

In the name of what I ask?

God, Queen, Country that’s a farce

More in the name of oil, minerals and territories

More in the name of power and greed

The arms trade are part of the corporate greed killing machine

There for the love of God go you and me

It could easily be us you see.

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Venezuelas suffering

In the barrios of Venezuela

Times are certainly tough

Choked by US sanctions

Out of imperialistic lust

Look other South American

States who suffered the same in the past

You see the poverty and destitution

Will continually last

Because its in America’s backyard

Sovereign status means nothing to some

Ask Iraqis and the Syrians

Covert wars created be imperialists

Covered up as internal rebellion

Have any of the countries prospered?

No but they are ripe for corporate exploitation

Now sadly its time to see

It happen to the Venezuelans

At the hands of the corporate and greedy

Interfering Americans

That’s not to say Maduro is not the problem

But let Venezuela solve things in their own way

Don’t install some puppet government

To steal their oil and potential wealth away

I only hope Venezuelan people are paying attention and are wide awake

Many governments would like what they got

And would wish to steal their oil today

But its what if done right could pave a better flutter for them one day

And see them prosper and thrive

And see greater equality strive

To ensure it enriches all the peoples lives

It’s not just a dream it’s their rights.

Hard to believe or understand

It’s hard to believe

That those who lead

Are the best, brightest

And inspirational people

In our society

Or are we all now dumbing down

Have legendary visionaries

Just simply gone to ground

Unable to take any longer

These insufferable foolish

Women and men

Masquerading as politicians

And leaders of us all

It’s beyond my ken

This goes beyond any understandable

Or logical reasoning.

The price of justice

It matters not what crime you commit

When money is problem

For you get the justice you can afford

Which is why our prisons are full of poor folk

And the rich get off and are in the golf course

Some even see a rise in fame

Playing their corruption and immoral games

And live it up in stardom and fame

Making themselves a bigger name

To add too their wealth

These people know no shame

Refusing always to take the blame

Paying for justice paves the way

To a society that massively fails

While locking the poorest members of life in jail.

Trust the right people

Are we going to trust slippery buisnessmen

Over scientists because the corporate types have become politicians,

People with lower iq’s and just don’t know

The danger that the world is in and how its all going to ruin

And meanwhile all they care about is just fucking greed

Over the earth’s nature and earth’s ecology,

Trust these men over scientists, at your peril

They’ll lead us down the road of extinction and to hell.

Strom the gates

Those who live in decadence

Care little for the disintergration

Of the lower classes and the poor

They stick up their nose as they pass bye

Refusing to bare witness to how their lascivious

Desire got wealth and greed impacts on those they exploit

Cast down crumbs from their tables too

Whilst laughing at the crudity and decay in which they live,

The lower classes have always only ever been

A resources to be suffered painfully

But that now though through automation

And advancement and progress

These people in their low disintegrating poverty stricken lives

Can be factored out of the equations

Allowing more scope for greeter profit

Greater wealth and rising decadance

And liw how they do rejoice at the good fortunes that befall them

And low how they laugh and mock those beneath

Who suffer as a result of this inequality

That the decadant ones put in place oppress and control

Those who they regard as fodder for the workhouse

And as dispensible targets for the gun

As they enlist and serve and die for a country that wouldn’t die for them,

This is the truth of things, the way of things

And with control over government, media and corporations

The decadant ones are not about go Change things any time soon

That’s up the poverty stricken disintegrating lower class to do

To educate themselves to see and go rise up

And demand greater share of the wealth and more equality

Or to seize it through an uprising of protests on the streets

Culminating in a storming of the gates

Of the decadant ones and an the overthrowing of power.

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