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Danger is closer than you know

Stories about meteorites

Ending the world from outer space

Stories of solar flares destroying our world

May all be reasonable

May all be valid

But the greatest threat to our world

Is our humanity

Pushing climate change close to the edge

Polluting and exploiting until there’s nothing left

But rather than being fearful or feeling depressed

Open your eyes and open your minds

Strive to bring about change

To save all of mankind

From itself and its self destructive ways

Then we can work on how to save ourselves after

From the perils from outer space.



I crawl

I creep

I slither

I seep,



They call me











Covered in




Always deny



With our



Is the reason


Dumb we are

Everything based in society

Revolves around power and greed

Corruption is rife but do people see

They exploit the Earth and humanity

The tiny one percent

Who accumulate the wealth

Care very little for the Earth or our health

They are blind to the destruction they wreak

They are blind to the suffering caused to humanity

Money is power its always been that way

But its something that you can’t take to your grave

But the wealthy just care about one thing while they’re alive

Luxuriating in their ivory towers

Suckling off of the good of the land

Hoarding everything that is worthwhile and good

If you think they’ll share then you’re mistook

They reap all the benefits

While we get to live off the crumbs

To allow this to continue us shows that we must all be dumb.

Guardians turned poachers

I see natures beauty

But feel the tainted

Touch of exploitation

I feel natures essences

But if taste the pollution

I see the health

That is the earth

But I see also man’s

Desire for greed

That causes us to live

A life contrary

To the nurturing

Of our own seed

And the planet

On which we live

We are the guardians

But have become poachers

Destroying all that’s good

We need to get back

To living life

The way we know we should.

Stepping through quantum space

Treading plains of multiversity

Discovering ethereal plains of cosmic diversity

Living in shifting plains of existence

Quantum essences are always shifting

We ride meteorites which are drifting

Through never ending universes truly uplifting

Stepping through dimensional voids

Black holes closing in we avoid

For we’ve no desire to be destroyed

Astral trekking through star fields

Amazed by the way we can make time yield

To allow for inter dimensional travel

Being careful not to let our conscious mind unravel.

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In the dim light of day

In the dim light of day

The smoke gets in the way,

Another pile of bodies

Lay bleeding on the streets,

Just another day in hell

Where people scream and yell

And we wonder and we ask ourselves

Why do they flee this place,

This humanitarian disgrace,

Where killing kids and women

Happens everyday,

It passes by on TV

We see it on the news,

Every fucking person,

In every fucking country,

Just seems to be immune,

To all the innocent who,

Are dying everyday,

Through no fault of their own.

Meanwhile its a daily life thing

When another bomb explodes,

Where’s our humanity

That we let this persist

And we barely think of it,

This life of hell some people are forced to lead,

It’s a shit stain on the whole of our species,

We have allowed things like these atrocities to carry on

And we’ve sanitised this murder for far too long

And its so wrong.

Via: Daily Prompt: Dim

Emperors new clothes syndrome

How often are we led

Or manipulated to see others views

Convinced to go along with things

That we wouldn’t ordinarily choose

We need to take responsibility

For the life in@ which we all live

Ask more questions when things don’t seem to fit

I could wax lyrical about everything we perceive

But the truth is

When you don’t buy into what it is they sell

Then just walk away and leave

Rather than following other people’s dreams.

In my imagination

Is it just in my imagination

That there are certain factions

That do not want a world of love and peace

Is this because they know that just might impede

With their ambitions of power and greed

So the divide us all

And they cause a sudden squall

Where they wish to exploit

That leads to a global corporate free for all

Where the winner takes it all

And the winner is always the corporate machines

With the backing of combined militaries

Who march uninvited in to sovereign nations

Making out they’re peace making

Or cause a rift and civil wars

Using a subtle cause

To destabilise and make nations volatile

Once a place of peace

Now a powder keg on which fat cat powers can feast.

Via: Daily Prompt : Imagination

Beyond the establishment and system

We’re locked in system

Bound in chains,

By a system that doesn’t want us free again,

Caught in a society that barely cares

Inundated by advertisers selling their wares,

While government forces rules and laws down our throats

In a nanny state society we are all controlled.

Working for corporations and selling our souls

Never making a stand or getting too bold

To fight for our rights

And somehow make a change in our lives

Governed by fat cat men who are all too old

Seeking to line their pockets and gain power and control

And their is nothing in anyway that we can find that consoles

But I for one am past the point of overload

Travelling into a place of the unknown

Of opting out the system, the establishment and state

Going beyond the rules and ditching the hate

As promoted by the media

With its domesticated displays.

Polluting beings

Pollution is humanities

Unfortunate legacy

Polluting on the land

As well as the air and sea

Pollution defines

Humanities lust for greed

Even though we possess

Alternative green energy

Even though we have

Discovered new technologies

Still we define our legacy

As polluting greedy beings

Do we lack the understanding

And the knowledge

To see clear

Do we not understand

We are the greatest threat

To our own extinction fears.