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End the suffering

I could careless about where people are Jews or Muslims

I do care how ever that murderous people are killing each other on both sides

And that Israel is using it’s massive war machine to crush people and cause genocide.

Before the 2nd World War Israelis left Israel for Europe

And suffered greatly

After the war the UK repatriated them to Israel

And they hated it and fought us

Now they are a big powerful established nation

Using might to crush Palestinians who never left the region

The cycle of violence on both sides must end

The once nomadic Israeli race and the Palestinians must find away to peace

Without the intervention of other interfering governments

A way to coexistence must be found

And all past wrongs put aside

To end the cycle of murder, death and hate on both sides.

No government

No race

No one people own the land

It belongs to all people

To live where they wish

Borders, anthems, flags and religion is all man made

And created to achieve such divides

So that the powerful few can rule.

Meager morsels

Scrapping for a crumb

Or just a morsel to eat

Life it is so hard

Just to try and make ends meet

And we are told to work hard

And all will be ok

But all I see is those in charge

Treating us like slaves

And getting richer

And getting fatter

Of our sweat, blood and toil

And all I ever see

Is that they lie right through their teeth

To ensure I work for them

To the point where I drop down dead

From the meager rations that I am fed

From the scraps from their table

The trickle down theory enabled

To keep us all within our place

And grateful to them

These greedy fat cat corporate obscenely rich men

Who pay slave wages to keep them content

These corrupt governments

Who work hand in hand with them

Ensuring change ain’t ever happening.

We have lost our way

No intelligent species would destroy their own environment


We as beings have lost our way

so much money spent on war

on putting stuff up into space

while neglecting the human race

and this earth on which we live.

So much time exploiting resources

until the time comes when there will be no recourse

we will have gone way too far down that road

of extinction and self annhialation

and all those species we see trophy hunted

that are no more will make life duller

will make it much poorer and less varied

take a kid to the zoo and watch their eyes

different animal species give them such delight

when do we become so brutal and lose sight of this?

why are we not doing more to change it?

There is no planet B but we are in search of this

is this what we are? A parasite species?

abuse, consume and the discard the empty carcass

humanity is living life just like a car crash

my god! are we to blind to see

that we have become this terminal disease

we are like a festering sore on the face of beauty

we have taken paradise and destroyed it

as if it was an act of duty

and those who rule and those who govern

are too corrupt and too old to care about the future

they just want the money and power now

they don’t have vision of what they wish to leave

no dreams or even legacies that will define them centuries on

they don’t care they will be long gone

so it’s up to us to bring about change

build a future sustainable and brave

that put’s us back within nature, not outside of it

nurturing and tending all of it’s needs which will reduce the risk

of humanity tripping over the edge of extinction

and see as a race of distinction

that learnt to evolve and understand the truth

that we need to be more mindful in all that we do

and create a better world and environment for both me and you.


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Rule of law

I get confused when people talk a bout the rule of law

when law comes down to what can you afford

we all see the glaring differences each day

whether or not you can law evade

depends on the quality of lawyer you can pay

multinational corporations frack without permits

now you go a head and try doing this

you don’t even have the right to protest about this

if you have not told the authorities you are protesting about it

the police force act as body guards to protect

normal everyday people standing up against it

politicians and the rich breaking laws everyday

somehow they always find a way to escape

Jeffery Archer had is ass thrown in jail

but he still has his peerage even to this day

so don’t talk to me about rule of law

because it all comes down to what you can afford.


So much of what dictates our society is clandestine

Things going on that we don’t know

Games being played that hurts humanity so

So much damage done to the earth through clandestine deals

You think you know how society works

Well believe me none of that stuff is real

It’s all governed by the one percent

The Rothschild bankers and all the rest

Who own multi national corporations

They wild the power refusing to let humanity bloom into flower

These clandestine people with their secret ways

Control society and we as the people have no say

They are not elected,

They us their money to dictate how and what governments

Do, dictating policies that hurt me and you

Because its all about the power, all about the greed

If government doesn’t give these people what they need

They stop investing in that country

Threaten to bankrupt them and bring that government to its knees

And in its insatiable lust to lead

Governments give the clandestine men anything they need

They sell their souls for the money

And sell us all down the river to achieve a materialistic society

Where people care for nothing but themselves

And sustaining their own levels of corruption based wealth.

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Conspiracy theory or truth

Conspiracy theories abound everywhere

But the truth is perfectly and simply clear

That all those in power politicians, the rich and those of religion

Are all part of one big corporate family

Backed and served by the media through the papers and TV

They are all playing games that end in the oppression of you and me

And if you think when you vote or take political sides

You’re changing society, that’s the biggest lie

And religion plays its part in getting us to conform

Using sin and guilt, this is the norm

They’re all in it together and you would be blind not to see

And the victims as usual is humanity

Dying for their money, paying for their greed,

Raping the planets resources and killing innocent human beings

Devastating our wildlife in the name of power and the right to lead

Carved up into nations all neatly

So we are easier to control and manipulate

Using xenophobia, violence and hate

There is no country, society or any state

Free from their corruption, free from their game.

Devouring resources

Man is alarming devouring all of earth’s resources

When there’s nothing left we will be feasting on our corpses

But that would not suprise me that’s the way that man is

Ignorant to everything with uncaring survival instinct

So arrogant and blind to other options we could choose

We could be the nurtures not the ones guilty of abuse

We could harness so much more that is sustainable

But money, greed and corruption

Is the scenario on which we repeat

When we’ve continued to polluting all the seas

When we have finally cut down the very last tree

Will we acknowledge this as our responsibility

Or will we look to pass the blame off

And be saying this future could not be seen

Because if in fact we try to use this as an excuse for what we’ve done

That would simply be obscene and completely fucking wrong!

Mighty to nobody superior to none (revisited and reworked )

Mighty to nobody superior to none

You’re our elected leaders and treat us all like fools,

Telling us we can’t demonstrate upon the streets

Poisoning our food, both vegetables and meat

Polluting our environment land, earth and sea,

Corrupting all the young with your xenophobic beliefs,

Then wonder why it is that we get angry.

Wonder why we are fighting back?

Wonder why we are now on the attack?

Maybe its because of the truth you lack,

Millions of our voices you choose to ignore

Even when we shout and scream no more bloody wars,

What will it take, a revolution

I don’t want any of that

but I think it is time for us to take the power back.

Back from those who use and abuse for their own ends

Back from those who hoard the wealth then build barricades simply to defend

All that they have taken,

Which is far more than their share

Far more than their entitled to but do you really think they care.

Taking us on a trip to annihilation

One way ticket to the end of civilisation

And they won’t ever care because by then they won’t be there,

And future generations are going to have to pay the cost,

If we do nothing now then the future will be lost,

So mighty and superior but to who I am asking you?

Mighty and superior to me and you?

Mighty and superior we need to take back power today,

Mighty and superior and live in a better way,

Mighty to nobody and superior to none,

in a world based on love, peace and compassion.

Rich get richer

Rich get richer

The poor just die

In free market society

Where greed thrives

And equality is denied

The governments work hand in hand

With their corporate chums

On golf courses and men only clubs

Are the deals are done

And lobbyists ensure

That the politicians get payment

And assurances of places on these corporate boards

When retired from political life

Corrupt, each one and all

So unless you’re at the top

You are going to always struggle

Producing money for corporations at the double

They exploit each one of us aided by the government

And caring is not a feature for they have no sentiment

Just a total lack of feeling and not being compassionate.

More fool us

Black and white

Don’t fight

Don’t divide

Share the light

Share the love

And share the world

Under one flag

That’s waved unfurled

Black and white

One humanity

One race

Colour that’s just skin

Doesn’t change anything

Same inside

Same energy

Discard ignorant beliefs

Proffered by stupidity

No basis in reality

Black and white

Don’t fight

Don’t divide

Just unite

Don’t let racism

Shine its light

White supremacy

That ain’t right

All lives matter

That’s a fact

Factions, sides

Simply react

Without thought

Just out of anger

Use intelligence

Not your violence

See racism a power ploy

To get people annoyed

So that they divide

Then easier to control

For those who govern

See no sides

The see us all as

Unworthy scum

And slaves

To government.