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The neighborhood of hard knocks


I walk these dimly lit

Rubbish bag lined streets,

Walls covered in graffiti

Rats running here and there

A neighbourhood of such despair,

Where very little people from outside care

Where life is cheaper than the drugs being sold there,

And we wonder why there’s so much crime

Wonder why violence is intertwined,

But equality is not part of capitalisms design

Do people keep there nose to the grind,

While having to live in dirt and grim

This is a tragic way to have to live life,

A terrible way to spend their time

As they slip ever more, always behind,

Down in to greater poverty

Down deeper into greater despair.

It’s not funny


It does not take much

For people to sell out to greed

I understand those on their knees

How they beg and they plead

But it all falls on deaf ears

Because those with money and power just don’t care

What I can’t understand

Is why sell your principles

For few measly coins here and there

I truly do despair, because life’s not fair

And there are people out there

Who thrown a few coins

And tossed a few lies

And told anyone from outsides not right

And they are sold untruths a fed with national pride

By those who exploit us all the time

Yet they buy the lies

And they buy the line

That those from outside

Will take all that you have

Your job, your house, your women your money

It’s do fucking farsickle it is not even funny

And you buy it all

And you sell your soul

And sell all your principles with ease

It’s so sad to watch

It’s so sad to see

People give up what they believe

In the name of a few extra coins and national pride

In the name that immigration is not right

You pin your flag to that mast

And wonder why I stand and laugh

Even though it’s not funny.



I’ve got a new message about what’s going on

Go and wage your war but do it on your own

Go and fight your good fight

If you think that it’s so right

But when you decide to raise your war shout

Remember to just leave the people out.

Sociopathic megalomaniacs


Let’s all vote for egotistical narcissists

Like visionaries and wise men no longer exist

So give the sociopaths the power to exploit and kill us all

Make us poor or send us off to war

What a fucking choice it’s like no choice at all

Meanwhile the rape and destroy our world for they’ve nothing to lose

So fucking old the future for thems no use

It’s for them all about the glorification in wealth and power right now

What comes later is pointless and the will not be cowed

This megalomaniacs that are controlling humanity world wide

Are laughing at us all because they’re all on the same side

And we’re the enemy

Yet we still give them what they want

A chance to run and destroy our planet so wake up to yourself.

War drums beating


The war drums are beating out across the globe

But there are bigger issues and problems to be solved

Don’t let the despots and the death dealers

Lead us down to the road of distraction and decieving

Don’t get embroiled in their war games

We are all one love, we are all one race, we are all the same

Don’t give up your life to the theater of fake

Don’t sleepwalk into armageddon

Stay awake and conscious and let’s defy them

And focus on bigger issues like climate change

And putting out our burning planet rather than march to the tune

Of the terminally genocidal leaders who are totally insane.

Quote of the day


People of Britain and the US need to remember this.

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—

     Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Tabloid control


What happened to an independent press

Days when journalist did their best

To stay neutral and expose lies and corruption

When did we allow power to control our press

When did we allow it to become the worst not the best

Reflection of life and people but become beset

With reporting fear and hate and going with governmental narratives

Look to how how Goering did the same as a comparative

Freedom and and independent press

Is essential for society and so this needs to be reset

We must not allow oligarchs to feed us lies and the truth

you just need to open your eyes andinds to see the proof.