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They control


They control

They lock us down

They distract

They stifle our sounds,

Sounds of freedom

And exposing corruption,

Lack of equality

Not everybody is sharing,

When we’re struggling

Those who lead are not caring,

They exploit us each day

Make us work so no time for play,

All for the dollar dollar bill

Which is minimum wage,

Freedom and love

Is all that I crave,

But this has never been

And never will be their way,

So we have to stand strong

And be authentic today.

Money woes


So I work so hard to earn some money

Just enough to keep my head above water,

And to stop me drowning in deep waters

Then along comes the tax man and hits me with a bill,

That makes my hard graft worthless still,

The man who allows big multinational corporations

Sell their wares without paying tax,

Or like formula paying a one percent sweat heart deal

Is this system for fucking real?

Why do they get away with paying nothing

And if I tried the same I’d end up in prison,

This is what they call a fare and equal affair

Well that’s me fucked and the tax man don’t even care,

Because this is a society that simply doesn’t wealth share.

Said it before I will say it again and again


Fuck all corrupt government

Ripping this world and societies apart,

These governments who serve wealth and power

Create wars that make global citizens cower,

They divide so they can control

The wealth of Nations they stole and sold,

They then tell us the world’s in crippling debt

To who exactly the Illuminati sect?

The monetary system was created by men who sought wealth,

Now they use it control everything else,

Governments are puppets to these bankers

And so are the oligarch media that hankers,

For a piece of the pie and so unashamedly print lies,

Unelected svengali’s live off all of this, like an infestation of fleas,

All of these are addicted and dedicated to greed

And we the people will never be free,

Of their exploitation and their controlling ways

Stand against them they’ll make us pay,

Communist or capitalist

They’re all United and that’s the twist,

Political left or political right

They’re there to instill divides,

Religion uses exactly the same tools

And altogether they treat us people as fools,

And they live in luxury while we fight to survive

It’s time to stop believing their fucking lies,

We need a paradigm political shift

Clear the decks and rid us of the shit,

And build new systems based on equality and sharing,

A new world order based on peace and caring,

With no fucking borders, flags or anthems,

Just a united people of United Nations,

Wake up people and see the truth

This can happen but it needs me and you,

And every person who wants better life

Based on living fair and living right,

To rise up now one and for all

And oppose the corrupt governments that rule.

Work life balance


Life work balance has been lost

And it is to our personal cost

We slave to earn a pittance of pay

Working longer hours every day

Trying to make every end meet

So tired, we’re dead on our feet

It makes our misery complete

Our suffering is wholly replete.

Glass ceiling


They say always stay aspirational

Never look down always look up,

But all I see a glass ceiling

Made of reinforced glass construct,

They say stay positive while you’re being held down

Scaping up the scraps from the rich tables

As they trickle down to the ground,

It’s always those not in poverty

That see the chances we don’t see,

Because they have the luxury of a life more easy,

Whereas we have the struggle of striving to survive

We do what we can but when do we get the time?

Usually we’re too exhausted in body and mind

From the daily servile grind,

That we need to partake in, to pay the bills

Our life is so basic, there’s no fucking frills,

Slaving in the workhouse and the dark satanic mills,

Run by the rich who exploit us still,

I got the inspiration and I got the will,

But to be honest, of this life and society I’ve had my fill.

Don’t just observe


I came to simply observe

But I got caught up in the moment,

As the passions started rising

And the chants and songs rang out,

How could I stand by and passively observe

The thought of that and the notion,

Of that to me is so absurd

So I weighed into the crowd and made my voice heard,

And as a few then tried to trigger violence

I said that’s the police’s answer not ours,

Do not rise to the bait just stand strong and curse

Use the power of your numbers,

And sing we will not be moved

The power of force is used mostly, by the boys in blue,

Don’t give them any reason, to bust protesters heads

Do not rise to the hate and violence that you’ve been fed,

Just stand strong and stand in unity

Muslim, Christian, black and white,

Don’t you see it’s the governments plan

To divide us, then cause us to fight,

To the rich and privileged we are all simply, just fucking scum

This is why we must come together and stand up for our rights,

I saw within the crowd a multitude of colours and faiths,

And I realised the rich, powerful and privileged

Just maybe losing their sway,

But there’s many more that won’t see this

Because they’re blinded by greed and hate,

And to wrapped up in the xenophobic idea of the nation state,

But when the protest finished and no fight broke out

The media lost interest and left those reports out,

Because we live within a system that divides and controls

For its own self serving ends and to help their own privilege grow,

So don’t you be an observer, go into the heart of it

And help to promote change,

To bring about a better world in which we wish to live.

Fed shit


The shit we get

Is the shit we accept,

Chlorinated chicken

What the fuck next,

GMO products already full the shelves

They don’t care one bit,

If it’s detrimental to our health

They lower food standards,

This is to ramp up their profits

And to all prospective trading partners easy access,

To feed us the shit that they produce

And they force us to eat it,

As our wages and living standards are reduced

Polluted fruit and veg grown in polluted soil,

Contaminated by their pesticides

Question them on it and they lie,

Look a little deeper and pry

And ask more questions why?

Why have you lowered food standards?

Why are you importing substandard food?

They can’t answer this

And if they do they take the piss,

Thinking we are as ignorant as them

It’s time for these wrongs and lies to end.

This is the system


We accept your

Dirty conscience money,

It keeps us quiet

And out keeps us all servile,

It anaesthetise’s us

Against reality,

It keeps us in line,

Keeps production going

Keeps their wealth flowing,

Leaves us tired

Leaves us stressed,

So there’s no time

For anything else,

We are grateful

For crumbs that fall,

From the tables

Of the rich above is all,

We don’t question

We just go to work,

Don’t hit targets

They say you shirk,

Push you every single day

Motive being a pittance of pay,

Slave to the system

Slave to work,

They see themselves as elite

And they treat us like dirt,

So conditioned to this

We don’t understand the hurt,

They say having a jobs s perk

Manking money for the rich,

They get the best of everything

Our pound of flesh we give,

Just trying to survive

Just striving to live.

Violent action or intellectual discourse


Violence begets violence everytime

It doesn’t even matter who’s on what side,

Violence loses you the arguement and clouds the mind

No one should ever look to cross that line,

Intellectual discourse is the only way

Using reasoned arguement does more to sway,

The minds of those who are opposed to your views

Use your fist or use your mind,

It up to you to choose

Meaningful dialogue or a short fuse,

Remember though who tells you what to do

They’ve got an agenda to use you,

Firing you up to fight is a form of abuse

No matter what side you’re on

You’re being taken for a fool,

Violence is not acceptable in any form

Step into the new intellectual dawn,

And make reasoned based discourse become the norm.

Bigotry on the streets


Nationalistic jingoism and bigotry on our streets

All about unintelligible fascistic thug like Nazi’s,

Promoting fear and violence because they’ve had to much to drink,

They say they are protecting England’s proud and historical dream,

While defending Churchill statue but they cannot see,

Churchill fought and beat down upon the nationalistic Nazi beliefs,

They are clearly so confused and lacking in any understanding

That Churchill fought what they are now, representing,

A once tried and failed fascist, fear filled, violent society

We must stop the rise of this malicious and vicious disease.