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Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes tried to blow up Parliament

Tried to kill the members of the government

He was caught and hung, drawn and quartered

But now being far more thoughtful

I think his deeds were understandable

All government fails us in everyway

Let’s fight for love, peace and anarchy today.

You can’t say that!


You can’t say that it’s not pc!

This is what people tell me

Yet the allow acts by humanity

That can only be as obsecene

Mind your wods don’t mind heinous deeds

Turn a blind eye to attrocities

In a world that has gone crazy.

Policies of destruction and death


Governments and their policies

Rip the world apart and destroy peace

Leaving bodies in the bombed out rubble

Children, Mothers, Fathers dead

No humanity shown to them it left

They don’t count they’re just statistics

They don’t count they’re different from us

Devoid of feeling devoid of love

And if that isn’t quite enough

Those who survived are trafficked and abused

Either way they always lose

Life is desperate, life is bad, life for them is beyond sad

Government and those not touched

Sit back and watch and don’t give a fuck

Victims of the arms trade and politics

Victims of a mankind and a world that is sick

How can anyone see and not feel ashamed by this

And want to put an immediate end to it

But it will take a world wide shift

And it needs to start with me and you

We need to say no more of this

Stand up for the rights of those who deserve to exist

Safe and secure and not at risk

In love and compassion, in kindness and peace.

Pritti hypocrisy


Pull the ladder up Jack, I am fine

I got here in the nick of time

To ignorantly shout and verbalise

About how immigration from across British tides

Needs to end, so best give a speech

Of the most rancid of all hypocrisy

To show to all my dark cold side

It’s not just immigrants, me, Little Pritti Patel despises

It’s those poor anying fucking poor and working classes

And although not long back nearly sacked

For what some termed as treason

The rise back though beyond all reason

Exults me back into the limelight

Back into the elite with their might talking shite

I can posit and pontificate that immigrants will not be welcome here

And as I say these words can you hear the ladders as they’re raised

And the sound of a xenophobic ovation and praise

That someone of one time immigrant descent

Should be so forceful in bringing it to an end,

Pritti, Pritti not so pretty

Pritti, Pritti your hypocrisy is truly and visibly so fucking ugly.

Language of conflict


Recently I’ve heard our leader

Talk about surrender and capitulation

I’ve heard him talk about enduring shot and shell

I wonder why he uses the language of war

After all we are at war with no one

We are not enemies with any one at all

It seems like he’s trying to appeal with the ignorant

And those lacking intellect

It appears they’re being primed by those who rule

Like Hitler did in pre-war Germany

Use negative and hateful words to stir

Up all those who seek to blame others

For them not achieving what they want from life

These people say they live a life of strife

Caused by immigration which is a total lie

But this kind of narrative decides the divides and sides

This is what the leaders of our country has inspired

Toxicity that makes our society run wild.

Mysogynistic society


We think foolishly

That women’s rights have improved massively

But Trump, Epstien, and so many more

Prove money and privilege puts you above the law

In so many places abuses continue on

Upskirting, groping and harassment the list is long

Still the establishments mysogynistic ways are prolonged

By a society that never punishes these wrongs

Until there is a hue and a cry but the victims are already great

Because individual women’s voices are silenced by the state

And it is only when the voices are many

Action is taken begrudgingly in a hope it may appease

But not because any men in power care about changing anything

Which is why it continues unceasingly

We need to put an end finally to mysogyny

Because women are more than just a sex toy thing.

How is it working out for you


What do you believe in

Is it something you thought out

Or is it something you we fed and taught

how is it working out for you

Are you aware of what’s going on around you

Or are you repeating the media’s narrative

Are you lost in the HD TV dream

Or do you research life’s reality to find the truth

How is it working out for you

Do see the war machines being mechanised

To fight another war without a cause

Do you see the deforestation to enrich the elite

The same way that they are brexiting Europe

To satisfy the needs of the few

Using xenophobia as a tool to push it through

How is it working out for you

Do you see the poverty and inequality in society

Or are you another victim of the system

Held in place by it’s conscience money

A slave to the workplace scene

Not exactly life sweet dream, wake, work, sleep repeat again

how is it working out for you

Or are you aware that there is more and want it

Are you willing to make changes to break out of it

They look at me when I say this as if I am mad

For wanting more, for wanting better, for wanting to be free

What will you do to make it work for you.