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Voyage of discovery


She felt the hot breath on her neck

And the hand on her firm pert behind

As it stroked and felt it’s way.

In the darkened room

In her tight little dress,

Having drank a little to much

This moment was one she craved.

The kisses on the neck made for a warmth,

That rippled through her body,

Made her body tingle and react.

She felt the hand under her dress now

Felt it exploring her desires,

She melted back against the object that desired her

And felt the arms embracing her,

As now both hands were moving over her

And as they did she moaned and sighed

And squirmed and thrust her body in time

And felt her passion start to increase,

To an almost explosive feat,

She felt the pressure start to mount

As the hands worked her body

To a tantamount point

Where she knew there was no return,

As her body now ached and yearned,

For the moment of release,

Hitting that climactic peak,

Barely able now to speak,

As her breath was fast

And her chest heaved,

Squeezed by hands

Using skilful techniques,

She begged in whispers

For so much more

And in that moment of wanting more,

It was if someone had just opened a door,

To heights of pleasure never felt before,

Her knees buckled and she felt the floor

Beneath her feet begin to melt,

Her heart full of love and lust

Beat fast and hard,

The blood throbbed through her viens

Like an express train

And it was impossible to remain,

In control or dignified, as her body contorted

As her body writhed

Feeling the touch and flow of her essence inside,

She let out a sensual cry

And in a whirling, dizzing moment in time,

Her body let go and so did her mind,

As she succumbed to the pleasure and to the joy,

Of being used as somebody’s toy,

Used in a way she enjoyed,

Making such a lovers noise,

She turned her face and kissed her friend,

Lips full and caressing,

She had yearned to discover this feminine touch

Two firm female bodies writhing as one,

Enjoying and devouring innocent pleasurable fun,

And her whole being coming undone.

Spiritual is not ritual


Spiritual is not ritual,

It is aspirational,

Spontaneous motivational,

Unconditional love and light,

In devotional flight,

To inner self and being

And the casting of benevolence

And peace throughout humanity,

In concordance with compassion.

Dark room of whispers


She loved his tenderness

The attention he gave her,

The subtle way he undressed her

Kissed and tasted every inch of her flesh,

That almost sent her into madness,

That sparked her desire and passion,

She loved the way he made love to her,

The right amount of dominance,

The right amount of surrender,

The right amount of softness and roughness,

Balancing everything he did

To take her to the peak of her unbridled lust.

In this dark room of sexual whispers,

Of pleas and sighs and gratification,

Of full personification of what see wanted, what she needed,

Holding tight and feeling the flow

Of her energetic essence like she had never known.

In this place of whispers

Of fuelled and charged sexual

And sensual as well as spiritual energy,

She let her whole body and mind become unleashed,

In a form of impassioned release of everything within her being.

In the dark room of whispers

He left her to bask in the afterglow,

Still feeling his touch and smelling his scent,

As she text her husband to say that he had left,

So it was alright now to come home.

Open mind


This is about the saints and sinners

The sensual beginners,

Never leave anything behind

Always express what’s on your mind,

Just remember, to let the love flow

It will take where you want to go

In love you can be bold

When you match up with a connected soul,

Do what you need to please

Satisfy each other’s needs,

Connect spiritually

And set your hearts

And souls free,

Live and love in a sensual tapestry,

Of caring and sharing,

Of erotic delight,

Be open to all experience

And savour the delights,

Worship the body,

Pay homage to the mind

And let your nature,

Be defined

By your open heart

And your open mind.

She knows how to please


She liked the feeling

Of heavy breathing

She raised her own fires

Up to the ceiling

She knew what she like the most

She was her own best host

She knew how to feed and seethe

On her own needs

She traces every inch she can

She knows what her body demands

She arches and grinds

In her own good time

No need to rush

Or wonder if she can hit the spot

She can touch herself intensely

Satisfies herself

Physically and mentally

She feels the flow

She can the passion grow

She lets out muffled sighs and moans

It feels good being home alone

No inhibitions to stop her

She now is satisfying her body proper

She feels this almost spiritual need

To set her lust and desire free

She likes being home alone

She enjoys her essence raised home grown

She needs to quench her needs

She enjoys the feeling of being self pleased

That brings her to her knees

And sees her move exquisitely

As she reaches her sensual peak

In conflagration of light

In a sense of pure delight

In the moment that is so intense

She is an exotic woman

Who knows just what she needs.

Exploration of you


Consciously we both seep

Into each other endlessly

I am addicted to you

I am willing to go deep for you

You define all that is true

I am addicted to you.

Show me the substance of you

And and I will stir your essence through and through

Submit your soul to me

And I will vibrate your frequency

I am addicted to you

I am willing to go deep for you

You define all that is true

I am addicted to you.

I will make you breathe heavy

Make your heart beat faster

And your chest rise

I will make your body contort

And make it writhe

In the sweetest rhythm and rhyme

I will take you to a high

We will both spiritually fly

As our bodies synchronise in time

I am addicted to you

I am willing to go deep for you

You define all that is true

I am addicted to you.

Then when when we’ve exhausted ourselves

We will explore everything else

We will discover real love

By scouring the universe up above

I am addicted to you

I am willing to go deep for you

You define all that is true

I am addicted to you.

Golden summer sublime


Days of golden summer’s glow

A reprieve from wind, rain and snow,

Where lazing in a park

Resplendent and green,

Having barbeques after dark,

Were much the imagery of warm days

And bathing under the sun’s hot rays,

These are reminders of my childhood,

When days were long and times were good,

Climbing trees and grazing knees

We’re all a part of living the dream,

Drinking long cool drinks

And eating ice cream,

They were as idyllic as they seemed.

Still I make visits to the park

And eating barbeques after dark

But now I do it with my son

And watch him having the same fun,

We play football I push him on swings

We do all his favourite things,

For I want his childhood to be as good as mine

Still no money but it’s all fine,

Because money can’t buy that him and I time

Which are golden summer’s so sublime.



We would grow more if we were to coalesce,

Become on stream of consciousness,

Unify as a humanity,

Beautifying all we see.

We could be amazing in all we do And all we believe,

It would open us up to the universe boundlessly,

To the things we could achieve,

Unlimited by boundaries,

Unrestricted by hate and greed,

Not divided by politics, or belief,

We can be the change

Bring about a new golden age,

By coalescing as a stream

Of consciousness.

Something ain’t right


Do you sense that sometimes

Life ain’t playing fair or right,

Do you ever feel your out of place

Or or going out of your mind,

Is it me or is it life?

Something ain’t right,

Do you ever feel which way you turn

There are dead ends or troubles that yearn,

To pull you down and pull you under,

And feel your problems outweigh the number,

of your dreams,

Is it me or is it life?

Something ain’t right.

Do you ever feel your going to break,

Like others are getting in your way,

Just to stop you from living life as you should,

Do you ever feel on the edge,

Staring over the precipice,

Ready to fall ready for the ending,

Is it me or is it life?

Something just ain’t right.

Do you ever feel the hurt and pain

And the suffering time and again,

Is it me or is it life?

Something ain’t right.



So often we feel like we are not appreciated

And very little gratitude is shown,

For all of our endeavours to do the best we can,

Often sacrificing our own plans,

So it is truly ungrateful

When people take you for granted,

When everything you do is treated as if worthless

And though we don’t do things

So as to be rewarded,

Is it to much to ask that what we do is at least noticed

And a little respect given,

For all of the effort applied,

For the work that we have striven

To achieve for so many others,

Often neglecting self

In the service of benevolence

And the feeling of doing what is right,

This core principle of what many like me

Choose to devote our lives too,

So please show a little appreciation,

Asit would go a long, long way.