Soothsayer I am not

I am no sage or soothsayer I don’t pretend to see what’s coming next, But it’s not hard when you chart recent events, To see life as we no it now must end A paradigm shift is needed And warnings need to be heeded So much that’s gone on must be learnt and understood WeContinue reading “Soothsayer I am not”

They could not shut us down

Some call it vexation Others call it redemption I don’t know if there is an exception They try to shut it down So we bust it down I keep it on the low I never claimed to be perfection I never stated anything But my life is lit It’s this way because that’s how IContinue reading “They could not shut us down”

Evil deeds

Masculine as he was He thought he could take what he wanted Feminine though she was She rebuffed his advances But he was not hearing her He only had one thing on his mind She resisted and insisted This is not what she had in mind But using his strength He overpowered her Using hisContinue reading “Evil deeds”

Stealth jumper

She hid in a doorway of shop Within the neon lit maze of the city, A gaping hole from a shot wound, Her long dark hair and slender figure Kept her hidden within the shadows, The leather all in one suit Offered some protection against the constant rain And kept her warm in the steamyContinue reading “Stealth jumper”

A life so squalid

She sits alone In a place she calls home A flat she rents In the undesirable zone She sits in darkness Her only light a flickering Neon sign outside It’s a if from the world She is trying to hide But that is not the case at all It’s just that’s she’s fallen And theContinue reading “A life so squalid”

Happy after all

He fell in love with somebody he should not have fallen in love with, she toyed with him, teased him broke his heart, leaving him for dead, there was blood on the ceiling, blood on the floor, she could not have damaged him any more, now he looks back at what he call his ValentinesContinue reading “Happy after all”

A lift home into the sensual zone

  She had to stay at work late one night Spoke with her husband he said that’s alright she said she would make her own way home he said that’s fine but don’t do it on her own. As she worked late and it got dark outside a college asked how much longer she wouldContinue reading “A lift home into the sensual zone”

The act

He touched her body for the first time and she tingled with static electricity that touch felt so insatiably sublime, she felt the energy of yearning racing up and down felt the essence f her being start to flow she knew that in this moment she had lost control and she felt the touch ofContinue reading “The act”

The curious tale of love

She goes out He stays home, She likes to play He like a to know, They love each other Of this they both know, They both feel In joint control, Her desires high His are low, He let’s her go She will always Come home, With tales of nights He loves t to hear, HeContinue reading “The curious tale of love”

Come together and grow

Let me be the pleasure reaching through you Touching and toying with sensual intent. Let me be the one who raises your passionate ardour Making your body writhe, twist, ache yet melt. Let me be the one enticing your essence to flow, While you let your whole self go, As I drive you to placesContinue reading “Come together and grow”

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