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Power of the sword

Dark was the house shrouded in obsidian

Until the moment the spark of light from the flaming torch

Lit up all around like a fiery burning sun

She acclimatised her eyes so she Coul look around

And felt outside the rumble through the ground

Heard to roar and clanging of metal

She looked frantically for sword that she sought

And there in the corner an old antique chest

She opened the lid and what she saw took away her breath

A bright shiny sword glinting in the torch light

She took it out from the chest and ran out the back door

And there her army waited pensive and ready

She moved them all to the open space

And then were steadied waiting for the enemy

And then over the crest of the hill they then rose

And the warrior queen in her legendary pose

Pointed forward with her sword

And let out a scream

Forward to glory in the name of your queen

And her army moved forward slow at first but getting faster

Full steam ahead to victory or disaster

The horses snorted fury baring their teeth

The passion in her army now being fully released

Raced hard with no intention of shirking

Her army full on driving and beserking

Like a massive combined beast

Hungry to eat, the enemy in front of them that they were about to besiege

Then a thunderous clash and like a loud clap of thunder

The enemy crumbled and felt themselves being swept under

A wave like light that let loose from the queen’s magical sword

And she slayed a large number of this menacing horde

With one single slash and wave of its power

She knew that it could bring about her finest hour

And the battle was long as was it bloody

Yet she fought like a dervish in a real hurry

And at the end of the night and in the dawning of a new day

She stood victorious over the enemy she and her army had slayed

And as sh sat triumphant upon her horse

Sword in the air the magic took its course

And bound her heart and her alligience to death and to glory

From now on she would write new stories

As determined by the magic and not by her will

And in the afterlife I heard she’d is warring and fighting still.

Drugs ‘n’ kids

Drugs and kids

Weed and alcohol

Is society losing control

Parents are there

But seem unaware

I am not sure they even care

Drugs start with weed

Then moves up a notch

Onto ketamin and crack, are you shocked?

They rob and steal

To pay for each deal

This isn’t fantasy this is real

Parents say it’s harmless and ik

Just a part of the growing up stage

Then they’re crying in a mortuary

Over their child

Because their kids were able to run wild

And now overdosed or dead through a gang feud

Stabbed for being in a different crew

Most just trying to get rich quick

But die so young that they never make it

It’s so fucked up its really heartbreaking

And the kids don’t understand or care about the risks they’re taking

They lack the education they’re corpses of inmates in the making.

Hometown streets

My hometown streets seem so old

Run down buildings like me becoming old

Grey metropolis shadows everywhere

If I didn’t know these streets I’d be scared

Desperate lonely homeless people living on the street

Cheap fast food outlets to sate peoples needs

Shouts and screams and the sound of sirens

Cars passing by wither lights on

Its raining and murky which reflects this sad place

Even the park where the kids play and skate

Have been taken over by drugs and crime

This is a terrible reflection and a sign of the times

That society here has become so bleak

Young kids out last on the street wreaking havoc

When did things go so wrong

Any kind of hope seems to be forlorn.

Excitement in life

She was tired of work and it’s mundanity

Sat in her office she felt there must be more

Her husband and kids took her for granted

She wished for maybe just a little excitement

But it was just another day in the office.

Just then her boss entered a smiled

Why the sad face has someone died

She smiled and explained how she felt

Spoke of the cards she had been dealt

He sat on the edge of her desk

Pushed back her hair from her face

Then looked down her top at her breast

And made no attempt to hide this

And spoke of how inviting and tempting they looked

And said often we he saw what he wanted he never hesitated

He just simply took

And what he saw now he wanted a lot

And once he made up his mind he would not be stopped

She felt her body tremble under her gaze

She felt her defences as they melted away

She felt so vulnerable, she felt so meek

Is this the excitement that she felt that she needs

In her blouse and her short tight skirt her body ached

To be used to be taken to be touched in everyway

She felt her knees part like he obeyed

His words were now penetrating her being

As he asked what her husband would say

Seeing her knees parted and splayed

Awaiting the moment for him to come and play

He touched her slowly feeling his way

Between the soft material that held him at bay

From what he wanted to feel

And her fidelity he wanted to steal

She felt powerless and the material moisten

In this moment it was about to happen

But a knock on the door shut it all down

And her boss left her office

With an angry frown

And she buzzed like electric that was the excitement she needed

And felt the flush through her body

And knew she had acceded to the power of lust

And it may happen again

And was powerless to stop it and now was ready to play

With any temptations that may come her way.

Shared loving

I need your warmth

To feel your skin against mine

I need to feel your breathe

And look deep into your eyes

And we we fall and rise

In the middle of the night

I need to share caresses

I need to share deep kisses

I need to hear you moan with desire

Make your body burn like fire

I need to feel our bodies combined

And feel the melding of our minds

I need to feel this love embrace

As through tender love

We lay our bodies to sensual waste

And then bask in the glowing heat of love shared by you and me.

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Superficial projects the external

Deep understanding resonates from within

Being controlled is seen by the rules your following

Be existential is making them up as you go along

Free your spirit, use your own mind

Breakout from your domiciled design

And be free from the mundanity

And don’t be afraid to be called crazy.

Test drive, and a hot ride.

She and her husband were due to view the new car together

He could not make it due to work

So she went alone to see the car

She met the seller a guy middle aged distinguished and grey

She felt at ease straight away

He suggested a test drive to prove the car ok

Inside was spacious, with leather seats

Very good condition and a price no one could beat

He told her where to drive, all the best spots

One place so beautiful he suggested they should stop

She agreed the place was one of beauty

He said ‘just like you’ then told his intentions

And it was to seduce

She had her short tight skirt that showed her long legs

And her little strappy top

Underneath her jacket

Which he soon took off

She had no intention of letting him

But as his hand run up her leg

She found her knees parting

As she moaned helpless beneath her breath

His hands and fingers were so skilled

As they did their very best

Soon he had taken down her straps on her top

And eased her top down under her breast

Her bra came off her back was arched

Her seat now reclined back

He kissed all her sensual areas

And she felt her body ache

And in this isolated beauty spot

He seduced her in every way

They worked up a sweat

Then moved onto next position the car allowed

Her moans her loud, his hands were firm

The made out in the front and back

He showed this was the perfect car

As the space it did not lack

And after what seemed liked the longest time

And neither could reprise no more

They went back to her house

Her cheeks flushed with a red glow

Her husband now was home

And he asked how was the ride

She said it was the best ever

And said she couldn’t lie

Her husband smiled and shook the other man’s hand and said let’s seal the deal

The car was theirs and her husband asked how did his wife feel

The guy said she was everytging and more just like he had said

And asked if he could test drive her once more more

Or even twice at best

Her husband said that was fine by him

And asked if she agreed

She could not believe this was something on which they had both agreed

But because she was still feeling the passion

From the time spent in the car

She agreed to going for further rides

Because it was something that she liked

Her husband said I hope you did not mind that we arranged it in advance

She smiled and said let me tell you all

As we all go for a spin in the car

And you can see for yourself what a good ride it truly was

But she made it clear he would just sit in the car and watch.

He didn’t mind at all.

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Money, people’s obsession

Money, people’s obsession

Money, to buy useless possessions

Money, to which we’ve become slaves

Often taking our debts to our grave

Money now gets in the way of living right

Money, ends people’s life

Money, often causes suicide

Debt, depression it’s just not right

Leaves us believing there is no light

Work hard but no matter how hard you try

Your dreams never seem to fly

Instead they constantly fizzle out

And yo feel you need to scream and need to shout

Money is the root of misery

Money is the root of unhappiness

Money is something of which people get obsessed.

Unsheath the sword and let the blood flow

For glory and for God he shouted

As he roared into battle

So his hunger for death could be sated

Weilding and slashing, hacking with his sword

From his strong fast horse he was determined to conquer

Laying waste to the enemy

Blind to everything

Blood lust was his passion

And it was driving him

Shouting as he bore down on men behind shields

No mercy or compassion did he feel

The clang of metal on metal

The sounds of screams and pain

The whole battlefield now red with bloodstains

Corpses piling high as the battle raged on

He sang out his hearty battle song

Baring his teeth as he chased frightened foe down

End of the battle now he assessed all around

A sea of massacred human beings

Sprawled out before him

Representing either side

He cared not one jot

It was all about glory for him

As he stood on the battlefield

King of kings

While standing in the puddles of his murdered kin.

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