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Meeting God


I wonder if I saw God

Would I recognize him in a crowd,

I wonder if I saw him there

Would he in fact recognise me,

I wonder what this place would be.

Would it be heaven or somewhere else

I imagine if we actually met would it be a suprise,

Or would it be like a familiar meeting

Like we are two long lost friends,

Or would it be like two antagonists

Failing to agree on things,

I wonder what it would be like if I and God were to meet.

Work life balance


Life work balance has been lost

And it is to our personal cost

We slave to earn a pittance of pay

Working longer hours every day

Trying to make every end meet

So tired, we’re dead on our feet

It makes our misery complete

Our suffering is wholly replete.

Glass ceiling


They say always stay aspirational

Never look down always look up,

But all I see a glass ceiling

Made of reinforced glass construct,

They say stay positive while you’re being held down

Scaping up the scraps from the rich tables

As they trickle down to the ground,

It’s always those not in poverty

That see the chances we don’t see,

Because they have the luxury of a life more easy,

Whereas we have the struggle of striving to survive

We do what we can but when do we get the time?

Usually we’re too exhausted in body and mind

From the daily servile grind,

That we need to partake in, to pay the bills

Our life is so basic, there’s no fucking frills,

Slaving in the workhouse and the dark satanic mills,

Run by the rich who exploit us still,

I got the inspiration and I got the will,

But to be honest, of this life and society I’ve had my fill.

Understanding a complex issue


Live and let live is what I say

You can be who you want to be everyday,

But does that mean putting yourself on display

And if you do, why are you so surprised,

When people notice you, which surely is the point

And if they see how you display yourself and choose to disagree,

Why unleash upon them, your anger and fury

For having a set of different ideals and beliefs,

After all tolerance works both ways.

I am what I choose to be but don’t need to say to all

Oh, look at me, please I insist approve of me,

And don’t dare careless or say something I don’t like

We’re all entitled to safe spaces,

Trans men can’t expect to decide one day to be this way

Then the next day to choose to invade,

What has always been a female place

We get you feel like a woman,

But they don’t know if it’s a strategy you’re using

To enter an area designed for women,

It takes longer to prove your change is genuine

For to long women have been the victim of men,

And their abusive, cunning, predatory ways

And if you are truly of female you’ll understand the things I say,

And stop attacking women who say the same

Trans must respect safe spaces,

And not expect to enter all these places.

Pressure baring down


Days can be so hard some day’s

Like when you wake up from a fitful sleep,

Worrying what the new day will bring

With all the weight of expectation,

The pressures of work and at home

Leaves us struggling and can make us feel alone,

Sometimes you can feel like you’re drowning

Suffocating and struggling to catch a breath,

It’s a case of going into a dark room

And lock yourself away from life and impending doom,

Of course it’s not really that bad

But when you find yourself in the eye of the storm,

It can absolutely feel this way

Pressures from every angle everyday,

Baring down on you and it just won’t go away.

Yes you can


When people tell you that you can’t do something

That’s the time to believe you can,

For there is nothing, that with determination,

We cannot truly achieve

Through learning and through dedication,

Through practice and through perseverance

We can adapt and become and do all that we want,

Even in the face of others defiance,

Don’t be told and don’t be dissuaded

Don’t be told your not good enough or not able,

Keep going, keep trying and never give up

And you can achieve what you desire with a combination,

Of belief, hard work and a little or a lot of luck.



I remember back in the days where families were tight

Used to meet up and reunite

Now families are fractured and barely see each other

Be it cousins, aunts and uncles, even sisters and brothers,

Divided by so many things, like politics, money or faith

The United family has broken in many different ways,

And this is not a good thing it’s sad to say

Families have become dysfunctional in their display,

Where once they would help each other up now

They compete against each other,

Material possessions, money, politics, envy and greed

Are just some of the reasons that bring families to their knees.

Were Christmases always white?


Was it just me or when I was young were Christmases always white,

I remember waking up and going down stairs, to start the coal fire we had,

Boy, it was cold in the morning until we got it fired up and roaring,

No central heating back then, you went to bed and got up cold but that was how it was,

It never caused me to get sick and I think we were all hardened to it,

Thick sheets and covers on my bed not like the duvets we have now,

And I remember brimming with happiness at Christmas, opening my presents

In the dim light, in front of the open fire,

And though I knew I wouldn’t get much, I was happy getting anything at all,

It mattered not if it was big or small, sometimes, boots or a football,

I once asked for a telescope, ended up with a microscope but they meant well after all,

But it still remains in my mind that every Christmas seemed to be white,

Though I am sure that isn’t true, the thought still fills my mind full of delight,

I remember these days as good times and that’s what gives me a positive mind.

Entitled and privileged


I struggle with those who act entitled and privileged

There no better than anyone else

They are just acting out a role

Playing the part of someone of a higher class

Looking down upon everyone they feel superior too

But in truth they are so hollow and judgemental

They descend into ignorance in a way that’s incremental

Everything with them is external

They never work on what is internal

It’s all about the exterior gloss

They see themselves as some kind of boss

Of their delusions I could give a toss

But they are infecting society and that’s our loss

They dominate, airways TV and internet

Speaking words that they’ve been fed

They lack the understanding of depth

Lack empathy, love and kindness

But fake it when it helps to get ahead

They appeal to the vunerable who are easily misled

Instilling ignorance into peoples head

These fake entitled and privileged

Are no better than anyone else.

Plasma addiction

Plasma addiction

Addicted to the plasma screen

People watch with baited breath and dream,

Of something that will give their life meaning

Fed to them via televisual themes,

We worry big brothers watching us

But in truth they are waching big brother,

It doesn’t have to try no more

As you’re being monitored on your sofa,

And people lose the track of what’s real

And what is actually illusion,

Then you wonder why when you step outside

That your life is thrown into confusion,

It’s nothing how it seems on TV, it’s not nearly as glossy

And not everything is all fun and laughter,

That often you find your life’s a disaster,

And you realise that you cannot cope

Without a fix of your favourite soap,

In there things often go wrong but in the end it turns out ok,

But in real life you soon find out that it’s not all happy endings

And no amount of acting out like towie and all that fake pretending

Is going to make you rich and famous,

Not matter how much make up and fake tan you put on,

And when you become addicted to the plasma life

You buy into the media man’s scam,

And will find life passing you by

As you’re fed political lies,

From the well dressed news presenter

Who is presenting propaganda,

Dictated by the government or oligarch that owns the broadcaster,

Who shows you scenes or war, fear and of scary disasters

And then at end of it tells stories of happy ever afters,

Can you hear their fucking laughter

Because they know they got you hooked,

As you are now alien to reading any books,

You rely on them for knowledge

It’s like TV has become your college,

Feeding you with poison and shit

And you swallow every bit,

If this is life then you can keep it,

For I don’t want to be a part of this.

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