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St. Patrick’s day, the Celtic Craic

Jump up, jump up and get down

Never nay never to the Wild Rover,

We are all here for the Craic

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day,

For the Irish are hearty

And they all laugh as they party,

No one has ever drunk better than them

They are Celtic they are proud

And they love living loud

And each one’s kissed the Blarney Stone

Weith their good luck four leaf clover they are reafy to go,

Then play and strike up the wild rover

As they sing and dance the night away

For they live for the Craic

And what’s better than that,

When it leaves you with a a song in your heart

And an everlasting smile on your face

All I can say to them is have a great St Patrick’s day

You breed of hearty and boisterous women and men

Play away to hour hearts content

In the mouth of the Galway Bay.

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Not spiritual you hypocrite

I hear hate speech uttered by religious types

It goes on all the time on all the sides

Whatever you believe about violence and death

Know that no God condones this

And I hope when you take you final breath

Your life review will reflect it

And you would have failed at living a good life

Because your violence and ignorance just isn’t right

So stop pretending to live a spiritual life.

The tale of the Magpie

A magpie sits in a tree

Spying for sparkley wares

Look as long as it like

I will find nothing there

My house is not a place of treasure

Except for the treasure of love

And as it is with some people

The magpie doest see love as enough

It want like some people shiney things

But all that glitters is not always gold

For shiney sparkling objects

The magpie like some people would sell their soul

Which I find so tragic and hollow

For their is far greater riches and rewards in love

That cannot be bought or sold

And with it comes a redeeming light

That resonates so bright from the heart and the soul.

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Amazing days

Are fill with amazing people

Who do amazing things

Who brings light that’s so amazing

And love on an amazing scale

With their amazing talent

And amazing creative ways

And everyday you amaze me

In every single amazing day

Oh and did I mention

I am not quite sure

That you truly are amazing to me

In vast and massive degrees.

Existence and resistance

When you threaten our existence

You must expect our resistance

When you threaten our planet

Expect our resistance

When you threaten us with fear

Expect our resistance

When you threaten us with lies

Expect our resistance

When you choose corruption

Expect our resistance

When you choose greed

Expect our resistance

When you choose discrimination

Expect our resistance

When you choose hate

Expect our resistance

We are the awakened people

And we will resist you

We are the activism

We are the resistance.

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A sad indictment on society

Sadly we see

Within society

A lack of equality

That’s unfair on people in need

Where people sleep homeless on the streets

Even advanced and wealthy countries this I seen

This is a failure without a doubt

And a real lack of humanity

I see people trying hard to help them out

While government does not do anything

Except pass laws to make peoples lives harder

Shoulder the debt theat they’ve incurred

Meanwhile they sit sipping champagne

These people truly have a nerve

And lack compassion saying you get what you deserve

It takes all my strength not to curse

At these suits born into privilege

Never had to scrimp and scrape to live

It’s sad in our societies seeing people in need because of other people’s greed.

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No more gigs

In the end

The lights fade

And the music fades away

And an empty hall

With alcohol stairs

And disgared fag butts

Are that remain

But we know this time

Will come again

But in thus moment

It’s such a shame

The gig is over

As nd the crowds have gone away

And where there were, loud crowds

And music playing out

Now all there is

Is the empty echoes

If a vacant venue

To me, there’s nothing sadder than this

It’s as if what happened never existed

The passions and voices were not lifted

In a celebration of musical love

Which is something I can’t get enough of

But in this dark and vacant hall

And in this saddest of all moments

It’s painful to admit there are no more gigs

And despairingly I can’t take this.

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Climbing to the top is always fraught with dangers

Instills fear among even the most courageous

Yet the truth is simple and thats to stay focused

Keep your eyes on the prize and give all notice

That you’re on your way up and that you won’t be stopped

And even if you fall a bit, dont let your head drop

Keep yourself going and motivated and you will be on top

No doubt about there is only one way up

Climb to the peak and succeed and achieve winning the game

But don’t tread on others to get ahead

Work with them and help them up as well

So when you get to where your aiming for

You will fell good and will want it more

And those you helped will offer you applause

Climbing to the top can be an inspiring cause

Rather than sitting doing nothing and moaning because you’re bored.

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I had an inclanation

All is not what it seems,

In the twisted spires of dreams

Lies lurk in the illusory,

In shadows and in shade

Monsters can hide away,

With grasping tentacles

Of parasites depraved,

Living off the living

And poisoning what’s good,

I have and inclanation

There is something afoot,

Something twisted and evil

A monstrous accumulation

Of so much negativity,

I had an inclanation

Not all was right,

I had an inclanation

That we arevsubject

To the monsters of the night.