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I gotta gun


I gotta gun

I gotta gun

I am going out to shoot someone

This is in the minds of those who are extreme

It’s right wing, army thing, terrorist thing

They think they can change faith, opinions or peace

At the end of a gun it just beggars belief

I gotta gun

I gotta gun

I am going out to shoot someone

The arms trade gets rich off of death

The ignorance of gun ownership

Well it leaves me breatless

And those who believe it can attain peace

Or convert people’s religion

Are sadly deluded and and are lost beyond all reason

To wrapped up in believing

The propaganda put across by mulitcorporation death machine

That sells their weapons to anyone

And plays its part in all the grief

Suffered by the victims and their families

The arms trade is built on foundations of increasing greed and misery

I gotta gun

I gotta gun

I am going out to shoot someone.

Big man


I can’t stand men

Who treat women like whores

No more than a guest

And certainly no more

A couple of drinks

Alnd it’s a beating at best

Or maybe even a bit of forced sex

Humiliation is the game

It makes them feel big

If she tries to object

She gets another hit

Act like he’s a real big man

But the truth is if you understand

He has mother issue

That he can’t get over

But do not offer sympathy

For he is not worthy

He lacks self love and discipline

And in his desperation

He takes it out on women

He’s not a bad man

He is a sad man at best

A potential rapist

Or maybe a sex pest

And he fortifies his strength

By pouring alcohol down his neck

He’s not a big man

He just has infrriorities going unchecked

He’s not a real man

He’s a total fucking mess.

People on the streets


I walk streets at night

To see how the homeless cope

Sleeping in doorways

In cardboard boxes

In old sleeping bags

And secondhand covers

Holes in their shoes

Piss stained clothes

Wrapped up warm

To try and keep out the cold

Unsure how this can happen

In an advanced society

This is the greatest concern to me

Not what people think

Or how they percieve me

But how and why people

Are left to live on the street

Society needs to change drastically

We need to find a way

To create a fairer more equal society

We need to lift people off the street

And lift people out of poverty

So judge me how you will

My thoughts are with those living

Tonight on the harsh cold streets.

Prorogue the system


I would like to prorogue this system

And shut it right down

Dissolve it for causing inequality and letting fear abound

It promotes division and xenophobia and instills hate and greed

And all the fucking time it’s the vulnerable that bleed

Prorogue this crumbling capitalistic farce

It is no longer working

It’s time to find some new ideas

That stops people from hurting.

Missing those days


I miss those days of gigs

In small sweaty halls

Wearing CND badges

And ones stating rights for animals

I miss the power of the guitars and drums

The vocals coming from someone

Who is passionate and sets us all alive

I miss that music, I miss those days and that vibe.

Sometimes it gets too much bro


Hey bro, tlet me pop this verse

I ain’t trying to be fancy dawg

For that would be absurd

Let me be sick and crazy bro

I trying to be smart with it

As i am tripping into rhyme

And saying bro man all the time

Let me put this out there

And put it on rewind

Dawg I am perverting English man

For reasons I don’t understand

But hey I am down with it bro

And hope that you are too

Dawg I am your bro man

Don’t you understand

It’s wicked and sick popping out words

That repeated over and over again

Gets go become a curse and vexing.

Face the wall

Face the wall

Face the wall

Don’t turn around

No matter what you hear

Even if it’s frightening sounds

Face the walk

No matter what

Hear the clock

Tick tock, tick tock

It matters not

If it turns cold

Feel life suspended

Times on hold

Hear the whispers

As they echo around

Echo around, echo around

The fear you feel now

Is more profound

But is is real

Or just in your head

Supernatural undead

Or is it your imagination

As it is running away

Dare you turn around

Face the game in play

Trembling you slowly turn

See in the shadowy night

What you must learn

It seems nothing is there

It was in your head

Until a demon

Screams appearing from the darkness

And now you’re dead.

You should not have turned around

Your corpse now lifeless

Lays on the ground

You’re dead, dead, dead.

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