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Truth about our Earth

We seriously need

A reality check

To learn and educate

Ourselves in nature

And how to nurture it

So the everything on earth

Can finally be blessed.


The meat

It drains your blood

Until dizzy in the head,

The aspic from your meat is still fresh

They’ll eat you away until nothing is left

Born for no much else but death,

Sinews and muscles all stretched and taut

A prize such as you is eagerly sought,

The flesh you wear so greedily bought

There was was no struggle when you were caught,

Stress only cheapens your meat

Waited until you were tired and weak,

Outlook was always so bleak

Did you ever have the feeling you were free?

It’s a mystery to me why we crave the meat

Pan fried, roasted in the heat,

That is life of a nightmarish scene

So much preparation to make everything clean,

For the slaughtered.

Never too far from the ground

Round and round,

Always going up,

Yet somehow

Never leaving the ground,

Pushing up, pushing on

The repetition,

The moving upward

Without any progress,

What if we were to stop?

If we were to look round?

See we’ve barely even left the ground,

Would it be so bad

Just take a look around,

See everyone’s doing the same thing

And getting nowhere.

So if we were to stop

And decide to break free,

If we decided this is not for me,

If we were to snap out

Of the nightmarish scene,

Would it cause life to start crumbling down

And if it did,

Because we no longer go around,

There would be little damage

For as always,

We are too close to the ground,

For much damaged to be wreaked

By this simple deed,

Of breaking out,

Of breaking free,

And gaining release.

Stepping up

How do we take

The next step up in life

When we find our creativity

Within our conscious mind

When we find through introspection

What it is we need to do

How do we get others seeing

Just what it is we do

We can only put it out there

And bare our heart and soul

Give it all you can

And let everything go

Then just hope it is enough

For others to sit up and take note

That there is more out there

Than we could ever know

And that discovering your voice

Through any creative means

Defines great opportunities

And helps achieve your dreams

Yet I guess it all comes down

To perseverance and to luck

But it’s also about holding on

And it’s all about the trust

That self belief in what you do

Is important in everyway

Focus on your goals

Do not give up along the way.

Have too pay for your art

Worst thing about being poor to day

Is if you want your book edited

Then you have to pay

If you want it reviewed

Then the story is the same

I am sorry my friend but you have to pay

Need any help sure

But can you pay?

It’s not easy being a poor writer making your way

Maybe that’s why the shelves in bookshops are paved

With celebrity ramblings

Because the can pay

Sorry if this sounds bitter in many ways

But I can see why it is so hard to break through as an author today

Publishers only want certainties

And that’s what you get I guess with books by celebrities

To few breakthrough authors like JK Rowlings

Who some one took a chance on now she’s every publishers darling

Good to see it can be achieved

But I wonder if she paid to get things moving.

He partakes in a little tipple

Excuse me while I partake in a little tipple

I love alcohol he said like I used to love the nipple

As a baby my he said could not wean me off

And now as an alcoholic I am lost

He still craved to suckle in some primal way

He missed his mother’s breast and milk in a baby way

Maybe his addiction came through this

Now he’s and alcoholic spending all of his time pissed

Maybe if he sobered up he would see what he missed

And he did this once in the late seventies

And spent the eighties trying to repent

For all the wrong things he did while hell bent

Defeating all the demons that being sober exposed

So he went back to alcohol to strength his resolve.

No honour in your tribal wars

People pledge fealty

To nations in tribal belief,

Waging wars of power and greed

Plant the xenophobic seeds,

Right wing, left wing same old thing

Lends itself to being extreme,

I won’t let this divisive nature define me,

It’s the cause of humanity hating,

It’s the reason for the fighting,

Over power and territory,

Over old religious stories,

In the name of valour and glory,

Same old ignorance it just bores me,

Lie about the wars causes

No cause is can justify genocide,

Or oppressing other peoples lives,

No cause can make death legitimate

There is no honour built from hate,

You can keep your violent ways

Left wing, right wing all the same,

Religious dogma always to blame

I won’t partake in your tribal games.

Build a sanctuary

If I had a mallet

I’d build shelters for the homeless,

I’d build places of sanctuary

Safe havens in which to live,

If only I had a mallet

And the skills to use it,

I’d decimate my life to this

If I only had a mallet

I could build a better world for everyone to live

Via:Daily Prompt: Mallet

A life of repetition

Every day is a struggle

But that doesn’t mean we should give up

Every day is hard

And we never have no luck

Yet carry on we will

As carry on we must

Even though every day

Can seem so repetitive

And hard though it is

To struggle with the mundane

Our job is keep going

And try and try again

While sharing love

And shining light

With compassion in our hearts

We won’t let this world

In which we live

Tear us all apart

I will fight for you

And you can fight for me

And we will rise above

The struggles and we will succeed

To make a life of happiness

That we can all enjoy

A place and time in which I know ow that we can all rejoice.


I hear screams of despair

I hear screams of pain,

I search around from place to place,

Only to find nothing

Did it come from outer space,

As it filled my head and my everyday,

I searched and I hunted

Trying to find anything

That may explain this

But everywhere I looked

And everyway I turned,

Nothing seem to come to light

And I started to yearn,

For the solitude and quiet

Away from all these screams,

Was it a nightmare?

Was it a dream?

Then one day I turned to someone

And asked them to help me

And they asked why I didn’t know

It is me that screams,

For all of the despair

And all of the pain,

Is what is deep within in me

And that I am going insane,

Then along came the people to lock me away

And now I find myself in psychiatric cell

Living every moment in my very own hell.