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Reality in truth


The reality of things we see

Are only real to you and me

As long as we’re looking ot thinking of it

When we look away or think of something else

These things cease to exist

So you can see and understand just how life works

If you look and focus on the stuff that causes you pain or hurt

These things will exist in our lives

But when we think of happiness and joy

These positive affirmations will appear and be seen

It’s all just a state of mind

It’s all just a state of being.

You’re an animal


You’re an animal

And should be in a cage

You should know better at your age

You’re so toxic I seek sanctuary from you

With your vile twisted ideologies you are so cruel

Dripping toxicity like acid from your fingers

Congealed values makes your evolution hindered

Snake like venomous eyes full of malice

You drink from a corrupted alter

You drink from a poisoned chalice

You’re so mean and you’re so heartless

You’re devoid of emotion and empathy

You’re full of hate and lack spirituality

You are a waster of energy and life

Your soul is darker than any night

I just want you to vanish from my sight

Animal, you’re an animal,

Get out of my sight

Animal, your an animal

You’re a creature of the night.

As a whole not as parts


Abstraction is distraction

Passivity is no reaction,

Time passes those who stand still

Opportunities are missed by those with no will,

Beauty is not seen by those with no eyes to see

Mind is restricted by those too blind to believe,

Kindness is absent where there’s no heart

We must complete ourselves, not divide ourselves into parts,

Heart, soul, mind, eyes working as one combined

Hear, speak, feel, think impeccably,

Rooted in one love, which through our being is flowing

Like an energy, it is vibrant and glowing.

Mentally insane


Bethlehem hospital

Known as Bedlam

Sited in London

Hiding the insane

At least that’s how the story went

People who suffered

Disorders of the brain

Beaten many times

Right up until death

But changed their policies

To something else

Frontal lobotomies

Became all the rage

This is a tale of a very dark age

When mental health illness

Was understood in no way

And so people suffered at the hands

Of the truly mentally insane.



Scared cold and shivering

Heading off to a new land

Not knowing what to expect in the end

Hot tired and scared

Locked within a metal box

Split up from your family

It takes an awful lot

To be driven to such extremes

But others don’t seem to care

They’ve no idea just how much you are scared

Heading to lands where you know not the language

Treated as illegal aliens by those who did the damage

To your country and your way of life

They all think they know but in fact they don’t

They should be welcoming and warm as well as helpful but they won’t

But I just wanted you to know, when you’re scared you’re no alone

My thoughts like many others are with you always

See there are people out there who care

And from you on your journey we all pray.

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Storm warning

Storm warning

There’s a storm comming

And it’s a real tempest

But I am resolved to weathering its test

Though ashen dark skies are hovering overhead

I won’t let myself be bested

I am going to face the full force of this storm

I am not going to back down so it best be warned

My inner strength and my resolve

Is going to see me through this leavin stories to be told

Stories of a great fete and determination

Stories of strength that are elucidating

To the nature and the power of my assertion

That in the face of storms I show my recalcitrant way

That in my affirmation that I display

I will not be blown away by any hurricane or tornado

That happens to come this way

I am a force of nature too and misjudging that is grave

No tempest will ever bring me down

So storm warnings and preternatural clouds

Of fearful ebony full of darkness

Beware this message I am sending you

I have the strength and bravado to survive these stormy days.

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The challenge of life


Crushing down like a weight on me

I feel the pressure constantly applying

The stress often gets to much sometimes

Yet we keep going and we keep struggling

For what truly is the alternative

This is life so we just get on with it

It’s all we’ve ever known so we make the best of this

And we don’t give ourselves enough credit

For working through this day after day

We wish but know this will not change

But we keep our heads and dreams up anyway.