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Is depression a poison we are being fed

I wonder today in a world where depression is so prevelant

Ig our food and drinks are being poisoned by governments

And good producers hungry for profit

I’ve never known an age quite like it.

When I was you over 40 years ago

Depression was relatively unknown

Among young kids who spent all their time a play

We had so very little then unlike today.

Maybe they’re being poisoned by social media

Infecting young minds making them feel inferior

When adolescent kids have body image issues

Then you know there’s something very wrong

Whe kids in pubity dream of transgending

At a time of life when their bodies and hormones are changing

Society should not be promising this way

It should be telling them there’s time so jyst wait

But minds of kids want everything now

And this greedy materialistic society smiles rather than frowns

It makes you wonder if those who supposedly rule

Are treating us all as a bunch of fools

Poisoning our foods

Poisoning our minds

Infecting us all the time

With fear and self doubt

With low esteem and no self love

Maybe we give kids way to much

And maybe as adults we expect and demand to much.

Empty house

The house was dark

The furniture made of old heavy wood

The cobwebs hung everywhere we looked

The candle light flickered in our hands

As we walked from room to room trying to understand

Why this house was miw so bleak and empty

When once it was so full of happiness and life

Books adorned every single shelf

A library of knowledge and words

Yet once still no sounds could be heard

Soundless, still in this dark tomb like home

Up and down the stairs I we wander

Seeking any sign of who once lived here

Then suddenly a chill washed over

All at once we felt the fear

Gushing, rushing, washing over us

As if in some kind of demonic lust

We made our way to the top of the stairs

Orbs of light seemed everywhere

Dancing hectically as if giving warning

The chill got greater some malevolence was dawning

A wicked event was on its way

And we were now to be its prey

But we felt if we could make the door

Step outside we would be safe once more

Yet as we reached and opened it wide

We realised the demonic spirit was outside

And with no hesitation or compassion

The demonic beast leapt and seized upon us

And as I fought desperately for life

Reaching for my sharpened knife

I wrestled and took down the hairy beast

And as it lay lifeless in deathly contortions on the floor

I looked and smiled at you once more

A demon slayer that was me

Then in a moment you bared your teeth

Then tore at me stripping my flesh ftom my bones

You left me dead to rot and dwell in this abandoned home

Still, cold lifeless and all alone.

You are my love

You are my love

And you are my connection

You are the light

We share our reflections

We are the laughter

We are the dreams

We are the unity

That all good love can bring.

Which is why you are my love song

Which is why you make me sing

Which is why we share the spirits

Which is why good love is happening.

You are the sunlight

I bathe in you

You are the spiritual

And we both know the truth

You’re the awakened

And you cast out light

We gain the knowledge

That shares a future so bright.

Which is why you are my love song

Which is why you make me sing

Which is why we share the spirits

Which is why good love is happening.

One day in past days

Remember streets on which we lived

Those neighbourhoods of early our journies,

All the friends, laughs and tears we shared

Are long gone now and are simply memories of bygone days,

Our friends and all our families scattered now living different ways

They journeyed to pastures new

To different places from where they grew

Because it seems life never remains the same

And many from our memories

Who lived with us within those streets are now gone and others are no longer seen again

And as I sit remeniscing and picturing the images of the days when I was young

That are so faded

My body though is jaded

I’d love to go back there for one last game

And see everyone the same

As they were back then

It would put a smile back on my face

And cause tears within my eyes

To spend one day in my past life times.

Angry people

We see the snarling faces

And hear the voices of hatred

Where passion begun

But then anger and ignorance kicked in

The mind just goes blind

To the vicious abuse

And then just seemingly takes over you

Whereas I try yo keep myself centred

I keep myself control

The ough passion I rage

But my anger I know and own

And I keep it in check

Preferring to use intelligence

To get my point over

To make my opinion clear

I don’t use violence

And I don’t use fear

Even against those who think they can smear

Myself, my life or even my name

I just means that I have created a few waves

If telling the truth is provocative

Then just bring it on

Because I am fine with this

And the thuggish aspect of society

Will never get the better of me you see

Because they’re frightened by calmness

Truth and self belief

They have no response to anything

That is unique and well thought out

It’s just other people’s rhetoric that spews forth from their mouths

And they have not a clue

No single idea

Of how to think for themselves

This much is clear

So they are like snarling and b arking vicious dogs on a leash

Who should all be muzzled to allow the rest of us some peace.

Reality is not taught, its who we are

Reality is not something your taught

Reality is what you choose to do

And your every thought

You create your reality and its always changing

Because like you if you’re awakened

You’re always on a voyage of discovery

Not always believing whag your ears hear or your eyes see

For many their reality is defind by what others tell them

So in fact what they see is a fabrication and fantasy

The kills off their intuitiveness and curiosity

And dumbs down their ability to think imaginatively

Because they see only what they’re told to

And critical free thinkers see much more

And they only know what they’ve been told

Where we explore far more

They see a sign that says ‘do n I t open this door’ so the don’t

We see similar signs that says ‘enter and explore’

We know we are created from energy and energy form all that exists

People who dwell in the illusory cannot accept or believe this

But in reality you see we are merely all just conscious being

About to create images that are solid and seem corpreal

They cannot conceive that we may actually be just vortexes of energy

They search desperately for answers to the universe and life

But they keep searching for those same answers from the same place everytime

But we think outside the box and from different stand points everytime

And the just think we’re crazy and losing our minds

But the d ifference we engage in reality

Where they dwell in illusory

And that’s why I think we tend to live life a lot more contented peaceful and happy.

It’s not like they care

I’ve been ill for days

But nobody cares

Running a fever

But nobody cares

Head is pounding

I cannot stop shaking

And there’s no sign of it breaking

My boss says i need to work tomorrow

And everyone else acts like I am making this up

So I’ll go to work as shit as I feel

To keep my boss happy

There’s no room for appeal

I will drag myself through another day

What dies it matter no cares any way

Yes, I am indulging in self pity

Yes, I am being a little self centered

But as I go ages without being ill

You would think tha t people would see this is real

But those around dont care it seems

To wrapped up in themselves you see

So I’ll work through the headache, the fever the shakes

And at 6.30 am i will wake

And drag my self through another day

To keep everyone else happy and go put a smile on their face.

Books are heavenly to me

I read Lanza and Lipton

And Don Miguel Ruiz,

I read Nieztsche

As well as Moody

Alan Watts is truly

Inspiring to me

Reading is do good

To expand the mind

Also a great way

To open the eyes

We all need a greater perspective

And more fluidity

In aspects of all that we believe

And don’t become attached

And intractable

Don’t sink into being irritable

Take a voyage into discovery

Through reading books

And you will see how easy

It is to get hooked.

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Black lips

She was Gothic in look
Black hair,
Back eyeshadow
And black lipstick
That were sensual
And needed to be kissed
She wore black beads
And a tight black dress
Which highlighted
Her porcelain white flesh
And as my hands
Explored every vestige
I heard her increased breath
Saw her heaving chest
But she wasn’t ready to peak just yet
Fof she wanted this go be the best
And as her tongue licked
Her black lips
She felt my hands grip her hips
And as I took her to a place
Of moans, sighs and cries
I saw the demonic queen in her eyes
Savouring my every dark lustful thought
And in that moment my soul was brought
And I joined the legion of the dark
I traded my soul for never ending bliss
Of spending time with her and those ebony lips.

Image courtesy of Pinterest