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A teacher once taught me

Their views and their perceptions

That they had been taught

Through their own domestication

And when I questioned it I was wrong

And when I questioned further

I was a disruptive influence and trouble maker.

Never just accept what your taught.


Welcome to my circus

Welcome to my life circus

There is some much to see

Light, love, compassion,

Stories and poetry,

It’s a display of constant kindness

And helping where I can

And showing tolerance to my fellow man

I share the truth of conscious reality

I send out a message of spirituality

But I don’t force on anyone

It’s for those who choose to hear

I live in an existential light

Not not it dogmatic fear

I am authentic

I am choosing to be me

I choose to live with eyes wide open

I choose to question everything

I am aware

I am what I choose to be

Self created non illusory

But tuned into reality

And looking for ways to break free.

Self created cell

A fluorescent lit concrete corridor

At each end I see solid metal doors

And in the flickering of a few failing tubes

I see how our life is just like a zoo

Pacing up and down, contained in a cell

Restricted within our own self created hell

Some of us are going crazy because we need to break free

Others turn off their minds and accept it all and are happy

But is this living?

I don’t think that it is

I want so much more now that just to exist

Once your eyes and mind are open and you see true conscious reality

You no long can or want to go back to sleep paralysis

So I look for ways to break out of this fluorescent lit corridor

Look for ways to smash down the walls or break down the doors

I need to break out of this self created cell

I need to escape and find beauty in which to dwell.

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The whole world is burning

Fire, fire, the sky is on fire

Maybe it’s a sign the whole world is burning down

Fire, fire, the the sky is on fire

Is it humanity burning on its self created funeral pyre

We are gone self immolate ourselves

Through our ignorance, our arrogance and greed

Many do not want hear this

They want to remain oblivious

Some say there too much doom and gloom as it is

But the truth is we need to hear it

Truth is we need to change this

Fire, fire the skies on fire

Maybe it’s the whole world burning down

Fire, fire the skies on fire

Maybe it humanities funeral pyre

This whole world is burning

This whole world is on fire.

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Black hole

I dream I am being drawn into a black hole

Everything around me is folding

I feel the pressures of the vacuum

I see the endless infinity

What’s within? Science says its only certain death

But anything drawn in has never returned to testify that yet

May be its a doorway

To to different realms and dimensions

This swallowed of worlds

I feel it drawing me closer

Black hole mystery

Unveil your secrets to me

In my astral out of body dream

Swallow me

Take me to infinity.

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Don’t be a prisoner of your mind

Don’t be a prisoner of your mind

Don’t let it lead you down dark roads

Don’t let your mind lead you astray

Don’t let your mind cast you into shadow

Your mind like a dog must be trained

So you can make good choices every day

An untrained minds not your friend in any way

You must control it using mindful techniques every day

Meditate in a peaceful still display

And live your life in an existential way

So you learn to live spiritual each day.

Disrespectful love

He though he had control over her. He thought that whatever he did she would forgive him. Truth is he was always seeing how far he could push her, what was her breaking point? He knew being 6ft 5in athletically built, blonde hair, blue eyes, would make him desirable to women and he used that to torment this woman supposedly loved. When he was with his friends she was the butt of jokes, how he treated her and how she always forgave him and came back for more. Tonight he had been out drinking with the boys and had flirted and seduced a woman he met in the bar. They shared a moment in an alley that meant nothing to either of them but one they both enjoyed presumably. Now he was knocking at her door looking to spend time with Laura, his girlfriend. She opened the door and smiled, she was smaller 5ft 3in brown silky hair, green eyes and very pretty with an amazing figure. She was also very smart, which is why no one understood why she was a door mat when it came to him. Laura asked how her boyfriend Adam was and how the night went and he spun her a web if lies about a night of drinking with the lads and playing cards and pool. He never mentioned his conquest. Laura listened smiled as he stroked her hair and lied to her face while gazing drunkenly into her eyes. He spoke of how much he loved her and how much she meant to him and about how no other man would ever replace him. She knew him to be a very possessive and jealous man. After a moment he sat on the sofa half laying back, smiling and laughing. It was almost as if it was her he was laughing at. Laura then took him back when she said a friend had come around and was in the bathroom and how he should meet her as she was fun and outgoing and sexy as well as beautiful. She had stirred his interest so, Laura called her in. Her name was Kelly and was everything Laura had said, tall blonde, long legs, bust but then he knew that from the illicit liaison in the alley. His jaw dropped, stomach knotted and heart raced as the sweet poured down his forehead. Adam stood up and greeted her, Kelly smiled, ‘I think we met earlier, you took me down the alley’. Adam was speechless, he looked frantically at Laura, ‘that’s just not true babe, I’ve never met her before,’ ‘please’ said Laura, ‘I am not an idiot and she is my sister. We planned this to expose you for what you are, a liar and a cheat. Seems you really showed your true colours babe’. Adam was shaking his head, ‘no way, you don’t play me, what the fuck, your both bitches but it don’t matter you’ll forgive me because I am the best thing you got. If you planned all this then maybe all of us could have fun together now’, Adam wore a truly maniacle look, tinged with lecherous thoughts as he was thinking they would agree to a night that would blow his mind. Laura and Jelly both exchanged glances and smiled, Kelly spoke, ‘well that’s not going to happen and by the way did I mention I am just over my transgender transformation, I used to be her brother Kevin’, for the second time that night his jaw dropped, ‘bullshit! No way’, ‘way, babe’, responded Laura ‘for a lot of men this would be no big issue babe but I know how this though is repugnant to you and so that makes this even sweeter’. Adam was about to explode but not sure at who first, Laura and Kelly both smiled again when a knock at the door sounded, Laura opened it and two large good looking black men entered, ‘hey Adam let me introduce Kelvin and Bradley, we are off out to go clubbing, so if there is nothing more, you can go.’Laura knew Adam was a right wing racist and knew how much this would annoy him but she actually had got to know Kelvin for a while and she really liked him, both Kevin and Brad knew the score and were happy to see him being taken down like this. Kelvin spoke calmly yet firmly, ‘hey man, times a wasting and we are looking to get some fun on, so if you don’t mind being on your way’, all the men were equal in height and build so needless to say Adam was not to enamoured with the odds, he started leaving but as he did he spoke to Laura, ‘you’ll regret this, you’ll want me back but if you go with him there’s no way back’, Kelvin stood close to Adam, ‘hey man once she’s gone black the ain’t no going back’, everyone but Adam laughed, he left and Laura started her new life with a man who not just loved her but actually respected her and treated her well. She has never been happier, the same with Kelly and Brad. Adam left town and no one knows where he went or cared.

The city girl and her adorable rube

She was a city girl

he was a country bumpkin

otherwise known as a rube,

a term I had never heard before

yet it was clear that she adored

his different ways,

to the city boys

and games that they play,

so she moved to the country

and lived out a life of bliss,

with her adorable rube

she was glad she made that move.

Via: Daily Prompt: Rube

Break free

It’s the same thing every day

Go to work in my case by train

I travel an hour each day

Feeling I am somehow in chains

To the routine so mundane

I need to breakaway

But it’s not easy in a life where we have earn money to exist

And so we sell our selves and our souls to this

Doing what we can just trying to get by

Simply striving to survive

I am hatching an escape plan

But I am foiled at each twist and turn

I try hard to learn

Where it is I am going wrong

Maybe it’s where I belong

But I don’t believe I was born to work, pay bills and die

Surely this is not how my life will be defined

But if I do not break out

If I do not change things

This is how it’s going to be

And so I need to break free

And I am trying hard believe me

Maybe one day I will get lucky.

Big city life

It’s easy to get lost in the big cities

Underneath the high rise towers

It’s easy to get swallowed up

By the skyscraper power

Claustrophobic and intimidating

A swathe of fluorescent lights bathing us

Traffic everywhere dazzling us with their beams

This could the most intimidating place anyone could be

And round every corner down every alleyway

Lurks malevolent creatures of prey

Hoping and praying you will stray

So that they can feast on you, that’s what they crave.

Big cities are so impersonal

A multitude of people scurrying around

Large wide sidewalks make you feel small

Under buildings that are so tall

And yet when everyone is out and about

The sidewalks mange to seem to small

It’s never ending brawl

To fight your way the the crowded sprawl

Blank expressionless people who seem to not care

But their all in their own world

All trying the same as you to survive

All feeling the same intimidation

Under the fluorescent and neon lights,

Give me small town or country life

To me that’s a better place I find to thrive.