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Abortion is not mens buisness

Should men have a say on abortion?

Of course they fucking shouldnt

It’s not their bodies so they don’t have the right

So they don’t have the right to decide

And if a woman is raped or been abused

They must have the rich ht to choose

If they find they’re pregnant

Whether to abort or have it

Don’t get me wrong I am not keen on abortion

But I won’t interfere with a woman’s right

I won’t be the one who forces them

To go through a terrible ordeal again

Of having a baby as a victim of rape or abuse

Men don’t have a say and thats the truth

It’s men that are the rapists and the abusers

Why not absorb and do

Something about men’s predatory ways

Instead of threatening to lock doctors and women away

For ninety years of suffering each day

In a jail so they won’t see the light of day again

Meanwhile the predators enjoy power, wealth and fame

You see them in the media getting away

With crimes against the female race

So don’t try judging women in any way

And keep abortions allowable and legal today

For the right to make their choices their way.

Mixed up

Is it me or are things mixed up

Pro lifers will kill for their beliefs

Is it me or have things got twisted

When God fearing Christian’s

Kill in the name of their religion

Where’s the love, tolerance and compassion

Where’s the humanity it all disappears

When political and religious leaders tell us it’s time to fight

Have you mind of your own

Why do you follow like sheep

There is no reason for killing anyone no matter what you believe

Except for self the protection of an imminent threat to you or your family.

Rebellion and revolution

Rebellion and revolution

Is in the heart of everyone

Who wants to break out of the system,

Come and join me as we take the establishment down

And watch it’s corporate towers as they burn to the ground

And watch as the money men run and flee from the hounds

Of rebellious and revolutionary women and men

Who are done with this unfair broken capitalism

And want a much fairer and equal society,

Let’s all stand with our burning torches

And watch how the greedy flee,

From the idealist of rebellion and of revolution

A mixture of women and men,

Who have had enough of the destruction of society and our environment,

Have had enough of only ever getting second best,

No more will they sip champagne while we feel the pain

On and on its always be the same

But it’s been decided it’s time for a change,

Burn down their ivory towers,

Burn down their banks,

Chase the rats out of power,

Run the ones who are destroying our world out of town,

It’s time for rebellion and revolution

It’s time to burn this broken capitalist system down.

(Nobody got hurt in the making of this rebellion and revolution , only the money.) šŸ™‚

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Why would you

Why would you

Steal, stab and murder

Just to look cool

Or to be accepted

This get quick rich life

Ends when you die

Or going to prison for life

Why would you do this

Live a lifestyle like this

Making others lives fearful

Leaving mothers in tears

Ganster you’re not

Just an ignorant fop

Simply copying others

To be like them

To be accepted

And to feel part of something

To feel like you’re someone

But when all is said and done

You bring shame upon yourself

In the long run.

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More than bodies

Yo, young girls showing off their bodies on camera, dressed up to thrill, made up with a ton of cosmetics, crazy eyebrows and false extensions and lashes, showing all the latest moves they’ve learnt, don’t they know that there’s a lot more to them, than a dance routine and some show of flesh, do they look good well yes, because the feminine divine is so sublime, the femine form is a beautiful creation, yet putting it on show like you’ve nothing else going for you, it’s a shame they don’t focus on the mind more, of which I am sure they have plenty in store.

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Meat means murder

Meat means murder raised to be slaughtered, factory farmed to sate our needs and greeds, maybe its ksrma that its not good for us, giving us all kinds of heart and bowel diseases, paying us back for feeding on other species omnivores as we are means we can survive without meat and there is much more goodness in vegetables and fruit you see, packed with nutrients and vitamins that fight off disease and keeps us from being obese and jeeps us healthy when your diet is balanced and excludes meat, because meat means murder on a genocidal scale, raised as food for our tables hardly seem fair to me, injected with growth hormones that can hurt human beings, given feed the spawns scrapie and mad cow disease, because there is harmful stuff in their feed but in truth it’s us who are mad, us that are crazy killing domesticated animals on which to feed on in the form of kebabs burgers and hot dogs, dished up as bacon and sausage all of which have an appeal, yet I know none of this is good for you and me, we all need to try going meat free, for meat means murders and the blood is on the hands of you and me.

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Crazy policies

Catastrophic policies like cutting down rain forests for cattle breeding, beef us not even good for you and me forms the basis of heart disease and obesity, it also represents mako nds greed, farm bovines intensively while causing other species to go extinct, invading and destroying habitats of species natural to that region and climate but now there’s no more forests there just vast areas of cattle farmed for beef, imagine if we all went vegan those poor bovines would also go extinct for there would be no profit in them.

Crazy, stupid, greedy policies, cutting down a ll the trees that aid us to breathe and sustain many vita l species for palm oil which also firms a basis for greed and meanwhile for your chocolate delight orangutans are killed day and night or deprived of their habitat in the name of corporate greed and on it goes but we can stop it, with the way we spend our money and vote, tell them we want sustainable policies that see the resurgence of forestry, Indonesia and Brazil won’t change because there is no will for they profit profitably from following crazy policies but if we demanded governments globally to offer more to save and replant trees they will do this in a heartbeat as it will help their economies for that’s their focus because their countries aren’t as wealthy, as those others exploiting them and their countries, making the poor cut down trees to help the wealthier farmers fill the pockets of big businesses and governments but we can stop this if we make a stand, say fuck money and cherish the land and make our voices heard so we can vocalise our demands for change.

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Whistleblowers are hero’s one and all

How can whistle blowing be a crime

When the whistle blower is exposing a crime

Governments are not above the law

Every human being is subject to laws

And these are the ones that you created

And we will never be placated

Whistle blowers are hero’s who don’t wear capes

Whistle blowers time and time again

Get sent to prison while the crimals roam free

Do you think this is justice?

Well I don’t think it is

So we should all make a stand

And stand firmly

As one voice of right and integrity

The truth is something that should set us all free

No get us locked up depriving us of our liberty.

The perfect nuclear family (Ekphrastic poem)

The perfect nuclear family

The acceptable social unit

Man and wife with two point four kids

Whatever that actually means

Waving flags and singing national anthems proudly

As young boys go to war and comback

Disfigured and tormented screwed up men

But the nuclear family don’t witness the horrors

That the theater of war has in store

They’ll send off their own children

If they are sold the lie that a war is worth fighting for.

Meanwhile back in suburbia husband trims the lawn

And mother’s in the kitchen cooking up a storm

The kids are playing nicely and are polite ty o one another

They fit the perfect family role model ideom

But the truth is when the sun g oes down mother hits the gin

Father’s on Internet porn working out his frustrations

The kids are fighting and arguing

And the teen girl is self harming

The boy is smoking a sneaky joint while bullying and online trolling

The perfect nuclear family during the day seems so ideal

But when seen after the sun goes down the truth becomes real

They are dysfunctional and smothered by tiles not authentic

They’re just trying to fit into societies mold

And its sending them demented

And one day in the paper I read Father shot himself

And them with his gun

All because it all started breaking down

And their dream life was being undone

The perfect nuclear family

Exploded and went on a melt d own quite atomic

The perfect family unit you see is nothing but a tormenting joke.