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The crazy governments are in control


Crazy governments causing divides

Forcing us as people to choose sides,

Truth is which ever side you choose

It’s always the people that are going to lose,

It’s just their game of divide and rule

That makes it easier to control me and you,

They are all in it together as the scheme and use

The rest of mankind of which they have fooled,

Crazy governments are always safe

It’s only the people who end up in an early grave,

They oppress us, exploit us and send us to war

The work us to death, they’re the pimps we’re the whores,

Crazy governments do as they will

Have always and will do still,

Unless we come together in unity

And smash their systems and set ourselves free.



This is the start of story I was going to write some years ago, please read and let me know your thoughts on it. 😁🙏 Faux

Standing on the ramparts of fortress that protected his people, Danik stood and surveyed the scene and landscape below and in front of him, he could see the glow of the torches and the fires as they burnt, could smell and sense the malevolent nature of the seething mass surging inexorably forward and unrelenting. He could here the low roar and rumble, felt the ground rumbling underneath them. Was this truly to be the last stand?

Just then Danik felt a hand touch and squeeze his arm, Danik did not need to look who was by his side, it was Cressida, who had always been there and he never doubted would always be right to the end. Her orange fiery curly long hair blew in the wind, her pale white porcelain skin radiated beauty as she stood next to him, ‘ there is hope yet ‘ she said, in her angelic flowing Celtic voice, but Danik remained focused on what he saw as their ruin, his long black curly hair and strong raw weather beaten features of his face, hosted ghoulish, horrified eyes. ‘ the end he ‘ spoke, ‘ this is our end ‘, for a moment that seemed like eternity the pair stood in silence. ‘ oh, ruin and misery, why do you torment me so, why do you break my heart and haunt my soul as you do. Have I not been a good man to this land, to this place that was once fertile and beautiful but that is now a desecrated open wound, scarred by war. This was not of my choosing, this was not of my design, these foul hoards of the dark denizens come from the very root of despair and loathing, instilled by a dark shadow, malignant, malign and demonic. ‘ These words tore in waves of pain and suffering from Danika lips, hoarse and gravel like, low and threatening, close to the precipice of madness. Cressida could taste the ire, the despair of his words, felt the tautness of the sinew’s that became like strictures holding in him in a frozen torment. She had dreaded this moment, this was how his forefathers were in the face of similar ruin. In those times, their despair aided such ruin and left this land a waste, seething with destruction and hate that took many years to heal. She had already considered the options, inspire him to refute the damage wreaked by his forefathers and fight to save what he could, or end him, before he ended everything, she had the poisoned dagger ready in her free hand, clamped to her side, ready to pierce the live of her life in order to avoid total ruination. As he readied his command to bring about such destruction, she moved her hand up slowly to strike. Then from nowhere on the horizon a bright light shine, like the dawn of hope and divine intervention, both gasped in wonder and disbelief, both in that moment dared to hope. Was this salvation? Was she to be saved from slaying her love, was he to be saved from causing ruination and destruction. In this moment all would be revealed.



You’re a stalker

A hawker, of misery,

Trying to get something

That you can’t achieve,

The love of a good person

But you’ve a possessive way,

Obsessive personality

That’s not attractive

When it comes out on display,

Time to stop this

Time to leave good souls alone,

You will reap the misery

That you have chosen to sow.

You’re a stalker

A hawker, of misery,

Your lies and deceit

Will never impress me,

And will always see you on your own

Because what you do is freaky.

She tried to reach up


She was a rising star, reaching high, and wondering if she could fly, and attain all those things that money could not buy,but would not know if she did not try. So she honed her skills, through reading books, by expanding her mind, and ensuring opportunities were took, she raised her frequency and still her mind, and evolved over a period of time. She dreamt that finally she would reach the light, foresaw a future that was bright, there was nothing that could hold her back, until someone said being female and black, would stop her achieving all that she wanted and liked. Even in an age so advanced as this, there were those still xenophobic, she was outraged by this statement, and she decided, she would not take it. But try as she may, the system was against her, why does colour stir up descrimination and resentment, why such fear and anger comes to the surface, that’s just to hard to understand, other than ignorance from her fellow man. Once again she tried rising up, tried again and pushed her luck, then found herself knocked to the ground, where she could no longer make a sound, beaten by those who wished to oppress, those of different colour, those who were racist, they feared her getting in touch, the truth and then they would be fucked, and that their ignorant, corrupt ways would be scene, seeing and end to all their dreams, if maintaining power over everything, and having greed through exploitation, of the meek and the mindless who were satisfied with always merely following.

Panic buying


Panic, the shelves are empty

People hoarding in a world of plenty

Panic, there’s a virus alert

Rush out and buy everything on the shelves

People looking after themselves

Stupid fuckers all going beserk

Panic, let’s panic buy

It’s just a joke I could laugh until I cry.



Never be bullied, stand up strong

Never allow others to put you down,

These toxic people are jealous of you

They’re insecure and that’s the truth,

Reject all bullying in every form

Don’t allow it to become the norm.

Be careful of your actions


He stole, that was his life, creeping to people’s houses and taking all he could, which was wrong but he justified it saying that’s how life goes on and it’s only material goods, insured and can always be replaced, until that fateful day, when everything changed.

He broke in to this nice house and gathered up the things he liked, the things he thought were worth good money, but this time did not know when enough was enough. He crept quietly, while people slept upstairs, he was so stealthy, they were never aware. He suddenly found a small box, that was heart shaped and covered in gold, he looked to force it open, because he was desperate to know, what was within, so he found a knife and he started hard to open it by prizing it, then suddenly he heard a voice speak, advising not to do it. He turned startled and pointed the knife, that’s when he saw the woman, who said open that and it will change your life. He demanded the key, she offered it from the chain round her neck, he then opened up the box, didn’t know just what to expect. Then a red bright light sprang forth and entered every part of him. He felt the weight of his heart and soul, being taken. She spoke again and said, true goodness is always rewarded good things, but what you do is not good, so what will happen is only a bad thing and it’s taking you to hell, it’s taking you to a place that you deserve, you think of nobody but yourself and creeping around in this house in stealth, is bad for your health. He looked at her forlorn and cried, I just did trying to get by, she said so many others manage to do the same, while staying on the path of what’s right, you chose the easier option, rather than trying harder to do something good, you chose to steal from people, thing that they had worked hard to acquire and I don’t think you cared, I don’t think you ever thought about that, now you’re going to pay the price, and your essence will be captured in this heart shaped judgement box and it was, as he disappeared in s cry of anquish deep in hell he now would languish for his deeds.