Things change

Things change constantly Everyday we may see, Alterations in life and society, Just when you think you found your level Just when you think you’ve found your balance, The ground shakes beneath your feet Leaving you stumbling and losing your footing, But those who can roll with this They’re the ones who will continue toContinue reading “Things change”


Firestarter, she screams the odds Makes trouble and her tempers lost Twists facts around to suit her needs Meanwhile she continues to scream And it effects everyone else in such a negative way Drama and arguing is just her way It’s difficult to be around a person like this Meanwhile on and on she screamsContinue reading “Firestarter”

Distraction, reaction

Deflection, reflection Distraction, reaction, The tactic of those who hide the truth This is how they act towards me and you, A form of bullying that they choose It’s all fucking lies, it’s all a ruse, Designed to control and manipulate So that in the end they creat a toxic state, Deflection, reflection Distraction, reaction,Continue reading “Distraction, reaction”

Don’t be discouraged

Do what you believe in Don’t let others be discouraging, So many out there think they know what’s good, They will tell you that you should give it up Telling you just to go back to your hood, But that’s because you worry them Because of your different approach and talent, They’ll tell how writingContinue reading “Don’t be discouraged”

Breakdown, shakedown

Breakdown, shakedown Does anyone care, It’s just all about them Don’t even notice I am there, Breakdown, shakedown I close to the brink, They don’t even hear what I say or think, They just talk their shit I don’t care about it, Breakdown, shakedown They are narcissists, They’ll tell of their problems And how theyContinue reading “Breakdown, shakedown”

Curiosity comes with a cost

He walked along the dim neon lit street Steam rising up from the grates below his feet, Al he could hear was the neon hum And the sound of cats fighting all night long, Then he heard the sound of bottles being knocked over Somewhere in the shadows under cover, He moved down to theContinue reading “Curiosity comes with a cost”

No room for self expression

People get caught up in the mechanics of life Having been told how to do things right, It gives them no room for movement And they never question why? They must stick to doing things as laid down and defined, And if they do they’re told it maintain the order of things It’s the wayContinue reading “No room for self expression”

Those who prey on our loved ones

Disrespectful human beings who break the norm Abusing women and children leaving lives torn, For their own sad perverse ends It do very hard to say a prayer for them, When they have no care what they do To the loved ones of me and you, They’re so sick and they’re so ill But theyContinue reading “Those who prey on our loved ones”

Six friends

The government says mix With no more than six friends, Where can I find these six friends? How do I get to this end? I am lucky to have virtual online friends, But on here there is no mixing Of course I am merely joking, But seriously how do I get six friends 🤣

Stamp out war

A sound like a swarm of bees From plane engines as they fly Across sovereign foreign countries Wreaking death and destruction Murdering the innocent This is war, this is insanity This is genocide, this is brutality All governments should be held to account Face their crimes, so it can be stamped out.   

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