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Contest! We don’t need no stinking contests

Contests! good for building ego’s up

great for knocking creativity down

as I pore over words and sounds

to make my poetry jump off the page

to come alive in others minds

in the most imaginative way.

Contests! we don’t need them

they drive us crazy every day

putting our best foot forward

and doing something that is brave

putting your art out there for judging

nurtured and created with much loving

only to be brutally dimissed

or even worse maybe even savaged

Contests! Huh, well this I find an interesting challenge

maybe I will just have a go at this

rise to the challenge and try to win it

not because I don’t think it still stinks

but because in my own way we become

ever so slightly addicted to it

looking for some kind of justification

for writing poetry and putting it out to the nations

or just because we have a competitive edge

contests! I’ve won a couple so see what’s next

see if I can be the best, I mean i wish everyone all the best

I just enter for a bit of fun, not to be just number one!

but being unplaced leaves me undone

but hey, let’s show a little grace keep a smile upon our faces

swallow this bitterest pill and compete until they lose the will

to misjudge my work again, I am the top contestant man!

enter contests or be dammed, stinking contests drive me mad

Argh!!!! is that even a word?


17/7/18 (In response to a contest challenge :))



Within devotion

We found emotion,

among the commotion

We sought the promotion,

Through a subtle true love potion

But found ourselves lost in an ocean,

Drowning despite reaching in an upward motion

It dragged us down as if in revulsion,

We begged for some propulsion

To lift us up but in convulsions,

We simply disappeared into something dystopian

That saw our souls simply float

On the waves of the wide open seas,

Of heartbreak and misery.

When birds fly

When the birds fly south

We will know when summer ends

But when they fly away and are never seen again

Will that be out extinction

Will nature and creation take care of other species

And leave to face the eternal darkness all alone.

This is a warning

Maybe a foreboding

I know not what is prophesied

But I see through the lies of corporations

And governments

And nothing about what they do or says ever makes much sense

Because they’re all about greed

So when you see

The birds fly away never to be seen again

Maybe then you’ll buy into this self extinction

Brought about an arrogance

And an ignorance that convinced us not to change

Our dirty and destructive ways.

Don’t be afraid of the dark

Dark eyes

Dark mind

Dark life

Dark signs

Dark by design

Dark people

Dark creatures

Dark lies

Dark lives

Dark systems

Dark matter

Dark side of the moon

Dark moods

Dark love

Dark stars

Dark science

Dark arts

Dark shadows

Yet in all of this we can still find light.

Corrupting ways

I won’t abide by your ethics

Or by your corrupting ways,

I won’t live by your morals

Or your exploiting displays

Your society based on division

Is archaic and arcane

I won’t be controlled by you

Nor by your corrupting ways

I won’t be twisted or distorted

Neither beaten down or cowed

I won’t be forced to become greedy

Just to fit in with the crowd

For I believe in equality

And I know there’s more than enough to go round

I won’t allow myself to ever succumb

To your heinous corrupting ways.

Conspiracy theorist or critical thinker

Conspiracy theorist

Or critical thinker

See what happens

When your opinion differs

From what’s taught by society

They call you a weirdo and a freak

Conspiracy theorist

Or critical thinkers

Are are offensive to those

Who go through life in blinkers

Do I believe all these theorist say

Not but there are elements of truth displayed

I’ve never met anyone in any walk of life

Who has found all the answers and got it all right

But there are lots of answers and truths in the mix

Lost in a whole world of confusing statistic

Take what you believe and what you need

And leave the rest behind for others to feed

Put it together like a jigsaw puzzle

But don’t get concerned if you don’t get the riddle

Nobody has yet in life

But at least you’re working on the right lines

Like questioning everything that doesn’t seem right

Read between the lines and keep an open mind.

Seize what you need

Today I got a new job

Because I focused my mind

Focused it on change

Focused it on getting what I needed

I needed it to be more local

I got that

Needed a vehicle to replace public transport

I got that

I needed more money

I got that

It’s a bigger challenge

But I am up for that

Envisage what you need

Focus on it and go for it

Don’t be distracted

Don’t be put off by others

Know what you want

And seize the opportunity

Seize the day

And seize the moment

Don’t be afraid of a challenge

Always push yourself to do more

Never settle for less.

Long working day

Got up for work at 5am today

Worked all day now on my way home,

Waiting for a train that does not come to 11pm,

This has been a very long working day

I am now suffering aches and pains,

I am feeling so very tired

Job interview tomorrow to see if I can be hired,

Doing something a little closer to home

If I am lucky I maybe home by 12 midnight,

I really don’t think that this is such a great way to live life

I am hungry and I am tired,

I just want get home to bed.

Plastic guns

We are arming little children with plastic guns

Then showing them on TV just how killing is done

Is anyone surprised then when as some grow into adults

That they have been to extremely influenced

And find the need to day dream of doing it for real

And when that fateful day come trust me

Use that gun they will

To kill someone who more than likely never deserved to die

It’s just that the crosshairs was there between there

Right between the killers eyes

And in their mind defined

Raised with plastic guns they think that killing is alright

Because they we conditioned to believe it

They saw it in the films and watched it on the video games

They think they can kill people and that they should not have to take the blame.

Society has blood on its hands as well.

Image courtesy of Pinterest


Corporate globalisation

Across all nations,

In the form of capitalist greed

Was meant to transform,

Was meant to lift us up,

As a humanity.

But instead of doing this

We saw the flaw in the plan,

It was all a concept to help the rich get richer

At the expense of those lower down

Do you get the picture,

The trickle down theory

Is an insult to us who rely on,

Scraps from their table

Just to survive and just to get by,

So we need to reassess our lives

We need to go DIY,

Set up our own systems

Of cottage industries

And work together to undermine their corporate greed,

So that we can achieve,

A society of greater equality.

Cottage industries are where we all work together

Where we all have ownership in this businesses which is fairer,

Where everyone’s the boss

And everyone’s the worker

And everyone gets exactly what they are deserving.

Capitalism is failing everyday,

Globalisation is failing us in everyway,

We need to be our own authority

And let our own minds lead the way,

Use our individuality, to make what we create pay,

For something that the corporates can never steal or take away.