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Pill popping


We live in a world of popping pills

Like it’s a solution to all our ills,

I feel so sad, so take anti depressants man

I can’t get an erection, pop a pill watch it grow,

That’s s plan,

Everybody seeks the answer in pills,

So we end up begging as we knee

At the alter of pharmaceutical corporations,

Who offer treatments, not cures

For there is no money in that,

Popping pills won’t heal and seldom cure you,

The answer to our ills can be found in our society

That puts us under pressure and puts us understand stress,

They are turning us all into drug addicts,

But if they didn’t set such stock in financial and material success,

Or becoming famous or being perfect and accepting no less,

Don’t let pills ruin and control your life

Find different ways to deal with life’s worries and strife.

Choices are voices in your head


Choices come from voices

That we create within our heads,

Choices should not come from voices

From anybody else,

They should not sway or influence us

In any kind of way,

It’s all about the choices only we can make

Choices are our right, no one has the right to take away,

Do don’t give them any reason to think they can, keep them at bay,

And if the choice is bad don’t shirk from taking the blame,

But if it works out well stay humble,

That is the choice that you can make.

You can’t take it anymore


You can’t take it anymore

The wolf is scratching at the door

How hard it is being poor

You can’t take it anymore

It beats you down onto the ground

You wear a perpetual frown

You can’t take it anymore

We are heading for an emotional breakdown

And our anger and rage it is profound

You can’t take it anymore

So maybe it’s time to go to war

Let’s go and even up the score

You can’t take it anymore

Equality is want we demand no less no more.

Animals, used abused and murdered


Animals strapped in a chair

Tortured to ensure the shampoo is safe for your hair,

Beagles forced to choke inhaling cigarette smoke

To ensure these cancer sticks are smooth for you.

Sheep and cattle reared in a field as food

Served up on a Sunday does it taste good,

Mummy tells little Johnny to eat it all up

If you don’t eat your meat you’ll be weak and then you’re fucked,

Meat she says makes you big and strong,

But Johnny thinks he should question this but doesn’t want to seem wrong.

Animals chased in the meadows by masters of the hunt

These brutal men a vicious, brutal and call it fun,

They hair course and pheasant shoot out of status

Then they say this is ok so please don’t hate us.

Do you see the link

From vivisection, to the meat we eat

To the sick countryside games

This is all done in mankind’s name

And it is wrong,

And it is sick,

We don’t need meat,

It’s all about greed and profit,

And animals always pay the cost,

As their lives are lost,

In the name of mankind’s so called need

But abuse and murder is all I see.

Going to waste


I am not overweight but I struggle with fitness

So may exercise should be too of my hitlist,

But I am consumed with work, writing and reading

It leaves me no time which is not a great feeling,

I see others jogging, riding bikes and I feel guilty

When I was a youngster I was as fit as anything,

I ran everywhere because we never had a car

Or rode on my bike if a little to far,

I always played football I was in tip top shape

But that’s not something I can say of late

No wonder I am tired and all my bones and muscles ache,

I end up just sitting here going to waste.

A life of ruin


Does you life seem like one of ruin

Then question what are you doing,

Do you punch the card at work each day

Do you wish that you could just escape,

Are you a subservient and passive person,

Do you vote for a government,

If you do you are complicit

In all the bad things that they do,

Do you support big corporations

Or do you oppose their exploitation,

If you do nothing but just accept what they do,

Then you’re complicit and and a a fool

Allowing them control over you.

You need to open your eyes

Start seeing all of their lies,

That they spread through the media

That they’re only to happy to feed you,

And you always drink it all in

In your conditioned obedience,

The nature of your oppression is the aesthetic of your anger,

But you suppress this anger to fit in,

You buy into the materialism,

That anaesthetise’s your mind

And leaves you conscience far behind,

What is it you are thinking,

Never stopping to question why it is you sell your soul to them,

And put yourself in a self imposed prison,

That makes you feel you live a life of ruin.

The nature of your oppression is the aesthetic of your anger. (Quote courtesy of Crass, the purveyors of truth.)

Elysian fields


In the Elysian fields

Of heroic deeds,

Come my friends

And kneel with me,

In bloody fields

That were once green,

Is now a field of blood red poppies,

Where the vanquished lie

Under the cold ground,

No more roars,

No more sound of war,

No more sound at all,

No bird song

As I walk along,

Tears roll down my cheeks,

In the field of Elysium

Heroic life ended,

In the name of protecting the weak.