A life so squalid


She sits alone

In a place she calls home

A flat she rents

In the undesirable zone

She sits in darkness

Her only light a flickering

Neon sign outside

It’s a if from the world

She is trying to hide

But that is not the case at all

It’s just that’s she’s fallen

And the was no safety net

That was in place to catch her

So she finds herself

Living a life so squalid

Working in bars just to get by

Among the drunks, the addicts

Under the Neon haze

Where life ebbs and fades away

But she dreams of salvation

In the form of a knight in shining armour

Who will come save her and lift her out

Of this depressing life

Lift her up to the warmth of the sunlight

Out of this cold dark existence in which she now lives

Sitting in the darkened room

She desperately dreaming

Hoping her life may discover new meaning.

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