Evil deeds


Masculine as he was

He thought he could take what he wanted

Feminine though she was

She rebuffed his advances

But he was not hearing her

He only had one thing on his mind

She resisted and insisted

This is not what she had in mind

But using his strength

He overpowered her

Using his strength he forced her against her will

To be a party to something that she knew was wrong and ill.

When it was over he got nasty

When it was over he blamed her

When it was over he cried like a baby

All he sought over her was power

After it was over she just lay there

After it was over she felt dirty and used

After it was over she felt nothing but abused

To shocked, weak and confused

To understand what just happened

And why it was she deserved this deed

She knew she had the choice to fall apart or find the strength

To survive what had been done against her will

And as he left he felt ashamed

And as he left she thought I was I to blame

After this nothing for either of them would ever be the same again

He was now a perpetrator of a rape

She was now the victim of a rape

The paths would now go different ways

Their lives will be both affected badly from this day

How each reacts will define them

His evil deed will end in confinement

Her life is still to be decided

For she’s still trying to put herself back together again

But she knows her life is now one of pain

Unfairly tinged by guilt and shame.

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