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Poetry rap


Here’s my little poetry rap,

Feel the rhythm and its massive attack,

I spit the words and rocks crack,

These are the foundations that keep me on track,

I love everybody be they white or black.

When I build up momentum

Then I can’t be stopped,

In the next moment

You hear the mic drop,

All of a sudden it goes pop-puh pop,pop

And I hear the sound as the door locks,

I see the hands spin

On the time clock,

Then banging on the door

As opportunity knocks,

Let’s go and have big fun

Round my neighbourhood block,

Try as you may I won’t be mocked

Because this is the house that Faux rocked.

(Thought I’d have a bit of fun with this 🤪😁🙏Faux)

Brutal bloodline


He was the son of a powerful man

Who ruled  the land with an iron hand,

And his son found this hard to understand

Why did he choose fear as a tool to rule,

He saw his father’s way as the way of fools

One day he thought when itsy turn to rule,

I’ll treat my people well and educate them all

I will gain their alligence through live and compassion,

Teach them tolerance and understanding

We’ll make peace with all their neighbours ,

And we’ll strike up trade deal

That benefit everybody equally,

So there will be no need to steal

In a society where everyone cares,

He told this to all his subjects out there,

And they could not wait until he ascended to the throne

Then one night in his chambers while sleeping alone,

He was taken by a sharp flashing blade

His bed now fully blood stained,

As his father stood watching from the doorway

He hung his head in guilt and in shame,

For he could not let his son rule this way,

Fear and terror was all his father knew

And he knew this day would come

As he saw the way that he grew,

Just like his mother who had also been slain

The blood again on his father’s hand along with the shame,

By that self same sharp flashing blade.

And he told his subjects his son had died peacefully in the night

Struck down by an illness or maybe some kind of blight,

And the hope and the dreams in his subjects eyes

Began slowly to fade, until there was no light.

This is what happens in the end,

When dreamers and lovers are seen as a threat,

In the brutal military style mind,

There is no room for being kind

So he used fear and terror because he was blind

To everything outside his tiny little mind,

That sees how fighting and killing buys him more time

In the reign of his brutal bloodline,

Where millions had been killed through wars designed

To keep all populations in check,

This man who killed his own son  who he perceived as a threat

So had him killed while asleep in his bed,

In a realm where nobody lived happily ever after in the end.

The truth


Boris the hero! Leading UK in herd immunity and 1000 people dying each day.



This is the start of story I was going to write some years ago, please read and let me know your thoughts on it. 😁🙏 Faux

Standing on the ramparts of fortress that protected his people, Danik stood and surveyed the scene and landscape below and in front of him, he could see the glow of the torches and the fires as they burnt, could smell and sense the malevolent nature of the seething mass surging inexorably forward and unrelenting. He could here the low roar and rumble, felt the ground rumbling underneath them. Was this truly to be the last stand?

Just then Danik felt a hand touch and squeeze his arm, Danik did not need to look who was by his side, it was Cressida, who had always been there and he never doubted would always be right to the end. Her orange fiery curly long hair blew in the wind, her pale white porcelain skin radiated beauty as she stood next to him, ‘ there is hope yet ‘ she said, in her angelic flowing Celtic voice, but Danik remained focused on what he saw as their ruin, his long black curly hair and strong raw weather beaten features of his face, hosted ghoulish, horrified eyes. ‘ the end he ‘ spoke, ‘ this is our end ‘, for a moment that seemed like eternity the pair stood in silence. ‘ oh, ruin and misery, why do you torment me so, why do you break my heart and haunt my soul as you do. Have I not been a good man to this land, to this place that was once fertile and beautiful but that is now a desecrated open wound, scarred by war. This was not of my choosing, this was not of my design, these foul hoards of the dark denizens come from the very root of despair and loathing, instilled by a dark shadow, malignant, malign and demonic. ‘ These words tore in waves of pain and suffering from Danika lips, hoarse and gravel like, low and threatening, close to the precipice of madness. Cressida could taste the ire, the despair of his words, felt the tautness of the sinew’s that became like strictures holding in him in a frozen torment. She had dreaded this moment, this was how his forefathers were in the face of similar ruin. In those times, their despair aided such ruin and left this land a waste, seething with destruction and hate that took many years to heal. She had already considered the options, inspire him to refute the damage wreaked by his forefathers and fight to save what he could, or end him, before he ended everything, she had the poisoned dagger ready in her free hand, clamped to her side, ready to pierce the live of her life in order to avoid total ruination. As he readied his command to bring about such destruction, she moved her hand up slowly to strike. Then from nowhere on the horizon a bright light shine, like the dawn of hope and divine intervention, both gasped in wonder and disbelief, both in that moment dared to hope. Was this salvation? Was she to be saved from slaying her love, was he to be saved from causing ruination and destruction. In this moment all would be revealed.

The plague that is knife crime


He rides his bike, through the tough streets of London, late at night, armed with a knife, this young black man, with hoodie up and quiet, looking to get home, with a constant threat of violence hanging over him, from being in a gang.

He was closed to home when assailed by four others, dressed like him but from another gang. He got off his bike and prepared himself for a life and death fight and the other youths they did the same but then an older man stepped out the shadows and in their way. He said it doesn’t need to go down like this, you have to try and coexist, but none of them where buying into this, so he said if this is about disrespect, then all of you are truly blessed for you’re all destroying what living is about, and he said if you have any doubt, hear my message clear and loud, you’re playing up to media stereotypes, and you can kill each other and spend the rest of your lives, doing time and living with the guilt, have trouble sleeping and feel the hilt of the blade you used now piercing into you, as you start to realise the startling truth, that you were lied to by others, who just wanted to use you. Then the old man took off his hoodie and stood there in his best top displaying gang tattoos, and lots of scars and many knife wounds and his muscles rippled ebony through and through. He said I’ve been where you are now, I’ve lived that life of drugs, robbery, gangs and crime and it consumed and ruined my whole life, and if you want to prove, that you’re all men because of the weapons you use I invite you all to start this fight against me, and as the young man heard this he shook his head and said I’d rather leave, for I can see you’ve experienced and wiser than me. As he ride off the others didn’t move, they weighed up if he was telling the truth and in the end also decided to leave, and that night those young men continued to breathe, and in the dark of the night the older man walked down the street, and as he did each street light turned of and all went dark, until in a gust of fog the figure of the man began to fade, and he was never seen again. For his purpose had been completed and he was spirited away, elevated to a better more peaceful place, redeemed from the bad life that left him depraved but in death was given one last chance to make amends and he took it, so then claimed his forever after in a place of divine grace and he hoped what he had done may change those youths lives, and that they would choose now to live a different way.

Demonic visitation

Demonic visitation

It was a dark time, and in her dark mind, she lived in house that was dark by design. In this place she felt the chill of the paranormal, heard whispering voices, and muffled screams. This was how when she moved in, she hoped it would be. She loved everything that was weird and freaky but she had no idea how dangerous evil could be,breaching beyond realms far from normal reality and so when one night she heard footsteps everywhere, heard the walking up and down the stairs, she left her bed to investigate, in an exited and thrillseeker state. When she opened the bedroom door she hoped to see more, but there was nothing, like everytime before. She walked down the stairs but there was nothing to see, until, when in the kitchen, she could barely breathe, as. She felt cold hands from behind clench her neck, lift her off her feet and the laid her down and stretched her legs and arms to the edge of the table where she was placed, felt the rancid halitosis, breath upon her face. Just then she felt tough hands tear to shred her pyjamas, leaving her naked and fully exposed, her excitement and fear now vied with each other, adrenaline flowing as she felt herself being smothered, if only she could speak and communicate, but these were pure demons of evil and hate. Once again she felt strong rough hands on her neck, she in trepidation wondered what would happen next, then she felt the demon enter within, it entered within her mouth and between her legs and for an instant the feeling was exhilarating, but the she felt it consume her internally, felt it possessing her, uncontrolabilly, then she sat up and looked around surveying the scene, she was in the background now as if watching a dream, then she stood without volition and matched to the door, walked down the street naked to the man living next door, she knocked, he answered, saw that she was fully nude, she walked in he perused the view, he shut the door and gave a lustful smile, she stopped and looked at him for a while, then moved closer and kissed him passionate and hard, then he felt other arms grab him, by the legs and the arms, she stepped back then punched him straight to the heart, he felt her hand burrow in and his face was aghast, as he felt her grab at it and rip it straight out, killing him instantly, at least she thought it was over fast, then she watched as the demon that possessed her body, devour the man in a state of wild hunger. When sated the demon walked her back to her house, laid her back in her bed, then came back out, much the same way, that it went within, and she felt the smell and sensation of it lingering. The demon then grabbed her again by the neck and promised it would return when hungry again. He was going to use her to kill and inflict pain, to sate his hunger and desire, like something insane. The thought of this she could not take, could still see the horror on that poor man’s face, when the demon left, she rigged up a noose, to kill herself but when she did, but he demon cut her loose, and whispered, you’re mine now, you’re my plaything, to use and abuse, and I am going to make you do terrible things, she shook her wildly and pleaded for mercy, but the demon was pure evil, and could hear her scarcely over the laughter he and his legion made, he said you are now a demonic slave, and you will commit acts so sick and depraved, that you will never be able to eradicate from your brain and when I am tired of you, I will ignite. Within you and blow you apart, they’ll be nothing left, so pray it’s a while before I depart and no amount of trying to kill yourself will work, because I am an evil demonic curse, and it said, wish to inflict upon you much hurt, from deeds you’ll commit and the sins you will break, she cried out of control as he faded away, and she felt him put her in a sleep paralysis state, that this would be her life, until he returned again and she knew now she was simply a tool for its need and that she would witness many poor souls, as its victims, die so viciously.

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We wander Samsara

In the tradition of Dhama

And enter the realms of Naraka

Travelling to the realms of Avici

There like in Dante’s vision of hell

We find subtle layers and some can’t help but dwell

There are many distractions and temptations to be found

Deep in the levels found below ground

As we wander the passages and the caverns and caves

These temptations will try and trick and sway

Us from the path on our journey through

To reach the Shambala our home and our truth.

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Under his spell

Under his spell

She was having fun

She was dancing

When he stepped

And smiled at her

She was struck by

His deep eyes

They instantly hypnotised her

She fell right under his spell.

As she kept on dancing

He stood there

Offering admiring glances

Then he reached out

And pulled her close to him

She felt the grip

He applied on her backside

He looked her deep in the eyes

And whispered this night

Of all nights

Your going to spend it with me

So if you’re ready we will leave.

She was breathless

Taken aback

She told him she was married

He said it doesn’t matter

He offered no seductive patter

He smiled your sexy

Your slim toned body gets me

I need it, you want it

Your husband already knows

Because I told him I want you so

And he said see how it goes

If I get you to come on home

He said that he will know

She needs more

Than he gives

And she may appreciate it.

She smiled

Inside wild

She now felt his grip

Reaching through her

She wanted his heat

She wanted to feel the beat

Of his rhythm upon her

She wanted for him to take her

She left with him

And as she walked past her husband

She smiled and said

With lust and hunger in her voice

Will see you tomorrow

But tonight your wife

He’s going to borrow

And they left

She felt so under his spell

She could barely catch her breath

In anticipation of what comes next.

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Successful sailing


The ship that sails with a divided crew

Will ultimately risk sinking or capsizing

The only way to successfully navigate a course to calmer waters

Is to sail in harmony and unity, all working together.

Dark world

A simmering hex in the dark world
Menacing whispers echo round
Incantation spoken in Latin, then a roar
Vibrations shaking and erupting through the floor
Shadows flicker in the sinster light
A feeling of goosebumps and enduring fright
The gnashing of teeth and a salavating sound
This is a dark and dangerous place that we have found
Wickedness resonates around the stone grey walls
Soaked in precipitation, leaving a viscose liquid on the floor
The dark, dank atmosphere I can’t stand any more
The smell of rancid canker pervades in a way that I deplore
Somethings going to happen, something toxic and evil
Something is going to come and is ascending
From the lower levels of life, from the chanel pits where there is no light
Demon snarls and blood curdling cries
Screams of anquish and despair and despite
Haunt every aspect of this dark and dangerous realms
What’s about to happen, nobody can tell
But it may well in murder and violence and gore
What grizzly ending and torture is in store
Premordial beings and depraved hoards
Ready with their battle cries and blood lust in scores
Ripping at the barrier between this world and theirs
All I know is I don’t want to be here to feel their claws
I am desperate to escape but there’s nothing but locked doirs
Is my endgame going to be within their jaws
I feel the fear resonating to my very core
Dark world, dark place, dark incantations
I need to escape I feel pure desperation
Dark world, dark place, somebody opens the door
In flood the hoarded and I am battling in a war
That I can’t win and the deluge of demons wash over me
As these servants of evil and darkness feed their greed
On my flesh and my bones, they’re ripping at my sinews
Dark world, dark place, the horror continues