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I wish to embrace you

Let me lay you down

On a blanket by the fire

Dress you down

And cover you in kisses

Let me worship you

And treat your body like a temple

One I wish to hold on to

One I wish to pay homage too.

The only light is the light of the fire

Let me awaken within you desires

That make you ache and long for my loving

And when we’re done we will lay basking

In the warmth and the love

As I hold you safely

Because just being close to is just so right

And holding you in a love embrace all night

Us as much as I could dream of

I need to give you my love

I could hold you in my arms for eternity

Because you are my soul spirit

And my reason to breathe

And I just want to make you happy.

So nestle down with me in front of the fire

We don’t have to do or say anything at all

Just hold on to each other and share in that moment

Share the love and deep intensity

Of a twin flame moment forged in spirituality.


Positive mind

A positive mind is hard to resist

How could anyone not want to be like this my

A smiling face is a look of gold

Keep laughing from your birth until you are old

Live life benevolently because kindness

Is absolutely free

And don’t forget keep love

In your heart

That way life can never

Tear you apart.

Be happy

Be strong

Be spirituality.

Deep deep down

Deep deep down

There is a feeing of fear

A feeling dread

Which is patently clear

In the darkest recesses

Of constricted space

The feeling of distress is commonplace.

Deep deep down

Where there is moisture

Running down the walls

Where your eyes can perceive

Nothing at all

In the confines of ristrictedness

Where people lose their minds

We find ourselves deep deep down in thought as well as time.

Applying varnish on life

No amount of varnish Plied to a shitty life

Will ever hide the flaws and blemishes within the heart

It will never shine and look as good

Unless you work on your life first

Make a change and turn it around

And take out all the rough

Aspects that make your life less smooth than it should be

And when you have improved your life

Then stand back and see the difference

You will notice and you will understand

How much better your life looks

So that when you apply the varnish it glows more

And looks so good.

Via:Daily Prompt:, Varnish


Your magnetism draws me in

and I feel the love begin,

just open your mind and open you body

so that i may enter inside

and reside in your warmth,

taste and savor your bliss,

tell me now you want to be kissed

and made to feel wanted

made to feel loved

and that you desire the spiritual touch,

of somebody that just wants to cherish you,

feel the glow of your being

as we make two become one,

tell me your needs and put on display

the passions and desires that you crave,

and I will do my best to make you feel whole.

In time we can learn to meld so sublime

while still being individual,

yet still feeling the magnetic pull

and raising our frequencies so that we will shine,

like a hot sun, on fire, burning out of control,

in a passion and moment where we both bare our souls,

Your magnetism draws me in

and I feel the love begin,

just open your mind and open you body

so that i may enter inside

and reside in your warmth,

taste and savor your bliss,

tell me now you want to be kissed

for now and all time.

Family man

I found myself at winter

In a far more different place

I saw the lights and the fireplace

And all the kids at play

I heard the sound of their sweet laughter

And it melted my heart inside

I saw the food upon the table

Along with the beer and wine

And I saw my family happy

And life for them was fine

And that made me feel so good as I closed my eyes that night

And they found me when the snow thawed

Curled up sleeping in my box

Hard times had befallen me and my family like my life I lost.

Whisper sweet nothings

Whisper to me

Sweet nothings

Let me hold you

As you are sleeping

Allow me to feel

The warmth of your body.

Lets seek to embrace

And lay here in grace

Lets look so deeply

Into each others eyes

And get lost in the moment

For what we have is real

And what is we don’t say

We just feel

Unspoken unconditional love

Is what we both share

And dream of

So I will whisper

Sweet nothings

And hold you as you sleep

For we are two spirits

That are love so deep

Sleep tight my baby

I am here for you

And know that nothing

Will ever take me away from you

So sleep tight and soundly

Sleep in sweet grace

I am here to protect you for ever

And for always my babe.

The domesticated servant

I knew this woman as plain as could be

Would never have guessed her mystery

She would knit up a storm

While she sat in the warm

She would cook up a feast

That would fill a hungry beast

She would clean round the house

She was hygienically proud

She was the most domesticated woman

You would ever meet

But the lights went out and she was free

Home would come her husband

And she was always ready to please

Saucy lingerie and tight little dress

That could hold in her breast.

She turned into an insatiable seat nymph

That others would have call slut

But this ain’t true because what she it’s all for love

It’s only for her husband

And she gives him the full works

Blows his mind and gratifies

That how she sees her role as his wife.

Then in the morning

No more fishnets

No tight dress

Just a prim and proper respectable lady

Of who would expect nothing less

But behind close doors

And when the lights go out

She’s like an animal sharing lust

And husband is the most satisfied man

Who loves her so much

A cook in the kitchen

The cleaner of the house

A domesticated servant

Without any doubt

She cooks and cleans but in the bedroom

She act the whore to the extreme

And it works because they both know it’s fantasy

But which side of her is her true reality.

(At the end of it all he gets a nice scarf).

Via: Daily Prompt : Knit

Stripped back

Strip yourself down for me,

Strip yourself back,

I want to see how mentally and physically you react,

I want to see the raw of you,

I want to see the truth before to soon,

I want to help you become renewed.

Let go of your inhibitions,

Be prepare for psychological transition,

Show me your spirit, your being,

Let me help you break the chains and free you from your prison

Self imposed held in place without conviction,

Show me you stripped back and stripped bare,

Put on an exhibition that will make me stare,

And not want me to take my eyes off you.

The act

He touched her body for the first time

and she tingled with static electricity

that touch felt so insatiably sublime,

she felt the energy of yearning racing up and down

felt the essence f her being start to flow

she knew that in this moment she had lost control

and she felt the touch of his moving everywhere,

she felt a quivering within that she could hardly bare

but she could not stop it and would if she she could

and now she felt the full force of her sensual mood,

as he turned her around bent her over, so she was face down,

over the kitchen worktop as the lights were down and very little sound,

she felt the short tight dress of hers being lifted round,

her slender hips and she knew that she was ready for this,

she felt his body on hers as he turned her head and kissed

her longing and moistened lips as his hands gripped her by the hips,

she found herself in moment of incredible bliss,

one slow thrust and she did not resist but instead devoured his manly kiss

and as he filled her with desire and lust,

as he sought the rhythm that she loved,

she moaned and murmured and moved in time,

trying to make this moment more and more divine.

This was a dangerous love, of that she knew

but needed this so much there was nothing she could do

and though as she felt him pushing through

the best experiences she once knew,

she was aware that when they were through

she may easily become unglued,

because they were doing something that they should not do

and at that moment where she let herself go,

and in the heat of passion where both their bodies flowed,

she reached the climax of her desire and lust

and savored ever second of his final thrusts.

He then pulled down her dress

and tidied himself up

and left discreetly, her following like they knew they must

and as they walked back into the charming dinner party

she knew they had both broken their partners trust

and she felt the burning heat still on her cheeks

and as his wife smiled at her she thought that she might weep,

the four of them sat their all looking at each other,

and her husband put his hand on leg and said,

‘did that feel divine? did he blow your mind?

because we all just want to spend some time

embracing the feeling of sharing from time to time’,

and I swear her jaw almost hit the floor,

as he opened up a deviant door,

that would see her doing this some more,

and smiled and said ‘that she adored,

the thought of continuing this more and more’

and they agreed that as they all knew the score,

there would be not guilt nor jealousy,

just a connection of physical sex, love and lust,

so no one would feel as though, there was a loss of trust

and they all agreed to agree to this vow,

and all agreed to stand by this pact,

they had all agreed to bring her in with this act

and she smiled happily because she was more that satisfied with that,

knowing that what she just felt, was going to come back,

she was excited and elated by the anticipation of that.