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Opportunity is not knocking

I need to change things up

Get a new job find a new career

But all avenues of work don’t seem clear

And age is against me I fear

Though young at heart and attitude

Opportunities are rare and few

It’s great that I have a job

Of this I must be thankful for

But travel and cost make things so hard

I need a change a brand new start

So I guess I just got to keep pushing on

Hoping something comes along

And offers up an opportunity

To show my talents and abilities.


Evil deeds

Masculine as he was

He thought he could take what he wanted

Feminine though she was

She rebuffed his advances

But he was not hearing her

He only had one thing on his mind

She resisted and insisted

This is not what she had in mind

But using his strength

He overpowered her

Using his strength he forced her against her will

To be a party to something that she knew was wrong and ill.

When it was over he got nasty

When it was over he blamed her

When it was over he cried like a baby

All he sought over her was power

After it was over she just lay there

After it was over she felt dirty and used

After it was over she felt nothing but abused

To shocked, weak and confused

To understand what just happened

And why it was she deserved this deed

She knew she had the choice to fall apart or find the strength

To survive what had been done against her will

And as he left he felt ashamed

And as he left she thought I was I to blame

After this nothing for either of them would ever be the same again

He was now a perpetrator of a rape

She was now the victim of a rape

The paths would now go different ways

Their lives will be both affected badly from this day

How each reacts will define them

His evil deed will end in confinement

Her life is still to be decided

For she’s still trying to put herself back together again

But she knows her life is now one of pain

Unfairly tinged by guilt and shame.


Kilauea Volcano in the Hawaiian Islands (© AleSocci)

The scene of Kilauea

truly amazes me,

looks so beautiful

nature is so powerful,

yet in other ways

I looks like a gateway to hell

is this a prognostication

of the future yet to come

is this natures reaction

to all that we have done

or the price we have to pay

for wars and testing of bombs

and the fracking of the earth

are we getting what we deserve

is this a warning is the tide turning

that unless we change our ways

extinction maybe not so far away.

I don’t postulate being a soothesayer

that’s not my proclivity

I am just asking and questioning

because there are reasons for everything

it’s probably just natures order

that keeps repeatedly happening

but as awful as it is

it’s still awesome and amazing

to see nature blazing

in it’s forceful powerful mode.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Chaotic state

I am in a tumult

I am in a mess

I find myself

Feeling so stressed

I am in chaos

It’s because I care

But my head is spinning

Life isn’t fair

It’s like I am caught up

In the whirlpool of life

Everything goes wrong

Nothing goes right

But I need to stand up

And fight for my life

I need to understand and clarify

This position I am in

And start working

My way out of this place

To save the day

And the tsunami of fear

Although very clear

Cannot be allowed

To wipe me out

I have to find strength

My situation is clear

It’s time to get

The hell out of here

Deciding on flight

Or whether to fight

The art of war

Made up my mind

Don’t fight battles

That you can’t ever win

If there’s a chance

To be taken escaping

And ready yourself

For future battles

That you can win

There’s nothing wrong in this

There is no chagrin about it.

Stealth jumper pt2

The tribe that surrounded the stealth jumper Avalon

As it turned out were higher frequency beings

They took her back to their village healed her wounds

And taught her the art of self healing through mind

And illusory conscious cleansing through the use of herbal plants

Which they gave her when she stated her need to be on her way

And warned them of future visitors

But knew they could deal with them.

She was guided to another portal

By a clearing that represented great beauty

With a sparkling clear lake and effervescent waterfall

Rocks carved into images decorated the edge of the lake

And she could hear spiritual messages coming out of the lake

The flowed through her being igniting every chakra

And filling her with unknown power

That bristled through her body like static electricity

Thanking her hosts she stepped through the portal.

In a moment she found herself on the fringes of a vast desert

With the sun beating down on her causing her to sweat profusely in her leather suit

She heard the voices from the lake

Imagined herself in robes upon a camel and two more in tow

As she did this gazing at the sun she cast a look around

And so it was, as she imagined

Smiling she moved forward heading for the horizon

Heading into the unknown but with plentiful supplies

Things were looking up

But what was next?

What lay beyond the horizon?

She travelled forward on faith and the belief that she was on the right path.

Stealth jumper

She hid in a doorway of shop

Within the neon lit maze of the city,

A gaping hole from a shot wound,

Her long dark hair and slender figure

Kept her hidden within the shadows,

The leather all in one suit

Offered some protection against the constant rain

And kept her warm in the steamy environment,

All the time she kept an eye out for those seeking to find her,

All the time she kept an eye out for the portal

The portal that would allow her to jump

To another realm and buy her time to escape

And finally she could see it,

Glinting and pulsing in a dark alleyway just down the street

It was on the opposite side of the street,

She would need to run close to buildings and the cross at speed,

She did this with stealth and when it came for time to cross with speed

The whole street lit up with the fire of guns,

She focused on the portal as gunshots flicked and sped past her,

She felt a sharp pain to her thigh and then her bicep

But stopping was not a option and slowing down meant death

She then leapt diving at the portal as it glistened and a doorway opened,

The portal vanished from the alley.

Now she lay in a bed of undergrowth,

In a dark green forest with the sun shining through the leaves,

The forest trees were huge,

Suddenly searing pain caught her attention

She was safe for now

But unless she got her wounds tended to then death would stalk her,

She rose and saw that she was surrounded by tribal warriors

What was to happen next?

Was she saved or damned?

Brutal in ebony

Eyes sparkle,

sleek satin ebony fur coat,

lips licking hungry for the feast,

stealthily moving

across a bed of leaves,

the beast moves with silent deadly ease,

creeping up on it’s prey

hunger makes it brutal in so many ways,

it’s a cold blooded killer

but only kills for food,

it’s the noble regal black panther

and if you’re in its neighborhood,

then you better beware,

it’s hiding in the shadows,

in ebony with sparkling eyes

it will come out of those shadows,

and greet you with surprise

and that’s the end of your life,

brutal as it is, this is why it exists.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

The tale of the shadows

The dark night lit up by just a barrage of flickering neon signs, a figure moved in the shadows, I saw it out of the corner of my eye and tried to focus on the figure while slowly walking over cautiously, nervously. The figure just stood still now as if trying to blend into the darkness, yet as I got closer I could make out the shape of what appeared to be a person, I spoke hesitantly, ‘are you OK? Are you in need of help at all?’ the only response was silence, as I got closer I saw the figure was wearing a cloak with a hood with its face covered. At this point I wondered if I had made a mistake approaching the shadowed figure now. Yet the figure was no bigger than me and I felt they needed help the closer I got. ‘Is everything OK?’ I repeated again, ‘it’s not a great place to be around here after dark’, a female voice replied, ‘yet here you are, do you not fear for your own safety?’ I looked at her with perspecuity, though her voice trembled slightly there was a strength there, ‘I know the area and the people to some degree and so that helps, whereas I think you are new around here and there are some here that prey on newcomers.’ There was barely a pause before she replied, ‘and that should give me reason to fear yes?’ I was starting to feel that she was not as vulnerable as I first perceived her to be, ‘maybe, but something tells me, you feel capable of handling yourself OK. If that’s the case I will be off and leave you to whatever it is you’re doing’. I felt that leaving now was the best option, however the woman spoke hastily, ‘no stay, it maybe judicious you being here’. The woman lifted her head and I saw the sparkling of her eyes that showed in each a universe of stars. She had strong narrow cheek bones that were very predominant, full deep red lips and a tanned skin, smudged with grime. Her cloak I now notice was tattered and dirty. But those strange eyes were the feature I could not explain or get away from. ‘Who and what are you?’ I asked, she just stared at me but then tilted her head to one side slightly, ‘I am from the stars, I have come here to rescue souls ready for transcendence. You have shown this quality, you roam the streets caring for homeless people and help anyone you meet in need. I am here to offer you a chance to leave this place and travel to somewhere more advanced and evolved than this’. To say I was taken aback and stunned was an understatement. I had indeed spent my time just as she had stated but how did she know this? I had dreamt of a getaway from this place, this world of endless suffering but could I just leave everything behind. What of family? What of friends? But then what of my own sanity? This was an opportunity to achieve a dream, to travel to the stars. As I looked at her I had no doubt what she was offering was real. So what to do?

I wish I was

I wish I was an eagle soaring

With golden wings of light

Incandescently gliding across a moonlit sky

Swooping, diving, rising upwards

Harbouring dreams of a new age

Idyllic is the beauty of the feeling of feathered games

Wondering how the eagle feels soaring high over mountain peaks

Everlasting memories is that not what we all seek

Ruminating on questions about all that eagles see

Everlasting quintessential birds flying on filigree golden wings.

Sort it out!

Sort it out

That’s all I hear,

At home at work

It’s everywhere,

Got a problem?

Then put it on me

Need something doing

Then put it on me,

Everyone moaning

About what’s not done,

Everyone else standing around,

So much needs doing

But only one me,

I feel a slave to this life

Is that how things should be,

Everything being sorted by me,

Don’t answer back

Just sort it out!