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Intelligence or denial

Does it not say a lot

When the most intelligent man

Who now is no longer here

Spoke of climate change fear

And how it is the biggest risk

To humanity going extinct

Yet there is a far less intelligent man

President of one of the most powerful lands

Who states that climate change is a myth

And as such does not exist

So who is it you get behind

Study the evidence and then decide

Which is the belief of which your defined

Intelligent backed research gained over time

Or the corporate, greedy, exploiting businessmen

Like the president who wants to keep us blind

In ignorance and denial

So that he can shore up his monetary pile.

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Living life in conscious reality: Fauxcroft Poems 2017 eBook: Fauxcroft Wade: Kindle Store

So despite self publishing my book on poetry it seems it doesn’t sell. Not great news for the confidence. Not sure if it’s because I have no clue about marketing or that it’s just no good. It’s been on Amazon a while now yet nothing. Guess some of us just are not meant to be selling authors.

Your kingdom of being

We should love

Not look to crucify,

Be courageous enough to live

Not be brave enough to die,

We should seek the truth

Not settle for the lies,

In the kingdom of our own being

We are creating everything,

So make sure you create enough self love,

Don’t drown yourself

Learn to breathe,

So you don’t suffocate

Feel the inner peace,

That you want to create

Be the bliss be the grace,

Don’t look to cut your nose off

Just to spite your face,

Share love,

Share life,

In your kingdom of your own being,

Where consciously we are creating

Dreams of our own.


Muffled ears

And stifled tears

Holding onto

The golden years

That passed us by

Leaving memories

Of halcyon days

That were glimmering

And shimmering

In a summer haze

Oh how I long

For the old days

Where I was young

And I felt vital

Living life

Without a care

melancholy thoughts

Bring back

Happy memories

But also leave me

Yearning and longing

For those days gone by.

Heart stopper

Suddenly my heart went boom

Probably because you entered the room

In those skin tight jeans

And tight low cut top

I think that’s why my jaw dropped

And because your body

Is as fine as your mind

Totally fit and perfect by design

And I felt the love I cannot lie

You are the beauty and the apple of my eye.

Via:Daily Prompt: Suddenly

Selfless act

He saw day to day sadness and longing for love in her eyes

And although she knew he loved her it was not the right kind

That she needed from time to time

And when as a suprise he gifted an opportunity to meet another guy.

He saw the sparkle and the fire spring forth as her eyes came alive

And he was pleased she found her happy

And felt good he let her free

To experience a chance to ease her desire and her needs

He didn’t want her in a cage

Didn’t want to dull her light

He wanted to see her blossom

She her come to life with delight

And this made their day to day happier all the time

For she appreciated his selfless sacrifice

And he appreciated she always came back.

Natures beauty

Among the spires of the Hollyhocks and Lupins,

Down beneath the dense and colourful Canterbury Bells and Forget-Me-Nots,

Life thrives and scurries about, different creatures go about their jobs,

Dancing to natures tune beneath the Lilies and Magnolias,

Covered under a canopy of cherry tree blossom that carpets the ground,

They go about their business barely making a sound,

This beauty we know as nature continues always to astound.

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Neon incandescent streets

She walked the dark alleyways

Of tall oppressive buildings

Weaving her way between the skip bins and the trash

Going from one high street block to another

Their garish neon lit, signs and incandescent light

Blinding and dazzling all those that see

And headlights of the cars added to the scene

People bustling and rushing all about from here to there

Street sellers selling their wares

Hotdog and hamburger vendors line the kerbs

Newspaper sellers shouting headlines,

Some sounding absurd

She avoids the areas and keeps within the shadows

Among the lost and lonely hiding out of view

She sees corruption within the bright lights

She sees the hate and exploitation in the name of greed

She sees the materialism and sees this as a life that she doesn’t need

So she ducks these neon incandescent streets.

Demon night

Breathe in, breathe out

This is a night of demons

This night they are out,

Racing up from the basement

Racing around the house,

Searching for a pure soul

That they can latch onto,

Screaming like a banshee

They’re coming after you,

Seeking to possess

To cause malice no more no less,

Or rent you limb from limb

Leaving nothing but an unholy bloody mess,

Breathe in, breathe out

The demons want your soul to possess

Breathe in, breathe out,

They’re after you no less.

Emperors new clothes syndrome

How often are we led

Or manipulated to see others views

Convinced to go along with things

That we wouldn’t ordinarily choose

We need to take responsibility

For the life in@ which we all live

Ask more questions when things don’t seem to fit

I could wax lyrical about everything we perceive

But the truth is

When you don’t buy into what it is they sell

Then just walk away and leave

Rather than following other people’s dreams.