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Crazy policies

Crazy policies

Catastrophic policies like cutting down rain forests for cattle breeding, beef us not even good for you and me forms the basis of heart disease and obesity, it also represents mako nds greed, farm bovines intensively while causing other species to go extinct, invading and destroying habitats of species natural to that region and climate but now there’s no more forests there just vast areas of cattle farmed for beef, imagine if we all went vegan those poor bovines would also go extinct for there would be no profit in them.

Crazy, stupid, greedy policies, cutting down a ll the trees that aid us to breathe and sustain many vita l species for palm oil which also firms a basis for greed and meanwhile for your chocolate delight orangutans are killed day and night or deprived of their habitat in the name of corporate greed and on it goes but we can stop it, with the way we spend our money and vote, tell them we want sustainable policies that see the resurgence of forestry, Indonesia and Brazil won’t change because there is no will for they profit profitably from following crazy policies but if we demanded governments globally to offer more to save and replant trees they will do this in a heartbeat as it will help their economies for that’s their focus because their countries aren’t as wealthy, as those others exploiting them and their countries, making the poor cut down trees to help the wealthier farmers fill the pockets of big businesses and governments but we can stop this if we make a stand, say fuck money and cherish the land and make our voices heard so we can vocalise our demands for change.

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Weight of these days


When I was young people said I was too skinny

Now iam older and more sedentary

People make remarks about the fact I’ve put on weight

Bit of a tummy now and bigger all over now what you’d call fat

But the six pack days are well and truly over

But at my age I think I am doing ok

Why are people so concerned about my weight anyway

When I was young I swore I’d live forever

Older now I know each day and year is a blessing

I’d love to get fit once again

But I don’t think that is likely to be happening

Anytime soon so why bother worrying

I won’t get stressed, to the grave I am not hurrying

And that’s what stress ultimately does

Leaves six foot under mud

In a box wondering if stressing was worth it

And of people’s judgement, I don’t deserve it

But I won’t let it get under my skin or ever me.



Toothless grin

From a pirate of the sea

Boarding ships

Maritime thieves

Cutlass held between their teeth

Swing on ropes

A frightening sight to see

For law abiding sailors

Trading across the seven seas

A skull and cross bones flag

Represents a maritime disease

That’s punished by execution

Death being the final solution

Pirates fiercely brutal and mean

Not the stuff of fantasies

Dangerous lifestyle

Consigned to history

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

The pirate life is now done.

Is depression a poison we are being fed


I wonder today in a world where depression is so prevelant

Ig our food and drinks are being poisoned by governments

And good producers hungry for profit

I’ve never known an age quite like it.

When I was you over 40 years ago

Depression was relatively unknown

Among young kids who spent all their time a play

We had so very little then unlike today.

Maybe they’re being poisoned by social media

Infecting young minds making them feel inferior

When adolescent kids have body image issues

Then you know there’s something very wrong

Whe kids in pubity dream of transgending

At a time of life when their bodies and hormones are changing

Society should not be promising this way

It should be telling them there’s time so jyst wait

But minds of kids want everything now

And this greedy materialistic society smiles rather than frowns

It makes you wonder if those who supposedly rule

Are treating us all as a bunch of fools

Poisoning our foods

Poisoning our minds

Infecting us all the time

With fear and self doubt

With low esteem and no self love

Maybe we give kids way to much

And maybe as adults we expect and demand to much.

Negative mindset


I speak to people around me

They say they’re depressed

And cannot see

Their negative mindset

And lack if self belief

These people make me weary

I try hard to help anyway I can

But these people almost seem to want to be damned

Lacking self love and confidence

Seeming to be so reticent

To embrace positivity

Or uplift themselves

I say many times about the if worth

But they seem to be absorbed with self hurt

I struggle to understand this and I feel for them

But I can’t and won’t force them

To adopt a more positive mindset

So I will be there for them and wish them the best

But its hard to show changes they can make

When they dwell in the darkness

Eyes closed tight refusing to see the light.



Assassin, assassin

I am an assassin

Stone cold heart

And subdued passion

Assassin, assassin

See my steel knife flashing

I can send your life crashing

There is ice in my veins

I’ve a hawk eye sight

If you see me one fateful night

Fear for it may see me taking your life

Assassin, assassin

I move in the shadows

I am a ghost in the darkness

And your worst nightmare

I am an assassin.

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Mandem thing


That boy don’t know any different

Lives like a rude boy and thinks he’s significant

Don’t disrespect him

He’s a member of a dangerous crew

Show him any disrespect he will shank you

Rude boy he ain’t scared to

Do anything his crew tell him to do

Because they say they’re his fam

They give him a gun

Bang bang

Another member of another crew dying

Bleeding on street lying

Going cold as his life ebbs away

To rude boy it’s just a game

Until one day

When he got some of the same

Motorbike pulls up

Bang bang

Another life has turned to dust

Just another life wasted

Because of society

Another life wasted

Because of money drugs and things

Driven by poverty

It’s the only escape they can see

Because they are rude boy gangstas

They don’t see the wrong in it

Because these rude boy gangstas

Have only ever known this

Young men dying

Stabbed or shot to death on the street

These rude boy gangstas

Will rob you for what’s on your feet

It’s a game to them

But don’t go disrespecting them

Or next time you’ll see them

Bang bang

You will wind up dead

Killed by the mandem

It what you get if you come across them

Bad man, waste man

It’s a mandem thing.

Death in waiting

Death in waiting

Darkly, in the as it that turned sharply

Into cold and frosty air

She felt movement everywhere

And as her heart raced and the blood coursed through her veins

You could see her chest rise and fall in a panic like display

And she was nervous of what was soon to be

Would it be a blood letting horror story

In this place illuminated darkly by shades of crimson red

That signified an atmosphere of fear and dread

And as she made her way through corridors of bloodstained walls

She knew exactly as she walked into the big hall what was in store

A nightmare of pain and torture of endless screams and cries

The tension it was palpable as the scent of death started to rise

And sillhouttes could b we made out vaugly in this hall of death

Where many people who had gone before took their final breath

And as she waited in anticipation she felt knife drive in

And as it pierced the skin the pain started to begin

And she could feel the pain and ruin

As the knife stabbed again and again

And as life started to ebb away as she saw the blood flowing

Down the concrete floor towards the drain disappearing

And she wondered what a waste of life and a horrific way to go

As life seeped away in the dark not fast but gradual and slow

To make the whole thing so much worse

She wondered and pondered that no one would know

And the perpertraters would dissolve into the night as all demons do

After enacting this horror show

And as she took one last look around

There was one thing she thought the night should know

If any other man treated her as bad they too would be the next to go

And as she liked the blood from off the blade

She walked away from her ex boyfriend real slow

So that he would realise you don’t treat a demon so

And as he bled to death strapped in a chair from the multiple wounds

She laughed a laugh hysterical then vanished completely into thin air

Without a second thought of conscious care

This beautiful demonic beauty of who men best understand to beware

Because she will take your life in a blink of an eye if you dare

Mess or try to hurt her.

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Are You Coming Over?

The table was set just as it had been for more than sixty years. The place settings grew from two to thirteen in the early years, but for more than forty years, it had been set for two. Marjorie sat at the table and lightly spread orange marmalade on her toast and looked out into the backyard that was once filled with laughter. Now, snow was starting to fall on long silent echoes of the past. She looked across the table at the empty place setting. A silent tear trickled down her cheek.

When she was finished with her morning toast and glass of water, she washed her dishes, put everything away, and listened to the silence. The birds had left weeks earlier and her neighbor poisoned all the squirrels, so it was very quiet now. There used to be ten families of squirrels that would eat, chatter, run, and play all year-long in her garden. Their happiness attracted the winter birds to the garden. She and Bill would sit for hours holding hands and watching the animals play as their child once had.

All was silent now. Their children all grown and long since moved away. Henry and Francis were lost in the war, cancer took Sally, and Benjamin was too busy with his children. She understood. That was the way life worked. Still, it would be nice to hear from him once in a while. She was so tired of the quiet. So very tired.

A light knock on the door caught her by surprise.

“Just a moment,” she called out.

When she opened the door, a little girl in a white summer dress stood on her door step and shivered.

“Goodness,” Marjorie said, “Who are you, and why are you out here in the cold without a coat?”

The girl rubbed her arms and said, …

To Be Continued

(written by Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith)

nothing. Marjorie could not understand why this young girl was all alone and most certainly without proper clothes, Since the little girl was not speaking, Marjorie tugged at her arm and pulled her inside the warm house.

It was obvious that this little girl did not come from a home where there was enough money and things. Her feet were very dirty and her hair looked as if she had not ever seen sight of a hairbrush. Underneath her fingernails appeared to be dirt or mud. She was very dirty in appearance and Marjorie was feeling more pity as she studied the little girl who was before her.

The little girl said nothing, but gave special attention to the pictures Marjorie had upon her walls. She also rubbed the frames each one by one with her fingers as if to study the woodwork. She remained quite but acted as if she knew this house and all that was inside it, like an old friend. It puzzled Marjorie but her thoughts gave way to finding some warm clothes and running the little girl a very hot bath, with which to bathe herself. Her mind also thought that perhaps she should call the police and report this little girl to them, but she felt a sense of nurturing and wanted to make the little girl as comfortable and warm ass possible.

Although the little girl did not respond she acted as if she knew where the bathroom was and led her own self up the staircase and into the vicinity of the bathroom, waiting for Marjorie to follow in behind her. Marjorie dismissed this odd and strange coincidence as that little girl must have heard the running tub water, Although in the back of her mind she was starting to get uneasy at how comfortable this mute little girl was, in her house.

Marjorie found some clothes and handed them to the little girl and told the little girl to go ahead and wash her self, put on her clothes and then come downstairs and that she would find her something to eat. The little girl just stared at Marjorie for a couple of very silent seconds and then turned towards the bathroom, went inside, gave another look at Marjorie and then shut the door behind her. Marjorie said to herself, “Well I think she knows what a bath is at least.” It appeared that way at least.

In just a little under an hour Marjorie was so sad and feeling so very lonely, yet now she had a complete stranger in her own bathroom, with no explanation or resolution as to how or why. “Stranger things have happened”, she thought to herself. Or have they? She quickly went about looking for something with which to feed the little girl when she came downstairs. She remembered that once there was a story kind of similar that appeared in the local newspaper.

It was a grim story though and the ending was way to tragic to think upon. The story went on to speak of a little girl who apparently showed up at the door of a person living near where Marjorie lives now. The little girl was also mute and found to be very strange and yet very comfortable around these people, just like this one Marjorie had in her house. The story went on to write about the investigation of this little girl and showed that this little girl had been abused by her mother and father and then buried alive out back of her family’s yard, while still alive. The little girl in that story actually unburied herself, and never was the same. Although the house she stumbled upon took her in and tried desperately to help her, the little girl had remained mute and eventually was found hung ni the storage building out back.

No one wanted to rehash that story up since there was such mystery surrounding it and such tragedy. Marjorie recognized the similarities in that story and the happening with this little girl, could it be the same child? “Preposterous” , she thought. Maybe it was her own grief clouding her mind and judgement

(written by MwsR ❤ )

Just why the little girl had chosen to come now seemed to perplexing. The Story of what occurred to her was heart rendering but she wasn’t convinced it was not all just an urban myth. Marjorie went to see if the little girl was OK, as she walked into the bathroom she noticed the rope mark around her neck leaving a red sore mark that refused to heal. The little girl had tied her hair back after brushing it and had washed revealing under the dirt very white skin almost alabaster like. Marjorie smiled and asked if she was getting on alright, the little girl turned and Marjorie saw in the girls eyes ebony blackness, no white of the eyes just deep black voids and as she stared into them almost hypnotised by them, she could hear screaming and crying, as if within them someone was trying to escape. Marjorie was transfixed and overwhelmed and tears filled her own eyes as she realised the little girls spirit was trapped within this body unable to get out and find peace at rest after being buried alive by her parents. Marjorie reached out to the little girl.

Marjorie woke up on the bathroom floor. She had no idea what had happened, she remembered reaching out to touch the little girl then everything went black. With some effort she picked herself up and searched for the girl. It was dark now, and as she walked downstairs in the dim light a he saw candles leafing from the stairs to the living room. Marjorie followed fearfully, hesitantly, what was happening she thought? As she enter red the front room the girl was sitting cross legged on the dining table surrounded by candles in a meditative position and was chanting mysterious words and incantations.

Marjorie looked on horrified and asked in a stuttering meek voice what was happening and why did the little girl come here?

What followed took Marjorie aback

(to be continued)

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Equality through sharing the wealth equity


I’ve barely had a rise on my wage in seven years

Meanwhile all the bills rise fuelling my fears

That I am falling further behind the cost of living

What’s going on is there something I am missing

We a living to work, not working to live

And the government and corporations are flaying the skins from bones

And they’ve divided us so we all feel alone

While they sip champagne in their luxury homes

Bosses get the cream while workers are fed gruel

While they’re expected to keep pushing productivity up

And as they rake in the cash they say it is not enough

But its funny how they do so well while we find it do tough

It’s a messed up society as nd an unequal state

We are constantly told we are easy to replace

But if we came together in a show of strength and worker force

Maybe then we may give them the best lesson they could be taught

That your workers are the most important facet of your business

So you should treat us better and give us more equality

Through the greater sharing of the wealth equity.