Brutal bloodline

He was the son of a powerful man

Who ruled  the land with an iron hand,

And his son found this hard to understand

Why did he choose fear as a tool to rule,

He saw his father’s way as the way of fools

One day he thought when itsy turn to rule,

I’ll treat my people well and educate them all

I will gain their alligence through live and compassion,

Teach them tolerance and understanding

We’ll make peace with all their neighbours ,

And we’ll strike up trade deal

That benefit everybody equally,

So there will be no need to steal

In a society where everyone cares,

He told this to all his subjects out there,

And they could not wait until he ascended to the throne

Then one night in his chambers while sleeping alone,

He was taken by a sharp flashing blade

His bed now fully blood stained,

As his father stood watching from the doorway

He hung his head in guilt and in shame,

For he could not let his son rule this way,

Fear and terror was all his father knew

And he knew this day would come

As he saw the way that he grew,

Just like his mother who had also been slain

The blood again on his father’s hand along with the shame,

By that self same sharp flashing blade.

And he told his subjects his son had died peacefully in the night

Struck down by an illness or maybe some kind of blight,

And the hope and the dreams in his subjects eyes

Began slowly to fade, until there was no light.

This is what happens in the end,

When dreamers and lovers are seen as a threat,

In the brutal military style mind,

There is no room for being kind

So he used fear and terror because he was blind

To everything outside his tiny little mind,

That sees how fighting and killing buys him more time

In the reign of his brutal bloodline,

Where millions had been killed through wars designed

To keep all populations in check,

This man who killed his own son  who he perceived as a threat

So had him killed while asleep in his bed,

In a realm where nobody lived happily ever after in the end.

Published by fauxcroft

spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

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