Fed shit


The shit we get

Is the shit we accept,

Chlorinated chicken

What the fuck next,

GMO products already full the shelves

They don’t care one bit,

If it’s detrimental to our health

They lower food standards,

This is to ramp up their profits

And to all prospective trading partners easy access,

To feed us the shit that they produce

And they force us to eat it,

As our wages and living standards are reduced

Polluted fruit and veg grown in polluted soil,

Contaminated by their pesticides

Question them on it and they lie,

Look a little deeper and pry

And ask more questions why?

Why have you lowered food standards?

Why are you importing substandard food?

They can’t answer this

And if they do they take the piss,

Thinking we are as ignorant as them

It’s time for these wrongs and lies to end.

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  1. I ask those questions every single day. Smh what makes me more mad is that our children has been eating it . Now I’m strict on what my son can eat.

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  2. i totally get your anger. Individually, the best solution is to grow organic if you have the space to do a kitchen garden. coz Govt. doesn’t care for food security anyway.
    P.S- i interpreted your poem in this way, if it has another meaning, would you please enunciate? πŸ™‚

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