Demonic visitation

It was a dark time, and in her dark mind, she lived in house that was dark by design. In this place she felt the chill of the paranormal, heard whispering voices, and muffled screams. This was how when she moved in, she hoped it would be. She loved everything that was weird and freaky but she had no idea how dangerous evil could be,breaching beyond realms far from normal reality and so when one night she heard footsteps everywhere, heard the walking up and down the stairs, she left her bed to investigate, in an exited and thrillseeker state. When she opened the bedroom door she hoped to see more, but there was nothing, like everytime before. She walked down the stairs but there was nothing to see, until, when in the kitchen, she could barely breathe, as. She felt cold hands from behind clench her neck, lift her off her feet and the laid her down and stretched her legs and arms to the edge of the table where she was placed, felt the rancid halitosis, breath upon her face. Just then she felt tough hands tear to shred her pyjamas, leaving her naked and fully exposed, her excitement and fear now vied with each other, adrenaline flowing as she felt herself being smothered, if only she could speak and communicate, but these were pure demons of evil and hate. Once again she felt strong rough hands on her neck, she in trepidation wondered what would happen next, then she felt the demon enter within, it entered within her mouth and between her legs and for an instant the feeling was exhilarating, but the she felt it consume her internally, felt it possessing her, uncontrolabilly, then she sat up and looked around surveying the scene, she was in the background now as if watching a dream, then she stood without volition and matched to the door, walked down the street naked to the man living next door, she knocked, he answered, saw that she was fully nude, she walked in he perused the view, he shut the door and gave a lustful smile, she stopped and looked at him for a while, then moved closer and kissed him passionate and hard, then he felt other arms grab him, by the legs and the arms, she stepped back then punched him straight to the heart, he felt her hand burrow in and his face was aghast, as he felt her grab at it and rip it straight out, killing him instantly, at least she thought it was over fast, then she watched as the demon that possessed her body, devour the man in a state of wild hunger. When sated the demon walked her back to her house, laid her back in her bed, then came back out, much the same way, that it went within, and she felt the smell and sensation of it lingering. The demon then grabbed her again by the neck and promised it would return when hungry again. He was going to use her to kill and inflict pain, to sate his hunger and desire, like something insane. The thought of this she could not take, could still see the horror on that poor man’s face, when the demon left, she rigged up a noose, to kill herself but when she did, but he demon cut her loose, and whispered, you’re mine now, you’re my plaything, to use and abuse, and I am going to make you do terrible things, she shook her wildly and pleaded for mercy, but the demon was pure evil, and could hear her scarcely over the laughter he and his legion made, he said you are now a demonic slave, and you will commit acts so sick and depraved, that you will never be able to eradicate from your brain and when I am tired of you, I will ignite. Within you and blow you apart, they’ll be nothing left, so pray it’s a while before I depart and no amount of trying to kill yourself will work, because I am an evil demonic curse, and it said, wish to inflict upon you much hurt, from deeds you’ll commit and the sins you will break, she cried out of control as he faded away, and she felt him put her in a sleep paralysis state, that this would be her life, until he returned again and she knew now she was simply a tool for its need and that she would witness many poor souls, as its victims, die so viciously.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Published by fauxcroft

spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

8 thoughts on “Demonic visitation

      1. Ohh.. That’s really great.. Do share the link or name whenever you’ll be getting it published.. Looking forward to read it.. All the best.. πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ™‚

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