The plague that is knife crime

He rides his bike, through the tough streets of London, late at night, armed with a knife, this young black man, with hoodie up and quiet, looking to get home, with a constant threat of violence hanging over him, from being in a gang.

He was closed to home when assailed by four others, dressed like him but from another gang. He got off his bike and prepared himself for a life and death fight and the other youths they did the same but then an older man stepped out the shadows and in their way. He said it doesn’t need to go down like this, you have to try and coexist, but none of them where buying into this, so he said if this is about disrespect, then all of you are truly blessed for you’re all destroying what living is about, and he said if you have any doubt, hear my message clear and loud, you’re playing up to media stereotypes, and you can kill each other and spend the rest of your lives, doing time and living with the guilt, have trouble sleeping and feel the hilt of the blade you used now piercing into you, as you start to realise the startling truth, that you were lied to by others, who just wanted to use you. Then the old man took off his hoodie and stood there in his best top displaying gang tattoos, and lots of scars and many knife wounds and his muscles rippled ebony through and through. He said I’ve been where you are now, I’ve lived that life of drugs, robbery, gangs and crime and it consumed and ruined my whole life, and if you want to prove, that you’re all men because of the weapons you use I invite you all to start this fight against me, and as the young man heard this he shook his head and said I’d rather leave, for I can see you’ve experienced and wiser than me. As he ride off the others didn’t move, they weighed up if he was telling the truth and in the end also decided to leave, and that night those young men continued to breathe, and in the dark of the night the older man walked down the street, and as he did each street light turned of and all went dark, until in a gust of fog the figure of the man began to fade, and he was never seen again. For his purpose had been completed and he was spirited away, elevated to a better more peaceful place, redeemed from the bad life that left him depraved but in death was given one last chance to make amends and he took it, so then claimed his forever after in a place of divine grace and he hoped what he had done may change those youths lives, and that they would choose now to live a different way.

Published by fauxcroft

spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

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