Don’t cause hurt

She wanted more, and she worked hard, but her boss didn’t seem to think she was smart, but he liked her looks, he liked her curves, he said she could get what she deserved, if she treated him nice, which just wasn’t right, and all the other women, they just got mad, because she had something they never have but that wasn’t her fault and she hated it, she was more than just an object that’s for sure. Yet he kept on trying and despite her crying, she always constantly overheard all the other guys, saying they would do the same too, she felt vunerable and isolated in this job she loved, what was she to do? No one to turn too, so she kept her head down, lost herself in her work, shut out everything around her and ignored all the pain and the hurt. Then came a day, when she was working late, photocopying in s small room, she felt his hands on her, he grabbed her breasts, bent her over and pressed, her against the machine and used his weight to pin her there, and despite her struggles and no matter how she fought, he had his way with her and said it’s a a lesson she’d been taught to just agree and not to refuse him and as she shook and cried helplessly, he just walked away. Then came the next day, and she walked in, and everybody was looking and shook their heads, for her boss had got there ahead of her and told them she was a good time girl and that she had come into his office and offered herself to him just to get on. Now in hearing what he said she went berserk, walked straight into his office and called him a jerk then told him that she would quit this job and walked out of there, knowing it was so absurd to let him win, but what else could she do?

Now after work that day and after working late, her boss was walking to his car, in the car park, and as he opened the door, he felt someone behind hit him. When he awoke he was in the car, sitting in the back, his feet and hands were tied up and they parked in a wooded isolated track and he saw the driver in a baseball cap, but when they turned around he noticed it was her, the woman he raped, and cost her, her job, but she had decided not to go to the cops, because she was intent on reaping her own, justice back on him and he looked scared, seeing her sitting there, looking over her shoulder, she said we all get in the end, what we deserve. Then she got out and took the hand brake off and the car rolled in reverse, straight off s cliff, into the sea and as the car rolled back she could hear his screams and as it disappeared into the night, off of the cliff edge into full flight, until she heard the splash, then she walked away and in that moment she decided nobody else would ever treat her this way and she moved far away and it took ages to find his car by which time he had decayed to much to say, if he’d been murdered or if he simply took his life that day, and on the news reports the cops said I don’t think we’ll ever know, to be sure. Meanwhile she started her life over again, but in a better way, and felt in a better place, and it helped her knowing he was made to pay, for all he did, the misogynistic, learnt that day what happens, when you treat treat people so badly that lose their way, you’ll eventually pay, so try your best to be so kind and considerate to those you meet and those you work with and never give them anything they don’t deserve and don’t cause hurt.

Published by fauxcroft

spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

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