Purged (science fiction)


Did we delve to deep, were we blind to everything,this this why we are, where we are today, on the brink of destruction, the precipice of extinction, is this why they made plans for us to leave, and look to colonise a new planet B. We were warned but we did not heed it, made our earth unsafe and caused it to be bleeding, in the form of volcanos, earthquakes and storms, it were as if this was it’s answer to mankind raping its resources, it’s as if nature started fighting back. Now I find myself in a queue with you waiting to board a transport ship, ready to go ale us far past the moon, and many years it will take, just to find a new safe place, after destroying our home and all we had, now we’re off to the new promised land a new planet on which to plan a future of uncertainty, like pioneers, we have a duty, to try to create a life in which we and all our kids can live but maybe this time we can do this better, more environmentally friendly, I just hope we’ve learnt a lesson, from our mistakes. As the transport ship begins to rise I see the earth before my eyes become a boiling pot of fury and of rage, and many who refused to leave and insisted they would stay, because they said all was going to be ok, were, consumed or flayed by a conflux of lava pouring out of the ground from deep earthquakes as nature cleared the last of humanity away,band I am in no doubt it’s in preperation to start evolving once again and that in time a new Eden will spring forth once more, because nature is hardier than mankind and it will always find away, as it purged itself of this disease called man, which is something we seem destined to never understand.

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