Morning thoughts

I lay within my bed of dreams

And the first rays of sunlight hit my eyes

And I think how things could be

As I feel myself breathe

While resting mindfully

I know for this life I am prepared to bleed

To inspire just what we need

To rise up and set ourselves free

From the chains and monotony

Of self inflicted mundane routines

Instilled by conditioned minds

And I see we’ve wasted so much time

And believe to breakout of this place

We need to think for ourselves

We need go to place

That we’ve never been before

Outside of society

Thinking outside of the box

Think from a different place

That opens up new doors

So we can explore

New realms and new ideas

To inspire and motivate once more

A fresh and new challenge

To herald a new dawn

Throughout the time we’re living

And within the time that’s given.

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