Truth and belief

The truth is never easy to speak

The truth is never easy to see

But within my spirituality

I find some solace and peace

And this is no based on religion, please

I am not that easy to appease

This dogmatic approach is not for me

Religion has become part of the problem, see

It the domain of men not born of prophecy

But a tool for conditioning

And forcing people down on their knees

Using scriptures to fuel guilt feelings

Based around sin and lack of belief

Whereas it should be used to inspire

And lift people higher

To experience good vibe frequencies

That start at the beginning with self belief

How can you believe in anything else

If you don’t believe in yourself

How can you ever hope to find the truth

When you can’t even find the the authentic truth within you

So if you want to find the answers to life

Start by looking inside of you.

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