Let me unravel you


Let me unravel your emotions

let me unravel your love

let me unravel you from hurt

that you have suffered so much

let me unravel you from the poison

that others have fed you

let me unravel everything you do

and expose you to your soul

and bare yourself in front of me

so that I can see the healing

that your heart, soul and body need

and yes you may feel vulnerable

and yes you will be naked before me

bt I can help you with your pain

and anxieties that cause

your complexities.

Let me unravel who you are

and that what you wish to be

once have unraveled you

I will set you free

to fly away

as if in a dream

but this will be your new reality.

Let me bare your body and soul

so that I can heal you

so that I can console your inner self.

Bare your soul to me

give your heart to me

let me heal your body

then I will set you free.

Unravel for me please.


Via : daily prompt: Unravel


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