Bucket list.

Her body ached,

It needed soothing,

She needed a gentle touch,

A soft hand and a soft voice

To ease her mind  and soul,

She felt this in her muscles,

She felt it in her bones,

She felt it in her minds eye,

It made her purse her lips

Then moan.

The feeling of the feminine divine 

Washing over her,

As she was eased and soothed

By gentleness like she had never known.

Her body was now connected 

To a place it had never been,

Lips on lips and hands tracing

Barely touching skin,

It made he silky texture

Prickle goosebumps at the touch,

Her body teased and kissed now

Her body tasted and sucked

And the energy kept building,

As her passion hit a point,

Where there would be no return

She ached for this so much,

Squirming, grasping, gasping

Thrusting every inch,

Of her body into feminine

Connection as they synced,

This beautiful long haired beauty

A woman she called friend,

Was now bringing her waves of pleasure 

And to a drenched and succulent end

And this experiment in desire,

This curiosity itched,

She came in waves and decided

She love every minute

And of all the things

That crossed her mind,

To tick off of the bucket list,

This would be one that she felt now

That she would often revisit.


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