Leave out those just trying to live

We leave behind, as we live life,

The atrocities of others in our wake

But we keep moving forward

For this is what life compels,

As hard as it is,

As painful as it may be.

But we are strong

And these events won’t break us.

There have been many previous,

There will be more to come,

Unless we finally say, we have had enough 

And say fuck your politics

And fuck your religion

There are everyday people here

Just focused on living,

Going to work,

Paying bills,

Playing in the park,

Family fun time thrills,

Who don’t want to be another victim

Of your maniacal games,

You should hang your head low

You should take responsibility for your shame.

In the meantime we will get on with it

But if we all search and find spiritual  living,

Find unconditional love

And tolerance for all,

Peace and compassion 

That’s within us all,

We may yet turn around the world,

We may yet see dreams of a better future,

Shortly arise out of the xenophobic hate,

Show intolerance and anger

That there is no place,

In this new world of bliss,

In this new world of grace,

Where all life is precious,

And there is no state of hate.


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