Life is so surreal

The terms of life are so surreal

seems we are forced into servitude

and we are expected to kneel,

in front of our masters of the universe,

you can accuse me of being terse

but I get fed up of being forced down

being told things that i wish to do are not allowed

for no good reason but because, they want control,

so that’s why they force us into domesticated roles,

so you never ask questions, you just do, as you are told,

don’t ever get above yourself and start feeling  strong and bold

and when you get to an age, others regard as old,

you will realise for yourself your life, you sold,

for the price of material possessions,

they don’t give you what you need,

for a pocket full of money and a inclination, towards greed,

you find that will not fulfill you, when in time it gets cold,

sitting in your room old and alone,

now is that not surreal.


Via: Daily Prompt: Surreal

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