A spectral


Filigree light,


By design,


And refined,

I can see the sign

Through my astral

Spiritual mind,

Colours surrounding me

Exploding beyond

Realms unseen,

Offering little sanctuary

I flow into essences

Of higher frequencies,

Flying through

Multiverse galaxies,

At a thousand miles an hour

And as images assail me

I can feel their power,

Of man’s inhumanity

I feel ashamed

And I cower,

Yet somehow I prevail

And then the visions

Show man’s ability,

And see the hope

And sign of

Humanities potentiality,

Then once again it’s black

I find myself

Heading back,

Through a storm

Assaulting me

Of all the universes

Treasure troves

Throughout infinity,

And as these visions

Flow through my head,

I realise that I am blessed,

Only in the next moment

To wake up in my bed,


Image courtesy of Pinterest

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