The youth are rising

The landscape is changing

As the youth is mobilizing

There is change upon the horizon

Environmental activism

Now is inspiring

The youth of today

To stop humanity

And this Eart from dying

Rocking old age institutions

Who a based round corporate greed

The youth and those who care

Will bring you to your knees

If you do not recognise

The danger that is coming

This simple truth and fact

I am not fearmongering

Governments who don’t accept

That climate change is real

Will be brought down

With no room for apppeal

For the power of the people

Is now rising up

Against those who exploit and pollute this planet

And don’t give a fuck

Well we no longer care either

What it is you exactly say

You are so out of touch

That your mind is shot away

So don’t take the youth lightly

Because they’ll make you pay

Rebellion against extinction is what we want today

Stand up for Mother Earth and slow down clime change

Governments and businesses start to make a change

Or you’ll feel the backlash of the people’s rage.

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