Galactic Queen

Galactic Queen

She was courageous

She was brave,

She fought among the stars

And in jungles far away,

On distant planets

That are mystical and dark,

She is the warrior

With the luminescent spark,

She is the galactic Queen

Compassionate not mean,

But she has a loyal following

A massive powerful army,

She right the wrongs

And she appears in heroic songs,

She’s powerful and beautiful

She is amazing and she’s strong,

She came from slavery

From many light years away,

This is why, she is so fearless and brave

She cruises across the universe

She always strived to heal the hurts,

Of people of different planets

Struggling to survive,

And chasing after enemy

That act like locusts or a plague,

Leaving nothing behind, that gets in their way

She wears the scars with honour everyday,

She has no home, she has no love

She swears she’ll fight for the innocent

Until she ends up in a grave,

She’s the galactic Queen

I warrior set in cosmic scenes,

She is courageous and powerful

She is the vision of my dreams,

And I love her so.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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