Spiritual thesis part 4

DOMESTICATION So what is domestication? It is the trait that  resides in most of us that causes us to act without questioning or thinking. It is also a trait where by we accept all judgements of ourselves passively believing those judgements to be valid because they are put upon us by those who we lookContinue reading “Spiritual thesis part 4”

Spiritual thesis Part3

LOOKING WITHIN This is a good starting point to establish how we are now and what defines us, the flaws, the negativity especially and the domestication that resides within us, that maybe harming us and holding us back, as well as limiting our creativity and potential. As a rule our biggest critic is ourselves butContinue reading “Spiritual thesis Part3”

I am a giver

I am a giver I flow like a river, Giving others Rather than taking, I get more joy From sharing, Rather then from hoarding I am not the greedy type, So I take what I need And then I leave, This is my simple philosophy, And there’s nothing I won’t share Because my ethos isContinue reading “I am a giver”


Do you think you get what you deserve For all your toil and your hard work, Do you believe you are justly rewarded, For your loyalty and service Yet all they seem to want to do is hurt us, By leaving us deprived and downtrodden So that one day we’ll die anonymous and forgotten, UnderContinue reading “Deserving”

Spiritual thesis part2

SPIRITUALITY As I have stated, previously, living a lifestyle of spirituality comes without the rules and dogmatic strictures that are present within many of the religions. Many of these religions use fear and sins as a way of gaining their flocks to comply with these strict and largely oppressive religious laws. So, the appeal ofContinue reading “Spiritual thesis part2”

She’s a vision

The girl of sweet dreams In the tight jeans, And her hair gently blowing in the wind, She has such beauty and so much style and grace This girl will take your breath away And she has a kind heart And a soul that’s made of gold And when you chance to see her, sheContinue reading “She’s a vision”

A good day

Some days can glide along so smoothe Other days are vexing and can leave you in a mood, You never know how things will go Today I find it kind of flows, And it’s all good, yes it’s alright I’ll appreciate today as it seems to be bright, But I know because I’ve learnt theContinue reading “A good day”

Spirituality thesis Part1

AWAKENING There are many who will look towards spirituality and feel that their route to it is less because they may not have had a spiritual awakening that transformed them suddenly. This is something not to get hung up on. Many people come to spirituality slowly after looking at other experiences out there. It mayContinue reading “Spirituality thesis Part1”

Revolution won’t work

Inequality is everywhere The rich make the poor despair, The classes exist and are sustained by those Who make the rules and make the laws, The rich and powerful keep poverty and the poor Always knocking at their doors, But they will never let you in And you’ll never change things through revolution, A violentContinue reading “Revolution won’t work”

Reaching out

It’s written in the stars A love that reaches out so far, And touches you with tenderness In order to let you know you’re real, I know you doubt this in many ways That’s why I love you every day, Your vulnerability it appeals Because your emotions it reveals, You’re not cold and you’re notContinue reading “Reaching out”

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