Power of nature over humity

As the waves crash down

And as the wind lashes the shore,

Nature proves it’s power once more,

That shows humanity just how weak

We are when nature decides to wreak,

Revenge on us for the destruction we do

Nature in return shows through proof

The damage to us it can also do

And how we are so insignificant and powerless to halt it.

Do you still feel so superior now?

Do you still feel humanity is the true force in this world?

Do you now see how futile our ideas are?

To control everything that effects us.

As streets turn to rivers,

As homes are submerged,

Having been there myself I know it’s the worst

But nature and the environment has been disturbed and hurt,

So it’s no supprise it let’s rip upon this world,

We are making this world so ecologically unbalanced,

Is it any wonder storms hit us like this,

That tectonic plates shift,

You exploit the environment at your peril,

And reap what you sow in return.

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