A solemn tribute

In solemn tribute

I pay respect,

To those that lost their way

And lost the fight,

Who felt in their darkest moments

Unable to cope,

Who traded their life and all hope

And committed themselves to suicide,

The loneliest and saddest way to die.

Having kept all their fears and anxieties locked in,

To behave fine outside

But it was all just acting,

As the voices of self loathing and doubt

Reverberated around their heads,

The dark demonic thoughts entered

And instilled dread of what the present and future would hold,

Thoughts that in rational minds

Cannot ever be foretold

But due to the ever creeping doubt and fear,

Rational thought no longer resides here

And instead thoughts of us no longer being around

Will make things easier start to seem sound

And that this escape is the only way out,

From the fear of drowning

Where we let out muted shouts

And screams that cannot be heard,

Living like it’s not a life but a curse,

That the light can’t be seen seems to make things worse.

So dark is the mind, that turns to this,

In moment of desperate madness,

That others can’t see what’s going on in your head

And are shocked and disturbed by your death,

How could they not have known or seen,

Because you acted out each life like a scene,

Playing a role and hiding the sadness and tears,

Using laughter, jokes and fun

To cover up your fears

And tendencies to feel the cold dark of depression,

That in moments where you are lost become

Your fatal obbssession.

No one could have known

You hid it to well,

No one will ever understand

How far you fell,

In rest now I wish you peace

And my hopes are now in bliss and grace you dwell,

Free from the dark

And residing now in divine light,

No longer having to feel you need to fight,

Or breathe for the sake of life.

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