Marry me

Marry me,

Marry me,

Let me be

Your Berketex bride,

Succumbing to you

And numb inside,

Doing my duty

Accepting my lot,

As if being a wife

Is my only job,

As if I have no ambition at all

A slave to the masculine

Waiting for the call,

To be the subservient woman

A Stepford wife,

Giving up on my dreams

Surrending my life,

So marry me,

Marry me,

Marry me

And do it quick,

Be my real master

And dominate me

I insist,

For this is my domesticated role

I gave up my heart

And abandoned my soul,

To be a serf to a man

Who promises to full fill my needs,

Its not that important if he pleases me,

So marry me,

Marry me,

I am down on my knees,

I will care for all your needs

For I am eager to please,

And to give you babies.

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