Trip of a lifetime

Solar stories

Cosmic realms,

Galactic milieu

I ride the helm,

Of this space ship

Speeding throughout space,

Gliding on stardust full of grace,

Travelling through the milky way

Looking to roam,

And looking to stray,

Through an ocean of darkness

Boundless and eternal.

Through asteroid fields

And cosmic belts,

Trailing meteors

Following in true stealth,

Looking at Starfield nurseries

Amazed by the wealth,

Of the numerous wonders

To many to count,

To numerous in number,

Among the gaseous clouds,

Shimmering in colours

Like the arch of a rainbow,

The backdrop being a supernova

As it explodes,

And forms a million more stars

And potential planets,

Covered in oceans

Of gas and rocks of granite

And all this transpires before my eyes,

The trip of a life time that I can’t deny.

Image courtesy of Pinterest


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