Hunger, hunger

Hunger, hunger

Hunger, hunger,

Half the world is starving,

While the rest suffer obesity,

Where is the balance,

Where is the humanity,

There is none and it’s totally obscene,

To comprehend

How twisted this is,

Tell me where’s the compassion

We live in a world dominated by greed,

Where people hoard

And take more than they need,

Tell me where is your humanity.

Hunger, hunger,

Kids are dying,

Women crying dry tears

Because they’ve no more left to shed,

As they know that they and their kids will simply starve to death.

Meanwhile another world away

Obesity is the biggest killer today,

In the rest of the world of the plentiful,

People over eat and die

Human beings are so cruel,

Because they won’t do more

To redress the balance,

There is enough for all

Where is your compassion

And your humanity,

There is none and that’s obscene.

Hunger, hunger

And obesity,

Two sides of life’s duality

But unlike light and dark

That naturally exists,

The stavation and obesity balance can be fixed,

We just need to move away from greed,

Take only what we need,

We just need to learn to share

And find it within us to care,

The technology is there,

The science is there,

We can distribute more in a way that is fair,

Poverty and starvation is not a natural thing,

Poverty and starvation is a greed based political thing,

Hunger, hunger,

Where is your compassion,

Hunger, hunger,

Where is your humanity,

Hunger, hunger,

It’s all gone,

Hunger, hunger,

And that’s totally obscene.

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  1. The message in your poem is critical. Thank you for writing it.

    I won’t ever get that picture out of my head. Absolutely horrific.

    Here’s my problem with donating to charity: I don’t know which organizations are trustworthy, like which ones actually help people and do what they say they’ll do, versus the ones that just scam people out of money. I’ve been known to buy a homeless person a meal from time to time but seeing pictures like this makes me want to do more.

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    • Give directly yes. But donations are good but don’t change whats happening. We need to fight for change so that governments don’t starve their people to buy weapons and fight wars and to stop other governments keeping them poor to exploit them. Poverty and starvation is a political and corporate thing. Food never was but is now a valuable commodity traded on stock exchanges everywhere. They would rather it rotted than give it away.

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